Very Nasty

Here’s a little something that will not break yo’bank.




This afternoon in awesome, non-Fashion Week related news pertaining to your wallet and that which may sustain its density but also offer your wardrobe the remedy to an inevitable frigid February inspiration slump: repellers on a budget, rejoice! Nasty Gal‘s Spring collection is on site and ready for consumption.

In true commitment to the trends of Spring ’13, see: excess neoprene, the galvanization of sports-wear, surf-wear, the very early 90s (not to be confused, however, with the late 80s), bathing suits dynamic enough to be worn as swimwear or formal wear and varying shades of pastel, this collection has got everything. Baseball caps, fish net, white construction boots, plastic safety-belt buckles, transparent outerwear, and Ron Galliano zippers. What’s a Ron Galliano zipper, you ask? You know, that thing where a zipper looks like a combination of Ron Jeremy and John Galliano? I think I might need to stop watching SNL. But then again, why in the name of NBC would I do such a silly thing? Long live Bill Haider’s Stefan.

Seriously, though, after a fairly considerable marathon, gawking at almost hundreds of collections these past two weeks which will inevitably beg the question: can I live without food?, it is an utter delight to see a highly stylized, perfectly on trend collection sprout at a price point ranging from $60 to $185. That’s the price point hyper-trends should clock in at, isn’t it? Still true to the Nasty Gal ethos, you will find motorcycle jackets, barely there high waist shorts, little baby dresses, and, full disclosure, guys, even I am facing partiality toward that long sleeve, sherbet cum purple body-con dress, with its white Ron Galliano zippers that all but beg for the kind of trouble I prefer to away from.

What’s that again, though? Ah, yes, well behaved women rarely make history. Sophia Amoruso has evidently had it right all along.

Shop the collection here, and tell me what you think (as in, do you like this sort of commentary on more contemporary wears?) below.

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  • Irene Laura

    really loved this ! Amazing collection!

  • Vignette

    Advertisement alert…

    • Leandra Medine

      This is actually *not* sponsored content! I am looking to widen the breadth of content on MR and as such trying several new things, which is why I asked at the end of the post whether or not the unanimous you like this sort of commentary!

      • Will Code For Clothes

        Went against your exclamation point rule, I see. πŸ™‚

      • I definitely liked it! A nice change for the college students like me on smaller budgets. Also a huge NG fan anyway.

      • Personally love it, i think they have some of the looks that we see by other designers and they cost much less. I really love that first pictures that jacket is the bomb. And I’m all about metallic oxfords!

      • Hi Leandra, we met briefly at Soho House roof once, really like your biz but am not a regular reader so I’m not sure what your position on fashion fakes are. I appreciate you saying this is not an advertorial post so I feel ok asking if you have thoughts on Nasty Gal’s CEO’s bizarre response to being told she’s copying up and coming designers. The Fashion Law has a pretty good little synopsis here: Something to reflect on at least.

        • Leandra Medine

          Thanks for this–

  • lavieenliz

    very obsessed!! omg great collection

  • Jennifer

    Love me some Nasty Gal!
    xo Jennifer

  • Reptilia

    I LOVE this collection! So much color, really cool!


  • I actually love this post. Nasty Gal has been a go-to brand for me for the past few years, and I adore the clothes! It is so nice to see you writing about clothes that are at a more teenager-friendly price point, and it also makes me feel like you are more relatable, because these are clothes that real people (as in not just people in the fashion industry) can attain. Can’t wait to see when you promote Madewell or Free People, haha! xx

  • Love the photos. Spring can’t come fast enough.

  • Iliyana Licheva
  • Sarah Leo.

    amazing collection!! I also did a post on it here:

  • Jennifer

    Yes please. More cheap wares/wears. And more diverse models.

    • Will Code For Clothes

      That’s such a good point. One of the reasons I read MR is because I don’t feel badly that I’m ugly and different! I can embrace it!

      • Ugly by who’s standards!? Girl you are probably a stunner! Still embrace tho.

  • Jacqueline

    :’) a tear drop fell from my eye. Not literally but same joyous emotion. My best friend is back! You know Leandra, one thing I like about you is that you actually consider the interest of your readers when you post . Either that or your one heck of an actress. But either way I don’t really care all I know is that I love you and nothing can keep me from reading your blog!

  • sev2108

    I thought it was a sponsored post, too! Very different from your usual offerings, MR. I would definitely welcome more posts on clothes the rest of us can afford πŸ™‚ I’m not sure what the average age is of your readers, but as a member of the 30-34 set, I’d love to see more Man Repelling clothes not of the “barely there” “shorts” “little baby” and “bodycon” variety. Cheerio!

    • I am in the 21-25 year old range and while the collection contains beautiful bright colors and bold cuts, my body would not be presented in the best light if I were to wear most, well all of the clothing. Kudos to the outside the typical MR box.

  • marinacasapu

    I saw this collection two days ago, and I’m really digging those dresses!

  • Amalie Espeland

    ahhh yesss i love this!!

