Dollop a Daisy

Things I want, probably won’t get

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Today in things that make me say, woo! — boots made of mesh and daisies, daisies and mesh. Does Ace of Base come to mind for anyone else at the sight of these? How about Mayim Bialik ca. Blossom? Our birthdays are not very far apart. I’m just throwing that out there, but I digress.

When you see white flowers emblazoned across a shoe that features a yellow stiletto heel, you don’t ask questions, you just go where they want to take you. In a series that starts and ends today called, Things I Want, Probably Won’t Get, how does one justify the purchasing of white and yellow booties, care of Manolo Blahnik and priced upward of $1,000?

Easy answer: one doesn’t.

More ambitious answer: one quickly but adeptly learns the art and technique of open heart surgery and in doing so rearranges a couple of other organs, misplacing a kidney, eventually selling it, et voila: residual chump change left over for pizza.

On an unrelated but likely more important note, too: Have you heard of (tag line: city folk just don’t get it)? Who’s up for a social experiment?

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  • If one had a crapload of money to throw around I guess one won’t care πŸ˜›

    • Leandra Medine

      ohhhhh, i love this game! if you won the lottery tomorrow WHAT THE HELL WOULD YOU DO FIRST?

      • lol. TRAVEL and go and see and eat new experiences. While I’m there and I fall in love with the place, then proceed to buy a little property so I can visit leisurely…hope its BANK lottery that I won. πŸ˜€

      • Ooh I love this.

        Move out of DC,
        Move to NY
        Apartment with two bedrooms
        One Bedroom (closet)
        Add to Aforementioned Closet
        ….add some more.
        Go to cooking school.
        ……………….Yeah….that’s that.

      • Isabel

        Adopt shoes & dogs

        • mlle p

          me too! and a great old house to keep ’em in.

    • sarah

      i’d love to say shop, but guilt would probably make me share first, and make sure my people are comfy and cosy. πŸ˜‰ shop second, travel more third, buy uber house fourth, invest fifth ( my financial controller may beg to differ)

  • One thousand skrilla!!? Hmm, I could do without a kidney for sure…

    β™₯ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • A.

    Hmm… I’ve got the same feeling, only about the classic Manolo Blahnik pumps (I like to pretend I’ll be able to afford them someday…)

    • Will Code For Clothes

      I have a clothing fantasy land too! And sometimes the most offensive of pieces are included.

  • I can justify an amazing Manolo Blahnik shoes over 1000$ purchase. It will be in art museum one day! Soon…

    See you in my blog, maybe.



  • monkeyshines
  • bobbi linehan

    Ugh so good.

  • Whatisinmyworld

    Amazing boots.

  • Velvet jar

    Gorgeous but Manolo’s pushing it with the price tag. If I owned them I’d need someone to carry me around. The streets are not paved of gold so these bad boys would never touch the ground.

  • These are so cute but they’re more of a statement piece than anything!

  • Um, thank you so much for sharing I just had a really good laugh. Should I sign up now or wait until I’m off work? Decisions…

  • these are too cute. just looking at these shoes makes me happy. yay for flowers… want!!

  • Sabine Akemi

    these + tights + cute wool mini dress+ fake lashes = <3

  • Georgie

    You can’t access outside the US or Canada. Must be some real top secret stuff!

  • lavieenliz

    they’re cute. the way I look at things is you only pay for it once!

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  • Hilary Lyke

    !!! !!! <3

  • Daniella Merbs

    I find it hard to differentiate the difference from Things I want, probably won’t get from Things I want and I should get!

  • a la Riches

    Loving spring booties!

  • Normally I’m pro-floral, but this is not the one. (Kinda 90s-does-the-70s in all the wrong ways.) And for some reason, I just keep thinking Daisy…Fuentes.

  • Darius

    Those boots shall be sent to you and you shall wear them in a way only you could.

  • Josie

    Cute daisies! Haha, but would probably take forever to actually convince myself I should buy them…and accumulate the money.


