Girls, Episode 8

The commentary that just keeps on giving


There was only one text message predating a series of rapid-fire e-mails about last night’s episode of Girls between resident man repeller, Mattie Kahn and myself this morning. It read, “I loved that episode and I swear when Ray was telling Marni that the clay is dry, (see also: “you cannot dress like a magician’s assistant for much longer”), I felt like I was reading the penultimate sentence in a Cathy Horyn review marking the return of, like, velvet angora that features faux-rabbit fur.” If you’d believe it, I punctuated and everything. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Below, our e-mail correspondence.


On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:51 PM, Mattie Kahn wrote:

DID YOU WATCH? My heart hurts for Hannah

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 8:56 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:


Let’s talk about it at length. Highs? Lows? I really enjoy that Hannah is becoming this really fickle, inconsistent character. It mimics not-made-for-TV human nature. She’s indispensable some episodes (see: go away, Adam, I’m dating Donald Glover, see also: I called the cops on you, I wasn’t expecting that they would come and I’d totally come down to the precinct with you but like, maybe later? and/or tender moments like her calling her parents to say thanks and that she loves them while simultaneously allowing her facial expression to reveal everything about what is really important: her battling a UTI with no remorse). Last night was actually, I believe, the first time I’ve ever seen her really, really, REALLY vulnerable and struggling with herself.

Her conceding to the hardships of being a 20-something feels like it’s been painted with a small stroke of artificial because of the overwhelming self-deprecation. But the vulnerability in her disorder–that’s pure cinematographic magic and that rests only in her refusal to admit she has a problem. If she were capable of talking about the OCD and making light of it the way she does everything else (see: “I am an undiagnosed hypoglycemic”), it wouldn’t feel as raw, real, pungent.

I’m also really into Shoshana’s affair and think Marni is officially the skid-mark of decency, care of her grossly conspicuous social-climbing antics. As Abie [ed. note: my permanent partner in sex] put it last night, “I’ve known all along that Charlie is the man.” Kate made a really smart point about her wanting to be a singer as reflective of Charlie having been in a band–you just can’t help but imagine Marni having smugly attended the shows, thinking she’s a better musician, but she’s got a ‘real job’ and her ‘life together.’

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:11 AM, Mattie Kahn wrote:

I KNOW! I felt loved. Obviously, I emailed you right after those little concluding notes trilled on HBO Go. SO:

I felt like this thing that could totally have become another feather in Hannah’s needy, self-obsessed cap, actually took on a scary and debilitating life of its own. Having OCD is not equivalent to her “being thirteen pounds overweight” and that being “horrible” for her for her whole life. Because it isn’t just “horrible for her.” It’s crushing. And this isn’t some life experience that she uses as ammunition against the people closest to her. Instead, she hides it.

I realized–when I was trying to parse exactly what was so wrenching about the whole ordeal–that Hannah spent basically the entire episode alone and/or with her parents. You could argue–and I would–that her loneliness was actually amplified in the presence of her parents. It’s just SO MILLENNIAL. More even than “the bottle episode” that she spent with Patrick Wilson, this is what it looks like when Hannah is fiercely, deeply alone. And it’s so, so sad.

Even Marnie, who has somehow become sympathetic despite her faux-pigtailed self-absorption, has Ray and Shoshanna. Even Adam has someone “easy to talk to.” Hannah, on the other hand, has eight potato chips and the bar at the Carlyle and pediatric specialists and a dad who has seen her in a bathing suit. And let’s all just take a moment and imagine what it would feel like to have our parents make all of our doctor appointments for us again. I do not want to get my teeth cleaned this week. And I don’t care that I should.

As for the fun parts:

Charlie needs to size up in his hipster, straight-cut button-downs.

Marnie’s pigtails and Juicy sweatpants merit a dedicated Twitter account over which I would be happy to preside. (Can we confirm that they are, in fact, Juicy sweatpants? This is very important to me.)

“The app is free but breaking your promise to yourself is not.” Oh Charlie. You just can’t escape yourself, can you?

Shoshanna’s attempts to grow up and Be An Adult make up some of the most honest moments of the show. But her braids are really not helping her cause. Nor is her spangled butterfly ornament.

I did not miss Jessa at all.

