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The Tate Modern set the stage for several London Fashion Week events last week. It was because of this that directly after one such event ended last Sunday, Emily and I disappeared into the museum, falling upon a fantastic exhibit titled Bigger Splash, unlocking performance art in conjunction with painting. The artists featured in the exhibit ran a fairly influential and extensive gamut, (see: David Hockney, Cindy Sherman).

I was drawn to one particular Yves Klein print, exhibiting a generously sized canvas comprised only of royal blue paint. Monochrome painting, he said, frees his work of representation. I really liked that.

On the fashion front, I have found that different European cities have this uncanny way of subconsciously accosting the way in which I dress and subsequently suggesting I change it, even if ever so slightly. (The last time I was in Paris I vowed never to stop wearing ripped denim and, well, look at me now.) In the last two years, these vaguely foreign, lucid subliminal messages have only ever helped me sway more definitively toward male-centric dressing. Then again, though, I don’t like committing to anything so wholly (which is perhaps why I have taken to flouncy white dresses–it should be noted, though, only those of the communion ceremony variety–too. I blame my shorter, more boyish hair for this and the fact that I own these chunky suede boots from Topshop.)

The London deduction is that I should be wearing more monochromatic looks, if not because Yves Klein makes a fantastic point about escaping representation than certainly because I will almost always do what Mulberry tells me to. As a result, here’s what I be craving and a little bit of why.

From left: A T by Alexander Wang white blouse to be worn buttoned to its collar under that navy blue Acne sweater (though, full disclosure, the American Apparel version is just as good. I’m wearing it now, in fact.) Those navy blue peg-leg MiH jeans will work fantastically with white socks (doily or not but you know by now, considering my fondness for disconnects where my predilection rests) revealing their ever so slight nod to the Michael Jackson era–which is only by way of them black Lanvin loafers at right. Doesn’t this melt together beautifully?

As for the accoutrements, some unisex Illesteva sunglasses because it ain’t a story without them. Per the four rings by Maison Martin Margiela, it’s hard to deny the sleek and streamlined uniformity of festooning four fingers the same exact way. Kind of feels like having quadruplets, doesn’t it? The burgundy bag is Reece Hudson and by wearing this I accomplish everything I’d like my current mood to epitomize, which is odd considering I haven’t a clue how I’d say that in words.

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  • I love this outfit! It’s fresh and classic, and while I might be afraid of a doily sock (because I’m not trying to look like my 6 year old), I think you should wear them to your heart’s content!

  • Style-Squared by Z&M

    Love it

  • Maria Inês Ribeiro
  • I love your explanations as to why you chose every single piece – I am obsessed with the Illesteva sunglasses for sure.

    loves to share

  • Amber

    Leandraaa come back… New York misses you!

  • Great monochromatic inspiration. The striped Illesteva shades would look amazing thrown into the mix.

    Christie x

  • understated elegance. love this

  • your post are getting really good. I’m a fan!

  • Anita Young

    These are wearable.

  • monkeyshines
  • I like the Michael Jackson socks and I liked your frilly ones on Instagram too!

  • Creepy. This is exactly what I’m wearing right now.

    As a comment for other readers, Free People has the same sunnies for 18 dollars. I bought them in three colors, and stop myself before buying two of the clear ones.

  • Michelle

    Those loafers are PERFECT.

  • mfb

    Man Repeller abbreviates into Mister;) Love the bag to the right. You did a great job on the spread as a whole. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by us too at Madifon by Fashion.

  • Jennifer Whitney Ladideux

    chic basics are a necessity. Love this post.

  • Natalie

    Love your craving and that Europe sends you fashion messages! Man I love you

  • Haha. This is basically mine, and the rest of Copenhagens uniform. Sub in a pair of converse or nikes for those can’t be bothered days and thats the daily digs.

    • Nina

      you’re so right, ha ha! as a copenhagen girl myself, this is how i’d like to dress every single day. nothing beats the navy + black + a little white combo. now i definitely need to get a pair of loafers.

      • Nailed it with the navy+black+little white. I saw a pair of perfect loafers when I was out frantically searching for pumps (I don’t know why, when I can’t possibly wear them in this weather) but now I can’t remember where. I think they were Karen Miller maybe? They were the most perfect supple leather.