  • Iliyana Licheva
  • Lauren Dimesky

    Swooning beyond the normal swooning!!!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Gabi

    definitely just looked up my heart was strangely warmed. i like country folk. side note, i really don’t like those shoes. please don’t do it. maybe I’m not up to speed but I’m just not ready to bring daisy print back.

  • your title really confuses me! i am from belgium so i speak dutch! Dollop in flemish means crazy about! so i am reading crazy about a daisy! anyway, just to let you know!

    • _

      well here in the United States, “you know it makes everything tasty; do a dollop of Daisy.” is a slogan for a the sour cream brand Daisy. Dollop in the phrase meaning a scoop or serving of the sour cream i believe.

  • Courtney Amber

    Agreed. If one was to wear a shoe (a stunning one at that) of that price range you’d be a rather boring girl standing in the corner drinking water!

  • maud.schellekens

    Aii, just keeping on dreaming like most of the times..

    XOXO Maud

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  • Evainny

    Flower power! Pretty shoes, they remind me the sixties.

    EvainnyΒ΄s Fashion Diary

  • FripperyVintage

    Those are a work of art!

  • Anna Black
  • Sarah

    Chicago did you well! farmers only should mash up with christian mingles #boom

  • Share Design

    Spend money on what you’ll want to keep forever!

  • Leila Daiana Llunez

    They’re pretty in a weird way, I like to look at them but I wouldn’t use them. The Trend Upsetter

  • kerrin

    i feelya sista. this principle applies to the majority of my wishlist, including but not limited to acne rita anything. x

  • those daisy boots are so cute. Not that I would actually buy or wear them, but they’re adorable.

  • tessa

    that would be very different for this summer πŸ™‚

  • fashion explorer

    If I woud win the lottery, I would not go for these shoes, not worth a kidney…but get myself a huge dressing populated with amazing shoes coming in all kind of sizes and colours…:-)

  • aeroplaneandapparel

    What a great blog. I love this post and the style the most. I love the photos. They are clear and of great quality. Great job. Hope you get to see little bit of me.

  • Super adorable for spring! Blahnik fantasy land item to covet indeed…


  • Dell Ray

    I would settle for being named Daisy. Love those shoes!

  • We country folk are not such a bad lot. Trust me if you visited my little town, you definitely would not get it. But then I’m not sure I do either and I live here. Those shoes, well they certainly will never fall under the catagory of “yes, they may be expensive but you can wear them with anything and they’ll be in style for years to come.” Maybe, but only if you are a princess and vacation at Cinderella’s country house.

  • Ines De Cock

    Pretty but with a huge pricetag

  • pattyfic

    Wait until they show up on Ebay? or Barney’s sale?

  • I’d rather plant some actual daisies, but I can definitely see why you like them. They are a little too wild for me and I own a lot of weird looking shoes. I agree that Blossom would wear them for sure. The price tag just keeps going up and up on these designer shoes too.

  • They’re fabulous, I don’t think I’d wear them, just admire their beauty!…xv

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Ana

    Well we all know we have to pay for the name!! πŸ™‚ Anyway dont like it so much.

  • estelle_loyer

    They are stunning but that price tag is ridic! xx

  • osaid

    amazing stuff.thanks for sharing,

  • Elizabeth Daisy

    Oh my shoe days, the moment I laid eyes on these beauties, the moment my bank balance emptied. Thanks for sharing lovely.

    Elizabeth Daisy x

  • downside: that price tag will render me homeless. upside: i’ll be the cutest hobo manhattan has ever seen.


  • Carmen Weaire-Gil

    wow beautiful arnt they? I know where to get cheaper shoes… there is an articule there xx

  • Azurely

    I don’t love flower prints but these boots make me (:happy! Too bad I can’t walk in tiny heeled shoes, well not like I could afford manolo’s like ever:(!

  • Gosh, such a stunning pair of shoes! Makes one feel like she’s walking on sunshine!

  • Catherine and Greer
  • Anna

    not ace of base as much as dee-lite πŸ˜€