I really hate Hannah’s mom in ways I don’t have words for.

And the transformation of Adam from reckless, weirdo loser to multi-faceted, weirdo person is a triumph of Lena Dunham’s storytelling ability.

The best part of all of this? I streamed the episode to my computer in the library. And I didn’t feel bad about it.

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:23 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Also, re: Hannah’s mom, I think she is the way she is for a very calculated reason. If you take a look at the way in which Hannah interacts with her friends during tumultuous moments for them, it’s a little softer, yes, but it isn’t very different. Anyway, though, she lost me last week when she turned Hannah’s earnest moment into a joke. Hannah’s response to that, too, was kind of a nod to the fact that she is her mother’s daughter, though. She just kept, like, pushing, hoping that UTI would fall out of her vagina or something.

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:29 AM, Mattie Kahn wrote:

I know. And I admire Lena for not transforming every person into some candy-coated teddybear. But the kind of brash cruelty exhibited by the elder Horvath is downright despotic. She is the most disappointing brand of (fictional or otherwise) parent–just bad enough that her relationship with her daughter isn’t quite funny anymore, but not so bad that she actually necessitates estrangement.

Also: can we agree that we love our moms? Like, a lot.

Further also: my dad always hated those Jif Peanut Butter commercials that went, “Choosy Moms Choose JIF,” because he was like, “What about the choosy dads? I am a choosy dad!” So let’s agree that we love our dads too.

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:57 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Moments that make me take out my iPhone and type things down: Natalya’s (Adam’s hot ass date) mother calling him “cuter than a dimple on a bug’s ass.” Also–what the shit is up with his apartment and why are the enormous wooden planks that basically construct a really bare teepee in the middle of his “living room” completely overlooked in most Girls commentary?

ANOTHER REALLY IMPORTANT THING TO TALK ABOUT: The therapist. “I think it sold, ya, just about two and a half million copies.”

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:59 AM, Mattie Kahn wrote:

I imagined that that line would speak to you.

And not to diminish the importance of AA, but as a college student, I really appreciate that the meeting’s agenda centered on who would bring the cookies. Cookies are important! I’d also like to assure Adam that it’s okay if he brings really bad cookies. Everyone will still eat them. Cookie bringers are heroes.

But WAIT. Why aren’t we mad at Shoshanna? Should we be mad?

On Mar 4, 2013, at 12:06 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

How could we possibly be mad at Shoshana? To watch a man take interest in her based only on the merit of Napolean Dynamite’s Deb style hairdo (and even in spite of comments like, “you’re like, a really hot doorman,”) is probably how it feels to watch your first born child take its first sequence of coherent steps. Sure, the kid starts doing annoying shit–like opening doors it shouldn’t be opening and dropping really fragile things because its arm mass is strong enough (side note: what does my referring to human babies as “it” mean about my potential to be a mother one day?) but in that tender moment that something you’ve created (or in Shoshana’s case, feel like you’ve been part of in a very significant way, at least,) is evolving right before your eyes, there’s nothing but the feeling of elation to speak for it.

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 12:09 PM, Mattie Kahn wrote:

Final thought exercise, because I’m sitting in class, and my professor is about to start talking about Norman Mailer:

Imagine Shoshanna taking Tenjune by storm in its heyday.


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On Mar 4, 2013, at 12:09 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

ZING. You win at kickers.

Alright, your turn. Thoughts on episode 8, please.

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  • Sarah

    I liked that this episode was better rounded, rather than the past few times I’ve been like “okay Lena, thats enough of Hannah- move on,” I miss Jessa though and hope she gets brought back before the end of the season. I sympathize with Marnie wholely- she is definitly feeling what 80% of twenty-somethings are feeling and has become the most relatable character.

    • Keely

      I miss Jessa too, she’s one of my favorite characters. Her dialogue with her father on the swings last episode had me in tears. Love Jessa.

      • Lily

        Same here!!

      • Rosie

        I miss her too but mainly because her wardrobe gets me really excited and I just generally have a massive girl crush on her.

    • I think if you said 80% of smug white twenty-something’s it would be more accurate. I was never around friends who had the less than endearing personality traits of Marnie. And I was in the Marines, college, worked for UPS/the IRS, and volunteered during my 20’s…so I ran the gamut of people/experiences.