  • Camilla Ackley

    If I could marry an online shop, it would probably be Nasty Gal.
    x Camilla

  • Nyeshia

    Why are people immediately hating ? I love this brand, and it has presented itself with a gorgeous model . So, Deuces !

  • Sunny

    I cannot bring myself to buy something from a company named Nasty Gal. That is really an awful name. Everytime I hear it I think skank and trash. It feels very demeaning to me and I’m sure that’s not what was intended.

    • that’s too bad, they have an amazing story of how they became the business that they are.

    • the (un?)social butterfly

      First of all, there’s no giant Nasty Gal logo on any of the pieces — nobody will know what brand you are wearing except if you really make a point of telling people of if eventually someone recognizes a piece from the stores, in which case that person will probably not think “she’s wearing Nasty Gal, that trashy woman”. In fact, the collection is very elegant and quite man-repelling, really, so equalling the brand to a skank would be somewhat of a superficial judgement, in the best case scenario.

      The second and more important point is the negative attitude towards a more openly sexual behavior that may or may not be suggested by the “Nasty” part of the brand’s name (and please note nasty is not necessarily naughty and if it were, so what?). This comment reminds me of the SlutWalk and the bizarre responses it had from society.

  • monkeyshines

    adorable color mix! wonderful sportswear!


  • Nico
  • I am loving all the bright colors!!

  • Lucy Korn

    As you said so aptly in your previous post Blog Is A Dirty Word: “we, the bloggers, have entered an era where we can’t like anything without having our motives questioned.”

    This is unquestionably the truth (see above comments) and it is entirely shit because it takes away from what made blogs so great in the first place, the real, unmediated sartorial opinions of our fellow peers.

    Some readers need to realize that bloggers can still endorse something without there being something in it for them.

  • Itscaseyevans

    amazing model! I could use a fun hat crop top that’s well prices. double tap. like. approve. done.

  • It’s dangerous territory, considering I’m more likely to succumb to affordable endorsements than impractical ones (though I do hope the two can join forces).

    But I’m all for a cheaper repellant.

  • Mojo Martini

    MUST HAVE the swimsuit, the plastic-like black moto jacket, and the mesh pants! FABULOUS!

  • Lauren

    You are my go to girl! I know I can count on you to talk about all spectrums of fashion and everything in between. And when I open your blog, its like Forrest Gump’s “a box of chocolates…..never know what I’m gonna get”!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Kathryn

    In regards to your last question, yes. Also, more neoprene, please!

  • mulberry&melrose

    love it! i love that you’re talking about Nasty Gal. I am a Forever21 whore haha, I can’t help it!! -S

  • yes please! I would love more affordable content. There are many of us out there for whom the mall (which is a four letter word btw.) is too expensive most months, let alone high end boutiques, so I love to see some diversity in the price range of the content.

  • Danielle Davi

    as soon as you drop the “everything” I think STEFAN. Haha πŸ™‚ p.s. Nasty Gal rules, boys drool.

  • Wind-up bird

    I approve! Love nasty gal, love that you know some people are on a budget, aaand really want those silver brogue-ish shoes. I can misbehave in silver shoes.

  • Joelle

    I really like it when you feature cheaper things. Not all of us can afford Prabal Gurung and Marc Jacobs, so it’s awesome when a blogger can come down to planet earth and shop with the rest of us πŸ™‚ Thanks MR!

  • bo

    An amazing shoot, that’s for damn certain. Some great pieces, just not sure if I’m so into a site with so much seemingly *cheap* stuff. It’s like when you walk into H&M and you want nothing because there’s so much of everything on the racks. Need Supply is my go-to. Inexpensive? I love! Sales? Love more. ANYWAY, I like this kind of post mixed up with the usual couture related ones since fashion is so often about the the magic of trends past mashed up with the yet-to-be/ better-then-never IE. the desire for the unattainable. Repellers, however, live above AND below the poverty line, and sometimes it feels alright to guiltlessly click ‘Confirm Payment’ and not just ‘Add to Cart’.

  • Lola Lagerfeld

    I love Nasty Gal, great trendy pieces, at great prices. I wouldn’t mind you mixing up the content, I love high fashion & couture but it’s nice to see a post I can actually relate to!

    By the way, that model is GORGEOUS! Nice to see plenty of diversity this year in the fashion world. This model has a pretty face & beautiful skin!

    Keep it up MR! Sending you love all the way from Toronto, Canada! xoxo

  • The Little Hustle

    If only neon neoprene…if only.

  • Sarah E

    ive always loved nasty gal for those reasons! they have great things, always

  • Man Repelling was conceived at Top Shop after all. It’s almost like you are rebirthing your conception.

  • Shawnee Rajala

    Approve! Not all man-repellers have hundreds of extra dollars for fashion, unfortunately. It’s fun to see you post this. Also, “Do I really need to eat? Food vs. Fashion” is probably a daily question to myself.. HA ugh.

  • uh, sense of humour? these clothes are fun and lighthearted. Sure the brand name’s unfortunate but so what if you like the clothes?

