Missing at NYFW

Where in the world was Anna Dello Russo?


When day 1 came and went and we’d not yet seen a 3D cherry headband, we were suspicious. By day 2, the lack of iridescence left us considerably alarmed. But it was only after days 3 and 4, when green sequins and neon creepers and tie dye fur offered a substantial plethora of hungry street style without even a single trace of her signature folly stamped to it that we finally had to wonder: where in the world is Anna dello Russo?

Sure, it would be easy to chalk up her late appearance at New York Fashion Week (she was first seen at The Marc by Marc Jacobs show on Monday night, and then again in Prada’s spring aquatic socks cum flatforms at Rodarte on Tuesday) to aerial difficulties (lest we forget, there was a snow storm). And though we’d guess that even the most fashion-naive pilot could understand that Anna does not do snow boots (thus prompting heavy delays in her favor), isn’t a healthy round of Guess Where ADR Was until Tuesday more fun? We think so.

Below find eight of the most realistic postulations we (as in, Charlotte and me) could conjure on where dello Russo had been and what she was doing before finally arriving at her twice-annual debutante ball. This is her world, people. We just live in it.

1. You know, it is possible that she did make it in before the snowstorm but just felt too lost as an individual knee-deep in white ice to indulge in the fashion week adrenaline rush. Could it be that she was getting in touch with her Italian roots the best way she knew how? Basking in the oily glory of a fatty penne, garlic cloves included, at The Olive Garden.

2. In the event she was in New York (and not psychoanalytically lost), and doesn’t quite care for The Olive Garden (I pity the fool!), is it possible that she had put on her Man of The People cap (made entirely of recycled newspaper scraps, mind you) and was just waiting for the crosstown bus to take her to Lincoln Center?

Looks like it’s arriving soon!

3. Or maybe she was still walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (we’d guess that she’s staying at a studio in Williamsburg that used to belong to a deceased artist who used only banana peels and green food dye to procure his paintings) to get into the City. Gams that fit don’t just manifest in thin air, you know.

4. We should not forget it was a mere two weeks ago that the entire United States tuned in to watch The Ravens become 2013’s Superbowl champs. Maybe, just maybe, she was so fundamentally impressed by their win, she wanted to watch it on repeat and even, dare I suppose, participate for the sake of divine empathy, too.

(Yves) Saint Laurent gilded gladiator wedges are a perfect football field accoutrement.

5. I might be conjecturing far too ambitiously. Anna dello Russo? Football? That can’t be right. This scenario must be more closely linked to the half-time show. I always wondered if Destiny’s Child was in fact, an embryonic Anna dello Russo.

And furthermore if Children’s Services might take her away once they found out?

6. It’s quite clear that ADR loves a good time, much more when infused by fashion. Seeing as the unofficial haven for after-parties this season has been the ineffable neo-nightclub, Bow, maybe she’s been on Bowery, singing the Fashion Shower chant, tirelessly.

And maybe now, she’s looking for her car.

7. …In order to get to the supermarket! Frozen food is very hip.

8. Finally, here’s our last shot. Could it be that Anna dello Russo was late for fashion week because…

All of her clothes were dirty and she just needed to launder? The world may never know.

Whatever it was, though, Anna, we’re glad you’re here now.

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  • The Stylist

    hahahahaha, hilarious! I think she didn’t pack her coats and moon boots so she rather stayed in her 5 star hotel watching the live stream 🙂

  • Felicity

    Girl was just running some errands, haters gonna hate.

    • Felicity

      Oh no, I didn’t mean to do that, please can you delete my comment so I don’t get spammed?! Sorry! x

      • Leandra Medine

        Got it!

        • Felicity

          Thank you! x

  • Ha ha ha! Truly hilarious. You just made my day.


  • Holly-Bella

    I love that dirty look the woman in the last picture is giving ADR, it says it all really hahahahahahahah xx


  • Jamie

    These are all likely scenarios. Although, it’s probably more likely that it was a culmination of all 8. After all, ADR is nothing if not a teleporting fairy goddess with perfectly glossy skin, no?


  • So hilarious. LOVE anna.


  • Felicity

    Haha! Girl just needed to run some errands.
    Love the DC one, can we petition to have her as a fourth member? *Goes off to investigate*

  • Mette Damgaard

    Hahaha amazing!

  • Danielle Davi
  • Craving for Barneys

    Hahahahaha hilarious!

  • Vicki Archer

    These are hilarious!! My guess is that she’s still waiting for the bus!…xv


  • bleu

    I saw ADR backstage at the Prabal Show!

  • Paola

    I was wondering about it too but now I know, thanks Leandra.

  • Namrata
  • OMG this is the funniest shit ever haha her on stage with the Queen Bey pwhahahahaha I’m dying.

  • silly girl!! You got me ROTFLMBO!!! You have no idea how bad i needed that! Thanks for making me laugh hilariously!!!!

  • Reptilia

    hahahhha i can´t stop laughing!
    That´s true. We havel´t see her and this is weird.



  • Silvia Cristescu

    Only you could think of this! It was super funny! I enjoyed reading it!http://www.thestunninglook.com/

  • Domonique

    I literally snorted whilst laughing at scenario 4, although I do think you missed a trick by not accompanying her outfit with a helmet!


