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Winter White? Very Interested

Because baby, it’s winter, and I’m alive.


MR x Calvin Klein collaboration.

Isn’t there just something endearing about the sight of a lot of white in a lot of cold?

Never mind my face.

Though I do have a fairly violent aversion toward homogenous dressing (I will never tell you that “good style” can be defined by wearing head-to-toe-one-designer-only–where’s the creativity in that?), I am wearing so much Calvin Klein in the above photos, it is not only hypocritical but wholly unbecoming of who I am (see: banner). I want to blame Cher Horowitz for inciting this distinct appreciation for quintessential American minimalism. I also want to blame myself, though, for eliciting a cold cum potential flu because of exposed abs in near zero degree Fahrenheit weather. Who does that? I must be a masochist.

The outfit just seemed so good. And these pants are freakin’ unicorns. How many wide leg, tight tops do you know with the ability to nest a fairly sizable clutch? It’s just like a fanny pack, hold the fanny…and the pack for that matter. I guess only one similarity remains–but it’s a big one: free hands equal frequent impromptu dance parties and lots of time to play with my hair, which, by the way, I made real greasy for these photos. I was trying to look like Christian Bale ca. American Psycho but turned out looking more like…myself with oily hair. End scene.

Calvin Klein pants and blouse (F/W 2012), Calvin Klein clutch (which, I am pretty sure is actually an iPad case), Pamela Love choker, Cat Bird ear cuff. Photos by Naomi Shon.

Part 3 of 3 in a MR x Calvin Klein collaboration.

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  • SylviaETC

    Amazing look, really suits you super-elegant yet edgy!
    nice touch with the red lipstick also
    Hmm … someone is getting ready for NY fashion week street-style 😉

  • Damn girl, crazy monkey face picture aside (I did love it, don’t get me wrong!), you look absolutely gorgeous! Don’t start dressing like this all the time, we love your wacky mixes to death, but this is stunning on you. Seriously. Beautiful.

    • Will Code For Clothes

      I agree! Don’t ever change your signature crazy mixed prints. It will forever be the essence of man repelling. 🙂

  • Amalie Espeland

    yeee, you rockin those pants!

  • Miss Kutsu

    Gorgeous outfit, it is perfect to every single details!

  • singlegirldin

    I can’t find that sweater or pants on the website 🙁

  • These pants are amazing, love this look.


  • Dayna

    This is awesome. I’m going to stuff my clutch into the waistband of my pants from now on when I need to free up my hands. I just wrote a blog post lamenting the current climate and how I can’t wear white pants. Check it:

  • kcomekarolina

    you look great in white!

    xoxo from rome

  • Dayna

    This is awesome. I’m going to try stuffing my clutch into the waistband of my pants next time I need to free up my hands. I just wrote a blog post lamenting the current climate in Toronto and why I can’t wear white pants until Spring!

  • Natali

    You look stunning in this all white outfit.

  • Loooove the top!!! It is amazing!

  • Guest

    Loooove that top!!!!

  • B.

    I cant even begin to explain the perfection that are those trousers. Unicorn, as you described them, is the only work that does them justice.

    • Will Code for Clothes

      I’ll be referring to any amazing pieces of clothing as unicorns from now on. And I only have the MR to credit to that.

  • trona

    this outfit is BEAUTIFUL

  • Loooooove that top!!!!

  • Hudson Berry


    Laughed so hard at this episode. “You wanna trade shirts?”

  • This has such an old school feel to it and I love it! Yes to more Style pics! Oh how I have missed thee!

  • I love it!

  • Still trying to figure out what I love so much about the cream v. white combo. It’s like, a little bit of dirty on a whole ‘lotta clean.

    Textures in this get up are killer.(see: first pic)

    go, ‘peller, go ‘peller go.

    • Leandra Medine

      Me being the little bit of dirty, right? I need to start taking hygiene more seriously.

  • not finding the top on the site- Kenya link me por favor? merci!

  • Stylish Housewife

    i LOVE head to toe white. now if only i didn’t have a toddler with sticky hands in tow at all times. he would be ALL OVER THIS SHIZZ. =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  • fashmongers

    Like the idea of wearing white for the winter. In love with the top

  • Heather P.

    It’s nice to see you switch things up today! I’m a big fan of wearing white in the winter…blending in with the snow is kind of fun, in a weird way I guess.