  • Marina M Vassiliou


    Have had no idea about your blog (I know…) being in Greece and kind of further away of what is really happening in the blog world. Various previous attempts to read blogs always directed me to the safe & obvious choices like The Cut. Read you article on Blogging and really felt to congratulate you. Need say no more: Bravo!

  • Mel

    Definitely in love with your commentary on affordable clothing!
    And digging this lookbook!

  • Amazing shot!!!…STYLISH GLAMOROUS & TRENDY..

    Also check out : is a new concept to help you to choose apparels from online sites

  • Ha! The first question that pops into my head when I see something I’m lusting over is ‘can I survive on instant noodles for a month?’ because the prices are so crazy! And usually I can’t, so its clothes 0, food 1 ):

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Leandra Medine

    You are attentive and I like it. Sorry, I mean ‘it!’

  • Jo Hind

    Your blog is superb.
    I’d really appreciate it if some fellow bloggers could check out my blog and leave some comments??
    Thanks πŸ™‚ xoxo

  • I’ve decided I don’t need food. The clothes will fit better anyway… πŸ™‚

  • B.

    i have been so pleasantly surprised with Nasty Gal and its new collections. I have been coveting a fringe leather jacket of theirs ( ) but I just can’t get over the price, I mean it IS still Nasty Gal.. This collection, however, is making me rethink Nasty Gal, they’ve got some surprisingly good stuff. Those boots?! Yes, please!!

  • Hahah these swimsuits are really cool – I could rock the swimming pool nearby my house wearing them! πŸ™‚

  • rocio casado

    I do love you blog! pelase have a look at my post today!

    Hope you can understand! Even mention your name, hope it is ok for you.

  • Rose Marie

    Oh Leandra I didn’t think it was possible to love you anymore. Affordable fashion – I am officially lesbian for you, and you only

  • Carmen Weaire-Gil

    Brilliant brand x

  • Cat

    So I just bough that jacket.
    (Internally freaking out, since I always mull my prospective purchases over for like a month).

  • yes, definitely love the commentary on more contemporary wears. and goodness i was thinking the same thing after seeing the collections! :O

  • Why is everyone hating on Nasty Gal, it’s just a name relax! haha completely agree, it’s great seeing more diverse models now even if they are still envioously beautiful and far from average! haha

  • sophie

    I’m not sure why reading fashion blogs (is that ok to put you in there?) is commonly held to be ‘frustrating’. I wonder if this is partly what the now infamous Menkes article was about – the urge to possess what you see on the runway/on streetstyle pics. I’m certainly not beyond that myself, but I thought the timing of this post was interesting. That this is the direction you feel your audience wants MR to take. Now, I don’t share Menkes’ high opinion of ‘understated’ editors (c’mon, they’re also tweeting ‘want that Balmain dress!!!’ and you can also ID all of their clothes), but I could agree with the idea that fashion is meant to be out of reach – for everyone. And this may be what’s changed with blogs, for better or worse.

  • Alongside Nasty Gal’s spring collection is the amazing shoe selection, most of which are highly impractical and not made for daily wear. But isn’t that the fun part about fashion?

  • Love their styling and the looks are right on trend, but I have to wonder–how’s the quality of NG’s clothes? Zara-esque? H&M? The price points suggest seams that pucker and embellishments that fall off, but I want to believe they’re more nicely made than that!

  • Heather

    Leandra, As a promoter of creativity and originality, it might interest you to know that Nasty Gal has a Nasty Reputation regarding blatantly knocking off young and new designers: for reference read the January 28 post on

  • Melin

    My paycheck didn’t last very long…


    Nasty gal has a really cute story behind the name. I have learned to always look deeper into things before concluding. Try not to look at the name but the artistic work of a genius. It is a very sharp and sort of edgy collection.

    I actually just started my fashion blog and besides talking about fashion in general, i intend on also focusing on accessible fashion for all. Which i intend to post about soon.

    I would be happy to rock a designer purse, shoes, dress or pants anyday because hellz yeah, they make some jaw dropping outfits that are rare and hard to resist sometimes (sorry, but the truth be told), but i just happen to love underdogs regardless of the situation. Especially in the fashion industry. If clothes were sold without a name, i am sure we would all buy clothes based on appreciation and affordability. It is okay to give life a break and just love what is of good work, good quality and awesome price point even if the maker is an “unknown”. Period.

  • nasty gal has definitely evolved over the years and i’m actually enjoying this collection so much more than anything in the past it looks more substantial in a sense where i would actually buy and wear these pieces as opposed to just looking at them with past collections.The site always gave the “music festival clothes” vibe and even a trashybut hip and under 23 chick feel. It seems they’ve matured and is great for gals like me who are still in their 20s but want to look slightly more mature anyway. i appreciate these affordable commentaries on affordable clothing esp. since i wouldn’t have though to look at nasty gal as a first pick.

  • Amy

    Love this. Great lookbook!

  • Paula McClelland

    Nasty girl ALWAYS reminds me of P’trique – She’s my spirit animal.

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend