Holy Vast and Powerful Internet



This lit a wildly motivational fire directly below my ass cheeks, which is probably why I feel so compelled to share it. It’s kind of like Soul Cycle for the mind, or something.

Because it’s Super Bowl Sunday though, we can talk about that (do you think we all become Beyonce when we die?) or tackle this week’s episode of Girls. In terms of the former, Sasha Fierce quite literally shut it down during that half time show, didn’t she? (Insert drum and cymbals here). As for the latter, I’d wait for Mattie’s genius on the conceptual actuation behind episode four, but I for one, found it to be the most raw portrayal of both Lena Dunham’s and her writers’ expert ability to break down the 20-something human experience. If Einstein was right, which I reckon he was, and “any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex, it takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction,” the brain children behind that set are practically prophets.

Your turn, talk to me.

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  • Zinnia Gibson


  • agree

  • Malena
  • Nathalie

    3 words: I Love You!!

  • Iamgalla

    I clicked the link for this post on facebook. case in point I suppose.

  • Lauren at adorn la femme

    Oh how I love thee Internet! Let me count the ways!!!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • “The voice of a generation…”

  • georgia

    awesomeness. could not agree more about episode four. you are genius. thank you for sharing this <3

  • Episode 4 was perfect. That closing scene with the snot rocket was so genuine and gratifying. Made me miss my newly-Alaskin BFF!

  • Nicole

    I’ve resented the communication warp that social media has created, but it’s only grower larger, more inclusive and more powerful from here!

    So maybe I should reactivate my Facebook and rejoin the parent-child statistic..

    • Nicole

      oh, and I could only hope to reincarnate or float up to heaven with HALF of Beyonces fierce booty, swag and moves!!!

  • Wind-up bird

    Did you see the guitarist?? Outfit+rad guitar+OMGSHOES=me yelling holy shit at the TV.

  • OMG! so amazing!

  • MRH

    And they (a generalization for dramatic effect) have said that generations Y and Z are lazier, dumber, and not as hard working and yet we have created communities out of nothing, the largest book…ever, and build an multiple new industry – this video might be saying something different. I like it.

  • Lori

    So, Leandra, PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND! Just watched the first 3 episodes of Girls…I’m 44, follow you and your blog closely, love fashion too, live in Las Vegas, met you last year coincidentally in Barney’s Shoe Salon! WHAT the hell is happening? I’m beyond confused with this show?!?! What is everybody talking about? Is this happening in your 24 year old world? Could it be? Am I that out of touch? The sex scenes are pornographic , yes?
    Please respond…I’m speechless

    Post Script…when will you be in Las Vegas?

    • Leandra Medine

      Lori! My 24-year-old world is very different if only because I am not single. It isn’t necessarily the exact sequences of events that contemporaries are relating with and more about the poignant expression and emotion elicited in every tear, giggle, frown, sigh. Does that make sense?

      • Lori

        Yes, thank you!
        Btw, this new video is really fabulous.
        You look like a young Bianca Jagger….GORGEOUS!
        Ok, how am I purchasing from your new line??
        I need to know ASAP…thank you ( in advance )

        Any reason to be in Las Vegas soon?

  • ni ni

    That video should make you feel powerful. You feel powerful, yes? Yes.

  • Brianna Larson

    I adore the show but Allison Williams’ acting almost ruins it for me. The constant smirk on her face during scenes reminds me of that one people make when they get caught in a lie. Either that or like she’s about to burst into laughter. Everyone else is amazing.. and they make up for her short comings. She seems to be improving a little bit though,we’ll see. Other than that, this season has been perfect. I especially liked last nights episode, Jessa and her husbands fight,

    “’And they don’t buy a bunch of Buddhas and put them everywhere so it looks like whenever we’re having sex we’re being watched by a bunch of fat babies”

    “I told my friends you were born a test tube baby just so you have a little edge.”

    The Hanna and Jessa scene at the end was just a perfect example of girlfriends, only I probably would have felt too bad to call Jessa out for her snot rocket. Should I be embarrassed about my weepy eyes during that scene?

  • Those stats in that video are unbelievably insane!! Yet i do believe it’s true.

  • Reptilia

    Woww i think that´s a little bit scary. But i have to admit that i love all these social networks and i enjoy them. The problem is when you only communicate with the world through these social networks.


  • zoe

    I would like to see the statistic of how many statistic videos use that song

  • Holly-Bella

    Ah damn, Leandra! Beyonce when I die? Kill me now. Lol xoxo

  • Amalie Espeland

    I loved that video. Puts what today is in perspective. I actually wrote an essay in school about the KONY, and social media’s role, similar to the video. I mean dude, PEOPLE ARE BEING NAMED TWITTER AND FACEBOOK?

  • What I would like to see, is besides our generational knack for multitasking, how we will learn to work productively with the amount of information thrown at us. This Friday, my class didn’t know the answer to something, my professor implied “google it.” I had even learned statistics through YouTube videos. The world is at our fingertips, and as extraordinary as it seems, it can be a bit scary.

    Like I tweeted the other day, “I feel like my brain will run out of space.” Only time will tell how it effects us; especially those born into this technological revolution.

  • Domonique

    I’m pretty sure I was suppose to have a different reaction to this post but all I can think about is that you guy’s are on Season 3 of Girls and us UK losers are on Season 2, so I’m very intrigued to find out what this raw portrayal is!!!