  • Daniela

    Somebody please explain me why Hannah counts 8 steps, closes the door 8 times, and then eats 8 fries…

  • damnedscribblingwoman

    Thank you for thinking what I think. You don’t make me feel like such a weirdo anymore, just like Lena has done for me since this series began. I love that you and your GIRLS have long, techno-convos about the eps like my GIRLS and I used to (I’m the only one who’s still on board…sadface). This ep was so so good, and as someone who has a mom like Mrs. Horvath, it resonated so much more than any other ep.

  • Sophie

    thank you for this post – really appreciated!

  • shelly

    oh I just LOVE these posts about GIRLS! you say all the right and smart things about it. please continue!!

  • A

    I was really happy that there was no nudity for a change. I’m all for showcasing a “real woman’s body” but I was really getting sick of gratuitous shots of Lena Dunham’s breasts.

    “You need to stop dressing like a magician’s assistant” = best line of the episode

    • Will Code For Clothes

      Same! At some points in the show, I get a little nauseous and uncomfortable… it’s like watching myself on screen. shudder

  • Nia

    absolutely loved this episode…and even though i hate marnie the most i also feel like i relate to her the most…second semester college senior and no i do not know what i am doing with my life…what is my dream? idk …sometimes gotta hate the realness of the episode

    and BEST TSHIRT: “too many freaks not enough circuses”

    anyone know where i can find this?

    p.s. i too hate hannah’s mom….like A LOT

  • Lily

    OMG I’ve known Charile’s the man since forever too!!! LOVE HIM!! definitely size up on his shirt, and yes “you cannot dress like a magician’s assistant for much longer” = highlight!!

  • Nicole

    That plank thing in Adam’s apartment was an artwork he was working on.

  • anonymous

    in AA, volunteering to bring cookies means taking responsibility -and accountability that you will be there next week.

    • Leandra Medine

      We are idiots. But thank you for teaching me something new every day.

      • anonymous

        glad to share

      • Mattie Kahn

        Seconded. Thank you for sharing.

    • christine

      that scene with the cookie argument is so typical AA meeting..people stressing more about who will bring snacks than about who needs help. i just about died when adam interrupted and started sharing. really funny and super observant scene.

  • Judging by this post, I think I must start watching Girls!…Then I can join in on the fun here!…xv

  • Judging by this post, I think I have to start watching Girls!…Then I can join in the fun on here…xv

  • Nesmah Handcock

    I feel really left out, I don’t watch “Girls” & I have no clue as to what it is :/

    • Will Code For Clothes

      It’s never to late to start changing your life for the better. Step 1: buy dat shit on iTunes.

    • Do it

      Do yourself the biggest favour of your life and watch it right now.

  • Lou

    Marnie had no right to “visit” Charlie at his new, successful company. Why does she keep picking at a wound that is seemingly about to heal (for both of them, nonetheless)? It irks me that she would assume Charlie would even want to see her and doesn’t even consider how it would look for him to have his ex-girlfriend just pop up at his place of work. I am beginning to dislike her. And….to make matters worse, her ego, which makes an appearance in her conversation with Ray, whines about how she thought Charlie would be “suffering for at lease 6 yrs” over her. Annoying.

    • She’s the “C” word the Onion jokingly used to describe that little girl from Beasts of the Southern Wild in real life. Marnie is that word. She’s unhappy, uptight, smug, vapid, and relishes the misery of her ex because it levels the emotional playing field. Charlie has moved forward and it drives her crazy…dumper’s remorse.

    • Cassandra

      Also, if she just HAD to go visit him there, why the hell wouldn’t she fix herself up a little bit first? And maybe if she had taken time to do that, she would have realized just how bad of an idea it was. I mean, she looked so bad he kept asking if she needed money- that’s bad. 😛

  • Lepetitesirene

    Isn’t that Adam’s 4th of July boat in his livin room?

  • Oops, didn’t mean to post this twice, sorry!…xv

  • Ana M*

    No, but how can you hate Hannah’s mom! She’s just, like, a mom! Granted, sometimes horrible, but sometimes parents says the darndest things…

  • luanda

    i thought that it was really honest from charlie when marnie said: “i came here to support and he replied:”for me or from me?”, i feel sorry for him sometimes, i feel somewhere deep inside that they belong together, but she NEEDS to find herself first, i love how she is this simple character that actually is very complex. i missed jessa, but what an amazing episode!
    ps – this is just brilliant “about her wanting to be a singer as reflective of Charlie having been in a band(…..)”

