Beanie Nation

How are you keeping warm and staying cool?


Am I beating a dead horse yet? I just can’t stop talking about street style, damnit. It occurred to me around day two of New York Fashion Week that delivering a trend report from the throes of the “concrete catwalk” may function as an equally (if not more) important catalog than that of the actual runway. After all, these are trends happening in real time. And if I could sum up the most overwhelming, sweeping, and attainable trend of New York Fashion Week, it had got to be indispensable use of beanie. Sure, we can blame the boisterous snow, but I think there’s just more to it.

The beanie trend can be fractioned into three, fashion week appropriate subdivisions. First: the neon beanie, which according to my keen, Bowery hotel-dwelling eye, had started to resonate before the commencement of fashion week. In a sizable pool of dark, sometimes depressing outerwear, it’s a neon beanie with distinguishable capabilities that make baring oppressive weather a little bit easier. Also, good if you are prone to get lost/lose your friends, which I don’t know about you, but I am both of those things.

Second: the cat beanie. This one is particularly ironic but only in relation to that one irreverent letterman jacket photographed above, which reads “Need a Friend? Get a Dog,” previewing cat-eyes and insinuating discernible hostility. As far as I know, those who wear cat beanies are overwhelmingly friendly (see: Tamu McPherson and Eva Chen, photographed for Harper’s Bazaar).

And third, the miscellaneous loot, including some with kitschy sayings (see: “Homies” in a font emblematic of the house of Hermes), and “Ragged,” some featuring symbols and cartoons, sometimes a crown pom-pom and more often than not, the plain black or grey beanie. This particular beanie signifies serious cool-kid allure–ergo swag–which brings me back to my initial point. Beanies are not about snow, they are about our inconspicuous search for the right dose of cool.

But search no longer, here are the beanies you want to wear. Maybe.

Starting at top left with the neon orange number and traveling in descending order: From Asos (though it’s American Apparel), from Asos, from Topshop. The middle column features a red Supreme beanie, a Topman green one and uncharted Gap cat-ears. The final column features two cashmere Alexander Wang beanies, one of the Marc Jacobs ribbed variety (cashmere and only $36, people) and finally, Eugenia Kim’s expert (skull) cap.

Stay cool, be warm. Can you dig it? Let me know.

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  • $ arah

    And maybe must importantly, they hide the hideous disaster snow does to my hair. And make me feel like Rocky Balboa…Adrienne!

  • In Canada we call them toques and they are not just a fashion trend, but a way of life! The fact that they are so trendy right now make’s winter’s “hat hair” so much more forgivable!!!

    New post on London Fashion Week is up at Local & Opulent…




  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Natash

    The beanie is the rebel of headwear, the accessory of grunge. It adds the element of ‘I don’t give a toss’ like a turban never will.

  • Rose Marie

    I’d love a trolley dash around Cara Delevingne’s beanie collection. That is all.

  • the beanie/knit cap can also be the epitome of grace and elegance; catherine deneuve in “belle du jour” anyone? admittedly, it is madame deneuve, who would make a dress strewn together of old, dirty bodega bags look incredible and chic, but still! the beanie need not resign itself to adolescent grunge alone!

  • Casey Williams

    I bet thrift stores have a few of these laying around… hopefully not too pill-y.

  • I would wear that cat-ear beanie everyday.

  • it’s an easy way to inject a bit of urban grit into your everyday wear.

  • monkeyshines
  • Carmen Weaire-Gil

    Love the beanie cat !! Amazing little cheeky outfit topper!

  • I accidentally threw my DKNY beret/cap/beanie in the washer and dryer. Granted, it is not exactly a beanie; I sort have been reluctant to try a beanie, for some odd reason. But I regret washing my DKNY beret/cap/thingy because life has never been the same since.

    There is nothing worse than limp, pillish headgear, to me. Et vous?

  • Reptilia

    Beanies are everywhere lol! Cool selection of images!


  • Lauren W

    I wear one literally every day. Trendy and warm? Ill take it

  • Nico

    I love this trend, I’m wearing really often beanies right now…even because it’s cold!! 😀

  • I live in a beanie and am looking for lightweight ones to wear in the spring lol…. LOVE this look and it means I dont really have to do my hair either! SCORE!

  • I’m all about the beanie. So glad you posted this, I’m going to forward to my mom. Last night she and I were out to dinner and she asked me, “What’s up with that gross hat you’re always wearing.” It was priceless, hopefully this will explain it to her.

  • i love seeing neon beanies! they’re such a great way to brighten up an outfit and have some fun. btw, that “need a friend, get a dog” jacket made me laugh as soon as i saw it. lol.

    my favorite pick from your picks would be the red supreme beanie! 🙂


    Loving this trend — practical yet stylish!

  • Shawnee Rajala

    Everyday: coffee, wash face, layer layer layer..bla bla.. BEANIE. the ultimate chill factor. solves all.

  • vittoria gallacci

    They’re so cute! 🙂

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • To be honest this post made me reconsider the beanie trend. I have always been a little skeptical but the people in the pics wore them flawlessly!

  • Jennifer

    I love this trend but it is 73 here in Houston! We never have a winter.

  • I always wear beanies… it’s not just a trend it’s a way of life 🙂

  • Natalie

    Love those picks!

  • Jennifer

    I love wearing beanies! Wish I could get away with it at work lol

    xo Jennifer

    • B.

