Doily Socks

I’m rooting for them


It was right around the time when I turned 24 (while my collection of overalls maintained a rather steady growth spurt,) that a new, curious regression completely unrepresentative of the whole girl-becoming-woman thing reared its infantile head.

I wanted doily socks. Only doily socks.

For the uninitiated, the aforementioned are effectively the above photographed (which means they’re just like the socks you’re used to wearing, only far more emblematic–with their crochet or lace fold-over trim–of the girl you likely used to be, which if you put your mind to it, may or may not spawn an entirely different Gotye parody. See also: “Now you’re just a blogger that I used to love.”)

Sure, I’ve been a long time fan of socks–as a self-anointed footwear collector, connoisseur and preserver, how could I not be? Feet are among the most prevalent producers of sweat on the human body. And without socks, you know what we’ve got? Many, many ruined shoes. Ruined shoes that are wet and often smelly and that is not a good look, enter a different type of accoutrementing. Even when paired with ostensibly sexy, fire red, sky high pumps of the Christian Louboutin variety, their repelling power is inarguable (as confirmed by two of my brothers, a man in a panama hat at The Bowery Hotel, and a former professor of mine). This is why, perhaps, I felt so inclined to pair the set with a sheer smock dress care of Dries van Noten (but purchased 75% off on Yoox).

Don’t let the power deter you, though. They work famously with sneakers (these are, duh, Golden Goose) too as evidenced by the combination of a gingham (not to be confused with Gangnam) blouse from Topshop, an American Apparel sweater, utility green silk shorts from (shameless promo alert) my collaborative collection with PJK and a pair of lace shorts of the Only Hearts variety just under them. It is still cold out and though I can endure that for your viewing pleasure, I’ve got to protect my bits. Sorry, bitzzzZzZz.

So, what do you think–convincing enough? Are you ready to give them doily socks another try? Photos by Naomi Shon.

And lest I foolishly forget, the doily socks photographed are from Topshop and come in a several different darling variations. I suggest opting in for the package deal and going with 3 pair for $15.

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  • rhodawong

    i’ve never tried the whole sock popping out of heels thing, but maybe i should start just because it looks so cool on you

  • Adrianna Alejandra

    Doily socks – I could definitely get used to giving those babies a try. Their absolute man repeller characteristics suit you well Leandra. I have to buy me more pairs of these things.

  • Sensitive to beauty
  • Into the doily socks and and roughed up sneakers. I’m going to have to try that… but, when NYC gets a few degrees warmer first. Love the looks and your collaboration shorts!!

  • Yesss I have had 6 pairs sitting in my Topshop online shopping basket for about a month (but I don’t know if I fit Topshop socks so I haven’t bought them yet)

  • I love how you mixed doily socks with very roughed up sneakers. It’s definitely a look worth trying once the weather gets a few degrees warmer.

  • I could never get on board with doily socks, even when I was a little girl. But I guess if it’s in the name of man repelling…I could give it a try. 😉

  • in the second to last shot it looks like you’re birthing that clutch,
    which would be such a handy skill. i’d be all outnet who needs you,
    i’ll birth myself a ps11. as for doily socks, the last time i wore them was in my days as a school
    girl before i had met a razor. i can testify to the fact that nothing repels quite like a ruffle sock and a full pelt of leg hair.


    • Hudson Berry

      I now want to start a band called Ruffle Socks & The Full Pelt of Leg Hair.

      • dibs on drums.

        • Leandra Medine

          Cymbals here

          • Baroqueness Monster

            Can I have the tambourine?

          • I’ll take the theremin

          • Lucy

            Harmonia, all the way.

          • Lucy

            Make that harmonica

      • Triangle for me.

    • Cat

      Hahahahaaaa this is great, in fact I suggest we all play a game! Which bag would you be willing to birth?

      • Cat

        Ok, me first: I’ll go for a Sofia Coppola LV duffel. At least it looks soft…

        • Leandra Medine

          Me second! I would birth the shit out of Olympia Le Tan book clutches all day erryday.

