Collabonation: x Pjk

See some clothes, buy some clothes–or don’t, it’s your life.


“The great thing about contemporary wear is that everything is contemporary!” Look, if I don’t quote me, no one else will, and that will never bode well with what happens to me posthumously. Here is one of like, five videos that I shot in honor of the looming clothing collaboration that has just officially dropped across the Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Shopbop websites.

I’ve been working on this collection for a pretty long time and it occurred to me post “design” process that it must feel considerably odd for real designers to see their mental objects come to tangible fruition at least six months post inception. I guess that’s why the internet win at efficiency, right? We think what we what, say it when we want and watch the world react almost instantaneously. But I digress, I do hope you enjoy the offerings from shipment one of the three part series (you just wait for them overalls and fruity pockets). I for one, am rather partial toward the graphic tees (holla at my uniCORN), wide leg shorts and silk maxi skirts.

Mermaids are awesome.

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  • Not sure if it was your decision, but awesome song choice. Dum Dum Girls is amazing.

  • Anna Black

    hahaha awesome video, looks like you had loads of fun!!

  • =^..^=

    HOLY. SHIT: One second, you’re posing like a total fashion model, the next youre laughing yr ass off/flouncing around like a moron/messing up your hair like “Cousin It.”

    Sis, you are mind-numbingly FABULOUS.

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • sialsiquiero

    just 4 words YOU ARE THE BEST, I’m stll laughing, thanks

    SΓ­ al sΓ­ quiero

  • Sabah

    Awwww you’re the cutest. The collection looks AAaamaZING!! Good luck with it all !!

  • When you’re dead I will gladly quote you

  • Mirna

    Awesome, just awesome!!!

  • natalie

    i love the clothes and your dancing!!


  • Yahari

    LOL! And not just like lol but your not really laughing, but like LOL that was freakin’ hilarious! Especially when you channeled your inner Miroslava Duma with the two Chanel cross bodies…LMAO DEAD!!

  • Veronica

    I want to purchase the silk crocodile shorts but where’s the matching top? Huh Leandra where’s the matching top?!

  • Jaime

    I don’t see the gold shorts and matching blazer for purchase anywhere :/ why must you do this to me?

    • Leandra Medine

      They are in next delivery which is dropping mid march!

  • your awkward dancing/walking is my obsession. can’t wait til more comes out πŸ™‚

  • mressentialist

    It’s all about the banana and strawberry tees.

    • AvraG

      And the money….honey.

  • B.

    I saw your collection for the first time in the closet I was freelancing in. I loved it then, I love it more now that its attainable, and I will love it even more when I’m wearing that gold look down the street and i am impatiently waiting those overalls!

  • Sarah Seung

    Love these pieces. They’re not just stylish, they feel authentic, an extension of your personality, and that’s what gives it that extra umph!!! Congrats…

  • Natashia

    Actually love every one of those outfits.. And your hair! Arrgghh.. I’m going to the bathroom with scissors now. To cut my hair that is…

  • rhodawong

    i’d like to be your friend (:

  • Little Red Book

    You must be so much fun at a photoshoot. πŸ™‚

  • V

    You never fail to amaze me with your sillyness! LOVE that banana tshirt! A very tempting buy! πŸ™‚

  • becca

    OoOoo pixie ruffle blouse love!!!!!!!!!!

  • monkeyshines
  • Either I’m going insane and seeing SNL references where there are none, or you’ve been searching through old episodes for caption inspiration.
    But then again, what do I know? Whatever, it’s your life, do what you want, I’m not the police.

    • Leandra Medine

      I do not exist without SNL. So what? Who cares?

  • isabelle

    so cool outfits. I really enjoy your blog.

  • Miss Kutsu

    It is so nice to see your energy and happiness! You should do more videos!

  • The clothes are really so gorgeous!!

  • Passant

    Great! love every piece specially the wide shorts with the same blouse fabric, can’t stop watching the video #Amazing!

  • Stacy

    you are so cool! Like your blog and by the way, there is a mention of you and your blog in February issue Marie Claire Ukraine πŸ˜‰

  • Greer Clarke

    I actually like this video most because it makes the clothes more real. I feel a lot more inclined to buy them now I’ve seen them in action. Go Leandra! Repel Repel Repel!

  • Savannah Jual

    You have such an electric energy. It’s contagious, and totally empowering. Plus you’re wearing such rad clothes. How did you get this….you?

    Tell me your secrets.

