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Rhinestone! Shoes, shoes, shoes. One pair, three ways.


collaboration with Casadei.

Rhinestone! Like a rhinestone.

I maintain that my shopping rule of thumb–if I can’t picture it with at least three items I already own, I don’t buy it–works phenomenally in most cases. Sometimes, however, I find myself so captivated, so enthralled, so downright paralyzed by something, I have no choice but to let go of premeditated rules and subsequently indulge in utter decadence. Case in point: the Casadei pumps photographed above.

Leopard print is tricky, much more when offered in purple and red. Most, when covered in rhinestones. Yes, rhinestones. I could have fallen off the deep-end with these ones. Leopard print? Rhinestones? Who am I, Mariah Carey? Prince? Maybe in another life. But love is love and we do what we have to. When I saw the shoes, I just knew. And when a price tag so hefty comes attached to the euphoria, there’s only one thing to do: calculate cost-per-wear. Enjoy now below three outfits incorporating the shoes for a very pertinent and appropriate Fashion Week dressing post. Also, remember, in the lookbook of our lives, every girls brunch, girls night, Girls viewing party is fashion week so this shit transcends well beyond the boundaries of next week.

1. With Jeans

Layering rhinestones can work if you have the right t-shirt and can commit to wearing a plaid mens shirt around your waist. Zimmermann t-shirt, Uniqlo blouse, Christopher Kane x J Brand jeans, Antik Batik clutch, Casadei pumps, Pamela Love choker.

2. With a Skirt

Can I just ask it? How many times am I going to have to emblazon Kanye West across my chest before he finally recognizes me. No one will love you like I do, K-Dawg. Call me.

Peter Pilotto skirt, sweatshirt from Etsy.

3. With a Dress

And I’m wearing: an Equipment plaid blouse underneath a Threefloor dress, holding a Reece Hudson clutch and luring you into my nook with my seductive head tilt and illusive eyeballs.

Is it working? Well, there you have it. Here is just about everything I will wear next week.

And now, some housekeeping. Casadei is launching an e-boutique real soon. In celebration of such, you’ve just consumed the above and because they like me and I really, really, like you, they’ve opened up the site a week pre-launch for those of you who share a similar predilection for defying the stereotypes of spangled footwear. Enjoy free shipping and returns plus a gift with purchase when you shop on the site right over here, baby.

Also, remember, comfort is a state of mind.

Part of a collaboration with Casadei. All photos by Naomi Shon.

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  • Elisa

    The three floor dress and plaid shirt really work together, in my humble opinion. And your hair cut really is bloody amazing.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds

  • L’Oliphant

    Boho style isn’it? love!

  • My Notorious BIG T is one of my favorite shirts ever. I wonder when he will recognize me?!? Oh wait… dammit.

  • Jocelina

    Love the dark aspect of your images as it makes you and your colorful clothes stand out more!
    xxx Jocelina

  • Heather Patton

    Looks like you made a good choice with the shoes! I totally agree that sometimes, those rare things pop up that make you want to throw out your “3 outfits or I don’t buy” rule. I used to be like that about shoes, until I became a teacher and spending money on shoes got trumped by spending money on tires for my car…or a case of red pens. Have a great weekend!

  • You’ve shorten your again, isn’t? Looks so sexy in it’s unsexy way. The jeans are really special, from urban chic to lux. Every single item is granted it’s glory with your special style.

  • Allison

    Shine bright like a rhinestone. Literally the girls and I in my office right now are laughing out loud. This is why I love reading your blog!


  • Amalie Espeland

    i love all of this!! go diamonds!

  • kcomekarolina

    how cool is that!

    xoxo from rome

  • Jennifer

    Love your blue skirt!

    xo Jennifer

  • Yes, yes, and yes. You’re wonderful.

  • Love the rhinestone jeans.


  • Nada

    love all of them but my favorite is the 3rd outfit . AMAZING LAYERS


  • Ore Runsewe

    Seriously you are one of the funniest people ever, your blog is number one for me.
    Love the Pilotto skirt combo which is obvious as Kanye is mine!

