On editing your closet to three pair of functional shoes, and three pair only.


The supposition is that we need different shoes for different occasions, right? Right. To feel more grandiose, special, to escape the perils of whatever is real, right again? I think so.

I made a petty resolution last year in March that I would buy no more than three pair of shoes per season–I don’t mean F/W, Pre-Fall, S/S, Resort; that would add up to a whopping 12 pair a year, which, according to my grossly adventurous taste would leave me at an approximate $12,000 non-deductible deficit. Six pair in a year is still effectively a fuck lot too but when you’re dealing with an addict (me) baby steps (well-footed, albeit) are the only way. I failed miserably in the first six months of my 10-month-old resolution but that is only because I am deeply shallow and new shoes have historically calibrated my existence. In the latter four months, I’ve improved. In doing so, I’ve also re-learned the imperial power of editing and in a human act of marginal kindness, will pass on what 2012 has taught me about taking the right leap forward. Make no mistake though, you can use your left foot, too.

First, age of the single-sole pump is so undeniably here, it’s sick. Not sick like: cough, cough, flu shot; sick like: fuck son, take me to the E.R. because I am pretty sure my pinky toe has dispatched from the rest of my foot and it is the fault of my shoes. Love is love though, and we do what we have to. Nothing looks quite as right with a pair of peg-leg ripped skinny jeans and an over-sized denim blouse than the right pump. And with spring around the far-end of the proverbial corner, there’s never been more opportune timing to indulge in something bright. (I for one, wear them often with red corduroy overalls).

This pair is by Jimmy Choo. (The blanket in Missoni). Find similar magic at ASOS.

Second, the other supposition is that there will come a time when we must throw in the ripped jeans and concede in the name of say, a skirt, dress…bermuda shorts? Sometimes pumps will work, but sometimes we’ll want to add dimension. Think: mini skirt, tea-length skirt, cropped pants, your birthday suit. The relationship between calf-length boots and a skirt of any variety is pretty antithetical in that it’s curiously modern and yet so reminiscent of, say, 1979.

These are Givenchy, purchased on sale (which, by the way, is the other thing: the end of sale season always means the beginning of a lasting camaraderie with a brand new trove of treasure).

My guess is, you’ve had it up to here (I’m pointing all my fingers above my head in a gesticulation called “Fed Up”) with my referencing the glory of Golden Goose in spite of the inexplicably high price point. Yes, the sneakers are fantastic–they coalesce the urban swag I can’t stop referencing with don’t match, don’t care: high fashion–but this isn’t even really about that (or the hidden wedge!) And even though I will take my Isabel Marant sneakers to the grave with me–no over-saturation and exploitation could deter our relationship–there’s something to be said about a vastly different, subtle sneaker that tries to convey nothing.

We’ve landed in an examining place, where what we wear comprehensively describes who we are, so why not leave a dollop of explanation to the imagination? More technically too, I am so wholly on team-white, you’d think I were a virgin. Maybe skip the Golden Goose sneakers if they’re too offensive for your pocket. White is white–there’s always Superga, there’s always Nike, there’s always Converse, there’s always me.

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  • The Givenchy’s are soo gorgeous! <3

  • Sialsiquiero

    We cant choose only one! Great shoes!


  • S

    The first pair is a killer!!!!


  • Mora

    I´m so glad you included sneakers and not just high heels

  • WNY

    In love with your pink Jimmy Choos!!


  • Eva

    Those Givenchy boots are to die for!! xx


  • erika
  • Hessed Torres

    OMG I’m in love with the pink shoes!

  • Svetlana Zmukic

    Aaaaaa these Jimmy Choo heels are to die for! 🙂 <3http://www.dictionaryoffashion.blogspot.com/

  • Carola Disiot

    love first shoes 😉


    New Post on Purses in the Kitchen!

  • Amalie Espeland

    I have such an obsession with sneakers nowadays. i mean, how can you go wrong with comfortable AND stylish shoes? bitchez

  • Kate Haddigan

    As much as I appreciate the shoes, that Missoni blankets is amazing!

  • lavieenliz

    I want them all. I don’t care if I have to walk around completely naked I will have shoes!


  • monkeyshines

    amazing pairs!


  • roula

    Love the pumps!

    Selling brand new amazing Alaia ankle boots in my blog in great price!!!


  • Ivana Džidić

    I was never a shoe addict. However, lately all my purhases have been shoes…and more shoes. I have come to realize that I have enough clothes, so I only buy something here and there, when I absolutely think it is a purchase I shouldn’t miss yet I cannot stop buying shoes. I don’t know what is with me lately. I just feel like there is never enough shoes. I’m not as bad as some people I know, there isn’t like 100 shoes in my closet but…

    Anyway, this is a great post. There is freshness in your writing. Good luck with your resolution 🙂


  • Mona

    I’m not really into the Givenchy boots but… Those Jimmy Choo’s are just PERFECT!

    Simple, classic shape with a great color. Amazing.


