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And we’re back, baby


In spite of the generous deluge of excited messages that inundated my inbox last night, (see: “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Girls. Adam.” What?) I have not yet seen this week’s episode Girls. Cause of injury: SXSW. I know, I know as Mattie so intelligently posited: SXSW is basically a shorteralls convention. How is it even possible that they aren’t screening the show on every available reflective surface over here?

The good news is Mattie watched it and as such, the weekly viewer digest still exists and is below. 


I kicked off this week’s digital rehashing of Girls with Leandra via text.

“I am in physical discomfort,” I wrote, as I watched this week’s episode. “My brow is furrowed!” I continued, hoping to illustrate my disquiet.

“LEANDRA,” I wrote some time later, resorting to caps lock when my partner in crime had not responded. “I have a lot of feelings, and I need to process them!”

But tragically, I was left to digest this week’s installment of Lena Dunham’s brainchild alone. And, guys, I think it may have given me food poisoning.

“On All Fours,” is the most deeply sad episode of Girls yet. Watching Marnie croon and Shoshanna “confess” and Hannah gradually, inevitably unravel is as painful as the most gruesome splinter extraction. So much so that even Charlie and his hairstyle-french-poodle hybrid are worried.

Sure. Winning The Biggest Loser on Girls isn’t much of an achievement. Alison Sweeney does not congratulate you, there is no final, triumphant weigh-in, and you do not look good in spandex. And yet competition is cutthroat.

Consider the contestants.

Hannah seems to have punctured an eardrum and considers her bloodied Q-tip a souvenir. Shoshanna is 21 and will only admit to hand holding. On that note, will someone please hold Marnie’s hand and guide her quietly out of Charlie’s life? I suspect she is eating him alive. Also, I would appreciate Kanye’s opinion on her little impromptu performance. Is there an emoji for second-hand embarrassment? My roommate and I would like to know.

And then there was Adam.

If there is a way to make “get on all fours” sound empowering, Adam certainly didn’t enunciate it. And I know we can attribute his behavior to about a million subtle determinants, but I still can’t excuse it. By the time the episode’s closing notes trilled, I was a nauseous, queasy mess. I stopped just short of taking a Tums.

Next Sunday, the second season of Girls comes to an end. And for the first time, I feel a pang of desperation. Is Marnie or Hannah or Jessa or Shosh any better off than when we reacquainted ourselves with them in the New Year? Have we made any progress at all?

And an additional question: do you know the agony of trying to #humblebrag but having it backfire? Because I do. My sincerest condolences, Hannah. I’m sure under different circumstances, Adam would have wanted to hear all about your book. Definitely.

P.S. Lena agrees. Pants are a construct.

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  • Reptilia

    I have to watch it! Love firs. I laugh so much with hannah!


  • Agreed! I felt so bad for Natalia. I loved her at first, disliked her, loved her, disliked her, and then loved her again all in one episode.

  • Lila

    don’t understand Girls enthousiasm, there is something crude just for being crude..and nothing happens, this is boring and we are just like “and …”when the epidode is finished…i’ll probably stop watching the show waiting for something punchy with character whom we identify

  • Cassandra

    This episode was a real turning point for me. I have been captivated (but repulsed) by Girls since the very first episode: I continued to watch for the rhetoric, but felt disgusted time and time again by the emotional abandon with which the characters’ relationships operated (e.g. toying with exes, chastising ‘friend’ as the ‘worse friend’ and countless love-less physical encounters–in the name of being PC). I loathed the show for so effectively characterizing these behaviours. A Sex In The City-esque “voice of our generation” show, I saw Girls as a vehicle for girls to justify their own actions, relationships–the toxic stuff, that is. Anyways, I realize this is coming off as very preachy–call me conservative–but I cannot deny that the symptoms I experienced with each new episode approximated those of food poisoning.

    Now, the turning point: last night’s episode. There is no social determinant that can justify Adam’s treatment of Natalia (I think we can all agree on that), but the episode overall was very cathartic for me. Lena’s writing reached a very macabre point: all relationships unravelled, leaving the viewer cringing with each interaction. This episode served up the most raw depiction of problem relationships. The show had shifted from a glorification of the twenty-something lifestyle to a dark comedy, a social commentary on those problematic-slash-maladaptive thought patterns and actions. As such, I felt oddly satisfied. By exposing the self-destruction inherent in their relationships, Lena is begging viewers to introspect on their own actions.

