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Fashion week! Fashion week! Fashion week! As the street style during Fashion Week debate continues (does anyone else feel like this season’s Times story on the evolution of street style and what it might be doing to Fashion Week at large bared a striking resemblance to last season’s Times story on street style and the neo-Billboard nature of getting dressed for the cameras?–more on this, later), I have to shudder at the thought of concrete catwalk (so bad, it’s good, eh?) inspiration losing its validity. There is no question that the ordeal has become something of a circus, but it’s not the fault of the photos or even really the people in the photos so much as it is a function of the world we’ve conditioned ourselves to subsist in.

Personally, I find that every single season, my getting dressed for Fashion Week is wholly dependent on the people around me. Maybe not the head-to-toe Prada looks or enormous, overzealous head contraptions but so often will I mentally prepare something to wear, subsequently feel excited about it and then find that the people around me are doing it differently, doing it gracefully, doing it better. Black socks with white shoes? Of course! Three layers of a combination of denim, plaid, and leather? No brainer. There’s simply something endearing and approachable about taking a page from the subjective experts on the peripheral lines at Fashion Week, and this is seemingly where runway inspiration fails. The aspiration factor just seems too removed.

Now, I don’t want to delve too deep into this before posting a proper reaction to the ongoing aforementioned debate but I will say that the particular Suzy Menkes piece from The Times really had me questioning whether or not I should follow my own suit and catalog the various outfits I wore this season. It is a bit off putting, isn’t it? To scour the internet for photos of yourself and then share them? To be fair, there weren’t very many. The apparent denim-capade I’ve been on may getting a bit banal, but so what, who cares? (Said in the voice of Amy Poehler for Bronx Beat.) I’ll work with what I’ve got and offer a stealthy share because this is, after all, a personal style blog. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you’ll hate it. We’ll get to the meat of that soon.

Here I’m wearing: a Ralph Lauren beanie (stolen from my freaky dude friend), Whistles coat, MR x PJK iPhone case (it is really vintage,) Olympia LeTan book bag (hehe), and House of Holland sunglasses

At left: Balmain red jacket, Zimmermann tee, DSquared jeans, Isabel Marant boots, Edie Parker clutch. At right: Tibi denim suit of sorts, Club Monaco plaid skirt, Brian Atwood fringe booties.

At left: Acne jacket, Uniqlo plaid shirt, Peter Pilotto pants, Isabel Marant booties. At right: Stella McCartney overalls, Isabel Marant lace blouse and in both instances, that’s a Reece Hudson wristlet clutchlet. Kind of like a chicken cutlet but also not at all.

At left: Dries van Noten coat (Barney’s Warehouse score, people), Ellery suit, Lands End white blouse, Sophia Webster minaudiere. At right: Margiela x HM coat, Aritzia beanie, American Apparel denim shirt, Paige jeans, Dannijo x Cynthia Rowley collar, Celine heels and my perman-friend’s socks.

Deduction? I really, really, like ripped jeans and beanies and wearing coats as capes. Also, red lipstick makes not wearing any other makeup far less abrasive. Okay, your turn to talk. Share anything below.

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  • krno

    Love the Whistles coat, is it from this season? Thankss 🙂

  • Caitlyn R

    I love ripped up jeans, a beanie and heels together!

  • Caitlyn Rosso

    I love ripped up jeans, a beanie and killer heels together! Mmwah perfection!

  • Gabrielle M

    Stay true!

    It is gratifying to see style that is original. It makes you (and us) happy. The excellent writing does not hurt either.

    • I agree. We wouldn’t check in with your blog if we didn’t want to see what you were wearing and the fact that you write intelligently about it and want to discuss and debate makes it even better. Stay true indeed. x

  • Nico
  • =^..^=

    Yo, Sis : Lurve your pix ! Two Q’s:

    1) Which LandsEnd blouse do you wear/ what size ?? (I remember you stole your bro’s school uniform shirt, but there are SO freakin many white LE shirts (men/women/boys etc) that I get overwhelmed by all the options.

    2) Also: which beanies are you wearing/what size?? I usually avoid hats in winter (too vain to look cold), but you make hat-head look SO DAMN chic 😀

  • TeuntjeVDW

    Love love love! xx.