  • Casey Williams

    When I mentioned my deep desire to bedazzle/be-studify a shirt the other day, my ‘friend’ said that she would have a fashion intervention. I stopped, stared at her, and said “No one likes Boring, my dear.” Playing it safe when it comes to something as fluid as clothing is so stupid. I love your rhinestones!

  • fashmongers

    Can’t decide wich one is better. They are both perfect . You are the queen of layering

  • I must say, you look hot in that dress layered with the plaid shirt! You wear it too well. Brava Ms. Leandra!

  • Hannah

    Those shoes. are killer. And Kanye on your chest? Hilarious. And the three floor dress needs to get in my closet.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  • rhodawong

    such amazing pieces with perfect detailing!

  • they are gorgeous! but can we talk about those rhinestone jeans for a minute?!?! LOVE.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  • jurgita

    These are such a cool fun outfits!

  • Jill

    Oh you are so much fun! Loved everything you put together. But I will feel for your feet after it’s all over – sometimes comfort as a state of mind is just unattainable (especially after wearing those for several hours!). 🙂

  • Love them all, but especially the one with Kanye… hell yes.

  • Love the last outfit!

  • Natali

    Oh wow!! I’m I love with the 1st outfit!!

  • The look with the jeans is my favorite one!
    But I also like the others – so choose what you want, I don’t care… pfff ;-))

  • Cherise

    I love how you can dress so feminine and sporty at the same time!
    Your style is one of a kind.

  • Michaela

    I live by this quote… “Also, remember, in the lookbook of our lives, every girls brunch, girls night, Girls viewing party is fashion week…”

  • I have the same shopping philosophy! That’s why I like online shopping (w/free returns) so much—I can test a new item out for real with my closet. These shoes were an awesome choice though. I love how they are dramatic but still look great with such a range of outfits!



  • Domonique

    Oh no dear, you’re far too stylish to be Mariah… Mr West should be wanting to meet YOU! Ha!

    Also I like this rule- however as you’ve proved it’s flawed, I would most definitely break it for a pair of these pumps. I will not judge.


  • monkeyshines

    fantastic ensembles!


  • Guest

    Oh my god I’m in love with outfit number three.

  • B.

    “love is love and we do what we have to”
    could this make more sense? no. will this be my justification for future purchases? absolutely.

    leandra, youre too good. and the second kanye sweatshirt in my etsy cart can be purchased without hesitation now that I know that my love for kanye can indeed, be shown in 2 articles of clothing, not just one. thank you for that.

  • Aya

    Love this post, and your witty remarks. Beautiful shoes!

  • twoparter

    Amazing looks! I´m so in love with your heels!!!


  • lavieenliz

    I love all these looks!! soo amazing! you’re soo adorable!

  • my soul dress

    you’re wonderful
    I love all these looks…….

  • marinacasapu

    in love with peter pilotto skirt; the dress is also insane!

  • Mathé

    so much fun! taking casual day pieces and glaming them up to the MAX. it’s so detailed, but looks so effortless on you. #props

  • B.

    beautiful shoes ! you could wear them with almost everything that needs that little extra 🙂
    fashion in belgium

  • Betsy

    Somehow you manage to man repel and be super hot at the same time. You empower me, girl.

  • Eidesign Glamour

    This shoes is a dream !!! Elegance and glamour ! Then the skirt about second outfit drive me crazy !!!! Kiss from Italy


  • Gretchen von Düsterwald

    That is just aaaaweeesooome! Now you are my favourite blogger. Actually your blog is the only one I read but I think you are the best and the most creative. For you all (the community): Can you give me some tipps, a blogger-newbie? It would be very kind from you to help me, because no one, really NO ONE reads my articles. (This shouldn’t be a call to visit my blog, I just need some tipps. But if you want:


    Gretchen von Düsterwald

  • The Sunny List

    I like those shoes, and that rule you have is really good. 1 item 3 ways, that’s how i have to start working jajaja

  • Stephanie Lam

    I love it when you have outfit posts!!! I love those pumps!!


