Friday’s Folly

It was the best of times, it was the, well, best of times.


First things first: the sweeping Friday deduction is simply that color is a movement of the past. For now, it’s black, it’s white, sometimes it’s camel and if you’re feeling real frisky a splash of rather dynamic red but when push comes to shove, we’re re-entering the age of Felini and you know what? I don’t hate it.

Photographed in slideshow formation above, find close details and a couple looks from the Jason Wu runway show. Set at 583 Park, a luxuriously large venue off the corner of 63rd street in the upper echelons of Manhattan, an enormous floor to ceiling chandelier infiltrated the epicenter of the makeshift runway. I for one hoped at least one model would make the executive decision to bull charge right into it but in true First Lady spirit (isn’t that was Wu does? Make us want to nudge our counterparts and have them run for office?), they were all far too elegant for that.

It’s a rather special experience to see Wu in real time, the man designs something for everyone–including, in fact, blouses with floor length tails for those of us disinterested in gown galloping. Key note: that leather sleeveless turtleneck dress. Yes, the one that expounds into the most regal bird in all of the sky. (Watch the 6 second clip of show here)

At Pier 57, Sally LaPointe taught a lesson in layering. Not necessarily pertaining to the traditional tactics, this was more about what manifests below thigh length. Have you ever seen thigh high leggings? I hadn’t either. What originally seemed like another nod to the overwhelming salute to over-the-knee boots this season actually revealed itself as a rather strategic glorified leg warmer grazing the heel of a chunky boot and offering an interior zipper for dimension’s purpose. Once again, it was black, it was white, sometimes it was red. (Watch the 6 second clip here.)

By the time the snow began sticking and feeling in my toes had been irreparably lost, Yigal Azrouel demanded the sort of attention to detail that his new collection deserves. With an array of lush outerwear and one particular burgundy ankle length cape that subscribes to nothing short of the Man Repeller ethos (and, you know, Monk-manship), the athletic nunwear of last season was effectively put to shame. Zipper detailing, messy hair, a wool jumpsuit…are you there, Paris? It’s me, in Yigal. (Watch the 6 second clip here)

Meanwhile, at Rebecca Minkoff, awesome outerwear continued to trend.  A striped suit and graphic tee, digital camo-prints and one rather special nod to hounds-tooth cum plaid made it considerably delightful to watch the continuing metamorphose of her collections in a way that now reflects the true indie spirit of Minkoff’s personal style, which, needless to say (but I will anyway), is killer.

And finally, at Rag & Bone. Mulled wine, beer and hot pretzels were being passed around just before the show which almost immediately made it the day’s highlight (it came in close considering the live band at Minkoff’s show) but it was only during look #7 (the dead seafoam leather skirt suit as I like to call it,) that I realized this show would be a highlight for a multitude of other reasons that would include the aforementioned, a generous plethora of thick satin mini dresses and blazers, Annie Hall-centric hounds-tooth suits and the Plymouth Rock realness incited by a certain new shoe shape for Rag & Bone brought to you in mustard-yellow and made to galvanize your skinny ankles.

Aren’t they lovely? I should not forget one more tip off to an emerging era of thigh highs. And now in true lemonade (not to be confused with lemons) spirit, it’s time I spray paint my sled.

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  • Baroqueness Monster

    My favourite piece might be the J Wu dress that suspiciously resembles a nesting owl, but I am also quite intrigued by the logistics of thigh-high leggings.

  • Eva

    I love the Rebecca Minkoff collection!! xx


  • the era of thigh highs always gets me a bit skeptical…we all know a lot of people who should not be wearing them…WILL be wearing them:))

    • Will Code For Clothes

      LOVE THIGH HIGHS. MR, this was an amazing recap. Thanks!! And also, I think those shoes at the end match your baby mustard chanel purse… am I right?

  • lavieenliz
  • s

    I was at the Minkoff show as well! I loved the looks. they had a good taste of being fashion forward but not an overkill. It felt like any woman could wear it


  • Wind-up bird

    I think the rag and bone was my favorite. I love the almost bicycle shorts like look under the skirts! If I don’t acquire those shoes or some similar I might implode (resulting in the creation of a black hole of saddness).

  • i love that teal coat!

  • Ohhhh I absolutely love the Rebecca Minkoff camp coat! So beautiful it’s insane!