  • acne + peter pilotto look looks amazing!

  • Kristina

    the coolest outfit is the first one! also adores the one with the coat & suit!

  • Sarah Kovash

    You make the weirdest shit look so amazing. I think I’m truly in love with you (in a completely non-creepy, non-sexual way). Without a doubt, the Stella McCartney overalls is my fave outfit.

    • Carny Couture

      So pissed I sold the most awesome vintage Hang Ten look-a-like Stella overalls at my local flea Melrose Trading Post just last weekend. Can’t we keep everything??? Can’t decide what outfit is the best, but every beanie is more amazing then the last.

  • lynnsay

    I think I need to go out and buy a green beanie now. And denim overalls.

  • sharla

    these are all my fave looks but number one goes to the socks and Celine heels. dope.

  • Domonique

    I like your point about red lipstick, it makes your make-up free face flawless, fact! Also share away, who cares like you said; some will love it, some will hate it. A personal style blog without personal style would be a travesty, ha!


  • I’m always a fan of red lips and minimal eyes. Also, love both of your red jackets!


  • That Ellery suit with the sneakers is rockin! Love the combo. And the whistles jacket with the plaid and the tiny peak of denim layered is just so damn good I have to pin it right this minute. I’m glad you did a little recap. We come here cause we like the way you dress & the way you write, and you keep giving it to us. So thanks for that.

  • Felicity

    Beyond jealous of the OLT clutch. The HH sunglasses are awesome and I love the Stella Dungas!! The Balmain blazer is pretty swish too. x

  • i’m glad you decided to share ! love that bright red balmain blazer

  • Claudia Mc

    re: the suzy menke’s piece, you are one of the only true style bloggers today. good journalism keeps your blog above the others. keep it up. love TMR.

    • Julian

      Agreed. Suzy Menkes’ article is probably the cold, hard truth. But Leandra sets herself apart from the pact with a blog that is provocative, intelligent, and substantive.

  • blackcatwildfox

    that first picture is so cute!

  • ely cervantes

    i really lve that second outfit!!! http://WWW.ELYWRITES.BLOGSPOT.COM

  • Mary

    i don’t know if anyone is doing overalls as gracefully as you are. that’s my two cents

  • Karin
  • Jenaly Enns

    Damn good outfits!!!!!

  • Manuela Simões

    The first photo has deepness! The casual style had me at hello!

  • Tatiana

    Dude, you’re pretty. And I like how you’ve stayed true to your own style – it must be really hard with everyone else prancing around, trying to outdo one another. If that’s how it works, and all. I love everything here.

  • Cassandra

    You win at overalls.

  • My favorite as well, red lipstick and no other makeup required!

  • marinacasapu

    the best outfits (in my opinion) are: the one with the Balmain blazer and Dries van Noten coat!!

  • Isn’t the “so what , who cares” thing from the SNL “The View” parody (Joy Behar)?

  • As a far-away fashion weeker, I’ve found that season after season the importance of street style is showing us how editors, bloggers and influencers are enjoying fashion for the sake of fashion. In a way, it kind of humanizes fashion week for me. It’s not all glossy makeup and dramatic, theatrical runway productions anymore. Instead I see bulky layers, quirky, ironic sweaters and a sense of whimsy in the way people dress. I hope the influence doesn’t go away soon!

  • Alice

    Your outfits weren’t over-the-top “peacock” or pretentious screaming “please take a picture, Tommy”. They really reflect your style and are just versions of what you wear all year round. The fact that you don’t dress differently because it’s fashion week is really cool. Kudos to that

  • bankershoes

    I’m glad you shared the pictures. I read your blog for your unique and interesting sartorial choices. And your very smart and funny writing.

  • Lubna

    Indeed fashion week seems to be somewhat a branded emblem of a circus, but your outfits pass! <3


  • you in those stella mccartney overalls was the highlight of fashion week.


  • Lauren

    I adore your bravado to present a witty counter point! I think your photos offer proof of how creative self expression is just what the designer catwalks are supposed to inspire women to aspire to in the first place!


