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Is it just us, or does Hannah look like the seventh Beatle? (We know, we know. That’s Laird.)


“A friendship between college girls is grander and more dramatic than any romance,” wrote Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, while she tried to complete the insurmountable task of writing an entire book in one day’s time during last night’s season two finale of Girls.

The compulsory feelings of second-hand anxiety for Hannah, sheer defeat for Ray, and questionable discontent for the progress of Charlie and Marnie’s relationship were met with an e-mail series titled “I’ve never rooted for anyone less,” between resident repeller, Mattie Kahn and myself. After all, we indulged in our finale of sorts, too. Below, one last breakdown, breaking down the mental breakdowns the beginning of the end of the dialogue about the fictitious, unraveling twenty-somethings we’ve grown to love and simultaneously hate so violently.


On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 11:31 PM, Mattie Kahn wrote:

(Subject title: I’ve never rooted for anyone less)

Than I’ve rooted for Charlie and Marnie.

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 9:57 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Question–Do millions of microbes really live on our skin? I don’t feel satisfied when these episodes end anymore, not in the way I used to at least. Should I chalk it up to Jessa’s phantom presence (I laughed once last night and it was because of the forlorn voicemail Hannah left for her. Jessa would be off, piercing her vagina, wearing a crop top–in that order.)

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 10:05 AM, Mattie Kahn wrote:

FINALLY. Was developing a twitch in my left ear drum due to bottled up desire to hash this out with you. Yes. I retract my earlier claim of not missing Jessa. I miss her. And her braids. And her general loathing of convention. Come back!

But obviously the first thing we need to address is that Hannah cut her own hair. (To that end: have you ever thought of your dude as Laird? Is that a troubling thought? It would trouble me.)

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 10:59 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

I wish she had commissioned my help, I am really good at performing at-home haircuts, see: my head. If she were going for a vibe that says, “I’m the seventh Beatle,” I think Laird did okay. It’s also really important to note that I probably wouldn’t be able to offer the kind of sage advice it seems only Laird is capable of delivering (see: “It is a dark scene inside of your head.”) Her narcissism has become unbearable and just when I thought she was making the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for these last three episodes, (see Laird’s: “I cut myself all the time cleaning up glass,”) there she goes to feed her delusional self-obsessiveness one more time. I am pretty sure Laird was not trying to do her.

You know what else kind of bothered me and I’m not sure why? How has Shoshana still not confessed to having cheated on Ray? I feel like she owes that to him at the very least after likening his existence to that of a monkey living in an ugly ass cage.

I also love Charlie but think he’s a fucking idiot. I really did sadistically enjoy watching Marni admit that it had been a terrible year for her–it didn’t feel fake–but she never actually got to hit rock bottom! It’s like Charlie band-aided the illusion of a wound that hadn’t even really had the chance to bleed. Also, why even mention his money after that reconciliation kiss? What was that?

LAST QUESTION: Do you think Brian Williams fast forwards through her sex scenes?

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:15 AM, Mattie Kahn wrote:

It’s a special brand of, as you say, self-delusion when someone tries to have an actual conversation with Hannah, but instead she hijacks it and has it with herself. See: the hilarious, but painful “conversation” she has with Jessa’s voice-mail. Don’t most of her dialogues just consist of her using the other person as a glorified answering machine?

The Ray/Shosh thing is murky to navigate. I think it’s pretty indefensible that she didn’t confess her own warped behavior when she spends so long calling him out on his, but I understand why she didn’t. She’s having a “personal renaissance,” and she’d rather not complicate it by actually admitting her wrongdoing. And, by the way, her telling him that she can’t “be the only thing he likes” is like, totally proof of character development! Can’t you imagine an earlier incarnation of our dear, ol’ Shosh who would have loved having a boyfriend worship her exclusively?

Also: who else couldn’t get past the heavy When Harry Met Sally overtones in the climactic Adam/Hannah scene? Were it not for the FaceTime and the shirtlessness, it could have been New Year’s in the 90s. And you know how I feel about New Year’s

(Re: BriWi: I so, so hope so. That is all.)