  • tokyo up

    my two takeaways from life thus far:
    1.) fashion always complements a good attitude (hah, esp love the etsy shirt)
    2.) never fry bacon naked

  • Katherine

    Where can I find the ThreeFloor dress? I need it like I need a new piercing.

  • borderlinefab

    Those shoes are to die for! Love everything – colour, heel, rhinestones! Thank god u found something (or three something’s, tho I could think of 50 something’s!) in your closet to pair with! Jealous! Hope ur cost-per-wear decreased dramatically as I’m sure it will! Too beautiful to not live in!


  • Cici

    $2,400!? That shit cray.

  • Nico
  • cat

    you seem to be changing your stance on leopard print a lot these days, ms. repeller…

  • nicole blonder

    I miss your old outfits! Even though these outfits are bad ass and kanyes the shit…

  • heylove010

    the Christopher Kane x JBrand jeans are literally the froth of my dayyydreams. ok I’m borrowing that wondrous phrase from the new michel gondry movie. whatever. the point is that my soul hurts at the fact that I will never be able to own them. ooph. wonder if I could find that ‘ol bedazzler and take to some tired denim. you are fabulous! x

    • Foxywhyte1

      Abercrombie has an exact replica of those jeans. I kid you not.

  • sarah

    Those jeans are absoulutly fantastic!

  • Alexandra Waring

    SUCH a babe- love the prints! Gorgeous xx

  • KatWalkSF

    Way to work those pumps!

  • I have realllly missed your outfit posts! you post up such amazing looks when you do 🙂 LOVE that three floor dress!! the skirt part is is super gorgeous~

  • you have such an effortless cool. i love it!

  • Valentine

    and the woman simply knew how to layer stuff…
    You are good at it Leandra, seriously.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Love the first outfit!!

  • lynnsay

    Your hair = incred. Please can we be friends.

  • The last line.
    I like what you did there.

  • Kannyyyeeeee hope he finally called you. You deserve it after wearing that amount of glitter for him. Bravo.

  • with legs like can wear those shoes with anything and everything…not jealous at all:))))

  • Foxywhyte1

    Wait. They were $2,400???? Holy shitballs!!!! Lol

  • the last look especially rocks

    ♥ Thankfifi

    p.s. I’m sure kanye will call soon…

  • So glad to see a fashion post! Every one of those outfits is brilliantly styled. You’re a print-matching maestro!

  • Nathan Niche

    You’ve seriously up-ed your style, still noticing and liking your keeping to the whole man repelling look, still very much duly approved! You should check out my newest outfit post featuring the new Meadham
    Kirchhoff X Amazon sweatshirt + GIVENCHY kilt action, do tell me what
    you think 😉

    xx The Provoker

  • Those rhinestones might as well be diamonds. Hefty! Hefty! Hefty! (price tag)

    Oh well, love is love and we do what we have to. Like buy every Three Floor dress I lay my eyes on.

  • I LOVE your third look

    *runs to my wardrobe and tries on a shirt under a dress* … fails miserably

  • Greer Clarke

    YES finally a beautiful god send of a style post! I always think, I like your writing so much and love it when you make your blog unique with some really writing-orientated posts, BUT YOUR STYLE AND TAKE ON FASHION IS WHY I REALLY, REALLY LOVE YOU
    ahhh sweetness

  • Heelsandcrumpets

    You are so amazing Leandra Absolutely love your style. I worked for yeezys stylist, he is hella cool

  • Namrata

    Those shoes are to die for! And they actually look great paired with anything!


  • StyleNonsense

    I Absolutely Adore How You’ve Styled The Blue Skirt!

  • cc

    Your hair is fab!


    LOVE the shoes!! XX

  • Rose Marie
  • nykeiko

    There’s this dude totally hatin’ on you in the comment section repeatedly calling you out! Everybody should love you 🙂

  • Beautiful photos and looks of course! Those jeweled jeans are amazing!

  • I love the mixed prints and textures!! Looks awesome.