    Lauren at adorn la femme

  • The higher you go in the tree, the more likely you are to be shot down.
    Dont’t stop climbing, girl!

  • I really love your style girl, and i think the fact that you have a persona that is bigger than texas, and you don’t seem to take yourself to seriously even in a picture makes me LOVE it all. I love seeing your stay to yourself, and the laughs in between don’t hurt either.

  • You have great style darling and a Brain, you keep going girl like you do , we check your blog cause of you, your writing and style and and we love your circus while FW doesn’t matter if you’re or not the peacock ! Love your 1st Look !

    x D

  • Miss Kutsu

    Great style, so unique and beautiful! Love all your outfits!

  • Fashions Your Way

    Don’t have the time to shop or just don’t enjoy it check out They do the shopping for you!

  • That 1st red blazer is perfection.

  • Marly Wijvekate

    the-what-I-want-to-hang-in-my-fucking-closet, still love your style!

    x marly

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • While reading Suzy’s piece this morning, I couldn’t help but feel torn about the
    direction in which fashion is headed. I think this street-style frenzy is due
    in part to this ultimate fight to remain relevant, what with online platforms
    delivering more information in a way that is certainly hard to keep up with.
    Just as breaking headlines span the top of a page, the same goes for fashion: a
    new IT girl is wearing head-to-toe designer, and she is chased to death. It’s
    almost as if the lines between bloggers actually liking something vs. becoming
    extensions of the commercial space they provide on their blogs has been so
    blurred. It begs the question, what is style? In a world where a simple mention
    of a product can win a blogger some new product – is that true style? And if
    not, what is? That balance of power and genuine interest will ultimately
    separate the posers from innovators in due time. But complications are still
    ample as more the line between saturation and just large amounts of mutual and
    genuine interest is also blurred. It’s almost becoming a fight of
    I think what was most poignant and stimulating about Menkes’ piece was the mention of who belongs to fashion, whatdraws the line of fashion. I am an outsider looking in on the world of fashion,thus am in full support of blogs, as they make me feel more included. But, the piece had me asking if I was meant to be included. Perhaps I’m only supporting
    the demise of the industry, wherein over-saturation swallows it whole. On the
    other hand, maybe all this outside attention was needed to break the boundaries
    that ultimately kept fashion as a less-likeable, elitist view of something that
    should be so greatly shared and discussed.
    One thing I could answer in response to reading the article is that
    genuine style is most certainly identifiable. It doesn’t have to be static,
    especially since humans are not at all sedentary and monotonous ( or at least
    not many of them). I think that style fluctuates just as interests do. And if
    someone’s true style is to wear head-to-toe Prada, then that’s fine, so long as
    the clothes don’t define the ambiguities not meant to be defined .Emotion is ambiguous,
    so why should clothing become so dissected in a way that makes them only good
    for the next photograph? I think genuine style is really an attitude/mindset
    and outlook that happens to be reflected in clothes, rather than the clothes
    dominating the person, thus perhaps reflecting unwanted connotations or,
    prominently now, lacking genuine interests.

    • Leandra Medine

      This is extremely thoughtful and helpful for a piece I am working on. Thank you for taking the time to share it.

      • And thanks for being so prompt to all comments, emails, thoughts I send your way on any platform. It’s comforting to know that there is a place for dialogue in this world where blogging has become a monologue.

        • maria

          So true, I feel this way about all social media- what is social about celebs/well known people getting a bunch of “followers” to promote themselves and their product to. There are very few who actually interact with their fans so what’s the point? We already have TV, mags, newspapers and radio for that rubbish!

    • fashionlessons

      So true, genuine style is an attitude…..

    • Caroline

      Mmmm “genuine style is really an attitude/mindset and outlook that happens to be reflected in clothes, rather than the clothes dominating the person.” Amen.

      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at “street style” photos only to ask myself “WTF, for real?” And then follow that questions with, “That’s not style, that is taking what has been given to you FROM THE RUNWAY and putting it on your body.” I believe that personal style is most eye-catching and inspiring and wonderful when self-reflection has been involved. And I think when self-reflection has been involved, it is obvious and the outfit is thus eye-catching, inspiring, exciting, worthy of photographs.

