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Ten trends you might want to try before Fall even rears its head


It is always right after New York Fashion Week ends that I remember how similar it is my period. Why? Because like the inevitable red nile drop in, even though I know it’s coming before it does (because of some reliable tell-tale signs), I’m never really prepared. And by the time I’ve been able to lean into the swing of its peculiarities, it disappears without even leaving so much as a note. Not even a little tiny baby Post-It that says, “thanks for having me! Bye!”

It’s cruel, really, but the fundamental difference between the former and the latter is that at least when Fashion Week departs, it leaves lessons and stories and photos to tell of its dalliances and victories and sometimes, even its failures.

In light of the most recent descent and migration cross pond, fellow victims, rejoice! This trend story has got everything: platypus intestine red, girdlenecks (you know, that thing where turtles wear girdles around their necks), suits, plaid, and more bandals. Before I continue, I just want to confirm that you understood that brief, meager SNL Stefan reference re: girdlenecks and platypus intestine red. No? Well, ouch. This never happened.

Starting with suiting in model order we’ve got Tommy Hilfiger, Karen Walker, Christian Siriano (who, by the way is typically far more akin to a more feminine silhouette, see: the ballet academy),  3.1 Phillip Lim, Rag & Bone, and Timo Weiland. What feels most interesting to note here is that the wide-ranging vibe through all of Fashion Week stayed seemingly committed to obstructing gender stereotypes in a most androgynous nod to the vast places clothing can take us.

Here is a deluge of plaid that maintains the spirit of my previous point in spite of the more common skirts–it all seems very Oliver Twist goes to beauty school. From: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Band of Outsiders, Tommy Hilfiger, Suno, and Jeremy Scott.

And at thigh length: more boots. Spring promised a fairly substantial flux of discomfort in the form of shoes that graze knee-length. Fall followed suit (pun intended, see: trend #1) in both boot length and matters of the discomfort: how, after all, are we expected to maintain warmth through off-the-cuff snow storms in open toe boots and likewise pumps? Maybe like comfort, snow is just a state of mind and if we block the white noise our toes won’t even know the difference. From left: Prabal Gurung, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Altuzarra, BCBG Max Azria, and DKNY.

The other end of the human body promised a generous array of interesting headgear that too maintains last seasons’ ethos: go big, or go home. The afore-discussed sweater turban cum caps (Band of Outsiders) are photographed at immediate left and continue through a rather lucrative misadventure including lamp shades (Oscar de la Renta) and into more conventional rain shielders care of Timo Weiland, Ostwald Hegalson and Ralph Lauren.

In what is perhaps my favorite of the trends: turtlenecks and dickies. What could be a more integral 7th layer for the most thoughtful onion-related endeavors than a lonesome dickie concealing your non-hickey? Sorry, I had to. Photographed here: Altuzarra, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tibi, Proenza Schouler, and Alexander Wang.

Meanwhile, on the color spectrum: outside the confines of either very dark color (made absolutely majestic and lush because of the apparent play on fabric and texture, making even the most banal black seem so wildly interesting) or the refreshing, recurring dash of winter white (or beige, which is professedly rather cool again), there was red. A bright red that bled through almost every premier collection in a most striking hue of show stopper. Collaged here, you’ll find: Prabal Gurung, Oscar de la Renta, Creatures of the Wind, Marchesa, Zero+Maria Cornejo, and Marc Jacobs.

Also notable: a glut of ankle length coats and capes. Collaged here: Yigal Azrouel, Ruffian, Rodarte, Derek Lam, Oscar de la Renta, and Band of Outsiders. I do believe this is the first season I have been able to rattle off 10+ trends in a preliminary appraisal. That’s got to mean something, right? In other notables not photographed: many, many short shorts and skater skirts.

And finally, in the most overwhelming, sweeping, and disappointing (only because of the intangibility factor, though) of New York Fashion Week:

Ladies and dillweeds, it is officially Cara Delevigne’s world. We’re just living in it while her supernatural powers transport her from show A to show B in simultaneous lightning speed and full look/makeup. How does she do it, and can I?

Just for good measure, and in case you, too, have come to terms with her immortality and your mere existence as a full functioning human but nothing else, here are some of the most fun accents from various shows and presentations to put a smile back on your face. Fashion is great like that.