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Well, you know, a really close friend of mine has argued that Lena Dunham is the Nora Ephron of our generation, but I prefer to say that she’s the Lena Dunham of our generation.

The FaceTime moment was funny. Number one because my technical-ass-partner-in-sex was all, “unless Brooklyn has some sort of outstanding WiFi situation that the rest of our boroughs don’t, that phone could not be working while he runs through Bushwick.” I also really appreciated that moment when Adam was yelling at Hannah to open the door and INTO FACETIME SHE SAID, “I don’t want anyone to see me.” Newsflash, Horvath, you’re FaceTiming! That’s the Hannah humor that I love.

While we’re still on the kicker: that shirtless Adam moment seemed very special because I think it really spoke to the events of season 1. Don’t you kind of feel like this episode ended precisely where the show started last year only with…some more meat under the belts of all these protagonists? Jessa is gone (she was coming in the first episode,) Marni is with Charlie (even though she hated him the first time around, that was the status quo), Adam and Hannah are connecting under ambiguous circumstances, and Shoshana is…single. I might be stretching my proverbial dollar kind of far but I think there’s something to that.

Also, per the lede of the episode, why was Natalia even still sexing Adam?

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Mattie Kahn wrote:

Natalia–and Adam’s treatment of her–depresses me. And I know a million and a half point two people are going to call me unenlightened and naive and sexually unadventurous, but that’s how I feel. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

But as for your reasonably stretched dollar:

Last week, I asked whether we’d made any progress since the season’s or even series’ premiere. But this week, I realized that I’d been working with a pretty shabby definition for the word.

The conclusion to which I’ve come is that Girls is rejecting the television version of “progress” in favor of one that rings truer In Real Life. For the show’s fans–and I think it safe to say we’re nothing if not fans–the swap is unsurprising. Isn’t that what Lena is always kind of trying to do?

Progress isn’t about never, ever making the same, heartbreaking mistakes. It’s about being better equipped to handle the fallout when you inevitably do. Whether these four are is certainly up for discussion, but for a more definitive answer, we’re just going to have to wait until Season 3.

But UGH what are we going to talk about until then? How long do you think we can reasonably discuss the evolution of Charlie’s facial hair?

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Frankly, I still want to know what happened to his ex girlfriend’s artisanal selection of mustards.


Per usual, our opinions are only as valuable as your agreement or rejection of such, so please, impart your wisdom. What did you think of the season finale and more importantly, should we spend more time talking about Colin Quinn’s cameo?

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  • I loved this episode. I was really wondering how she would bring the season to any sort of conclusion, because so much was going on. But I think she did! I’m sad for Natalia – it was like she was training Adam to be a better boyfriend (especially in the first scene) and now Hannah will get to reap the rewards of her hard work. Maybe. But I was wondering why she was still having sex with him after last episode.

    I was so angry at Charlie for taking Marnie back. She is so unlikeable, just assuming that all of these guys want her to be their gf because she is so special or something. However, my significant other pointed out that her life fell apart ever since she and Charlie broke up, and maybe this time around things would be different, since Charlie is a stronger character now and Marnie literally had the worst year ever after breaking up with him.

    Did anyone else feel really heartbroken when Hannah was hiding from Marnie? They were best friends and now even when Hannah needs her the most, when Marnie is literally right in front of her, she doesn’t want to reveal what she’s going through. It was really sad.

    Overall, I loved the episode. Andwhen Adam was running.. so deliberately cheesy, music and everything, but still.. amazing.

    • Yes, heartbroken at Hannah from Marnie, and heartbroken she referred to her as “anorexic Marnie” in her voicemail to Jessa. Sad.

      • Jillian

        I was also hoping that Marnie would help Hannah get through this tough time. I was secretly hoping she would pretend to leave but be standing in the living room when Hannah came out from behind the bed. She had to know Hannah was in a bad place and had Marnie been a little self less maybe people would like her more. But this is deff how Lena wanted Marnie to be portrayed. Did you see her take the candle thing before walking out?