      Leandra, one of the reasons I continue to read your blog is because of your obvious self-reflection (and the fact that you come across as a feminist). I loved blogs in “the beginning” but as time went on, it’s become, “Yep, here I am in the latest trend, the outfit looks cute, appeals to a lot of people, how about that? Don’t I look good!” Yours in one of the very few blogs I continue to read because yours is a true showcasing of what style, of individuality, of that mindset, attitude, etc.

      I’ve been wrestling with the idea of “authentic style” in regards to blogs and street style photos. As Emma said, I do think it’s obvious and it involves the mindset of the person wearing the clothes and not the person being worn by the clothes. Gosh it’s so interesting how complicated and how much thought can be put into this. I kinda love it.

      • What about the people who have their style, attitude, which is always changing, but don’t know a thing about the fashion world? Is that outsider art?

    • “who liked what first”. so true. kudos.

      I like when people say something that rings so obviously true, but hasn’t been said before.

  • Nadia

    First time commenting, but I have to say it is so refreshing reading your blog. Your style is actually your OWN style and you can write! Really well, at that. Thank you for sharing & inspiring!
    xo Nadia

  • A.

    I love your outfits! In this, well, day and age of fashion, it seems like you can’t be fashionable unless you buy expensive/couture clothing. And, yet, there’s hope because you’ve proved this wrong!

  • Olya Chess

    Leandra! I find your blog very interesting and the texts that you made, are making and, (hope so) will make so witty and biting (in good meaning). Love ur style, blog and keep doing it like u can – great!

    kisses from Kazakhstan
    Olya Chess

  • Gretchen von Düsterwald

    Oh Leandra you are the queen of layering! Just amazing, especially the first outfit! I am sooo obessed with your Houase of Holland sunglasses. Did you know that a dancer in the musicvideo of “Scream and Shout” (Britney Bitch and Will.I.Am) wears this pair? And you inspired them to wear it…
    Gretchen vonDüsterwald


    LOVE the plaid & a beanie. You’re such a cutie!

    Those Jean Overalls are HAWT! They remind of high school when everybody and their mother was wearing the oversized Tommy Hilfiger coveralls!

    L O L A – L A G E R F E L D BLOG

  • Cynthia Wig

    You look happy, Leandra. I think that marriage suits you. 🙂 Your man suits you. Your suits also suit you.

  • Sara

    im obsessed with you

  • Aubrie Cornelius

    Leandra, those Stella McCartney overalls are divine and have officially changed my perspective on body-suits of the denim variety…who says farm wear can’t be “trés chic”?

  • Reece Andavolgyi

    those overalls are insane. ahh, with the wide leg. COME LIVE IN MY CLOSET PLEASEEEEE.

  • pilisstyle

    I love the red Balmain jacket!


    you did pretty good L!

  • Meelena L

    gorgeous in all of them!


  • Aisha

    Obsessed with you in overalls. You’re a superstar.

  • Isabella

    I have this blogger friend who also wondered about the validity of posts in which she showed her looks. I told her to do whatever the fuck she wanted, because the blog was hers and she was allowed to do anything. You know what? I thought the Times’ text was pretty good and truthful about a lot of people, but it’s not like it’s valid when talking about every single blogger. I don’t visit many blogs but every single day I come here to Man Repeller because I really like it. I come here because I like the writing and the way it approaches more than the same crap most ~fashion~ blogs do. So, if I come here because of the good content, a look post won’t change it… My conclusion is that look posts can be awesome, but they have to be done in a way it doesn’t really turn into the only thing you can find in the blog. A blog shouldn’t focus on it, unless, well, the owner wants it to be like the ones Suzy talked about. If a blog has a content like Man Repeller does, a look post won’t hurt anybody. You, Leandra, have too much good content in here to be overshadowed by a post like this (even though I really liked it).
    btw loved the one with the Balmain jacket 🙂

  • Brooke Allen

    im so torn over all of the stigmas that are attached to blogging, it feels like every time bloggers start getting a little clout it all gets knocked back down again……but YOU, you keep it real and you are so refreshing……I just caught this week’s Project Runway and literally thew the remote at my husband with excitement when I saw you were a guest judge… you for being amazing 🙂
    Brooke @ what2wear,

  • Love every single one of these. In my opinion, the best street style comes from those who wore it because they wanted to, not because it would attract the cameras.