  • Clarissa

    Love this show, but I feel like Lena made Marnie, the most conventionally attractive character, the least likable on purpose. She made some comment in a magazine a few months ago about how pretty women don’t usually write, presumably because they have nothing insightful to say. I was really disappointed by the comment because it came across as kind of catty and I thought Lena was about portraying women as complex people, not perpetuating archaic stereotypes about them. Despite their flaws, Hannah is funny and endearingly quirky, Shosh is unintentionally hilarious, Jessa is free-spirited and fun.. what redeeming qualities does Marnie have? She’s a bad friend, she’s a social climber, she’s uptight, thoughtless, and cruel. Is it just a coincidence that she’s also the only one who is conventionally beautiful? It really irks me.

    • Natalya

      i agree with some of your points, but i honestly think Jessa is the most beautiful thing to ever grace our planet and considering Lena and Jemima Kirke are great friends in the real world I don’t think Lena intended at all to downgrade pretty women.

    • marie

      If you are looking for a conventionally beautiful likeable main character, please look to every other show currently on television..

    • BigOl’GhettoBooty

      Not one character on Girls is completely likable. Yes, no person is completely likable, but you’re running with the assumption that Marnie is the only unlikable character. I love the show, but the characters all have personality quirks that I could do without. For one, Hannah is self-depreciating to the point of wanting to shove her in front of a moving vehicle. Jessa is self-obsessed and uppity, free-spirited elitist. Marnie is, as you pointed out, a social climber. The only person who doesn’t push me to homicidal thoughts is Shosh. She’s overly enthusiastic and honest, but in a genuinely “please like me” sort of way. She tries, and in actual “I’m trying” way — not in a “I’m too cool to try” way. It’s refreshing. Girls is a frenemies fest.

    • Anina

      I think there might be some vulnerability about to burst open. If she just continues to be a mean bitch, the character will loose all credibility. She can’t be mean to the bones.

  • Shifra

    This is spot on, everything Hannah is going through is earth shattering and truly shows her being alone. I however do miss Jessa, she is an important character and in her earth shattering moment of weakness a few episodes back, where Hannah was there for her could be a redeeming moment for her to be there for Hannah. She could be the friend that comes through and helps Hannah at her lowest point. In the preview for next week Hannah seems to be reaching out to Adam, who is the last person she should be going to – he needs to move on from her most. This episode was so real, and each episode seems to get better and more surprising! Can’t wait for next week 🙂

  • Amanda GREY

    I want to punch Hanna in the face sooooooo bad. being sooooooo “autistically” obnoxious (body and all) at every possible time is just tooo much. Don’t enjoy her ONE BIT.

  • michaela

    The episode (which I just #Latestreamed five mins ago) was following on the path to sad-town which seems to be a pattern lately. Girls has evolved from being awkwardly painful to watch in terms of sex scenes to awkwardly painful to watch in terms of psychological truth. My life would probably be just as equally painful to watch. However, it still sheds light to a dark place that has until now been untouched by television. I love that almost all of the characters can build up girls that we know, or girls that we may be. It’s safe to say I’m a little Marnie+Jessa mix with a little sprinkle of Hannah. But instead of being in a fun SATC kind of way that will forever come up at girls night/ Happy Hour, it is more of an inward realization you must make. There is an ugly side to all of them as they battle their way into being “grown-ups”. In episode 8 we see a side of Hannah that she can’t control and that touches on a real issue aside from the usual #whitegirlproblems her friends face. In contrast with her other issues that she almost takes pride in and uses for writing material, her OCD has never been mentioned until now and truly burdens her. Still she brings her frank sexual commentary all the way into her doctors office as if trying to say “no one has ever felt this horrible burden except for me”, her usual. But seriously, Marnie’s sad opportunism is out of control. Charlie is the biggest hottie and she is a complete idiot for fucking that one up. More so her dreams to all the sudden be a singer seem like a cop-out to actually doing something real with her life. Not a bash to people who choose that as a career at all, it is amazing to have a talent like that. However, the fact that in a moment of fear for her future she now decides she wants to pursue something so far-fetch just shows her weakness under all of the “I am a self-made woman.” Also anyone that willingly has sex with someone like Booth-whatever-his-name-was… and in that position…I mean just no…


  • rooting for Shosh

  • Natalia

    I am disappointed with the direction of the show.