    I don’t know what I’m trying to say. It’s Monday, and my coffee isn’t kicking in yet.

  • Melissa

    love this all white ensemble! x

  • maria

    this is by far your outfit that i love the most! i am in NEED of pants like these. whereeee?

  • GURL, this is my fav outfit of 2013 from you so far!!!

    Where’s the other part of the MR x Calvin Klein collab??? (I saw the scarf…)

  • Stunning outfit, love an all-white ensemble!

  • The Urban Promeneur

    This outfit is transcendental. And your face…so not freezing.

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic pieces!


  • beautiful. love your red lipstick too. very paloma picasso.

  • Jennifer

    Love head to toe white!

    xo Jennifer

  • Tentacion de Moda

    OMG!! you’re amazing!!! I love your style!!

  • Beautiful outfit. I love the necklace!

  • Nico

    Generally I don’t like total white, but this is cool!

  • TeuntjeVDW

    Amazeballs outfit! S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! xx.

  • Glen


  • Love it all white! That clutch is great!! Xo

  • Liz

    The title sounds like the end tag of job postings in the 40’s and 50’s. “Not White? Not Interested”
    Probably not intentional, but it just sounds bad.

    • I was thinking the same thing actually. I’m not very politically correct myself, when seen in context with the rest of the post it’s obviously completely innocent, but nonetheless there’s something about it that just rubs me the wrong way.

    • this is man repeller, not fox news. of cos she doesnt mean it the way you think it sounds.

      • =^..^=

        Also: Long time MR readers (like me) will instantly recognize the title as a play on a previous ‘Repellerism: “Not leopard? Not interested.”


    • Trine

      Are you serious?
      You need to put real effort into that title, for it to be something negative.
      Why should’t you be able to write a title like that? Just because someone whom is obviously looking closely to see something “wrong” will be a little offended?
      Take it as it is – a fashion blog – stop reading so much into everything.

    • Funny, I feel like defending our MR too, I’m on the beach in Mexico and cracking up reading all the posts new and old of our Leandra. Pure perfection. It is.


    • Kayla

      As an African American (not to speak on behalf of all African Americans *trying to be politically correct here*) I read the title and I was not offended. I just assumed…fashion blog + article on all white attire = article on fashionable all white attire. Some things are really just black and white – literally lol.

  • Jane

    As an avid reader I cannot believe I missed your earlier post about Clueless. The handy hyperlink set me straight and yet I find another topic I completely agree with you on. So much so, I’ve been compelled to comment for the first time. Oh, how I still wish I could kiss Josh with tongue at Miss Geists wedding. Ps you look smokin’ in white on white on white

  • Wow I love the cut of those sleeves! It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to wear an entire outfit in only one colour (not black — black is cheating!) and this gives me some good ideas!

  • Red lipstick was made for you.

  • Ivana Džidić

    Beautiful…like a scene for some classic sf film.

  • lynnsay

    Awww man, your face in the last picture is priceless. All white is so refreshing, especially in Winter.

  • Chrs

    I think I have discovered why I admire you, although personally I like a style that’s more invisible than man repelling. You wear your clothes like a guy! Wish there were more women willing to stick their clutch in their waistband and swagger.

  • top can double as charmin in a pinch….er….

  • Oblivion

    PErfect for one more time!!I love these trousers! 🙂

  • Stephanie Lam

    Great new way to carry clutches around!! You look gorgeous in this outfit!!


  • This is just so incredible – I have wide white pants and I love them (p.s. I also just got a fanny pack, an actual one, not a faker like yours 😉

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • Agreed with the whole designer head to toe thing, then again you look stunning 😉


  • Inez An

    Looking awesome in all whites!
    Simple but still playful enough because of the different fabrics 🙂


  • B.

    Nothing wrong it a ck overload

  • India Saka

    Love it!

  • Kay

    so so beautiful and the little pops of colour round it up so so perfectly!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • The Livable Art

    Such a striking look! Love your new hair!

