Collabonation: x Pjk

See some clothes, buy some clothes–or don’t, it’s your life.


“The great thing about contemporary wear is that everything is contemporary!” Look, if I don’t quote me, no one else will, and that will never bode well with what happens to me posthumously. Here is one of like, five videos that I shot in honor of the looming clothing collaboration that has just officially dropped across the Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Shopbop websites.

I’ve been working on this collection for a pretty long time and it occurred to me post “design” process that it must feel considerably odd for real designers to see their mental objects come to tangible fruition at least six months post inception. I guess that’s why the internet win at efficiency, right? We think what we what, say it when we want and watch the world react almost instantaneously. But I digress, I do hope you enjoy the offerings from shipment one of the three part series (you just wait for them overalls and fruity pockets). I for one, am rather partial toward the graphic tees (holla at my uniCORN), wide leg shorts and silk maxi skirts.

Mermaids are awesome.

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