  • Overmycloset

    No, no, no…. All these are quite possible scenarios, but I’ve been told that she was helping Minnie (yes, Minnie herself, the mouse) on her styling-rendez-vous at Lanvin (video here: http://soovermycloset.blogspot.pt/2013/02/minnie-owns-lanvin-dress.html)
    I’m, like, SO sure on this.

  • Meredith

    Love the addition of Jeff Wall, Leandra!

  • Taylor

    According to Tommy Ton, it seems she’s here!

  • Taylor
  • This is so funny x

  • Ciska

    I love this post! It’s hilarious. Will ADR ever tell us the answer?



  • lavieenliz

    omg this is really good!!


  • Jennifer

    Haha! You are hilarious!

    xo Jennifer


  • Maybe Anna’s just a figment of our imagination onto which we project our most repressed and desired fashion fantasies,

    and now that we’re all TMR prodigies, we just don’t need her as much anymore.

    Kind of like my imaginary miniature friends in fourth grade.
    Except not at all.

  • Soy mi Personal Shopper

    Ja ja ja, verdaderamente divertidísimo este post; muy muy bueno. Un saludo

  • Ruzi

    She is probably recovering from her recent plastic surgery in some convalescent home. Stop obsessing with the famous people. Why not cover people that have no exposure or struggle to get publicity but deserve it on the merit of their work or creativity. Thanks.

    • Ella

      You must be really fun at parties. Oh, wait – no.
      let her joke about Anna! it’s funny, after all. don’t take it all to seriously 🙂

      • Ella

        too*. sorry for the misspelling

        • Ruzi

          There is an unhealthy saturation of the same people being featured on every blog/website dedicated to fashion which I do take seriously. Like I said: Why not cover people that have no exposure or struggle to get publicity but deserve it on the merit of their work or creativity.

          p.s. You don’t know me, so I am not sure where you are going with ‘fun at parties’ comment but what the hell. Have a good day.

  • sophie

    this post is absolutely hilarious, i am smiling from ear-to-ear http://archiveseven.blogspot.com

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Saw her in a Prada coat on Instagram!! 🙂 Love the photoshops btw

  • ben

    You guys should check out http://getnowapp.com/fashionweek , great way to see what’s happening at Fashion Week right now!

  • Stephanie Lam

    It can’t be #8, as (rumor has it) ADR NEVER wears anything twice. So why wash it when you’re never going to wear it again?



  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Pauline T

    I’ve been wondering this like crazy (the lack of ADR pictures to repin on pinterest is pretty alarming) and you just made my night right now, and I just want to thank you so bad for the good laugh and I’m annoying myself for putting “and” everything. But yeah, GENIUS post, that’s TMR that I looove!

  • one word: awesome!

  • This is just hilarious! 😀


  • Mi Mi Mendine

    AHAHAaaa you are too funny :””D


  • I find the possibility of her doing laundry an utter impossiblility becuase she would never repeat an outfit, so no need to launder! My bet is on olive garden. xx


  • diane lofshult

    Perhaps she was at Target for the launch of Prabal Gurang?

  • Saakshi


  • www.blamejayne.blogspot.com


  • hahha this is so hilarious! and she looks so out of place in all the photos. lol. especially the laundry mat!


  • Ivan


  • Catalina

    jajajajajajajaja muy bueno!!!


    hehehe, you are too freakin funny!the shit that comes to your mind dazzles me…!!!:))cannot wait to see more of Anna, she rules the fashion world for sure..!!!!


  • Sophie
  • bekanicolee

    oh Leandra, you never cease to make my day.

  • daniela corno

    That picture of her with Beyonce is probably the best thing I have ever seen. I love you even more now and I didn’t think that was possible.


  • Lotus Blossom

    You’re killing me smalls!

  • Saw her @ Tory Burch

  • alicake

    Excellent, love it! The supermarket Photoshopping is so well done I really thought it was for real. And actually that would have been a very cool photo shoot of her dressed like that in the freezer aisle.

  • Kim

    love the idea and the collages!! xx


  • LMAO – I’m sure she had some sort of accessories emergency and being the authentic lady she is could not leave the house until said scenario was rectified!

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend

  • This was freaking hilarious!!!


  • Yuka

    the man who’s sitting caught my eyes. want the NY cap so badly! x


  • squirrelwoman

    haha! love it:)

  • Brooke Allen

    um this is probably one of my favorite posts from you….OF ALL TIME….
    brooke @ what2wear, monikabrooke.blogspot.com

  • Em


    xoxo, Em

  • noel

    TOO FUNNY! I loved seeing you on project runway last night!

  • Stephanie

    LMAO love it!



  • Debra Santos

    omg I thought the pictures were real at first till I seen all of them …great job lol too funny

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    You’re crazy!
    I think she was somewhere in MIAMI getting some hottie sun.

  • pilisstyle

    haha these collages are awesome!

  • Dene

    seriously, where was she?

  • Moussia

    love this post!! where in the world in anna? funny to see high fashion in the grocery store and in the laundry mat!

  • Jajajajajajaja so funny. Lov u <3

  • Laura

    You deserve an award for this.

  • Daniel Azzopardi

    Number 7 is too much! Ha!