  • it is JUST like real life, since that how things usually turn out. no one moves on… people break up and make up and no one is better for it and everyone is just sadder this time around.

  • Reptilia

    I have to watch it!! I will comment after that.


  • the finale gave us a lot of tidy wrap ups, most of which i’m not sure how i feel about. while i am happy that hannah and adam now have a full outfit between them, i’m not totally sure about the rest. it left me with a lot of questions. is marnie nothing more than an uptight gold digger? will charlie’s work shirts shrink at the same rate as which his beard grows? will ray find a nicer cage? will shoshanna finally find love with flamingo pete? how does laird afford all that pomegranate juice? will hannah ever be able to stomach rabbit meat? where the fuck is jessa? i need answers season 3.


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  • Sydney

    “Natalia–and Adam’s treatment of her–depresses me. And I know a million and a half point two people are going to call me unenlightened and naive and sexually unadventurous, but that’s how I feel. Sorry, I’m not sorry.”

    I’m just so happy to find someone with a similar opinion to me because everyone I’ve mentioned this to has just said I’m unadventurous and naive to the world of adult sex (I’m 22 btw, and I’m pretty sure I’m not THAT naive… or perhaps that’s the naivety talking, but whatever). I understand that there is an adventurous, pushing-the-envelope sex existing in the world. Fine, what happens in the bedroom (to a degree) is your own business, but we are watching what’s happening in this bedroom, and I just think it’s sad to see Natalia, who seems like a strong woman despite her cuteness and sweet voice, with a man who she looked terrified of an episode before.

    Had it been a consensual understanding, both parties wanting to have the type of sex that Adam envisioned and seemed to need, then that’s perfectly fine in my opinion. Sex is all about being on the same page as your partner. You can’t find yourself in situations where one is taking advantage of the other which is what Adam did in the last episode. He manhandled her, and there was clear fear on her face. I didn’t like seeing them together again despite the fact that he was having her type of sex instead of flipping her over and forcefully cumming on her chest.

    I think what depresses me also is that neither of these people are happy with this type of sexual relationship. I feel like if she were to just accept Adam’s sexual preferences – i.e. a sort of dominant, “you’re a whore”-type sex – then it would be unsatisfying and scary for her. If Adam were to continue to have missionary sex with Natalia, I think he would be both unsatisfied and unhappy, and in the end, I think he would have multiple episodes throughout their relationship where he simply ignores her fears, her discomfort, and her protests and does whatever the hell he wants.

    I don’t know if this is what you meant when you said their relationship depressed you, but I clearly have a lot of opinions on the matter! Loved your weekly discussions on the show, and I can’t wait for them next season!

  • So do I hate Adam or do I love him? I really just don’t know.

    • mae

      You love him.

  • I was unsure how to feel about this episode. Should we be happy that all of the characters ended up with their own perfect endings? Or, should the fact that their perfect endings were all actually kind of tragic (see: Marnie and Charlie, take two) leave us feeling a little sorry and upset for all of them? Although the characters ended this season satisfied, I left the season feeling unsatisfied, which may or may not be what Lena Dunham intended. Also, is no one else concerned that Hannah is likely going to get sued unless her publisher decides that that one sentence, albeit a nicely written one, constitutes an entire e-book?

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Annie

    This is my second favorite part of the week (the Girls episodes being my favorite..duhh!), love reading your insightful conversation. It takes the series to a whole new level! Thank you!

  • I think Mattie said it best here: “Progress isn’t about never, ever making the same, heartbreaking mistakes. It’s about being better equipped to handle the fallout when you inevitably do.”

    As much as it annoys me that the Girls have basically manipulated themselves back to where they were/want to be, and as much as I hate them for it, this is a pretty accurate portrayal of how these things go down in real life. People go back to exes that are bad for them, and stay hopelessly entangled with on-again, off-again BF’s. It happens. It always ends badly, but it happens. Maybe for season 3 we’ll see the fallout of their having made these desperate bad decisions.