  • Kathryn M.

    I am not a digital native. I got my first email account on the first day of college in 1996. (The old pine system – black screen, green type.) I bought my first computer right before I went to graduate school in 2002 and my first laptop before I left to do fieldwork in 2006. I still associate email with computers on desks, so I can’t bring myself to get a smartphone (I’m afraid of the leash). And to second another reader’s comment below, I truly don’t know if my brain can handle how fast the information jumps from one piece of info ( to another. Or WITH another. I’m not saying that I’m adverse to these kinds of technologies; on the contrary; I am glad that they’re here (especially when the other guy I skid into in the snow over the weekend had a smart phone to look up and then call a tow company). But my fear is that they are moving too fast for my brain (and all the anxieties therein) to comprehend.

  • Ore Runsewe

    So insane!

  • I am obsessed with the show Girls but at the same time those situations they put themselves in always makes me super awkward.

    • Leandra Medine

      It’s Curb Your Enthusiasm for our gen.

  • PLEASE PUT A SPOILER ALERT IF YOU’RE GOING TO TALK ABOUT GIRLS EPISODES AS THE UK ARE A DAY BEHIND YOU!!! Loving Girls but am in my mid 30’s so do understand how a lot of my friends don’t ‘get it’. Being in your 20’s now is so different than it was 10-15 years ago. I got my first mobile phone just over 10 years ago but was 22 had left University, moved to London and still remember the number of my boyfriend at the time. That video was so interesting as I feel my generation {30’s and 40’s} are constantly playing catch up. We grew up with penpals, the treat of a VHS & the pain of waiting in the same spot for however long it took for a delayed friend to show up as there was no means of finding out what had happened and how long they’d be. I do know that since getting an iphone, nearly a year ago now, I am less productive, creative, I read books less, look out the window less and pay less attention when talking to people as I so easily slip my hand into my bag, take out my phone & check how many likes I have on Instagram.
    HAVING SAID ALL THAT, I would never of had the pleasure of discovering The man repeller had social media not been so readily available and the topics you post get my brain working, push me into thinking outside of my normal mindset and always garner a healthy and debate worthy discussion. Thank you. I’m so torn.

  • Natasha Schubert
  • typicalStoffy

    ahaa this is awesome. I should write my bachelor thesis NOW but was checking my favorite fashion blog instead… and now look what I found some great stats for my bachelor thesis about Recommendation Marketing in the Social Media. Awesome, now I don’t have to feel bad anymore! I love your work! xx from the other side of the world, Austria!

  • Jessica

    I’m 31 and finished a PhD recently (so I have seen a big change in how students learn/communicate since I started) and feel I am at the right age to reflect on the difference between older generations (that did not have all this media available) and younger generations. Here are some observations. We have a LOT of information available to us now, so no excuse for not knowing things. However, having information so readily available has made many students lazy. Not as much deep research is done anymore, students rely on the first few web hits they find, or more realistically Wikipedia. I worry as a result of this, they are less able to DISTILL information, meaning sorting the good from the bad. Their attention spans are shorter, and I suspect the constant influx of information is leading to higher levels of stress. Also, while digital communication skills are becoming more refined, the ability to converse well and have fast-paced human-to-human contact seems more in jeopardy. I think social media is wonderful and important but I worry that people put too much importance in how revolutionary it is, and what role it should play in our lives (call me old-school!). I worry people spend so much effort crafting carefully-controlled digital personas, that their own authenticity is at risk. Genuinely spontaneous face-to-face communication is at risk. I am simply asking for more balance, I think.

  • jvhelms

    Thanks for this post. I watch Girls with fervent interest because I have a 19-going-on-28 year old daughter attending college in New York who has her heart set on living in the city after college and pursuing a life in the arts. While these girls are killing me with their bad personal choices, I find the writing so so smart and funny and heartbreaking, and watching the show – whether these girls are “real” or not – makes me feel like I’m getting the education I need as a parent these days. And, on the social media thing, my daughter communicates directly with me strictly via text, so I think without that option I would never hear from her. I did have to close down my facebook account, though, because I worried that I would stalk her… now I just ask my husband to check and share news of her only on a need to know basis, like a new tattoo 😉

  • Well I’m 37 and I’ve seen the evolution of the web. However, I think that even though wikipedia would be a gazillion pages long, books are still our treasure. So many students just google instead of going to the library and picking up a book. It seems the collective knowledge of the internet can only go back to the late nineties.

  • Street Fashion PARIS

    Really really really awesome…oh did I say 3 times really?

  • I tried not to use the following word but it was a necessity: Shit! Honestly? We are so dependable on the social medias it’s even a little bit creepy. And by the way, *in the future*
    – Facebook Smith: Mom! Why did you name me Facebook again? – His mom: Oh honey, your dad and I met through Facebook! *Background Aww* *Awkward jokes on little Facebook*

  • kim

    Ah, that video explains why I had to follow a “social media course” at work today… some of those slides were literally copied into the “course” (which to me seemed ridiculously obvious in this day and age, but then again a lot of people at our company are products of a different age I guess).

    Social media sure can be a pain in the ass sometimes, being unreachable is a luxury I rarely enjoy nowadays

  • ni ni

    Did you ever imagine this would be your world while you were busy playing with your tamagotchi? Did you?