  • Julie

    I love it. Gosh dammit you are awesome.

  • Melissa Ulloa


  • erica wright

    I love this!! The great thing about TMR is we have followed the same persona from you since day one, no matter how big the collaboration or how big your blog grows you have never changed who you are and how you act. It’s so refreshing to see especially when most bloggers just stand still straight faced with no emotion on every single ‘what i’m wearing’ post and its exhaustingly boring!! And completely adds to not knowing who they are nor anything interesting about their personality. I feel like i knowww know you Leandra!! Pandas et all.
    Long live TMR.

  • Eva

    Love all of the items in this video! Funny and cool video too πŸ˜‰ xx

  • nat

    Love the collection, but I must say I was extremely confused by the bustier. Like, really? It’s glorified hooker chic at best, totally goes against your mantra and didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the collection. I’m sure it’s there to layer but in saying that, I’m finding it hard to mentally mellow it, even with a collared shirt and about three jackets.

    • Alleyco

      she do what she want, brah.

  • love it!

  • Julie

    Just love this collaboration. May I ask where the blouse above is from?

  • Jo

    Oh gosh you’re so cool
    In LOVE baby

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  • Shesnokitten

    Good job kiddo

  • Alice

    I tried really hard to like it but… I just thought the collection is very weak and unremarkable… You are better at transforming clothes into unforgettable heart-stirring assembles than actually creating them

    • Emo 13 year old

      lol k hater!!!

      • Sophie

        I think Alice has a pretty valid opinion. I wish everyone would stop condemning anyone with criticism as a hater, its ‘s uncalled for.

        • Leandra Medine

          Yes! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and though I really appreciate the defense, Alice conveyed her POV very, very respectfully.

    • Ruby

      Alice, I feel the same to some degree, looking online nothing stands out, but in saying that everything in the video looks much better and I personally think the stronger pieces aren’t in stores yet.

    • AvraG

      I unfortunately feel the same. Sorry. But continue you’re writing. Love to read you.

    • I was really looking forward to pieces that stood out on its own and just screamed independent style or just unique and fun. However, all the pieces that I see on the PJK site that I see all just seem too generic. Pretty but generic. I also expected to see more colors. Clearly the best pieces haven’t hit the stores yet cause I really did love the gold jacket/shorts and the banana graphic tee

    • Lilli

      I personally love it! Who wouldn’t want a banana on their tit?

  • XeanaFashion

    Productive cooperation. I wish you good sales



    I only like the shoes.

  • Nina

    What is the song playing in the video? You’re awesome by the way! πŸ˜‰

    • Dum Dum Girls

      • Adrianna

        Do you know which song specifically? I’ve been trying to look it up but had no luck!!

  • Mia

    The collection is very plain. I guess it’s OK for layering but even in the video I don’t see you layering much? I like the video and your silly dancing, but that’s about it. The gold shorts-suit look is pretty nice, though!

  • Love it!!! You’re so darn cute!!!

  • Ann

    I think the collection is lovely, however (and understandably) designed for your own body shape. I haven’t worn shorts since I was 19 and the skirt is way too short. But the pixie blouse might be nice for work. Anyway, you’re adorable πŸ™‚

  • Alleyco

    congratulations! Man Reppeller 4 eva

  • Sean

    Omg I’m totally obsessed and I was just wondering when will those fruity pocket tees (god they’re flawless) be available? πŸ˜€ Love from Singapore! xx

  • is that dino phone case up for grabs? It’s very vintage and in I love it very much.

  • Nadia

    love all the looks and your attitude f**g rocks (as usual)


  • Girl crush love it!!!

  • Chael

    Love that you had so much fun!

  • Shawnee Rajala

    ACK! I’m so in love with this. So unique and my closet is screaming for them.. Congrats!! xo

  • lydiiloo

    where can i find the strawberry&banana pocket tanks!? ILOVEEEE. This Line is awesome because, “the great thing about contemporary wear is that everything is contemporary!” -LM

  • Ella

    2nd paragraph: “We think what we want”, instead of the ‘what’ you wrote.

    and the collection is very nice! Man Repeller to the infinite and beyond!

  • Gabrielle Cosentino

    Cool clothes !! Great video πŸ™‚

  • Love your moves in the video!

  • FijiFlips

    Gorgeous but trend driven.

  • Stephanie Lam

    Loving the whimsical tees!!