          • Maria

            Ahah! I’d go for those vintage looking cans from Ulyana Sergeenko BUT I’d get them inside a pair of doily socks to smooth the corners out.


  • I think they look good with the red pumps myself, but I like doilies and just saying doily socks makes me giggle.

  • Natali

    Looking absolutely fabulous in the 1st outfit!

  • Sugar Lane

    i have a few, but not brave enough to wear them outside!

  • Oliver Lips
  • Ever since I saw Stephanie Lacava unapologetically killin’ with this style on Instagram I’ve been in love with this look. American Apparel has the best selection of doily socks (and are so comfy peek-a-booed over boots). The Harajuku style in slide 1 is my favorite; you’re coming back to us, yay!

  • When I was a child I would literally kick and scream if my parents put anything besides ruffled socks on my feet….I feel like I need a drawer full of these immediately.

  • cookie

    Obviously in the fashion/man repelling world there not rules to be followed, but much like we encourage (discourage?) kids to not dress beyond their years (I’m thinking 8 year old’s wearing thigh high boots and a faux fur vest type ensemble) should the same not be said of adults dressing below their years. If overalls and doily socks are now part off the daily mix, where will it end?

  • awesome photos!

  • Chris

    You look like you’re freezing your butt off. All in the name of fashion.

  • Lateybirdy

    i think the pjk shorts are too expensive.

  • monkeyshines
  • The DVN dress is so pretty it is killing me! Great post as usual…:)

  • Sartorial Revenge

    It’s funny how socks that cover up your leg more, i.e. go up to your knee, are considered sex and thus man-attracting, but those short ones with a little bit of lace are man-repelling.
    Anyway, I think it immediately upgrades ever outfit towards a quirky but very fashionable look.

  • Peyton Estes

    These ruffled horrors (and ruffled, not doily, is the correct term) will certainly repel men of all kinds, except pedophiles, who will be drawn to them like moths to a flame. That said, I find the tye-dyed versions from Topshop somewhat acceptable, although they should probably only be worn in certain situations, like when one is in the throes of a post-breakup depression.

  • Jennifer

    Aw I remember wearing those! I totally love that Dries Van Noten dress!

    xo Jennifer

  • priscilla

    love love love

  • Lovely outfits! I love socks + heels, and doily socks? even better! Since American Apparel brought them back I started to proudly use them again. White socks with red heels is such a perfect match!

    Elisabetta from

  • Eva

    I just can’t get used to this trend. Especially in the sandals…xx

  • Mia

    you made me want a pair of them ughh and I’ve just made decision to save money/not to buy anything fashion related in near future 🙁


  • Probably won’t try them. I sadly tried them about a year ago and i swear they make my legs look funny. Or I look like I’m trying to be so cute. I don’t think I’mm doing it right. 😛 Maybe it’s all in my head. *shrug*

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Love this post!!!

  • Marina Casapu

    i’m into socks too right now. In the last pictures ur legs look endless!!

  • You ,look totes rockin! But having a long torso and short legs I would make small children cry in these little beauts… I will leave the trendy looks to you #slouch.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • Jules Fashion Week

    Love your dries van noten dress!!!! and the little socks with the red shoes look stunning!!

  • =^..^=

    Looking very Lolita-like …

  • a la Riches

    Brings me back to the 90s – Love it!

  • Olive & Lulu

    I purchased doily socks in Paris last March and love wearing them! Bring them back!!

  • babywarren

    I’m with you, always loved doily socks. And they have big success with the guys too. Guess it’s about the (not so) innocent vibe they get. Obvious and one-dimensional is boring. xxx

  • Elizabeth

    I used to wear doily socks with my jellies as a little girl (…perhaps I’ll bring this back come summer) and fell in love with the doily socks with heels look when Teen Witch was my all time favorite movie. I love how you styled yours with bright red heels!

  • Anna Black

    Great post, love the first photo, the socks and heels are amazing!

  • Hayfa

    The very first pair is actually just GORGEOUS!


  • Malena
  • Sartorially Challenged

    You have skinny legs. That is all. And cute socks. Period.