  • cateb


    You hit the nail on the head with this: “…Girls is rejecting the television version of “progress” in favor of one that rings truer In Real Life.”

    I feel like a lot of reviewers and bloggers who are writing about the show are not getting the above point. In every recap I’ve read people feel like the characters aren’t growing / maturing at the rate we expect them to.

    The show is groundbreaking because it goes beyond what our expectations are (based on what we’ve seen on TV until this show) and gives us something we can actually relate to so personally because it isn’t based on typical TV fluff. That’s why it’s heartbreaking and hilarious and infuriating all at once.

  • Steph

    Holy crap I loved this episode. It had everything I like about the show (except for Jessa) and the intentional corniness with Charlie and Marni and even more so with Hannah and Adam added a whole new level for me. I am probably one of the few people that was actually rooting for Marni and Charlie because even though it’s been really easy to hate Marni this season for being a shit friend to Hannah and being a pretentious idiot with Booth, I felt that after all the “stuff” she went through was pretty huge for her standards and I was happy to see her mess up so that she could perhaps be a little humbled and it was nice to see Charlie have the upper hand for once, to make her feel a little inferior for a change and FOR ONCE she could be the one making the grand speech declaring her love for Charlie instead of the other way around. Hopefully things will be different this time, Charlie shouldn’t take her bratty shit and she should not take advantage of his love. AND HANNAH, GOOD GOD. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for her cause her situations can almost warrant pity because they are truthfully unfortunate circumstances, but when she does dumb shit like whine to her parents about her fucking ear problem I literally want to punch her in the face for being such a little bitch. And getting that phone call from Gateman aout how she has to get on her book asap and she just goes about eating Cool Whip and cutting her hair makes me so mad (probably because I have a similar problem of procrastination) and then is living in such a degree of narcissism that actually tells Laird that she does not have strength to fight him off made me just want to stick a Q-tip in her other ear, or at least stick a splinter in her butt. Obviously she has reached such a level of crazy that at this point it cannot be seen as anything other than hilarious which is precisely why I laughed when she said that she hadn’t been eating very much lately (see: Cool whip out of the container) so she wasn’t sure if she was looking scary thin. SO MUCH DELUSION I LOVE IT. Anyways, I find her endearing and infuriating and I think that being friends with her would be almost unbearable because it really would just be Hannah’s world and we’d just be living in it.

    OVERALL Girls is the bomb, I love it, I thoroughly enjoyed all the elements of last night’s episode. I love it because it’s relatable and things don’t always end the way they should (see: life) but we move on (or in some cases, not at all). And I’ve got nothing but love for Lena.

  • Brian Williams ALWAYS pops into my head when Allison (Marni) is having sex. Maybe thats why we’ve yet to see her ‘tig ol bitties’.
    I miss Jessa, her style is iconic & my struggles with my own father mirrored hers (I cried like a child when this episode aired). Out of all the characters, I’d say I am mainly a Jessa. When shit goes down, I’m a bat outta hell (which I’m working on). I miss the show already

  • Colleen

    I love these weekly wrap-ups of this show! I find myself having similar conversations about this show with my friends in a way that I never have before.

    I too have felt that the show lacked a conventional “progress.” There was never a solution to a problem, they were always left open. At first this bothered me, because I was like, “I really wanna read this coke-d out article she wrote and what the fuck with booth” and all that. This is an artistic choice that took me til the middle of this season to get. I had an “A-Ha!” moment with my friends when I realized this show is alllll about character development. The events that transpire are not as emphasized as the way each character reacts to them. That is how we are getting all these complex characters! I also truly appreciate that I do not “like” a single character now. This is not a show where you are supposed to like these characters, but more realize their (in some instance crippling) character flaws. Everyone has them, this show just shows ALL of them!

    That being said, I am really glad that no one in my life is as terrible as this collection of characters! Really got lucky with that one!