From left: The Baudelaire sweatshirt from Ostwald Hegalson, an embellished tie from Creatures of the Wind, the essentially nude girl that Marc Jacobs sent down the runway (we’re particularly keen on this because it seems rather easy–and cheap–to DIY), 3.1 Phillip Lim’s race car matron, Karen Walker’s bow-spenders, a skunk arm baring no need for motor skills at Altuzarra and Rebecca Minkoff’s space t-shirt.

All collages by Charlotte Fassler

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  • monkeyshines

    inspiring vintage looks!


  • JennyNov

    Love the Lily Mcmenamy “rather easy- and cheap DIY” that would have been a great look for Valentines Day 😉


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    you forgot the beanies!!!

    • Leandra Medine

      You just wait! 🙂

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    can’t stop looking at those shoes!!!

  • such a cool overview post ! the plaid was hard to miss, but im looking forward to all the capes aswell
    new outfit post

  • Jennifer

    Haha you’re too funny

    xo Jennifer

  • Esme

    I love The Baudelaire sweatshirt. Ostwald Hegalson is “modernity.”

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    Love the ‘go big or go home’ headgear! Always a fav 🙂


  • I will try to rock turtlenecks this fall. I WILL try.

  • Sam Savo

    caras world that is SO true hahahaha

  • i’m investing in an eyebrow pencil as an extension of the cara trend.


  • Oh boy am I excited to wear that red, and capes. Maybe a red cape? Channeling Little Red Riding Hood is going to be my mission come Fall.

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    Thanks a lot for sorting all that for us… 🙂

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    i am trying v hard to learn from you….i wish i lived in NY i would have managed to convince you to work for free …..just to learn…but here am i ^ hrs away from one of my fav blogger ever….greetings from London:)

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  • XeanaFashion

    These trends may not please everyone, because not everyone fashionista is suitable coat length of ankle or Hessian boots!? But some models will be popular and we will soon see it in the streets.

    Please, check out my blog! Giveaway necklace!!!

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  • Nicole Eigbrett

    Thank you for the recap! The reds are so beautiful.

    But really, when I first saw your title collage all I could think was car-a.. Car-a…Car-A! Long live her zaniness and prominent brows!!

  • Capucine Cagna

    Cara is my favourite, my idol

  • Cat

    Who needs motor skills when you can have a SKUNKY HAND. Who? huh?
    Nobody, is the answer.

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    Only you could relate fashion week to your period! Hilarious! Loved seeing you on Project Runway last night!

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      I saw her on Project Runway and I started to freak out! She was amazing!

      • babs

        But she sent off Joe! Joe!! His stuff was so interesting, and his dress was so much better than Amanda’s. I was surprised, he seemed so Man Repellant to me.

  • Eva
  • The knee highs are totally because of the gladiator sandal boot trend of spring, and the outwear craze is carry over from this fall… make sure to check out the best looking shows from NYFW

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    Now this, this make’s it all the more easier to take in! Thanking you!

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    Cara is perfection. She’s my favorite model!
    I adore the suits! 🙂
    Alona |

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    Great trend report… I don’t even need to read a fashion magazine for trends anymore, cause this is the bomb!

    TMR… stop killing me with photos of Cara, she’s just too perfect

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    I already miss a post in which you’d make a reference to Girls’s last episode and talk about Hannah running away from the perfect life after she finally found it… in fact I’ve been waiting for this for the whole week. am I too desperate or what?
    good reviews, btw!

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  • M

    I must know what the “space” tee says in full. Turtlenecks and dickies should compliment the gym socks I plan to wear with my peep toe thigh high boots. Fine summary of what’s to come. Even with the crazy peep toe robo boots, and Dr. Seuss hats, it’s going to be a fun fall season. I should say, especially with.

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    These shoes are so amazing! And I am totally obsessed with red so I think thi will be my season of fashion! But everything is probably extremly exepnsive… I have to leave school for working for my dream- great shoes

    Gretchen vonDüsterwald

  • A.

    YES! A Stephan reference!
    I love that you mentioned Cara Delevigne, eveything I read/saw about various fashion weeks was all about Cara.
    Usually, as a high school-er who knows she won’t be able to afford any of the above, I still have a favorite piece. I can’t say that I do this year though…

  • You’ve done a fab job here collecting all the looks together for our viewing pleasure – for that and many reasons I salute you – and I don’t know about open shoes in snow – what about that skanky tartan fetish look?

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend

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    Am guessing that I’ll be saying that through the next 3 Fashion Weeks as well.

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