  • The dress will be mine… <3

  • Miška Metesová

    I really like the outfit with Kanye shirt.Pretty coooool 🙂 btw I just discovered your blog, I really like it. good job you doing here!

  • Capucine Cagna

    Love those details of your looks !! My fav is the third one !

  • Oh dear GOD woman you look freaking amazing. Look at you.


  • Great tips and I want the skirt!

  • ouchhhhh looks painful. but love the outfits as usual!

  • The embellished jeans! I could never, but you make them work!

  • Nora

    Do you ever feel cold?

  • The Urban Promener
  • Lauren

    Words won’t come~swooning way too much for one’s health!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Sabaa

    Combo no. 3 is my favorite, and shoes are amazing.

  • You look fantastic with that dramatic side part! Also, I’m glad plaid (yay rhyming) is a staple in your wardrobe, and that it is consistently, naturally, awesomely tied around the waist. Thanks for always inspiring me and others to look outside the box.

  • Sharla Farrell

    those shoes are absolutely badass. fuck.

  • m

    are you lucky enough to have the designers send you the clothes and shoes !?

  • Anina

    Love the first look a lot. You look good with that lipstick.

  • Eva
  • Jules Fashion Week

    Thet look great on you !!!!

  • SecondStory Loft

    Those shoes!

  • Gabi

    ugh why are you so genius. if i had seen those shoes in that print and color i would have been like “yeahhhh that’s not happening.ever.” but seeing how perfectly you’ve styled them really makes me think about my boundaries.

  • Vicki Archer

    I think they’re great, I particularly love them with the three floor dress in the last couple of pictures…a great buy I’d say… xv

  • Em

    There are only a handful of people who could rock those shoes and you definitely made it work. It’s great because sure they’re leopard, colorful, and shiny BUT they look understated with the looks you put together. Well done [of course].

    xoxo, Em

  • Nooem

    I love the Antick batik purse!!

  • Mopsy

    Love those shoes- they look exactly like some pictures of cells I take with my confocal microscope.

  • clara

    OMG that skirt is so beautiful I can’t even take it

  • Viv

    Only you are capable of mixing prints this well!

  • Aux Caprices de Flore

    I like all three outfits, especially the first one

  • Your outfits never fail to amaze me x

  • Iris Meulenberg

    O’MY! you’re style is amazing! I’m in love with the ripped jeweled jeans compared with the pumps!

  • Domenica Calarco

    Those jeans remind me of when I was 10 and was begging mum to buy me a pair of bling-d out denim jeans.. ahh the memories

  • babs

    I want those sparkle motion jeans so bad it hurts.

  • Amanda GREY

    overpiced and totally uncomfortable. I really do not see any value on these.

  • Alexandra

    Ok, I couldn’t help myself from noticing the comments about the price of the shoes. My thoughts?…
    1) <> Sh…!!! Whaaat?…
    2) Wait… I don’t know if that is too expensive or I am too poor X)
    3) Well… good for her if she can buy those (can you send a pair to my house?!!! ^^)

    Now, about the post… I love your writting!!! <3 (although I have to do it with a dictionary by my side… haha (I speak spanish)) Your outfits are amazing… I wonder if I could ever pull off one of those…

    Anyway….Greetings from far away! ^^

  • Christie Bradley

    I think that’s a great rule to buy by: if you can’t wear it with at least three things you own, skip it! I’ll have to remember that one so I don’t end up with more stuff that really doesn’t match anything.

  • Nice skirt! I love the embellishments 🙂

    Hope your readers can join my giveaway open WW:

  • Captive Louise

    Aw man, I wish I had the budget to buy amazing shiny things all the time. Also, wish I lived in a place where I wouldn’t be slaughtered with a single look for wearing something uber shiny outside my house. Sadface.

  • Wow

    I can’t believe the comments praising this. It looks like the girl who posted this got dressed in the dark with no mirrors around. The outfits are so unflattering. And the shoes…what an atrocity! Ah, “fashion”! You make no sense.

  • That last look is sick, I want that outfit!!!

    Steph – New Found Lust