Who Run the World?

I think you know where I’m going with this.


Girls! In spite of The Golden Globes (fine, I am wholly okay to completely unpack the euphoric effect of letting Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler serve as the voice of the film industry for one enchanted evening) and yet in honor of the award ceremony fostered accolades, let’s discuss season premiere highlights, shall we? (And here I thought I was really learning to defeat my run-on sentences.)

I’ll get the ball rolling: “You make my whole body feel like a clit.”

Fine, one more, “I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued.”

Your turn! Also, those parenthesis don’t lie. Any comments, ideas, projections on the funniest faces of female humanity welcome. Illustration drawn by Charlotte Fassler (Feel free to assess the, erm, ambiance, too).


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  • Irene Laura
  • Oncracknoguide

    I think in another life, somehow, someway you were my crack spirit guide and for some odd reason in this life you’re not. ( did I get the run on sentence piece right?)

  • EziE

    The clit quote goes on my list of “best things people on tv have said ever”. The premier was consistent with the last season in style and whatnot. Tumblr has been exploding with mixed sentiments on Donald Glover being Hannah’s new squeeze, I personally think he’s awesome and extremely talented and can’t wait to see more. Some people want to be offended that he’s (apparently) Lena Dunham’s move to increase the diversity of the show, but those are likely the same people who bashed the show for having no PoC at all in season one. I’ve chalked it up to that good old “some folks won’t ever be satisfied” and left it at that.

    All racial tension and clitoral references aside though, the actual champ of the episode, in my opinion, was Shoshana. Air DJ-ing and sad karaoke of Sean Kingston’s most well liked song? And really, what IS wrong with emojis? I’m pretty sure they’re the best things to use in lieu of actual words, otherwise exclamation points and ellipses get abused and those are nowhere near as amusing.

  • Babybite

    I love your blog! So funny and witty πŸ™‚

  • I’m so glad Girls is back! Shoshana was awesome in this episode. See: the quote above and this little gem “I thank the higher powers for all of the gifts that I have already received: a keen mathematical mind and fairly fast growing hair.”

    Also: Marni’s commentary on why she would hate being gay.

    And Adam’s response to Hannah’s “how are you feeling” — “Like I got hit by a fucking truck, which I did!”
    So much goodness.

  • There is something condescending about Lena Dunham to me (granted never met her, just going off interviews). To me, she feels like the type of person that attacks you for not agreeing with her every life view. Just can’t get behind it….

    • Agreed. [Never met her either but] She seems like the type of girl who just loves talking about herself and needs people to constantly acknowledge her problems. It’s not very welcoming.

  • monkeyshines

    adorable illustration!


  • Stephanie Unter

    “What”s wrong with emojis? A panda, next to a gun, next to a gift?”

  • MyWhiteList

    Just seen that episode! Love it!!!

  • s

    those quotes are too great. also, I wish Tina Fey and Amy Poehler could host my life. They’d make everything so much funnier



  • Sophie

    “I watched Midnight in Paris, and I thought, I was like, ‘I could do that'”


    His voice is is like beautiful poetry and I want him to be on Girls forever and ever. When he said the word “li-br-ary” I almost died.

  • this script was the best so far! “i’m really tired of being insulted even when it comes before a compliment”

  • kate

    can i borrow the fountainhead

  • Arti

    This illustration is SPOT ON. I love it!

  • marie

    “Do you miss your hymen?”

  • Christina

    “You sent me a panda next to a gun next to an wrapped gift. It makes no sense.” I LOVE RAY

  • Ilana

    “you’re my main hang.”

  • Caroline Rea

    Do you miss your hymen?!!!

  • “Maybe I want to be Wendy Murdoch, maybe that’s my new thing” – Elijah is quickly becoming a favourite! And Shoshanna was the shining light of this season premiere for sure!

  • “I only want to date people who want to date me because that is called self respect.

  • “I’m sorry I have a boner, it’s not for you.” AND “Bisexuals are like the only people left you can make fun of. Bisexuals and Germans.”

  • Brittany c

    “I didn’t even know there WAS a G train” haha

  • Victoria

    I love how Adam’s torso looks just as perplexed as his face…probably because he has no attainable fat.

  • Diana

    that looks great

  • ni ni

    “Do you miss your hymen?”

  • InΓͺs

    Your blog is amazing πŸ™‚ so entertaining

  • DemiC

    Was I the only one crying with laughter at Shoshana’s karaoke? “… Beautiful… Girls…”

  • Lateybirdy

    I fucking love this show! I do not want it to end! Hi-larious but so not in a ha-ha way!

  • Amanda

    The drawing of Chris O’Dowd is actually perfect.

  • Ditte

    Never saw the show or even heard about it. Cold cold Scandinavia πŸ™

  • Nicole

    “I came, you came hard, we all laughed”

  • Marianne

    “On the one hand, I like pierogis. On the other hand, I like pierogi’s.”

  • StyleNonsense

    All The Comments Are So Hilarious, I’m Scared To Share My Own Now! HAHA!

  • Christine

    “Firstly I loved one gay guy, okay? So that’s the number.”

  • Ditte

    Okay, this show I have to see. Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Hambulance

    Poor Charlie and his teenie tiny head…

  • TheGypsyArkansan

    Idk shoshanna’s karaoke was pretty fucking funny

  • Jane Morgan

    “Do you miss your hymen?” “Miss would definitely be the wrong word, like I wouldn’t say I miss it.. I would just say it feels like something is missing.”

  • theres no harmony there

  • what is wrong with emojis!!?

  • “There should be a restraining order on emoticons” TB

  • Daniela

    Season 2 is almost over πŸ™ the episodes need to be longer, or the seasons need more episodes!

    PD: Epic ilustration!

  • Georgia Leitch

    Life is intense. You have to ride it like a pony or you will end up getting a haircut.

  • Donna Summer

    I love this drawing from Charlotte Fassler. Is it for sale? Marc and his tats is so cute.