Away We Go

(We meaning my things and me.)


Every season right before the international fashion weeks start, I tell myself I will write a packing story. Every season right after the international fashion weeks start, I ask myself why I didn’t write it. (A brief interlude for anecdotal beauty: The international fashion weeks have started, and I loathe myself for accidentally going to Newark last night, absolutely certain my flight was a mere two hours from departure–and simultaneously infuriated by the obnoxious naivety of one particular flight attendant, who assured me that my flight was actually 26 hours away. “You don’t understand, Dries is tomorrow,” I all but cried. “What?” She wondered. Unfortunately, she was right and I was at a $65 cab-fare deficit).

But here’s a new (old) theory to bring myself one step closer to commitment to write what I say I will write: in packing for this trip I learned that my clothes are only as impressive as that which I pair them with. Maybe my style has taken a turn for less adventurous because subconsciously I’ve always known that. For as long as I could remember, I’ve used shoes and accoutrements to define whoever I am trying to be. Most of the time, she is vastly different than who I am but I think that’s why I love her.

I have this curious (albeit obsessive compulsive) habit of feeling like I need to wear precisely everything I take with me when I travel. If I don’t, I feel substantially defeated and when I do? It’s like I’ve just earned an honorary accolade in the art of knowing myself. Yes, knowing myself. How’s a woman, fickle as a pickle, supposed to pack for a week away and know what she will want to wear at any given moment? If you commit to denim, or suits, or one particular blazer you’ve always loved and a selection of plaid and white shirts that tend not to fail, you can do it. And why? Because with the right accessories you won’t get bored–which is why I’ve highlighted the seven most important details of what’s in my suitcase. Starting at left:

White high top Golden Goose sneakers to subtract from the weight of the aforementioned suits and dark blazers. (I feel like I am dating like sixteen different breeds of sneaker right now.)

Green satin/brown suede Vionnet pumps (Yoox is the secret behind the details of my shoe closet) because they are dynamic and if I plan to wear as much denim as I think I do, I will probably need a shoe so formal, I’m not even sure how humanity granted my sloven self ownership to feel more comfortable breathing in the regal air indigenous to Paris.

Those four little rings you can barely see are mostly knuckle rings because believe or not, I am becoming grossly dainty about the way in which I adorn my limbs. Two are simple gold bands from Cat Bird (one thin and one thick) and two are from my brother’s recently launched jewelry collection titled Khai Khai. One is a diamond lifeline (though I prefer to call it the stock market ring) and the other is a spider, which reminds me of Morgan Freeman. Ask me why and I will tell you.

Further right, there is my Olympia Le-Tan Paris clutch because I am cornier than the cob on this unicorn’s head and red accenting never seems like a bad idea.

Those sunglasses are Oliver Peoples (and designed in conjunction with Mytheresa to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Oliver Peoples with an homage to a pair that Madonna wore ca. Material Girl). When I wear them (I feel nothing like Madonna except only in that I’m not a virgin), I’m not sure if I feel more like Fran Lebowitz (white blouse dependent) or Diane Keaton (turtleneck dependent) but what I do know is that if I can note a semblance to Fran or Diane everyday for the rest of my life, I am doing something very right.

That’s Tom Ford’s Narcotic Rouge lipstick–RT @myself: red accenting never seems like a bad idea–and on the tail end is a colorful Dannijo faux-rosary, featuring mirrors in place of symbols representative of deities because, well, I’m so vain, I probably definitely think this necklace is about me.

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  • I would hate to miss Dries Van Noten (even though theorictically I shouldn’t be speaking because I am only 12 and am not allowed to go to the fashion weeks) but…don’t forget you still have Chanel, Dior, blah, blah, blah so on…don’t lose hope!;)

  • Will Code For Clothes

    Love packing posts! That’s so true that you absolutely never know what you’ll want to wear at any given time… that’s why I always fucking overpack.

  • Ditte

    Enjoy your time there. Both the shows and the city, and if you do get some spare time, and are hungry I highly recommend L’As Du Fallafel.

  • moldub


  • check out fashion

    love this detail post’s 😉

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  • natalie

    i love that you try eveything on!


  • Jennifer

    You showed up a day early for your flight? Oh wow, that sucks!

    xo Jennifer

  • Why does the spider ring remind you of Morgan Freeman? (PS: I am now expecting a reply:D). xx

  • monkeyshines
  • lynnsay

    I love your writing so much!

  • LEX


  • So you finally remembered to give us the heads up on “what to/how to pack”.. I’ve been to Europe and back, twice waiting for this post… thanks a million

  • =^..^=

    Hey, Haim: Khai Khai looks awesome ! Nice to see that Flamingo Pete makes an appearance – he’s definitely become a family pet 😀

  • You’ll be happy (or not) to know every girl in Paris is wearing sneakers right now.

  • Wind-up bird

    I greatly support the mild (or not so mild) emulation of Fran. I’ve been looking for a good, decently priced blazer that would accomplish this; hopefully I’ll find it one day. (I know you may not answer this) but! Query: What is your opinion on converse/chucks? They are my usual choice of tennis shoe, but wearing them with a blazer almost seems contrived, like I’d be trying to hard to look what some think of as “cool”.