    On another topic, I wanted to share this with you: In my recent shopping trips, before buying something, I noticed that I was not asking myself weather it was wearable or trendy, not even if I could wear it with what I already own. I simply said to myself WWLW: What Would Leandra Wear. That’s how I make shopping decisions now, so thank you, you are getting me compliments everywhere I go, and giving my credit card quite a workout.

    • Bailey

      Just to be provocative in this lively discussion going on here concerning style…it sounds like you are not giving yourself very much credit! Leandra’s style is inspiring because it is positively original and personal to her in a world where the term “personal style” seems to be losing its significance with each passing season. It’s fantastic to have role models to help inform your aesthetic–I have had many, including Leandra, but at the end of the day the most important question is What Would YOU Wear? And it’s a question that is far more satisfying and less stressful to answer. If you don’t feel like yourself, and are not dressing from somewhere intuitive and soulful, what’s the point?

      • I love this. You are right. The truth remains however that when I started following her I started taking more risks in what I buy. Still staying true to what I like, but going beyond what I was comfortable with at the moment. So in a way, with my WWLW question what I’m doing is pushing myself to wear what I really want and enjoy, not just something that everyone is wearing. In that sense, I guess I’m using her approach to fashion rather than copying her style.

  • The Provoker

    So cool, such great style, I saw you today at TOPSHOP UNIQUE but was too shy to say hi… I also have those Olympia Le-Tan escapism clutches, so fun! I posted pics of them in my previous post. But I’ve just posted up my Day 1 outfit for London Fashion Week featuring G.V.G.V.’s
    runway baby blue fox fur stole, do tell what you think
    on the provoking piece and l hope it entertains 😉

    xx The Provoker

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic effortless looks!



  • Johana
  • alexa


  • Amal

    Girl, you keep rocking the cape!!!!!

  • You’re such a good writer, ever thought of writing a book?? Seriously, best blogger writer I’ve come across!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been waiting for this post! You are rocking those overalls!

    xo Jennifer

  • zesiku



  • Girlie Blogger

    THanks for sharing. I think you are lucky to be around fashion week. OUr fashion week is less glamorous.

  • kirsty

    love yo style gurl ! with that said, anyone with some sense of style can throw on some clothes…but not everyone can be as funny / intelligent as you ! 🙂

  • Little Red Book

    You totally rocked those overalls.

  • L’Oliphant

    Love your outfits, love your words about fashion!

  • natalie

    you look friggen amazing!!!!
    fashion week looks so exciting

  • anup

    loved the way you described the apparels on your blog…thanks for sharing


  • I like looking at your outfits, might not be my style but I can tell you’re really creative and put a lot of effort into dressing! And I like how you’re not head to toe designer clothing like some fashion bloggers!

  • Sharon

    Those overalls!! Safe to say that I fell in love with those. This is the reason why I read your blog along with your eloquence and amazing writing

  • Dine&Dash

    That’s our favourite look from NY FW

  • Anon

    So happy there is a blogger out there like you.

    Like everyone else on here they say it’s irritating when bloggers just post photos of themselves in the latest trend. Cool, you got it for free now you’re wearing it..thnks for that. You’re different. no matter what trend or styles are “in” you never style it that way, you ALWAYS have your personal style. You give us ideas on how to style things not just throw something on your body and snap a photo. Thank u for being u!

  • Love all the looks! Also, congrats on being a judge on Project Runway – was a great episode!


    You’re style is so amazing! Everything you do is just awesome..

    – L /

  • Isn’t it lovely that you have so many looks and yet they are all distinctively ‘you.’ All beautiful with a very clear MR signature. J’adore et merci.

  • Katie

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but what lipstick are you wearing in the very last picture? It’s fabulous.


    Love all your looks. Get it, riot grrl!