  • Carolyn

    The perfect, happy ending is maybe very typical and too ideal but I think we should really be thanking Dunham for that one. We have to remember the season was written/filmed before being picked up for a third and could we actually live the rest of our lives thinking/wondering if the girls’ lives were still in turmoil? I couldn’t!

  • luanda

    I think Natalia has an ex alcoholic mother so in her head she is trying to “cure” Adam issues, like, she doesn’t see Adam’s sex habits as a pleasure to him, but as issues, she’s this nice girl who is trying to “fix” him, what is understandable, but it’s not something to be fixed, i guess is just the way he is and that’s not condemnable, it’s just not for her. I really loved Marnie and Charlie, totally agree that i was expecting her to hit the bottom of this terrible year she had, for me it ended like this things that happened to her were the worst that could happen to a pretty girl, hope to see more growth of her personality in the next season! I’m so in love with New Charlie!!
    Loved Hanna and Adam moment! I was thinking that it was really good that Hannah was facing this time alone cause sometimes she can be truly self absorbed, but in this episode I started to miss her interaction with the other characters, just in time to Adam come back to her life.
    Ps – Miss Jessa so much, she like deserved a show of her own!

  • Lola

    I’ve seen multiple interviews with Allison Williams where she has said she watches every episode with her parents. Her dad is frequently on set and she doesn’t feel uncomfortable watching those scenes with him because he has an idea of what’s to come. All I have to say is, she’s very brave. I wouldn’t tell my parents I was even on television if it were me.

  • Girl James

    I am really fucking tired of everyone hating on Marnie like it’s their job. Is she really that much more self-absorbed (or less likeable) than any of the other self-absorbed, un-likeable characters on this show? Or is it just that she’s thinner/taller/prettier/doesn’t dress like a homeless waif in a potato sack?

    • marie

      I think this is really short-sighted.

      • mae

        I agree. Marnie is a crazy bitch, and not good crazy. Charlie must take blame too since he is the one that’s letting her walk all over him. Hence, unlikable couple no one wants to root for.

    • Clarissa

      I wrote this in an earlier MR Girls post, but I think Marnie IS less likable than the others. Yes, the other girls have plenty of awful traits, but I can name at least one good quality about every character but Marnie (think about it: Jessa is brave, Hannah is quirky and funny, Shosh is charmingly blunt). I don’t think the audience hates Marnie because she’s pretty, I think the show hates Marnie, maybe because she’s pretty, maybe not (I did notice that Hannah called Marnie anorexic in the finale – seemed like a pretty petty comment from a best friend).

      • Clarissa

        To clarify, I think Marnie is written to be less likable than the others.

    • Cassandra

      In defense of Marnie: she is detestable in that “Anne Hathaway” kind of detestable way. She’s a high-achiever, pretty, and she keeps to a job–she’s the only woman character with an income ..I think. She may have some underlying anxiety or strong Type-A-ism, but at the end of the day, she’s just the personification of a Courtney Martin paragraph (see below). Man, her life came undone this season (i.e. lost job, apartment, Hannah, Charlie), what did she do? She got a job and tried to reconcile (in that Marnie painted face kind of way). Her character reads as as “uptight” because we choose to dislike her successes.

      “We are the girls with anxiety disorders, filled appointment books, five-year plans. We take ourselves very, very seriously. We are the peacemakers, the do-gooders, the givers, the savers. We are on time, overly prepared, well read, and witty, intellectually curious, always moving…We pride ourselves on getting as little sleep as possible and thrive on self-deprivation. We drink coffee, a lot of it. We are on birth control, Prozac, and multivitamins…We are relentless, judgmental with ourselves, and forgiving to others. We never want to be as passive-aggressive are our mothers, never want to marry men as uninspired as our fathers…We are the daughters of the feminists who said “You can be anything” and we heard “You have to be everything.””

      • marie

        I don’t think her most unlikeable characteristic is that she is “uptight”. She is selfish, delusional and uses people. It’s true that the others are these things as well, but she seems to lack a sense of loyalty or caring to a greater extent than them. Most importantly I think, she is the least self-aware.