  • Shannah

    UGH can we just be best friends forever already? I love your existence Leandra, I love how crazy/fun/hilarious/adorable you are, always. You are without a doubt THE most down to earth style blogger/internet persona around. Great collection.

  • Dounia

    Beautiful creations! I especially love the Pixie Hollow Dress. Bravo!
    I’ve read that PJK does not ship to France……….. Boo hoo, ME SO SAD!!!!!!!!

  • Prudence

    the best part of it all was you. the clothes were unremarkable.


  • Lauren Dimesky

    I cannot have a day without my MR fix! And this post just affirmed my addiction!! Sending you heartfelt congrats on your collaboration and I can’t wait til it hits the stores!! Especially loving the skinny trousers in the exotic colors!!!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme



    • Leandra Medine

      But I don’t *want* to wear a bra!!

      • ni ni

        I hardly ever wear a bra. Comfort and confetttii everywhere!!!

  • The whle thing is so you and that fact make me wanna buy everything!
    But of course there is no shipping to Greece, we are in Europe not Narnia.
    Falling more in love with the MR as a general concept and blog.

  • I love the prints. The Unicorn tee immediately reminded me of Doe Deere from Lime Crime! Hmmm maybe Man Repeller should dabble in cosmetics? *nudge nudge*

  • Love the clothes, they have a great vibe that is reflective of your personality.

  • style lovely

    Woow nice video!

    Look how we think about fashion!

  • Anita Young

    That tropical dress, need it, want it, gotta have it!

  • LAW

    Those cut out boots are divine, you rock every outfit and i adore your hair that length xx

  • Pamela Zedan Haua

    And Revolve Clothing!

  • KellCams

    your such a high quality human. How every female would love to emulate your oozing enthusiasm for life and general cheekiness. Killer

  • yvonne
  • I love it ! You make this collection stand out for what you’re presenting in this video ! Well done πŸ™‚

  • lavraiecharlotte

    i love your outfit you can see my look here :

  • rose and william

    I love all the clothes and they look amazing on you, good luck xx

  • tessa

    LOve the pic! haha

    I have the same shoes, I shoult try to put them whit shorts also, looks fab!

  • Brooke Allen

    ahhh im soo excited about this, I pre-ordered my Pete tee last week….can’t wait for it to get here, great job Leandra!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear,

    • Leandra Medine

      Can’t wait to see it on you~!@#$%^&%$#@!#@!

  • Ana

    I honestly like it a lot!!

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • looove it. Your attitude is just stunning!

  • I cannot wait for the overalls.

  • Chris

    The collection is so you, and that’s what is important. For people who don’t like it, then they should design their own clothes. Why not consider yourself a designer, though? If Jessica Simpson is allowed to call herself one, I think you qualify too.


  • Helena Kalman

    Will there be anything with the dinosaur? He’s my favorite… Just sayin’.

  • Felicity

    Medine getting all Shakira here. Such a fun video! x

  • Alyssa Brooke

    You are so adorable, Leandra! I love your silliness. I absolutely LOVE strawberries as well. They are my favorite food and I almost enjoy wearing them as much as I do devouring them. Cool collection.

    Vintage Sale $10 & Under!

  • Laura Ashton Barry

    I actually really like the cuts on all of these tops. I’m not really down with the skirts but being a girl who owns way too many pairs of jeans, I’m always looking for a super cute/fabulous/sexy top to make me feel a little special!

  • Natasha

    I think the collection is good- whilst they may not all be pieces that we all want to buy, it is unmistakably you and true to the sense of style that you convey on this blog; which is great and refreshing as it would have been so easy to create items that are copies of what brands have put out already or just in line with current trends. Also, i love the printed shorts!

  • Isa

    These shoes are the SHIT!

  • Becks

    I like the brocade looking short and jacket combo and the floral shorts.

  • Fabita Punk

    I always love watching videos about yourself…your silliness makes me happy πŸ™‚

  • Tereza.
  • Melissa

    I love how simplistic the designs are; but then there’s this punch to them, like a crazy print, or unexpected ruffles. I think it’s a nice collection!

  • ntabibian

    what is this song called?


    We’re digging it and shared it with our audience today!!

  • Charlotte

    Is the white blouse part of the collection? And if so when?!

  • Christina Pippin

    I’m loving so many of these pieces. Those croc shorts. Yes. And the way they’re styled in the video. Yes and yes.

  • jane

    I dont love these pieces…… I LUV DEM!!!!!!!!!