Celebrating V-Day



I still stand by my previous word and maintain that Valentine’s Day may bear more similarities to a colonoscopy than a national holiday based on the merit of love. Why? Because if performed improperly, it is still afflictive and uncomfortable.

Suppose you’re not in love, why is Valentine’s Day trying to elicit that singular feeling of absolute loneliness? And if you are in love? That’s cool. But must we commemorate camaraderie and companionship today of all days? Isn’t the supposition that we should celebrate each other every day? Or at very least, every other day? Fine, once a week.


At Man Repeller, the royal We like to think that V-Day actually collapses to mean Vagina Day. We do, after all, nest the it-genitals of 2012 and 2013 (as mandated by yours truly) beating out our Y-centric contenders a whopping two years in a row. So why not celebrate that? And, of course, the extensive sobriquets our respective O’Keefes garner. (My particular favorites include Notorious V.A.G, Venus Fly Trap and The Mystical Fold–this one, because we are mysterious creatures and should be treated as such). Oneness is a good thing and it’s okay if you’re alone this V-Day. As a matter of fact it’s okay if you’re alone every February 14th going forward.

You have a companion within yourself and depending on your sense of humor, her name might be Ninja Boot. She will never abandon you and though often attack you with a deep rouge surprise, her intentions are only in your best interest. I think that’s important to remember.

Bottom line? Happy Gal-entines Day. Let’s raise a glass to ourselves.

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  • monkeyshines
  • happy v day! x

  • lavieenliz
  • Mayra

    You are a GOD!! Amen! 😉

  • hahah ❤

  • well now you’ve got me all sentimental on v day. here’s to me and my vag mahal and to you and your part persian pleasure palace.


  • Overmycloset

    Leandra, being the pride owner of a vag AND a pride colonoscopy-performer, I, above all vags, raise a glass to myself. Maybe two. Damn, maybe more.


  • I like this take on Vday a lot better!

  • Carolina Muniz

    Hahaha… love it! ♥

  • Eva

    Hahaha, totally awesome! Happy G day to you too 😉 xx


  • Jamie

    If any of your other fans are like myself, they don’t harbor vaginas nor want them to touch, look or think about me. What about us? Huh? HUH? (I don’t actually hate vaginas but as a gay man I feel it’s sometimes my role to play up that cliche.) Nice dress.


  • Ashley

    you are the best… thank you for that smile

  • Brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed that post. All hail the Notorious V.A.G.


  • Domonique

    “The mystical fold” this is just genius! Hail Hail V-Day, it will never look the same…


  • notoriousmcb

    i love creating romance everyday via lighting too many pottery barn candles, but creating a little fauxmance via sending sparkly greeting cards once a year hasn’t killed me yet! still, i’ll take your tips on how to celebrate my notorious v.a.g. everyday manrepeller!

  • dollface

    hear, hear!

  • Jennifer

    Yeah, I’m not big on Valentine’s Day either

    xo Jennifer


  • Lea

    V-Day is also about ONe Billion Rising. I am sure that you, as a feminist, are interested in it!

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Kimberly Corinne

    You’re so brilliant! Yes lets take this day to celebrate our feminine divineness!!!! I’ve been receiving the sweetest greetings from all my best gals anyways. Nicely articulated MR…as always:)

  • technically speaking it is about women and a reminder we need this day http://onebillionrising.org/

  • and this poor model in red marchesa dress desperately needs to eat valentine’s chocolates…must they be so skinny?


  • Wind-up bird

    I just bought some zebra print booties for my inner companion. She’s pretty stoked. Happy V-Day gal pals.

  • Nicole Eigbrett

    I’m far away from my ladies, so I treated myself to a week’s worth of new underwear and a solo movie, but Galentine’s really is where it’s at!

    Love the runway photo too : )

  • Sarah E
  • Daniella Merbs

    Loved this post!!!! Really enjoyed reading it!! ( but realistically I love everything you post)

  • I ignore Valentine’s Day if I’m alone or with someone. I did, however, notice you on Project Runway tonight. Way to go, Leandra! It was a perfect challenge for you to be a judge.

  • Goran

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  • Namrata

    Hear Hear! Happy Gal-entines day peeps!


  • Paulina

    I had a great Valentine’s Day! Even though it was only for two hours cause’ I had to leave my city (Warsaw), my boyfriend woke me up with the best chocolate cake ever! 🙂 I loved this!


  • Vicki Archer

    This is great! Happy Gal-entines Day!!…Love the red dress too…xv


  • rhodawong
  • IslingArt

    Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

  • Lou

    You have outdone yourself. Probably one – if not THE – best post ever!

  • Nia

    i’m a senior in college, single, man repelling, & obsessed with your site and all i have to say is


  • B

    I can greatly appreciate this post! Thanks for your wise words MR!

  • I AGREE!!! V-day makes you feel stink even if your partner remembered (mine didn’t) I spent vagina day on a train for some sister time ~ GIRLS RULE

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend

  • i have yet to experience Valentines except this one time in high school, and it was ruined because i had cramps. I never really think about it if i’m single because by the time the text from friends come in, flowers from my mom and aunt, and calls from grandpa …….oh and the candy and cute cards from work i realize it’s not just about having love with your ball and chain. It’s about legit showing love to your love ones that you still love everyday but instead that day you spend a little more on flowers, cook extra special dinners maybe? I don’t know I can love it, but I’ll never hate it as a single woman.

  • Captive Louise

    Well, the only good thing about V-Day for me is providing an opportunity to rock these polos and eating ice cream with our foreheads. I mean..what?


  • Lateybirdy


  • Soraia Abreu

    So beautiful!

  • lele

    waw I like this dress and I hope to get one from them and I wanna to thanks who make this web 🙂

  • Gorgeous~~ <3 your blog!


  • Haha I was calling Vagina day all day that day.