  • cowgirl in the sand

    What I took from the Times piece was her point that bloggers who were once to be trusted for their “street style” are now themselves suspect due to their accepting free clothing, trips to fashion week, and other perks. As one who earned a journalism degree the old-fashioned way (4 years at J-school), it is unfathomable that it is now okay for fashion “critics” to accept such bribes (however tempting) under the guise of “reporting” fashion news.

  • The overalls is great! Where’s the lipstick in the last picture from? It looks so cool with the beige beanie! Thanks

  • blacksheep

    Well, who cares wheather you wear those great ripped jeans again. You love them (I must say I love them too and think you look great in them) and wear them because you have the mood for them not the other which MAYBE would draw more attention. You want to wear beanies because they are glamour, comfy and at the same give your look a roguish flow – DO IT! You can even wear the same every day to different outfits. I may be a little bit biased here but still. All in all you have to have principles and the first as you always say/show is: dress in a way that makes you YOU, and in a way you feel at the time/day/moment no matter what others think. People aren’t stupid and adore you for staying true. Keep going! xoxo

  • pytinpty


  • Fashion Snag

    I love the overalls on you! I could never pull those off.

  • that tan beanie is such a good color! and you got that book clutch! cute 🙂

  • Shawnee Rajala

    Seeing you stay true to yourself makes me happy.. as does your writing. I’m all for being unique and one-of-a-kind.

  • ClutteredMind51

    The perfect red lipstick for me is MAC’s “Lady Danger” it has been my signature colour for the last few years. Excellent writing which is why I now follow you on Twitter! Keep up the good work.

  • Amanda Alice

    You are just you. And that my dear is fabulous… Plus I adore your writing. Your ‘selfie’ instagrams make my day, and you inspire me as an aspiring blogger as well as giving me sneaky bits of selfie-inspo. It is awesome you have celebrated yourself because you are original, edgy, so not “blogger” like some and cooler than you will ever know. Plus man repelling is the best form of dressing. xxxx

  • these are all fabulous outfits and Im loving those overalls. The red lipstick truly does look amazing on you…. who is it by? I am also really enjoying the hair cut. I had to leave after the Red Dress Fashion Show but hopefully next season I shall run into your again! keep up the great work and honestly I have mixed feelings on the article as well. While I think alot of other bloggers do go OVER THE TOP and onto the next mountain with their outfits, I think you do a great job of staying true your style. That is what I try to do with my blog as well and hope I am as successful as you some day! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  • You definately have your own personal style! And I like that!



  • Sarah

    You don’t wear make up besides a red lip?! Perfection

  • Edye

    Have to find a pair of fitted overalls stat.


    🙂 You are such an interesting young lady. Style+brains+originality= YOU! Love that you are bold and ready to stand up for what you believe in. Confidence is beauty and that is why you can pull off those outfits the way you do. At the end of the day when you open your mouth to speak everyone stops to listen. Intelligence is attractive. Staying true to yourself is all that matters. Continue to love what you do.

  • Lulu

    can i just say…i would KILL for those Stella McCartney overalls

  • Patrice

    LEANDRA! you had me at Bronx Beat.

  • Love them ALL – and were were riding the same fashion wave on day 3 of LFW – both in nude shoes, dungarees, shirts and beanies! You can see my look on the blog today. Just gutted I didn’t run into you and get a twinsies shot together…

  • Kristina

    I recall your post this fall about style in Paris and must say I sense some inspiration from the French in your choices. I dig it, hard.

  • rafaellomyles

    Stay true, Stay fresh!

    I love you personal style it’s so original yet not over-the-top “peacock” it really reflects your attitude and personality.

  • rinnemarie

    “that’s a Reece Hudson wristlet clutchlet. Kind of like a chicken cutlet but also not at all.”

    Sheesh you. just. get. it. Your writing is (wait for it, cliche fashion term) everything.

  • Ripped jeans and hats are a piece of divine capital that I do my best to rock as often as possible. Also thank you for looking like you and not some over the top freak of the week for a week! Too many people try to hard and it shows.


  • jordyn_raccah101

    Heyy manrepeller! so love this this, obsessed with the iphone case! you should do a piece about phone cases it would be so interesting to see the different things you can do with an outfit and an iphone case. xxo