    Don’t get me wrong i still love it and have enjoyed the character development so much (who would have thought I’d be in love with the creepy guy who masturbated in front of his ex?) BUT I used to watch Girls for a weekly dose of hilarity with a side serving of constructive advice and insight into my fast approaching 20s. I know this sounds horrible and shallow, but the excessiveness of the girls issues (which were only hinted at in season 1) are becoming really uncomfortable to watch I used to watch it for light-hearted entertainment, now I’m challenged and left with a sense of sadness every episode 🙁

    • B.

      You wanted insight into your fast approaching 20s, you got insight. Girls gives us raw view at the ups (lightheartedness you felt) and downs (sadness youve been feeling) that ultimately define our 20s. I totally understand where you’re coming from but I can’t deny the brilliance that Lena gives us each week.

  • Greer Clarke

    These articles really mean nothing for those of us down under who haven’t and can’t see it yet 🙁

    • disqus_SQausFSk9U

      Girls airs on the Showcase channel on Foxtel only one day after the US.

  • Jemima

    Reading these emails made me feel so inadequate, seriously the extent of my Girls analysis with my friends is;
    “Totes, can’t wait for next week.”

  • Good episode! I the beginning I thought Hannah was faking her OCD, like she was doing it for the experience (to “feel it all”) to write about it or something. Giving her a “real” problem makes her more likable in a way, because before I was just annoyed at her self pity and superficial problems. I was so psyched for Adam, I really want him to get over Hannah, and his date was so cute. Marni has reached the climax of cringeworthyness. Now she wants a piece of Charlie? I guess everyone has felt/will feel like her at some point, but with her going there, like physically going there it will forever remind me how ugly jealousy is. And naughty Shosh! I love it! Maybe it’s because I really dislike Ray and his defensive, pseudo-intellectual way, but I just love to see her wanted and going with her gut. Didn’t miss Jessa either.

  • Carolin

    “Also–what the shit is up with his apartment and why are the enormous

    Note on Adam: he is still constructing his FLOAT, he has been doing this since he re-met Hannah at the Bushwick Party 😉

    seems like its coming together….

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • bisbee

    Thank you – you are helping me keep up (a bit). I watched the first season on my iPad, but Season 2 isn’t available yet, and I don’t have HBO. Of course, my children are older than the characters, but I’m intrigued and impressed (most of the time) by Lena Dunham.

  • If this show is half as amusing as all of the comments below, then I need to get on this Girls bandwagon STAT.

  • Am I the only one confused? I don’t know if the beef of the text “copy pasted” or like… edited for understanding.

  • At first I thought Hannah looking over the shoulder eight times were like signs to be sure that Adam wasn’t following her but it revealing it was her OCD made my heart break for her! I really need all 4 characters to be back in the show with equal parts, I love the way it’s played out but I need Jessa’s attitude, Shoshanna’s innocence, Marnie’s trustworthiness and Hannah’s neediness.

    • My boyfriend thought that she was looking for Adam too, but I knew after about the third look back – Lena has talked about OCD before and I hoped she might explore it in the show.

  • there’s a charlie in my life and i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve wanted to drop by his place of work just to make sure he’s still wildly unsuccessful.


  • Did you notice how Hannah did everything in 8’s and this was also episode 8? I was very intrigued by this.

    • lil

      That is such a good spot! Just shows how amazing Dunham and her team are, that the show can be so well planned

  • marie

    I really hope that Marnie is NOT becoming more sympathetic to most people…

  • Jimena

    the therapist is Frank Buffay from Friends, ha!

  • Mak Ely

    this is brilliant. I am glad I am not the only one who imagines that these characters are as real as my urge to befriend Lena Dunham.

  • Margaret Ely

    this is brilliant and fucking hysterical. I am glad I am not the only one who views these characters as real as my urge to track down Lena Dunham and hug her.