    • Jessica

      Ugh. Lena expects all of you to react to Adam’s behavior exactly as you are reacting – ignorant, scared, naive. It’s not about whether his behavior is right or wrong, it’s about why he did it and what that says about Adam, or Adam’s past. It’s one reflection of how complex we all are as individuals, and how fucked up many of us are and can be at times. To turn him into a monster or write Adam’s character off is juvenile – his guilt and shame was apparent at the end of the scene. He is not a villain, he is damaged. Can you fault him for that? He did not rape her or take advantage of her, he spoke harshly to her during sex and demeaned her, which I don’t approve of either, but it was a reflection of Adam’s insecurities and his underlying need for power, respect, and attention…probably the result of a belief formed during childhood that he was severely lacking in those areas, or that he wasn’t worthy of love. If you’re going to attempt to analyze these scenes, try not to take such a superficial stance.

      • Thought Monkeys

        You! You couldn’t have said it better Jessica! I believe the fragrance of this supposed ‘rape’ is running everyone a muck.
        Could it have been when she was crawling to his bedroom and he moved from the wall the look on her face was similar to one you’d hold if walking home through a dark alleyway OR was it the camera POV where he snatched her up that truly made it feel like he attacked her!
        This in no way was a rape but the performance of damaged uncertainty – Adam is dark, a trait we all share. What i saw was him testing Natalia, deliberately being callous to see if she would leave. Lets not forget he was mean to Hannah but she kept coming back and thats what you do when you don’t trust people or deem yourself worthy of love, now shes gone he’s hurting; he ven said so in the AA meeting

        • Jessica

          I like you Thought Monkeys, I like you very much!

    • Nina2013

      Natalia was raped. I used to have some modicum of sympathy for Adam but no more. He is a rapist.

      • Question from Europe: What was so wrong with Adam’s behaviour?

        I’m baffled by your comments. That girl came across as a bore.

        • Sophie

          from europe as well: ?!

          you can’t mean that. you don’t know what you’re saying!!

      • Lola

        She didn’t say no!

      • caroleann2

        Nina, I disagree completely. Natalia never once uttered the word “no” nor did she ever make the slightest move to get up or move away from Adam. During the actual sex scene, she was not trying to get away — she was moving in rythm with his motions. If she had ever said “no” or tried to get up or he held her back from leaving, then I would agree with you but that is not what happened.
        I think it devalues the word “rape” when you use it so loosely and it makes it harder for women who really are raped to get a fair defense, and a fair-minded jury. Does all “rough sex” or male dom female sub equate to rape for you? You may not like it, but that doesn’t make it rape. I think the Natalia character regretted not leaving, probably regretted acquiessing to his weird behavior, but again, that’s not the same thing as rape.

        • Sarah46836

          I think that is a difficult situation whether to call it “rape”, especially when she at first gave consent. However, she did use the word “no” four times, once when he did oral and three times before he came on her. He should have stopped and asked her what she wanted when she said “no”.

  • BAD Leandra – I aint watched it yet 😉

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • I felt so uncomfortable watching Adam walk slowly behind his girlfriend while she crawled on all fours to his room! I also squirmed my way through the end while waiting for Hannah to butcher her other ear drum. It was definitely a good episode though. I feel like a lot happened which was nice because it doesn’t feel like much has been happening lately with them.

  • Iliyana Licheva
  • Agnes

    The end of this weeks episode left me feeling queasy too, the way Adam treated Natalia in the final scenes, as if to test her, or to punish her for what he feels Hannah’s put him through, actually made me feel humiliated, small and ashamed, just as Natalia might have. What makes this episode worth watching, despite all the train wreck scenes, is how completely real and sincere it is, it is painfully raw and unpolished, thereby giving you an experience that goes way beyond what, at least I, ever expected from a TV-series. Conclusion; unbelievable painful to watch as it may be, it points out the great value of Girls as a series, and that maybe we should not be afraid of things not picking up in the last episode of the season, because no matter what, it will still be some of the best TV at least i’ve ever seen.