      • Erin

        I think Marnie has a lot of ambition, and that is admirable. She is getting somewhere in her life, and I approve of people who don’t give up. I find it hard to like Hannah. When she is faced with a problem, she automatically throws in the towel, Marnie pushes through her issues, and makes music with bassoons and shit. Now that’s what I call charisma.

      • BigOl’GhettoBooty

        I’ll be honest — the only reason I was happy when Marnie and Charlie reconciled was because I wanted to see the sex scenes. He’s so endearingly earnest in the bedroom. It makes me want to give him a sticker and shove his head into my bosom. But, not in a sexual way, in a “you poor, poor, shmuck” way.

    • She’s wooden.

      • Marnie is a caricature of the corporate American woman. Ugly fake lashes, teeth too white, clothes too fitted, everything so figured out that little space is left for sensuality.

        Her 40 year old self could be a Forbes top 50 women in management. Incredible, just not very exciting or entrepreneurial.

        In fairness she did embrace risk in the second season, so maybe there’s hope.

  • Daniella M

    Omg I didn’t even realize how each of these girls are in similar situations now from when the show premiered. Aside from that, I do think that the ending was too idealistic, didn’t expect for everything to go the way I WANTED it to go because throughout this entire season nothing went the way I wanted it to go… but that being said I LOVED THE FINALE! and I actually really appreciated the scene with Laired… didn’t expect him to be a character that I would appreciate… Can’t wait for next season!! Until then I will be keeping my Tv time occupied with Game of Thrones!

  • anonymous

    natalia was keeping Adam from being who he really is. maybe it was just one or two short scenes to depict this.. but it was foreshadowing the future. Hana never tried to change Adam. Even though she felt his sex requests were ridiculous.. she went along with them, in a way… supporting him.

    hence the literal self destruction (…of his apartment that Natalia insulted) and then running to hana’s safety- the girl who never tried to mask who he really is. he is deeply in love with her despite her character flaws.

    the sex in all of these scenes is isn’t really about being adventurous or not.

    on a different note… as much as I miss and love Jessa for how wonderfully entertaining she is- she is a crutch for Hana. And to show how broken Hana is- they had to remove the crutch.

  • Katie Elliott

    I couldn’t agree more on almost every. single. point! I also completely thought the same thing as your technical-partner-in-sex that that limitless WiFi was a stretch..and then immediately felt like a loser for dissecting that scene that much! I’m also quite sad it’s over…was this season really short or was time just flying because we were all having so much fun?

  • marie

    I agree that it was really dissatisfying that Marni didn’t seem to hit rock bottom- or at least get to a place where there was HOPE for her realizing her faults. However, the reunion between the two gave me a little hope for next season. He basically told her he knew it was a good idea to stay far, far away from her but couldn’t yet, to which she didn’t even ask (even to herself, I’m sure) why someone should want to stay away from her. And that she just “wanted him” more than anything is seriously inconsistent with her behavior, or with that fact that she weirdly brought up his money..

    I think she is becoming tiresome to him, and that the power dynamics need to change between them in the next season. A friend guessed he would cheat on her, which might be a way for her to seriously realize the extent of her selfishness, as Charlie was always super honest (for example, to his girlfriend when Marni came over in the middle of the night). I don’t even hate Marni, I just know I will if she doesn’t eventually understand a little better…

    Interestingly, it is hilarious to me the level that Hannah doesn’t understand. Like when she says to Laird “I’m sorry I didn’t think of you as a person.”

  • a la Riches

    “Its hard to tell if it was that check or another check..I’ll have to check.” Enjoyed every feeling induced by the season finale. LOVE

  • Why, why, why would Shoshana confess? Confess what? Something insignificant with someone unmemorable?

    Also Charlie is quite more likeable than Marnie, he’s talented and humble, which is to say the opposite of his girlfriend. But really, Adam is the perfect man.

    Feels like Hannah, after hoarding the screen during the first season, barely featured in the second.