  • Anon

    When paired with the right coordinating sock, the combination (from afar or in photos) can look like you created your own customized ankle bootie. Way cool!

  • Lauren Dimesky

    Love this look which is so forties and fifties! I think one has to have a closed toe to look non-man-repelling!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  • doily socks looks SO great with strappy heels

  • Does it get more man repelling then this?

  • Love doily socks! I wore them with heels in my teens and early 20’s. I’m tempted to wear them now, but I think I’m too old now. (Never thought I’d say that!). But all of you younger chicks with great legs should so go for them. They’re sexy in that innocent way.

  • Nathan Moy

    I adore these doily socks, very London and loads of these are here. They go well with fluro sneakers. Socks and heels = Super Prada! <3 I've just post up my first ever LAYERING post with step-by-step images
    of provoking layers! I credit the provocation to the Stella McCartney
    SS13 Perspex Sandals but still, do tell me what you think! 😉

    xx The Provoker

  • Coco Chanel

    Love it! Super cutes!!
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    There are 14 questions and it will take you just 2 minutes!

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  • Greer Clarke

    Yessss I love stories like this


    Once I wore doily socks at a party when I was dressed up as a sexy secretary and for years after people have seen the pictures and asked me “Were you…wearing socks?” . I need more fashion-people friends.


    Doily socks are such a simple and inexpensive trend to wear that it makes fashion sense to try them out. We love them with the trainer but think an opened toed sandal could be a definite man repeller.

  • Em

    hmmmm….I mean, they look great on you [what doesn’t?] however I’m not so sure about myself. SOLELY for the fact that my calves are a bit too athletic for such a dainty thing!

    jesus I think I found my fashion limit? though socks?

  • Manon

    I’ve never (and will never) be a fan of the shoes + socks trend… but I must admit that the second photo looks cute… and I do kind of like how they look with trainers…

    I think I’m being converted


  • Bird

    Leandra, thank you for giving my silk shorts new life with my newly inherited Grandfather Gingham shirt! Not sure about the socks, but this is my perfect outfit.

  • Ecats

    I could never pull these off in a million years, but my god, you are rockin’ in those socks. You truly have an amazing and creative sense of style.

  • I have been wanting to for a while, but can’t seem to find any… I need to defer to the world of online shopping!

    A new outfit post and photo diary from World MasterCard Fashion Week is up on Local & Opulent

  • Fabita Punk

    I love how you ALWAYS have that funny picture at the end lol

  • jenny

    oooh! i loooove how you combined those cute socks with the sneakers! the heels and socks are cute too.of course 🙂

  • Okay, you did really good with the socks, both outfits were perfect. But still…no.

  • Sammy

    Do you shave yo legs…. lol just asking, no offence to ya!

  • ana romero

    your sense of humor inspire me so much !

  • IslingArt

    For the ladies in the UK, Primark has great Doily Socks for half the price of Top Shop

  • ana romero

    I love the way you write so funny and effortless!

  • Smiley

    NOT with sneakers

  • theclosetnextdoor

    love the sock trend!!

  • sahra

    oooh I LOVE em! It’s so feminine, nostalgic, AND chic!

    XO Sahra

  • Ehan

    I dunno, I kinda likeyy. I love socks, especially the funky patterned ones like these:

  • Racheal

    I am in love with both of these looks. The dress is an especially sexy doll kind of look.

  • scunningham

    If channeling the heroine in an ancient ZZ-Top video isn’t the very definition of repelling, I don’t know what is. See the 3:19 mark if you can’t bear this trip down a very 80’s path.

  • fashion

    DOILY SOCKS go great together with SLEEVELESS red dress buy one now

  • Peter Richmond

    the dress with these shoes and socks is bizarre for me. I remember, there were some same products on but if you can the socks. You will go better.

    Have a nice day!


    I find the doily-sock-Louboutin combo tres charmante and very sexy, actually! But then again, I’m not a man :/

  • ray

    they’ve come back in fashion, especially with my friends. Alongside scrunchies which make me think of orange grannies sat in a dusty library

  • Royal Wang

    you are the “Queen of style” !