  • Laura

    I know I’m sorta late with this comment, but I’m starting to get mad at Hannah! How come she always manages to blame someone else for all that annoys her?! Why?!

  • Is Jessa disappearing because Jemima was becoming increasingly visibly pregnant during filming?

  • pammyd

    exactly what we need.. street style bloogerz analyzing everyday things we enjoy

  • I forced myself to wait to read this until I streamed the show last night, and I’m so glad I did. This post is amazing. Can you please e-mail back and forth and then post the communication every week? It’s so thoughtful and thought provoking as well and I really liked reading all of it! YES!
    Anyway, I loved Shoshanna in this episode and weirdly enough her affair too. It’s like, she can do no wrong and I don’t know why. She has quickly become my favorite character. Normally I would be turned off by a character sleeping with a random who is not her boyfriend, but for some reason it just made sense and you almost feel bad for her and her relationship and get why she did it.
    I also appreciated the fact that Hannah’s OCD isn’t something she’s proud of, or a life experience she can use for her writing, or to make her a deeper person, or whatever. We all have things like that, things we’re embarrassed of and things we don’t want to write about or tell people about, even if it is for the experience. So many parts of this show are so relatable in a very underlying way and I think that’s part of why it is so captivating.
    Lena is a fucking genius.

  • Laura Kiechle

    The picture chosen to represent this post gives body language insight to each of the girls. It is quite perfect.

  • Jon

    I don’t know… Hannah’s OCD and Marni’s wanting to be a singer felt really convenient as story telling devices. Like, “Oh, you want a plot! We’ll give you a plot…”. Which isn’t to say we are not all complex individuals with hidden personal stories that can emerge out of nowhere, but in the show it just seemed a little forced. At the beginning of the episode, I assumed Hannah was just “trying on” OCD so she could write a story about it (much like “trying on” being a drug addict was for her). When they revealed she actually had OCD, I nearly called “shark jumping”…

  • Hayley

    Im kind of upset about it, as Girls does ever so brilliantly is at the end of every episode it leaves me thinking “what the heck?!?” What impacts me in particular I am currently in school and I have this assignment on how to spread the word that heart decease is the the #1 killer of woman our groups idea was to write something about heart decease into the script of Girls. And then the following week they did the OCD thing! Of course!

  • izaak

    Can we just let it sink in that at the AA meeting Adam said he taught Hannah how to use soap?

  • Frankie Blanfort

    Oh Marnie…I feel for her! 4 years, you put in so much work and as soon as you let him go he’s a better man, that’s a hard pill to swallow. I don’t think its jealousy as much as its disbelief. She must be thinking, Was I holding him back? Also he started working on the app when they broke up, HELLO can I get a phone call? a text, something (I know I know, the whole point of the app) but what a slap in the face, like Ray said, “we’re in the same friendship circle”. Marnie is really trying to not make things awkward and Charlie continues to try and hurt her (support for me or from me). Yeah you better whisper that! But then again she did break up with him so……sigh

  • jamie

    I don’t understand this hatred towards Marnie. Sure, she’s self-involved, but isn’t that pretty much every character on this show? Is it because she started the season so seemingly perfect/beautiful and therefore it’s okay to hate her?

  • Alex

    I know everyone is annoyed with Marnie but I kinda feel for her. The girl fell pretty far from where she was at the beginning of the show and I think these social climbing and catty tendencies are just desperation to find her old confidence. I don’t remember it ever being fully explained the means as to how Marnie was originally successful in Season 1 but I am getting the vibe it was pretty easy the first time. She came into her grown up real world life all set up with her college boyfriend and perfectly constructed career track. Now I think she is just years behind everyone else and is at square one, so her maturity takes a hit too. The thing is she is failing miserably at this in the most embarrassing ways. So even though she’s been a crap friend and a desperate ego maniac it keeps ending in some painfully embarrassing ways. This whole season Marnie keeps getting knocked down a peg (examples: failed sex with gay man, mistakenly takes job as boyfriends assistant, dresses like a magician, rejected by Charlie, an embarrassment to Charlie, Kanye cover…) Dunham is at least keeping her human. A lot of her struggles are overly common to the other girls, maybe that’s why she rubs so many the wrong way?

  • Jemima Kirke looks so much like my baby sister, it’s kind of disturbing.