    The one thing that bothered me: the episodes are too short. 30 m is not enough for this kind of humour.

  • I agree with most of what you both wrote, so I won’t write a long post saying it with my own words. Oh, I will say that I love your theory about this season finishing where the first one began, though I would add the character developments: first it was Hannah coming to Adam, while yesterday Adam came to Hannah, Marni used to be the “leader” in her relationship with Charlie and in the closing scenes Charlie was walking confidently while Marni was clinging to his side, Shoshana was actually taking charge of her single status now, not standing three hours at a party without talking to anyone because her friends weren’t there, and Jessa… well yeah, she was just gone. So I think its interesting how the characters where in the same situation but reacted differently to the,.

    What I don’t understand is why everyone hates on Marni so much. Or I guess I do, but that just makes me want to play devil’s advocate and stand up for her even more.

    I’m just thinking here, but one of the main reasons people say they hate her is because she acts like everyone wants to date her, but isn’t Hannah the one who thinks everyone wants to be with her? – the whole Leird thing in this episode, and failing to see Adam didn’t like her in the beginning of the show. Just like Hannah is going through a rough period, and hiding from everyone, not wanting people to see her like that, Marni is doing something very similar. Instead of hiding though, she shows herself as powerful, stronger than she really is. And sure, that money comment was sketchy, but the whole scene last night just made me think that she was an extremely proud person, putting herself in the position of the victim to avoid actually saying how messed up she was. I understand her personality makes her a less likeable character than the rest of the girls, but I don’t think that because of that we should categorise every thing she does or potentially feels as fake.

    And yes, I do think Charlie can do better, but he sees her flaws and he loves her anyway, so why would he want to do any better?

  • kforkarli

    These are basically all my thoughts here. Thanks for articulating what my brain could not. I find it so depressing that Hannah had to have a man save her, though. What happened to “a friendship between college girls” being “grander and more dramatic than any romance”? It made me sad that she needed him so badly.

    • I totally feel like this quote was the perfect opportunity for Marnie and Hannah to both admit how totally fucked up they are at this point but to give us some insight into how the hell they actually became friends in the first place. In my experience its totally your girlfriends who are able to help you get up and move on with life and instead Hannah missed that opportunity and ultimately wound up relying on a man. I was disappointed but then again I guess the point is that she’s clearly messed up and we’re not supposed to have too many gratifying moments and that is supposed to make it more “real.”

  • Oh, also, I forgot to say that I love your theory about this season finishing where the first one began, though I would add the character developments:
    First it was Hannah looking for Adam and wanting to make him better, while yesterday Adam came to Hannah, Marni used to be the “leader” in her relationship with Charlie and in the closing scenes Charlie was walking confidently while Marni was clinging to his side, Shoshana was actually taking charge of her single status now, not standing three hours at a party without talking to anyone because her friends weren’t there, and Jessa… well yeah, she was just gone. So I think its interesting how the characters where in the same situation but reacted differently, it was a brilliant way to show the growth of the characters through out the two seasons.

    • Mimi

      Perfect observation!!!

  • oops

    Did anyone notice when Adam was banging on Hannah’s door he said “LENA, open the fucking door!”

    • olivia

      I just re-watched that scene and that does not happen. He says Hannah.

      • oops

        that’s not what I heard…I heard Lena

  • Iliyana Licheva

    this whole conversation is kinda funny,kinday true…

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    Nora Ephron of our time? Is that a compliment?

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  • Derivative. I read basically this same exchange on yesterday.

  • What I found symbolic was at the end you see Marni and Charlie walking through the Meatpacking for dinner or something, they never show Manahattan unless for work or doctors or parents visitings. It’s funny how the only 2 attractive people on the show are the only ones that are generally featured in Manhattan, which nothing against brooklyn I just don’t think Marni fits in BK.