  • While this is a great idea, three pairs of shoes leave a lot of necessary life events un-shoed. Like which of these would you (not actually you, but a general one) wear to a job interview? Depending on the company, pink can be too risky. Or even a funeral? 2/3 would be disrespectful, and the brown boots pretty iffy. If I had to narrow my shoe addiction down, I like it’d have to be around 6 or 7 pairs, minimum…

  • Sylvia Etc

    Dear Leandra,
    Yes, exactly, so true stream-lining to 3 shoe categories per season (wish i could per year) !!
    … precisely i’m trying to edit my shoes right now.
    I have accumulated so many shoes without giving enough thought to my buying.
    I kind of regret it as now is the time to clear a lot of them. Hmmm … tricky!
    But lesson learned, i’m definitely not going to allow room for new shoes without ticking all the following boxes:
    1) works with my wardrobe (= style piece i can keep AND not overly trendy piece)
    2) i can walk in them
    3) amazing quality
    Resolute Resolutions 😉
    Sylvia x


    • Cass

      Totally agree with this checklist with an exception for the overly trendy piece that DOES work with existing wardrobe (file wedge sneakers here).

      I like your blog too, I’ll be in Paris in a few months and am looking for good shopping recommendations (quartiers, magasins, etc). Do you have any posts on that topic? I’m guessing a fellow MR fan will steer me in the right direction 🙂

      Thanks in advance!

      • Sylvia ETC

        Hi Cass,

        Just saw your comment …Thank you, happy you like my blog.

        A few shopping spots i can recommend you in Paris :

        On Right-Bank: Colette, Merci, Shine, Freep’ star (vintage), Chez Chiffons (for vintage YSL well-priced) … most of these places are in Le Marais area, and addresses on their websites.

        On Left-Bank: Aurélie Bidermann, Carven, Le Bon Marché, Assouline (books)

        I might do a post on my blog about this, so stay tuned!

        Sylvia x

        • Cass

          Awesome Sylvia! thank you so much. I’ll be on the lookout for a blog post too!

  • So you’re saying you resolved to buy only three pairs a year? And these are the ones you chose? I want to be sure I understand, because you didn’t get rid of all your other shoes, right? Because the thought of getting rid of all my shoes makes me shake. I love the “idea” of editing, but I have to say I’m not so great at it. So please elucidate exactly what your plan was. So I can determine how much shaking is appropriate.

    • Will Code For Clothes

      I freaked out when she said that, too! I’m sure hardly any of us could part with all but three pairs of shoes… it’s too much of an investment. A shoe collection takes years to build.


    • 3 per season (so 6 total), never said get rid of any. Just had resolved to cut back on purchasing. 🙂

  • Nico

    It’s January and I’ve already got three pair of shoes..so I can’t buy more?? I’ll try! Love your shoes especially the pumps!


  • the (un?)social butterfly

    You know, it´s all gonna be fine if you take care of them. You will have your last season shoes to work with after all. 6 pairs a year averaging 1000 usds each add up to a fucking lot of statement. Remember the lessons learned from your mother and others about style and live peacefully with your past choices; also, it is possible that when knowing your present will probably have to move on into an unknown future you´ll buy even more fantastic shoes.


  • Saks2Salvation

    Not editing my shoes any time soon but must say those pink JC’s are pretty sick. Not cough, cough but more along the lines of, “Girl, those Jimmy Choo’s are a seriously sick set of pink heels!”.

    Could not agree more with the new reign of the single-soled shoe.

    Oh…and you gotta have your Converse. Just got to.

  • love the superga option! i like the high soled ones much better tho..made the mistake of buying the low sole and it just looks like nurse shoes on me T.T


  • Jenny
  • Lexie

    Pink jimmy choos are rad – love! I hope to one day master the art of shoe editing as well. Must. Stop. Just. Can’t… 😉 Lexie @stylecaffeinated.com

  • Sophie

    Congrats on having so much self control; if I ever tried to limit my shoe purchases I think I would have some sort of panic attack melt down of sorts. Love the range of these:) xx


  • rach xo

    if i had to streamline into three shoes it would be

    1. fox fur boots

    2. strappy sandle

    3. single sole pump

    can’t live without the first two. wouldn’t wanna live with out the last one. <3


  • Alice

    We are a society that runs on the thought that we need more. Sometimes we just have to stop and look at what we have. I look and have a shoecloset the length of a door(seriously, it’s extremely excessive). It’s hard but being happy with what you have is extremely releiving

    • Leandra Medine

      i love this sentiment–happiness is hard in that its so difficult to define much more to achieve but like my younger brother always says, “the key to happiness is being happy”

  • I actually can’t breathe right now.

    I have never so seriously contemplated not eating for a month in favor of footwear.

    give me the givenchy now. now please.

  • Kristina Fe

    If only I had the money to afford all three of these shoes.. That will be the day.
    Gorgeous selections. I love the classic pointy toe pink pump. This will be perfect for the upcoming spring season & is definitely going to be an eye catcher to all. As for the booties, I love the combination between the black and brown hues with the gold hardware!