  • Kalie

    This week’s episode left me completely floored. I haven’t been too impressed with this season… well, it’s had its ups and downs, as I’m sure we all can agree. But this episode was seriously tragic, and at the same time enthralling. I almost had to physically remove myself from my computer when Marni started singing, but pulled it together, cringing all the while. But for one of the first times this season, I didn’t spend the whole episode wondering why on earth Lena Dunham chose to go the direction she did. It was so engaging in the most visceral way. And ending with a Daniel Johnston song, talk about the icing on some extremely disturbing cake.

  • Lola

    I have a severe problem with vicarious embarassment so I had to fast forward through Marni’s singing, I could not bare it! As for Adam, that was completely violating, so what if she stays with him, has she passed the test? WTF. Plus could shoshanna’s hair get any more ridiculous!? It’s a good thing she didn’t tell Ray about the doorman, I don’t think he and his “pathetic” life could handle it, it’s not like he has anywhere else to go! – Although I seem wrought with hate in this comment I do actually love Girls. It’s just this episode was too much to handle.

    • Anina

      I don’t think it was a test. I think Adam deliberately tried to make Natalia hate him and break up with him. Seeing Hannah did something to him. I think seeing Hannah made him remember who he “used to be”. He probably hates him self a lot, the relationship with Natalia made him forget that. So when Hannah showed up, he remembered his self-loathing and tried to prove to him self (and Natalia) that he is not worthy of love. I think he is really being more of a masochist than a sadist.

      • sophie

        I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with why Adam did what he did. His character is heartbreaking, I was really rooting for him, but I think I’ve finally given up.

        • debbywarner

          As if the drinking weren’t enough self loathing, Adam had to feel he wasn’t worthy of love by pushing the one beautiful thing in his life going well by degrading her.

          Was it rape? No, Natalia could have gotten the hell out. Most women have been in similar situations. Sadly, I made Natalia’s choice more than once. Today I’m glad to say I’d have gotten the hell out of there Life is a process. I’ve had to learn self love and how to take care of myself. I hope to see these characters do that in coming season.

          • Leandra Medine

            Actually really glad you’ve all addressed this point, and really well said, Anina. I watched the show again last night and I had to wonder if Adam degrading Natalia was mostly just a self-destructive way of keeping Hannah in the forefront of his mind/heart. The drinking was a reaction to seeing her and the gross behavior was a reaction to the drinking

  • agreed that the real lesson in this episode is that there is a time and a place for a #humblebrag and pantless post ER q-tip removal ain’t it.


  • Sophie

    thank you for this forum on girls. it’s half the fun. both the article and the comments!

  • I used to love Girls, and will probably watch any future seasons just because I am invested. However, I am not necessarily a fan anymore. This season feels so disjointed and simply pointless. Perhaps that was the point. Frankly, however, as a woman in my 20s, I just can’t relate b/c none of my friends are this idiotic, narcissistic, or idol. I had to change the channel and am grudgingly going to watch the final episode.

    • Laine

      It sounds pretty narcissistic if you can’t watch a show because it doesn’t reflect your life to a T, or your values.

      • Actually, I have a right to say I don’t enjoy a show because I can’t relate to it anymore. For a woman who has said that it is the “voice of our generation,” I must say that I have rarely met women who are like this. Her characters are incredibly narcissistic – which is part of the point – but when I get to a point where I no longer want to root for anyone I lose interest in the show.

        • Laine

          She never seriously claimed it was the voice of our generation. That was a sarcastic line in the show. I’d be interested to know what TV shows you like, because I can’t think of any genuinely good shows (see: Homeland, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, etc.) with characters you consistently want ‘to root for.’ What does that even mean? Nobody is perfect all the time.

        • Are you sure you’ve been watching the show? The ‘voice of my generation’ line was not Lena Dunham’s claim, it was a line in the show that reflected how self-involved Hannah is.

  • D.A.

    Am I the only one who loved Marni’s rendition of that song? I love that song to begin with, but to clearly hear those words make it more awe-inspiring. I dont get the second-hand embarrassment thing at all.
    I thought the episode was great, uncomfortable and riveting. What more can you ask for.

    • marie

      The second-hand embarrassment is because she is delusional. And so so self-centered. I was also disappointed that Charlie hooked up with her again… I wanted her to learn a lesson about using people the way she does. I agree, the episode was so great because it was so uncomfortable, but Marnie’s performance was definitely meant to be part of that. Like Hannah’s q-tip and Adam’s sex scene.