  • michabre

    Not only does Brian Williams watch the sex scenes but he watches them WITH Allison Williams. (First and hopefully last time I reference to a Daily Caller article)

  • Prue

    I have always interpreted Girls as a representation of how life can feel at that age. That it shows us their inner world not an external glimpse at their lives.
    The betrayal of a best friend can be imagined and deeply painful and you can remain friends while closing yourself off to someone who you previously shared everything with. Adam dropping everything to run shirtless to Hannah again felt like a representation of how it feels to desperately want help, feel utterly alone and can’t bring yourself to ask. A simple gesture can feel grand. And reaching past the distance in a relationship to help someone you love who is spiraling can be exhausting.

  • seanna

    I watched both seasons 1 & 2, in 2 days……i loved it!! im obsessed

  • Guest

    When Adam came to Hannah’s rescue that symbolized to me the transition from Hannah relying on her parents (per her phone convo with her dad earlier in the episode)

  • mimi

    Natalia is perfect example why a girl should never “train” their guy to be the kind of bf they want. I am sad for Natalia for not getting it, but sadder as so many girls in real life are doing it as we speak.
    I think everyone dislikes Marnie because she started off as this perfect girl whose got everything together, but the only reason she seem to be better is because she had charlie’s love. When he moved on, her life fell apart. Even then, she continues to think she’s better than hannah, but she’s not, she’s just like hannah. While I really like how Marnie and Charlie got together this episode, I am doubtful if Marnie can learn from this horrible year and be a better person. I am afraid she might go back to her old self by using charlie’s love to pretend she’s better than others. Maybe because she’s prettier, it’s going to be harder for her to learn to grow and accept who she really is and appreciate life for what it has to offer.
    Ray is Shoeshanna’s first love, she has no idea what relationship is all about, and the episodes are revealing a way an inexperience person is dealing with “relationship”, it’s easier for her to breakup, then speak the truth and deal with it. Isn’t it what so many of us do in our relationships, especially when we were younger?
    Hannah hitting rock bottom and Adam came to rescue is such perfect ending to the season. Adam is the bomb, he decided on Hannah, and he’ll never change, this is what a real man is all about!! Someone earlier mentioned why hannah had to call all the people to help her. Seriously?? Have you ever been in that mental state?? Everyone can be independent and strong, but when you hit rock bottom, you need support from others, no matter how strong you are! Her situation is when love from friends and family really matters, whoever came to support her are her real friends in the long run.
    The scene were Hannah was hiding from Marnie is really sad, it makes me think about how I might act with my best friend. Eventho we talk about everything, but I always show her as a strong person who can handle life, i don’t know if i can face her if I ever hit rock bottom either.

  • Maggie

    Is no one going to talk about the fact Marnie takes a candle from Hannah’s apartment instead of actually looking for her (the door is open, and she looks like she knows Hannah’s in) ? (such a cringe moment) that was painfully human. I think she’s an interesting character precisely because she has everything to be a really lovely person, but she’s in fact very petty in her dealings with her friends, and even sometimes with herself. She is obviously spoilt and doesn’t know anything about perseverance: For example after loosing her first job, she very quickly gives up her dream and becomes a hostess, She doesn’t actually try and get over Charlie at any point. I don’t think the character Marnie is “pretty-girl-bashing” but rather an interesting insight into human nature, something that even skinny girls have to live with.

  • Loullabelle.

    re. Hannah hiding from Marnie, then ringing around everyone, I thought this was really insightful. I had a breakdown when i was 21, and used to hide in my room because I couldn’t cope with everyday interactions, then get really upset that nobody came to look after me. The point being, when we are 21, we all have our own shit to get on with and most of us lack the emotional maturity to put that to one side and really go out on a limb for someone else. So Marnie had a cursory look round cos she does care, then thought, fuck it, i tried, and took the candlestick.

  • Alexandra R

    So concerned after reading all of these comments that my friends and I can relate to Marnie the most..

  • manon
    • Manon

      I found this article to be a great review of the overall content of the show. I also find it interesting that you have never mentioned this since you are a new yorker.

  • Preevious

    “Hannah Writes a Book in One Day” is the title remember?

    Not “Hannah Tries to Write a Book in One Day.”