Clothes don’t make the man, necklaces and rings do.


South by Southwest’s greatest contribution to my simultaneous life and bank of iPhone apps is a brand ass new one called Definer which is effectively just like Instagram, only instead of allowing you to share images with your network of pals, it allows you to make up words or phrases and share the definitions. Maybe what I mean is that Definer is just like Urban Dictionary, only it is pocket sized and if misused or treated improperly can likely cause cancer. Why am I telling you this? Because the title of this post (Accoutrementing) is not a real word, which reminded me that it is my civil duty to enhance the quality of your life by way of modern technology. So there you have it–Definer defines things.

Re: Accoutrementing and its motivations: I’m just trying to turn the French cum English word “accoutrement” (which loosely means accessory/equipment–I like the latter better,) into a verb that doesn’t sound quite as affected as “accessorizing,” or, you know, as nonsensical as “equipmentaggio.” Accoutrementing is ultimately supposed to illustrate the idea that the clothes don’t make the man because the necklaces and rings do.

And that’s it, that’s all I’ve got. Wear dainty rings and necklaces.

Actually, though, I’ll say one more thing. This photo was taken last month in London and also marks the last time I wore a fake coat around my shoulders. Why? Because I’ve abandoned my life as a lady who rejects arm holes. Leisurely moving is really difficult when your coat is always falling off your shoulders. I think I might be metamorphosing into a woman of utility but maybe too that’s just the nasty-ass residual gust of winter deterring my morale.

Necklaces by Dodo, Mark Henry and Dannijo. Rings by Khai Khai.

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  • maud.schellekens

    Nice that picture!

    XOXO Maud

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  • Line Love

    That pink blazer! Where is it from??

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Love the two jacket!!!

  • Ana

    Lovely necklaces btw πŸ™‚

  • Yates

    Dude. You can’t give up on the coat-cape. It is undeniably cool. Also, I just cut my hair short like a boy’s and I think you should too. Opportunities abound to wax philosophically about life, identity, gender roles, modernity, attractiveness—the bread and butter of man repelling, as I see it.

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Casey Williams

    Hmm.. the signs of practicality are all there! Use of arm holes. Wearing of overalls. Sneakers!

  • Local & Opulent

    Coat capes, while chic, are way over done anyway. I now looks like you’re trying too hard and you’re right, there is nothing worse than your coat slipping off your shoulders constantly!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent – Street Style, Love It or Hate It, the debate wages on.

  • ASparklyHanger

    you have some sort of genius hidden inside you!

  • Jo Hind

    The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

    Please follow



    It’s so interesting how I was drawn into this post because I was wondering what exactly Accoutrement meant and the answer reminded me of a word i dreamt once, where my friends were teaching me in the dream a ‘new’ word which is supposedly used in the advertising industry called ‘Chuilissquer’ pronounced as ‘Chai-liss-kah’ deriving from swedish background which means ‘to say something that has nothing to do with your first sentence.’

    example : “I am going to the sing you a song. Brownie is not always brown.” Where the former and latter just doesn’t relate at all. Guess my dream is my “definer”. just sharing!

  • Jen

    Love ALL of the layering necklaces, but the middle one in particular. Where did you find it?? Dying for…

  • Jen

    Duh. Just saw last line of your post – sorry

  • you’ve finally given a name to that which i’ve dedicated my entire life. i’ve been singing the praises of putting some rings on it long before beyonce ever did and i don’t need no man to do it for me. except for maybe @handsomehaim.


  • I like the look of the coat when worn on the shoulders, but it is always slipping and makes it hard to move. I am glad you are accepting the arm holes now.

  • monkeyshines

    fascinating pieces!


  • Rebecca

    Is the Dannijo necklace coming out in the Fall 2013? I can’t seem to find this particular one on the site. It is lovely.

  • Iliyana Licheva
  • B.

    ……but who’s face is that on your shirt?

    • Kayla

      I’m pretty sure it’s Jay Z

  • Kayla

    I make up words everyday so it appears that this is right up my lane! Your posts are always so well written that I tend to always learn a new word (or a better way to use it) so it’s often where I just head to this site for my word(s) of the day. Kudos from an English/Journalism major πŸ™‚


  • lavieenliz

    omfg that’s soo cool!!

    check out my giveaway!

  • Horray for the metamorphasis toward utility – fashion for fashions sake is for fashion editors and photographs only πŸ˜‰
    Accoutrementing sounds to me like it has too many syllables…

    β™₯ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • Elisabetta Silvestro

    Because embellishments count! Always love your blog.

  • Gosh i love it !!

    x Selma –

  • love love that leather jacket! and that horn necklace~ must get one πŸ™‚

  • Melanie Sartain

    My Grandfather used the word accoutrements daily, although for far less fabulous things but this brought back wonderful memories for me nonetheless. Fab pic the way!

  • Tribute tothe Tribe

    Nice find! I love neologism.

  • Rebecca

    I always wondered how the coat over the shoulder thing worked, and now I know it doesn’t!

  • Sartorial Revenge

    I’m in love with that picture – the different layers and textures…great!
    As for the writing: I cracked up as usual.

  • Lilli

    just laughed too loud in my office, possible loss of job by this afteroon.

  • Best post ever. Mostly about not being a lady who rejects armholes. I, for one, love the look. But every time I try it (at home-haven’t had the balls to go into public yet with it) I find myself fumbling around and extremely uncomfortable- trying to get my two year old to blow her nose in a hanky with an ΓΌber-cool moto jacket balancing on my shoulders or pick up Chihuahua poopy during a walk with some boxy-shorty-trench getting in my way…it simply doesn’t work. I am so happy to know now that I can still man repel without all the fuss.

  • Lust Covet Desire

    Thanks for sharing this new app, my new obsession now!

  • Lauren at adorn la femme

    Pink plastic looking lapels~ how genius and what fab times we live in!!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Leila Daiana Llunez

    The necklace of the photo is gorgeus! And I actually like how that word sounds, it’s usefull! The Trend Upsetter

  • Catherine and Greer

    too dang flabbin true I love dainty rings it somehow makes an outfit look classy. I love this post. Also if your curious I can do a southern american accent

  • Beanie Major

    First it was “arm parties” and now this. Brilliant. We will continue to feature your jewellery style and share the accoutrementing love. (For anyone who’s interested head over to our site to see a close up of Leandra’s rings!)


    • Will Code For Clothes

      I love making up words, and I think definer will lead to a whole new field of slang. But how long until “accoutrementing”‘s reign falls as “arm party”‘s has?

  • tessa

    Love the outfit πŸ™‚

    and I agree, accessories make everything!

  • Liked your jewellery..Its pretty cool…

    Thanks for sharing..:)

    Android Developer

  • Romina C

    I always enjoy reading your blog and watching you style ideas. x Romi