    • Lola

      Yeah, I agree, I really didn’t get why everyone was so embarrassed in that scene. It didn’t work for me. I thought what she did was awesome. I like her version of the song better.

    • I also didn’t understand why it was so bad. Confused.

  • Nathan Niche

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  • I’m still gathering my thoughts on this because, well, I also still feel sick about it. I can’t remember the last time a show left me with morning-after-esque reverberations. For a show that lives and breathes in the dramatic comedy category, we’ve never quite seen an episode this dark. (Ahem, the trauma suffered from Hannah’s Q-tip-through-ear moment is unrelenting, and that is by all means an understatement.)

    But here’s an interesting observation. Draw a parellel between Hannah’s Q-tip (forced) penetration and compare it to Adam’s S&M show. It’s all about control (and not necessarily sexual domination either). Despite both Hannah and Adam’s need to take charge, they’re at the mercy of their own diseases and insecurities – so much so that Adam sabotages things with his Natalia (how great was Shiri Appleby in that scene??), reverting back to his old ways, and Hannah is left, from what we can assume, poking out her other ear drum!

    Having said that, Adam Driver was this week’s MVP.

  • I’m still gathering my thoughts on this because, well, I also still feel sick about it. I can’t remember the last time a show left me with morning-after-esque reverberations. For a show that lives and breathes in the dramatic comedy category, we’ve never quite seen an episode this dark. (Ahem, the trauma suffered from Hannah’s Q-tip-through-ear moment is unrelenting, and that is by all means an understatement.)

    But here’s an interesting observation. Draw a parellel between Hannah’s Q-tip (forced) penetration and compare it to Adam’s S&M show. It’s all about control (and not necessarily sexual domination either). Despite both Hannah and Adam’s need to take charge, they’re at the mercy of their own diseases and insecurities – so much so that Adam sabotages things with his Natalia (how great was Shiri Appleby in that scene??), reverting back to his old ways, and Hannah is left, from what we can assume, poking out her other ear drum!

    That being said, Adam Driver was this week’s MVP.

  • Is there an emoji? No, but there is a term my friend Katie and I use for second-hand embarrassment and that person is referred to as a fontra. In this case, Marni is a fontra and what makes the other party feel that physical discomfort is the affirmation of her being a fontra–someone you are embarrassed for. This past week’s episode was a fontra on crack…it distracted me from the TV screen only to make a perturbed expression at my friend who was also staring back at me with equal shock.

  • This episode made me so so uncomfortable. There were too many times were I literally felt sick to my stomach. Really different to Gossip Girls episodes were the level of drama is crazy and someone possibly gets killed, but where in the end you always know that Chuck will end up with Blair and Serena will be loved again no matter what. But that is not real life, it is upper East side fiction, whereas Girls feels like an honest (painfully honest at times) representation of how life can also be (read: CAN also be). Individuals struggling to find their ways around, to being happy with themselves. Great great piece of work if you ask me!

  • Evie

    Just as so many of the commenters have said, I felt sick from this episode, like physically disturbed. I stupidly watched it on my commute home and for the entire half an hour I tried to stop my face from contorting at the never-ending cringe worthy moments, had to turn my laptop brightness down during the Adam/ Natalia sex scene so the public didn’t have to endure what we viewers did and I almost had to shut my eyes at the q-tip scene, that was the most uncomfortable and heartbreaking 20 seconds of my life, I felt like I was about to cry for Hannah. I don’t really know what to say about this episode but I’m scared for next week and despite being a huge fan there is a tiny part of me that doesn’t want to watch, I’m not sure my stomach could handle any more.

  • Rachel

    “But I’m on a journey. It’s my journey, and I’m okay.” Did anyone else think of The Biggest Loser and have a hard time suppressing their laughter?

  • Lola

    Was anyone else hoping so so hard that Natalia would have the balls and the respect to say “fuck no” to the “get on all fours” request? I needed so badly to know that not all women would say yes. I always accepted Hannah’s whatever attitude to their sex, knowing she was a flawed and weak character. But Natalia seemed so put together and strong, I died a little inside knowing that some one like her would let a guy treat her like crap.