      I totes got away with wearing my beanie at work yesterday. I had walked in from being outside and hadn’t taken it off yet, and my boss goes, “that hat actually looks really cute with your outfit!” i mean.. did she read my mind?! lol needless to say I took that as permission to wear it for the rest of the day.

  • gillian

    alexander wang’s beanies are the measuring stick in which all other beanies are measured. period.

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Wait, sorry, but what’s the big deal about “beanies”? I’ve always thought of them as simply winter hats and, frankly, indispensable when the temperatures dip below 40. So maybe I’ve been totally hip for like, ever?

  • Love me some beanies. Seriously. My favorite of the ones you listed here is the American Apparel one (why do they keep making such good things when they creep me out and I want to hate them? Sorry, I digress…) but I kind of have a weakness for luxury beanies too:

    H&M men’s section is also always a good place to score this sort of stuff.

  • I love that beanies are becoming ubiquitous! I want to wear one every day. Unfortunately, it’s not always cold enough in DC…

  • Eva

    I love beanies. Especially the oversized ones like on photo 5. Exactly that one I can’t find anywhere. It’s the same story with the Marc Jacobs one. What’s wrong with me? I always want the ones that I can’t find OR are way too expensive for me…xx

  • don’t you just love when practicality and fashion forward intersect?


  • i don’t think i’d be able to live without beanies during winter time here. it’s only a big plus that they became a big trend (somehow!? i mean are gloves next ) so i can fin nice ones instead of just plain black ones.

  • Bird

    Leandra, thank you for posting the Marc Jacobs beanies! I am buying two – boyfriend is next to me and just agreed to the light blue one for mixing and matching. I’ve been looking for an affordable cashmere hat all winter! You have made my day.
    Also, why are these lovely hats called “beanies”? Someone please explain!

  • I’m obsessed with beanies. I call it homeless chic 🙂 I have so many of them…check it out:


  • Brooklyn, we go hard.. everyone’s a hipster now.

  • LizaChloe

    Lol, I wrote about this yesterday !

    “The beanie, the tip of the blogberg” 🙂

    Check out my blog:

  • =^..^=

    Yo, Sis! What sizes are your beanies?? I love the slouchy/loose look of yours vice the tight-fitting ones. You wear a navy one & I think a green one: Are they men or women’s hats ??

    • Leandra Medine

      mostly mens! also though–try american apparel, they are unisex n pretty rad

  • Ditte

    Scandinavia have been doing this for years. Baby it’s cold outside.

  • Vivian

    I feel like I’m seeing beanies everywhere too! Love the photos you’ve shared 🙂

  • rhodawong

    wish i was wearing one now!

  • lavieetdemie

    i dig beanies. between me and the boy, we have at least 30. not easy given we live in a tropical country (oh sweaty scalp!).
    Break out beanie in case of hair emergency, right?

  • lavieetdemie

    i always say ‘break beanie in case of hair emergency’.

    between the me the boy, we have at least 30. taking knitting classes might actually have a convincing business case. i think i need to hunt down that philip lim one (or knit myself one?).

  • KaylaHeartsStyle

    A good Carhartt beanie should be in the mix no?!

  • Jessica

    I have to admit. I caved and bought one on Etsy recently. Also, I have the same stroller as the first photo, Missoni kit and all! Hooray for stylish mamas!


  • I stocked up on beanies from Walmart in black and gray for $1 a piece! crazy! I wear them all the time now, I feel like they make my outfits instantly cooler

  • Zanita Zanita! Love her and her photography! And I love this beanie trend! Wish I lived in a place that actually experiences winter so that I can totally wear a beanie without looking weird on the streets…

  • Cait and Sarah

    I wear a beanie every day. It’s a way of life. If you’re walking to work in the early morning, it’s one way to ensure that you won’t freeze to death, especially if you have wet hair!

  • leslie

    god you are my style angel. always on my wavelength
    everyone should look at (you and) cara delevigne for inspiration with this trend.


  • Paula McClelland

    When it’s cold (it was cold in London by the end of this week 🙁 ) there’s nothing like a hat to keep ya noggin warm – and if it’s “in fashion” well who can argue? #rhetorical_question.

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend

  • Claudia, WCM

    Adore a beanie. Sadly, they look totally ridic in Los Angeles. Unless it’s raining. Which it never does.

    Love the pic of the chic mom as the opener…

    P.S. Profiled your rad utility jacket in our most recent post – check it out!

  • Cassie Dny

    I’ve really, really wanted one for ages, but I have a super short pixie cut, and most of the women I’ve seen wearing them have longer hair so I wasn’t sure if it would suit me. But in the last photo (with the rose bag), she looks like she has quite short hair, so I might take the plunge!

  • I have to say, I’m kind of tired of seeing all the “cute” girls with the pointy supreme beanies and flat hair sticking out… mass trends are annoying.

  • Peninsula Detail

    Here in the Upper Peninsula we call them chooks and we wear them in highlighter orange to not get shot during hunting season. Lovely to see how cool we Yoopershirts have always been.

  • I love beanies! I stocked up on some good ones at urban outfitters to bring back home to the southern hemisphere in preparation for winter and yes I got a neon orange, cobalt blue and a cat one too! x

    rosa @ rosa & fox


    Almost all my last outfit posts are with beanies. Because I live in a freaking cold place AND because I love them ..

    – L /

  • Behind the Mirror

    I love the dope east coast beanie!!! It is a good one!!!!

  • The House of Fasti

    Please like my fashion page…..The House of fasti …on facebook….<3

  • blanca

    i want a cat skullcap!!!!!!!!