  • Eva

    The perfect outfit if you ask me, only need those shoes to complete it 😉 xx

  • Love it!!!I made a similar one for today!!

  • Lauren

    You have hit a home run with me as you are featuring these plain little puppies! I would feel like a bare naked lady without my one and only Illesteva sunnies! And, I believe your new hair cut is shorter but not boyish at all! Love it!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Anouska

    Accoutrements…one of my favourite words. It first came to me as a child of the 80’s whilst watching ‘Airwolf’ (I have an older brother and was forced to watch a lot of ‘boy tv’…). My brother says it once in a while and it takes me back to a fuzzy time of happiness and not knowing what a mortgage was….

  • Namrata

    I love wearing monochromes! And I love andrognous styles, though white puffy dresses can be fun as well!


  • Κατερίνα Λεκατσά
  • Ana

    Im do indecise about the ilesteva glasses, i love them so much i dont know each color i will buy.

  • Holly-Bella

    Not bad, not bad 🙂 I wish I could find a bag that explained MY mood…everything would be so much simpler…hahaha

  • Great combination, I’d love that blouse…and those loafers are fab!…xv

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Would love to wear this!!

  • The black Lanvin loafers – to die for!

  • lovethefabric

    Those loafers are amazing!

  • This outfit has the ultimate comfort/confidence balance going on. I pine for those Lanvin loafers.

  • Ashleigh Kane

    I’ve been wondering what the quality of the AA fisherman’s jumper would be like for some time now and if you’re putting it in the same category as Acne then I’m on it. Love the simplicity and laid backness to this outfit, oh and those Lanvin loafers.

  • Annie

    i adore everythign but not the white socks!!!!!!they’re orrible to me!

  • B.

    il never get over a good button up under a good crew neck. I actually got a bunch of good crew necks from a kids uniform store.. for $7 each.. im wearing it now.. sorry im not sorry..

  • erica wright

    Love this! Actually really reminds me of the uniforms the Celine staff wear which is always a good thing. Those Lanvin loafers are dreamy. Please check out my latest article on my blog! Referencing the ever-important ‘Blinded by the Label’ syndrome as founded by MR 😀 Would love to know what you think.
    Erica x

  • loving this london look. i can’t get enough of monochromatic looks lately.


  • I adore monochrome – so thrilled it’s still so much en vogue this year!


  • vittoria gallacci

    I would love to feel cool dressed that way, but everytime I try there’s a problem: my breasts are too big for me and for that look. I’m a maniac of course because I have a normal (not too small not too big, just normal) size, but I feel unconfortable. And that’s sucks!

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • Fabita Punk


  • Romina C

    Love your selection! Romi

  • i love the maison martin mageiala rings!! i can already imagine it on my fingers 😛

  • Paula McClelland

    Yep – monochromatic is the way to go I reckon – I’ve been busy clipping to make a kick ass Polyvore collage – what a GEEK!

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend

  • The Provoker

    I love those Illesteva sunnies, and yes I like a slight nod to MJ era anytime! and with the loafers, I mind as well moonwalk down the runway. I’ve just upload my selection of street style shots I personally took
    from London Fashion Week, do tell me what you think on whether or not
    you approve of these street provokers.

    xx The Provoker

  • Greer Clarke


  • I like such a style. You can never look bad in such clothes. It is a great idea for ones that are not sure how to pair some clothes with each other.


  • Alexa Curtis

    Love how great everything pairs together. Monochrome is amazing because it is easy to pull off and versatile. European cities are definitely much more toned down compared to somewhere like NY!



  • Patricia

    love this- quadruples? yeah!

  • Heather Patton

    I kinda like this! While I’m dying to add more color to my wardrobe, there are days when simplicity is the name of the game. This outfit is stylish, modern, yet comfortable and easy for anyone (on any budget) to try.

  • Chael

    These awesome sunnies wont let the sun go down on me 🙂

  • Shawnee Rajala

    Gorgeous. On another note, I had a dream last night that my younger sister bought new man-repeller-esque sunnies, which were circular and had gold wings and all, and I about attacked her.

  • B.

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  • Phuet tailor

    Thanks for sharing

  • Dorie {Brooklyn Salt}

    Ooh, my favorite colors.

  • Mary Pham

    I love your selections! And I believe you would love the pieces we have at Spaces and Gems. Check us out:

  • Camille Bénaroche

    Very nice outfit !!