  • Thumbs up for Sally LaPointe

  • Heather Patton

    Thank you for letting us see what’s going on out there in NYC! If money were no object, I would totally dig that Minkoff coat with the camo and fur collar…just the right amount of weird, but in a pretty way.

  • Wish I could’ve seen the live band at Rebecca Minkoff’s show!!

  • I just love that fashion does not stop for blizzards!

  • Paula McClelland

    That black snakey biker style jacket at Jason Wu and the structured jumpsuit (complete with fwuffy snood) from Yigal are definitely works of art – and therefore must haves!
    The coulors at Rag & Bone though… very enticing.
    Keep em coming MR. Great stuff.

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend

  • Rena Smith

    That burgundy cape is sublime… Yigal nailed it!

    Rena xoxo

  • Hersheykiss

    Jason Wu is my favorite!

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic collections!


  • The white fur coat at Jason Wu. I die.

  • ADJ

    really dynamic, daring clothes.. impressive.

  • been following the fashion week via MR on instagram as well. Thanks for that. J’adore.

  • Loving the black and white trend this season!

  • Jason Wu Fall 2013 collection is really great!

  • Gretchen von Düsterwald

    Great post! I always love reading your articles because they are so diversified and interesting. It is also very encouraging to see how succesful you are as blogger. Maybe some day I will… no just kidding. You are amazing.
    Gretchen vonDüsterwald

  • Chloe

    Rebecca Minkoff and Rag & Bone were my favorites.

  • Miss G

    I loved Jason Wu too, also loved Prabal Gurung this season. His collection reeks of female empowerment, Check it out on my blog:

  • Amanda GREY

    Great collections but, come on, FUR?! We have developed enought technology to make great FAUX for a fraction. FUR is for dumb asses with no consciousness.

  • Rose Marie

    Wow, I love the fur accents dotted about around the looks – especially as I’m reading this wearing my brown snood! And thank you, yet again, for providing us with an extensive, yet perfectly humorous report, love the woolen jumpsuit!

  • Lauren

    Jason Wu’s silvery transparent trench is like a glistening raindrop! He is creeping up in my personal ratings meter!!!!!


    Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Lisa gonzalez

    I loved this post! I love Rebecca Minkoff’s camo-print trench!

  • Malibu PR Gal

    LOVED Rebecca Minkoff and Herve Leger – also Max’s ( my old boss ) BCBG layers. I had to take a slight fashion detour ( last minute Grammy styling and Grammy related events )… Almost finished and then it’s back to Fashion Week – thanks for keeping us on our toes!

  • jay

    THOSE RAG AND BONE MUSTARD SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR. BTW, thank you for keeping me in the know. Until I, myself, can attend fashion week, your summaries will surely suffice!

  • FashionFocused

    Ugh ! to live this life!! While you’re frolcking through all the shows, i can only sit back and write about why some designers are opting not to show. read more on

  • I was at Yigal too! That long cape with the silver zippers was so beautiful. What color is that anyways? Blush? Burgundy?

  • Cara

    So happy I found this site courtesy of LEIGHANNSAYS 🙂

  • Manoj

    Today i come to know why ur blog is the no. one blog in the world in fashion lists …… you Have your unique aim to providing the world every knowledge to the world . So, i lso want to be like u n and i have also a fashion blog .

    i trying my best to see my blog lso in top lists by taking motivations from you

  • Indeed, it looks like you had the best day.
    Hope to see you at the Lincoln Center. I am outside photographing the street style. 🙂


  • Matt

    Nice shoes. Check out my project and write for bloggin pictures.

  • tessa

    I love sally La pointe!

  • omg…the colors in rag&bone is just amazing. i couldn’t stop staring at the pictures for a good few minutes. and i am so excited for the all the coats that are about to come. soo excited!

  • Tess Chandler

    Coats For Men
    can be a good look, but these coats are amazing. I just bought a fur from Burlington Coat Factory. They had such great deals that I saved about $60 on it. It was a great buy.

  • izzy

    i loved marc jacobs collection !

    can yellow check out my blog
    please and thank you

  • izzy

    i loved marc jacobs collection !
    did a review on iy

    can y’all check out my blog! please and thank you

  • Em

    I am SWOONING over Rag & Bone. All those jackets and sweaters hit my color palate EXACTLY and I want more I tell you. MOAR.

    xoxo, Em