  • Thanks for sharing your packing methods. Believe it or not, I have trouble packing before trips. Just don’t know what to bring.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  • Martina

    Really love your writing! So much style and wit! A rare quality these days.

  • Springg

    26 hours early is way better than arriving at LGA grossly late for a flight that was actually leaving from JFK. I may or may not have missed said flight.

  • Danielle Davi
  • Daniella Merbs

    “I have this curious (albeit obsessive compulsive) habit of feeling like I need to wear precisely everything I take with me when I travel. If I don’t, I feel substantially defeated and when I do? It’s like I’ve just earned an honorary accolade in the art of knowing myself.”– This is how I feel every time I travel!

  • Hilary Lyke

    i’m in looove with the necklace!d

  • Dainty? So are the arm parties coming to an end?!?!



  • Tsui Annie
  • Tsui Annie
  • s

    i always feel like i have to wear everything i bring too!! i dont understand it, but i accept it


  • Julia Kingsley

    I feel like you and I are very similar in writing style and I don’t know how to deal because it’s like seeing something I’ve written only I haven’t. Anyway, red accenting is always a great idea, never doubt that. If one thing in life is true and good, it’s the pairing of a great red accessory with any outfit.

  • Margo

    How I wish your Oliver Peoples sunglasses wouldn’t cost over $400! Love their retro style.

  • Ana

    I love packing posts but no matter how much i read i keep doing always the same, taking too much stuff i really wont wear:)

  • Love the sunglasses case! And usually I plan out all my outfits when I’m travelling so I make sure I wear everything I brought…unless I do some shopping, which happens more often than not 😛

  • Em

    that Olympia Le-Tan clutch is phenomenal! I’m sure you’ll be packing like crazy as I always do. Continuously guilty of the heaviest bag.

    xoxo, Em

  • Emma O

    This post makes me feel comforted that i’m not the only one who feels the need to wear EVERYTHING I pack!
    I love the sunglasses!
    Your writing style is inspirational! I will definitely be coming back soon 🙂
    Emma @

  • Sivan Eshel

    Fascinated by the necklace…if we don’t think we are a deity, no one else will! If that makes you feel any better!

  • Melissa Nadine

    Funny, I feel the exact opposite that you do. When I pack, I dream up all of these outfits and combinations that have many pieces and fit together perfectly. In reality, I might wear half of the pieces I pick for one outfit…. if I happen to wear everything (including jewelry, which rarely happens) I feel a total sense of accomplishment!

  • I too love the Charlotte Olympia bag, you had to bring it!

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Jackie

    I just bought some red leather sneakers and I totally love them, I´m really inspired by all your outfits and I don´t wear High Heels often, so I always think “Does this coat go with a pair of freaking red sneakers?”. And the answer is always yes. Everything goes with some freaking red sneakers.

  • RedTagChicLA

    Pretty stuff…..definitely things any woman couldnt live without!!!


  • Claudia Chm

    Great post as always! xoxo

  • You are getting me really interested in those Golden Goose sneakers. The lipstick looks delicious too. I hate packing!

  • straight up, your brother’s new jewelry line is the tits and i want all of it.


  • Busola Coutts

    Love those shoes! Have fun in Paris !!

    Join me in my official launch:

  • Tom Ford has great cosmetic products!

  • Mary Pham

    Your style is gorgeous! And I believe you would love what we have in-store at Spaces and Gems. Check us out:

  • Ah Paris! Have fun!!!

    A new post on Milan Fashion Week is up on Local & Opulent.

  • Tavoya

    Have a safe trip. Lol @ thelook on the flight attendant’s face as you tried to explain. Be sure to highlight your Paris Shopping finds. Perhaps a post on your fav parisian shopping destinations?

  • What a fab clutch!… I would love one of those for myself…xv

  • amaze. Khai Khai is super rad.

  • bwimpn

    Are you also packing Scott Schuman’s,”Closer” ?!!

  • Little Red Book

    This made for a wonderful travel story. I have yet to arrive at the wrong airport, but have faith that it will happen at some point.

  • Betina

    Packing is the sweet torment of going away! I would totally invest for clothes and other stuff that would pack themselves away when I need them to.



    The Boyfriend Project

  • V from The Drastically Blog

    You don’t even KNOW how much I want those sunglasses! Sunglasses really do make the outfit-most people would say it’s shoes but, I certain it’s sunglasses.

  • TheBrunetteShake

    Haha love this post 🙂 What you write is always so fabulous (and fun!)


    Hillary @

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  • Paulina

    I love these stilettos. And I must try Tom Ford lipsticks, so many people recommend them.

    Wait for some news from PFW!



  • Your rings–they’re beautiful! I’m ridiculously terrible at packing, even if for a weekend trip. I never know what to bring, so I just bring… everything.

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  • Love the packing list

  • awesome! love that you’re modeling his rings! really love that spider sooo much. *sigh* if only i had the funds… 😛

  • Jon

    I always feel like when i travel I have these grandiose ideas about all the wild outifts i am going to wear, and then I always end up wearing the same thing over and over; namely whatever is the most comfortable.

  • Javii Boo

    Love the glasses though.
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