    The Livable Art

  • Mandy Ciccone

    This is probably one of my favorite looks on you. Those pants are an absolute stunner. There’s something about all white that gets me every time! You are a true inspiration <3

  • Fashion Dot Com

    You look awesome on those shades of white! I love your fashion sets which show pretty well your creative and artistic capabilities but, come on, you look great in all over white. I do agree with you on the head-to-toe-designer-only issue, but, let me be honest here (as I want to be), you look very classy, still relaxed, but with a hint of mafia big guy/padrino style, if you know what I mean. Love the blouse! Love the Pants! Love the red lips (it suits very well, you must repeat it) and love the deep side parted hair style. Well done! (again, again and again)
    Have a great day!
    Ana from Portugal.

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • =^..^=

    LOVE your greasy locks: very Euro-trash chic 😀

  • Laura

    Why ain’t discussing this sunday’s Girls episode? On me I’d have to say that I find extremely tiring the job of explaining why I married so young (at 21 myself). Yes, I identify a little with the Jessa and in-laws scene. Does it happen to everybody? That you have to excuse for marrying young? Will young marriages extinct because of the social reception on them?

  • rhodawong

    your cropped sweater is perfect! the cut is so addicting

  • Felicity

    Love it, the trousers are bliss! Thumbs up for the face. x

  • Brooke Allen

    this has to be one of my favorite outfits ive ever seen….on anyone…..ever…..hate to say it but your cold cum potential flu was worth it because this is fawesome
    brooke @ what2wear,

  • Malibu PR Gal

    Winter white is the way to go! Purity in it’s purest form… fashion! : )

  • A

    The white with the pop or color is genius. You remind me of a very fashionable snowman. 🙂

  • Her Persona

    stunning outfit!

  • Valentina

    See you DO have dress pants! Unless you want to teach me why they are not xoxo

  • Iamgalla

    you look phenomenal

  • I love that choker!!! super cute!!

  • American minimalism can be just sooo good sometimes. Like here. I love the winter whites and the crisp but dramatic lines of these pieces. Simple and perfect.



  • Ahh this outfit is so incredibly gorgeous it kills me! It looks super fabulous with the red lips too! x

    rosa @ rosa & fox

  • Zainab

    hahaha I love that you are totally cool with ‘greasy’ hair on your blog. I *totes* didn’t notice until you mentioned it…

  • I love a crop top and I love white. This outfit speaks to me on so many levels right now. I’d say the winter suffering was worth it.

  • Pauline Lim

    All white is definitely not bad at all! the pieces put together creates so much meaning!

    xx pauline

  • Yuka
  • Namrata

    I love white and I love those pants!


  • HAHA the last photo made me laugh out loud. There’s just something about all white….I’d wear it always if given the choice!

  • Did I just die and reach heaven ? PERFECT.OUTFIT.GIRL. !

    x Selma

  • Em

    I love this outfit as I am an aficionado of neutral colors, but my only issue is that I am also prone to stains! I’d probably only be able to rock this if I wasn’t going to eat anything for 12 hours…..but hey, Fashion Week is coming up!

    xoxo, Em

  • Georgina

    You remind me SOOOO much of Diana Vreeland in these photos! Love it!!!

  • StyleNonsense

    Leandra You Have No Idea How Much i Love These Photos! The Post! Even A Blind Man Could Have This Was Calvin Klein!

  • lama

    This is by far one of the best ‘all white’ looks I’ve seen, you pull of those wide legs pants so well, as 4″10 it’d swamp me 🙁 Maybe a good tailor can help!

  • Gabriella Briceño

    I’m totally in love with your face in the last pic, plus white on white on white is the one thing a girl should wear in freezing NY. You look amaze balls with bananas. xx`s from

  • khatijaahmed
  • I think your repeller is broken. This is fabulous in all the right/wrong ways!

  • Malena
  • dee

    you can’t wear that outside during an NYC winter. would love to see you post some actual NYC winter ensembles. what have you been wearing outside in this freezing cold?

  • Love this outfit! The title reads as it should it is not racist at all don’t listen to people who just want to hate

  • LizaChloe

    Pretty lady !! Bisous from Paris

  • MWB

    AB-solutely stunning (cheesy pun intended)

  • muj

    the title sounds like the motto for Girls

  • Tasch

    Looking amazing sweet love

  • Considerate visitor

    Amazing outfit!!I have been reading your blog sometime now..congradulations but I have one constant complaint with every photo of you.why are you crouching?

    Chest out, belly in & shoulders back!You will look totally different..better different 😉

    And may I suggest pilates if you find it hard!


  • I love your hair in here. I know you don’t like makeup but this color lipstick looks great on you. 🙂