    I also found the slightly perverse symmetry of the episode really sad. It was almost prophetic the way Natalia was “so clear” about what she wanted done, and said, “what other way is there” since Adam clearly took what he wanted from her at the end of the episode.

    • I really thought she was going to say no for a second there. I really hoped she would.

      I think the redeeming thing about it was that she clearly expressed how much she hated it afterwards. One of the things that killed me about Hannah when she was with Adam is that she’d let him abuse her and then just go right back to him immediately. I think Natalia is different in that she’s not going to stand for behavior like that. Hopefully, at least.

  • Local & Opulent

    The cue tip was GROSS!

    I really wish that this season would have focused a little more on their friendships… everything feels so disjointed right now. Hopefully a little “girl time” in the finale.

    A new post on ways to actually wear spring runway trends in real life is up on Local & Opulent.

  • Elissa

    Call it what it is– Adam RAPED his girlfriend. Don’t sugarcoat it.

    • caroleann2

      She never said no, nor tried to get away from Adam. How exactly was it rape? If she had ever uttered “no” or “stop” or tried to get away and he prevented her from leaving, then yes, it would certainly be rape. She’s a perfectly healthy adult person, so how was she prevented from speaking up or leaving? Sorry, just because she regretted it, and didn’t like it, and wished she had left, wished she had never gotten on all fours to begin with, wished she didn’t go along with it, that doesn’t make it rape. I think that women who have actually been raped would be offended by your devaluing the horror of their experience by using it in this case.

  • Bb de la Branche

    She is the right to give an answear and I agree with this :

  • I would agree with your point about the way that Adam said “GET ON ALL FOURS.” But he had to repeat himself several times because the girl went along with it, instead of non-coyly speaking up, even though it clearly freaked her out. So, um, her bad?

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Belén Cavas Hernández
    • a

      Stop spamming.

  • Blou

    I can’t belive some of these comments LOL Adam didn’t rape her!
    And people saying why don’t she have respect and say no to gettin on all fours??
    MAYBE she wanted to! She could have easily said no if she didnt but that wasn’t what SHE chose! And ok so he c*m on her big deal! Did you expect him to kiss her on the neck and finish into a tissue?? After her getting on all fours? Hahah honestly stop being prudes and don’t say it was rape when it clearly wasn’t!
    The Q-tip moment on he other hand was PAINFULL to watch that ladies I agree

  • Lola

    I wouldn’t say what Adam did was rape. She never said “No”. I’m not sure she was completely opposed to it until he was jizzing on her boobs. I saw what he did as a way for him to sabotage his new relationship. Like a test. Can I make her hate me? Does she love me? What if I’m an asshole? Will she leave me?
    I’m not saying what he did was ok at all. If it was me I’d be out that door!
    However I think Natalia knows there is more to it, that’s why she didn’t leave and told him it wasn’t cool.
    Hannah just cracked me up. She’s losing it a bit and really needs someone to help her but all her friends who usually pick up the pieces have their own crap to deal with!

    I do hope that something good happens for them all soon.

  • Khol

    I think a problem in our society is that we define rape as whether or not someone vocally says “no.” This isn’t always the case. There is a whole other spectrum of communication that happens before, during, and after sex.
    It’s clear from her body language that she never gave her full consent. It’s clear that when she got on all fours she was weary and perhaps thought that his playful side would show up. When it was obvious that that wasn’t going to happen, it was clear again that she wasn’t into it. While she never said “no” per se, she did protest by saying she hadn’t showered and he brushed that aside. That’s rape, whether or not she’s haunted by it or if he even understands it.

    But then, if you watch that last scene between the two with their first sexual encounter in mind, and you realize that he continued to follow her original guidelines despite the terrible way in which he did so. Did he view consent once given as consent withstanding? That wouldn’t be the first time that it’s happened either in the fictional or real world.

    Either way, his character has a history of misreading signs of intimacy/boundaries, just re-watch any of his scenes with Hannah from the first season (ex., peeing on her in the shower). Much of this stems from the fact that he’s damaged. Just as Hannah is damaged and so she went along with his crap for so long. And as I’m sure Natalia is damaged too from having an alcoholic mother and then being with a guy who relapses after being sober for 10 years. None of it is an excuse, but they all fall into the same patterns of abuse.