    If only if only….
    Wonderful choices (:


  • Leandra, you have inspired my post today … http://heirloom1982.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/in-love/

  • i thought the rule was, you can never have too many shoes?

  • Thanks for resolving the picture situation, everything is awesome again!

  • GOD you’re writing is just…so good.

  • rhodawong
  • Yuka
  • Michelle

    I love the Givenchy boots…

  • Vivian

    That is a hard one, but it does help you decide very carefully about which shoes you are going to invest in. Good luck with this new year’s resolution!!!


  • Bloomaglow
  • Sleeh


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    affordable, high fashion shoes and accessories aimed towards women. With new
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  • Kathy

    I couldn’t get past the “three pair” of shoes phrase… Should be plural: three pairs of shoes.

    • Jessica Alin

      That bothered me too. However, to her defense, Webster lists “pairs” and “pair” as the plural of “pair.” Older literature favored “pair” as the plural form. Nowadays, “pairs” is obviously more commonly accepted, and “three pair of shoes” just sounds odd… Despite that quirk, I think her writing is really top 🙂

  • Lauren at adorn la femme

    Is it true shoes make the outfit? Damn, yes!!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme


  • StyleNonsense

    I’m So Shallow, I Could Stare At All My Heels The Whole Day & I Don’t Think I’d Get Bored, I Don’t Even Think 6 Shoes A Year is Enough Hilariously!

  • For me there never was a reason to indulge in shoes … to me it was and will be very important that they are comfortable and versatile and that doesnt mean that they have to be unstylish …


  • Love the Jimmy Choo’s ! I always find it very hard to find shoes that actually fit me, so even if I wanted to I wouldn’t be able to buy lots and lots of pairs. A pair of white sneakers are definitely on my wishlist though, but not those crazy expensive ones


  • yikes! I didn’t read the article yet, but only THREE!!!??

  • Em

    I always feel that limiting is a good thing, but I always make room for shoes that I can picture with MANY different outfits. If I see a pair of black heels that I can wear to the office, then out to dinner later, and then over the weekend to a show, I don’t see anything wrong with it!

    Regardless, good luck with your resolution! I’m sure you’ll do fine!!!


  • sedina


  • Offended

    The sneakers my boyfriend uses when he cleans the horse shit in the barn look quite similar. I’m supposed to spend money on that?

    • Leandra Medine

      No. Which is why I delivered three additional suggestions.

  • LAW

    I need to start saving more and invest into shoes I really adore, I’m awful if I see shoes I love I have to buy them. I have more cheap shoes, but would love a few designer pairs. Saying that designer or cheap, if you really love a shoe the value shouldn’t matter (cost vs wear). My friend spent 4 months saving for a pair of killer heels she never wears, so I’d go for a more practical design than trusting my inner magpie. Oh Converse now there is a trainer no one can go wrong with, my wonder woman ones I will wear till the sole drops off …..Hobo chic ..maybe not.

  • Caroline Paris

    love the pink shoes !! -http://carolinestyling.blogspot.com

  • Maraleth Herrera

    I’ve heard cutting off your pinkytoe to fit in your stilettos is getting more popular everyday. How far are we gonna go because of our obsession with shoes?

  • jp

    You failed as a writer in this piece.

  • Eleanor Hughes
  • Lauren Sebestyen

    Oh those pink Jimmy Choos are to die for!!

    Lauren @ Bad Luck Barbie

  • Naomi Mueller

    Shoes are women’s best friend. You can totally rock an outfit with just one killer shoes. Be it a high heels or sneakers. http://shoeporn.com/

  • Camille

    the pink jimmy choos are fantastic- and the resulting pain (and possible toe amputation) absolutely, undeniably worth it.


  • EstrelL.A shoes

    Cool choices..golden goose are amazing!!

  • Oblivion

    The pink ones…In love!!


  • I give you a lot of credit , only 6 pairs of shoes a year! If you have the strength to cut down that much I can only admire it! My shoe addiction just gets worse and worse every year :/

  • Can you please grow larger feet! You know, for your shop….

  • It’s a great idea to purchase three pairs of shoes per season! Each pair is practical and trendy at the same time. The single-sole pumps are so versatile – they’re fun and timeless at the same time. Diane Von Frustenberg’s Anette Pump in purple suede is another good option. The snake printed heel adds a funky touch to these classic pumps.

  • Mojo Martini

    I think you should invite your fans to post a pic of our own three favorites; you know, if stranded on a desert island and you could only have three pairs of shoes, which three would you want to have with you (not basing this decision on the assumption that, say, it’s sandy, or hot, or that you have to work really hard to be rescued but that, in fact, there are fabulous restaurants and clubs on the island)?

  • Simply wish I was able to walk in shoes like this.

  • Don Carlson (comedian)

    I like how designers make expensive sneakers for rich people who want to look poor while flaunting the fact that they are rich. Love the laser-printed stains that aren’t real stains made of real dirt.