    • caroleann2

      So now you’ve redefined the word rape to mean sex where the woman isn’t into it but she never tells the guy to stop so the guy is supposed to pick up on “a whole different spectrum of communication”? Are you kidding?
      If I were a guy I would be terrified to have sex nowadays without a signed, sworn affadavit, considering how many of you on this message board seem to think this scene would have constituted rape.
      Natalia is a healthy adult woman with a voice and two legs. At any moment, she could have walked to the door and left. She chose not to. Was it a bad decision on her part? Yes it was, as she regretted it afterwards, but was it rape? Absolutely not. Men can’t be expected to read your minds, ladies. If you don’t want to have sex, say no, or stop, or get up and leave. If he won’t stop after that, or prevents you from leaving, yes, then it’s rape.

  • AVSP

    This is why I love MR! My feelings exactly articulated beautifully on this website. And to those who kept comments intelligent, respectful, but challenging – I applaud your decorum. One thing I’d like to add: while Adam’s sex scene with Natalia was incredibly disturbing and heart-breaking [as a viewer who was rooting for the relationship], was she not also doing him a disservice by accepting that he wanted to drink, knowing fully that he was a self proclaimed ex-alcoholic? Adam was testing Natalia. If she stays with him, he will not respect her for allowing him to degrade her and for tolerating his dark urges. If she leaves him, he will continue to accept that he is incapable of retaining a good, healthy relationship, a relationship that could potentially save him from himself – this last possibility being one I feel he sought to confirm by degrading her in that way, just after she made a suggestion that they could – together – ‘fix the place up’. Just my two cents.

  • Little Red Book

    I agree with you. This episode raped me. Raped me.

  • tegan

    I feel so sad for Hannah. This episode just emphasised how completely alone she is, she has managed to alienate herself completely, even her parents aren’t close by anymore.

  • Clara

    I love this show….it is one of my favourites… i love almost all the characters…

  • YeahIsaidit

    The show is shit.

  • NewEnglandGal

    Was I the only one who was so excited to see Marni & Charlie get together, even if it might be doomed (although I hope not)??? I guess I’m a unrealistic hopeless romantic…

  • donna

    for moi this episode was strong stuff. in my 20’s( for reasons i prefer not to share:)) sex was not a nice experience. i was always hardcore, and detached. girls is so brave and authentic in its fucked upness. its important that someone is speaking in that voice.

  • Tia

    Just before Adam told her to get on all fours, they were having a moment of real tenderness and possibly love. Deep inside, he doesn’t believe he deserves love or is capable of giving it. He was vulnerable. So he immediately turned it around and tried to dominate her. But more importantly, he knew she wouldn’t like it. He was trying to push her away and give her reason to break up with him — again, because the nature of their relationship doesn’t meet with how he feels about himself. Note at the end of the scene, he said something like “So this is it, right? It’s over?”

  • Nao

    Are you guys really commenting on this episode as if it was a real event?

  • After the warnings about how disturbing the episode was, I was genuinely afraid to watch. And the most heartbreaking part of the entire episode is the one I’ve read almost nothing about—when Adam drinks. He says in the AA meeting that he got sober at 17, and I believe his character is supposed to be 26 or 27 years old now, right? He just threw away a decade of sobriety. For an alcoholic, and especially one with that long a period of sobriety, that is one of the worst days of his entire life. The alcohol is wearing off in the scene in his apartment, and he is in one of the biggest moments of regret and panic and fear that you can imagine. He hates himself more than he usually does and everyone I know who has relapsed really wants to punish themselves as much as possible. What better way than to kill the potentially beautiful relationship you can’t believe you’ve found?

    So for one, I thought it was totally unrealistic how Natalia was so nonchalant about him ordering the drink with that tepid “Are you sure?” Her MOTHER is an alcoholic. She knows more than the average person (and def more than the average Girls viewer) that he is effectively throwing his life in the toilet in that moment. For anyone with a passing familiarity with alcoholics in recovery, you do not want to be there when a person you give any sort of a shit about relapses, and you certainly don’t want to be the one who drinks WITH him.

    And no he did not rape her.

    Marnie is an asshole and the song was fontrum that was almost physically unbearable. Charlie totally hate-fucked her. Just so he can dog her afterward. (I haven’t watched the finale yet, can you tell?)