Streets @ Couture

Runways are cool but pavement might be cooler.


In spite of geography (I am at least 2,000 miles away from Paris), it’s rather endearing that I am able to watch couture runway shows in real time from my fantastically unobstructed vantage point (in New York, where Instagram continues to defy the physicality of place). How about that secret garden at Dior, eh? And them lesbian brides at Chanel?

Where Instagram fails though, fostered street style photos by Tommy Ton never will. And after all, what happens on the runways is only as important as what happens on the streets, right? In the short time Couture Week has been in tow, Ton has successfully delivered at least three trend stories from the fodder between shows. The first, above, in slideshow formation obviously preaches the severe importance of taking plaid seriously. I’ve already hopped aboard that train but in case you haven’t, I suggest you get started at the mens department at a. Uniqlo, b. Club Monaco. They’re gateway drugs.

Up next: cool headgear, which is particularly pertinent considering the ruthless temperatures forcing even the most thoughtful layering tactics to fail.

On the one hand, we’ve got swag.

This one does a number of awesome (pun intended) things. First, it projects awesomeness on to whoever looks at you (especially in light of those reflective lenses). Also, though, a hat that says Awesome inevitably bequeaths the wearer a rather literal dose of self confidence. Next time your mother is all, “Why are you so down?” just be like, “I lost my happy hat. Buy me a new one.”

I can appreciate that not everyone enjoys a flat brim cap, though, so:

This DIY doesn’t seem to get old. Adding a veil to your knit beanie (equipped with black reindeer nose) a la Jil Sander, even three years later, is still devastatingly fresh. Other fresh things: staring romantically into the heart of Concorde because that is such a French thing to do and christening your relationship with Napoleon because, why not?

Down south: a new, well, old nod to Nike.

Air Max sneakers! They’re having a moment and here’s probably why: era of the wedge sneaker might be fading, do you agree? If only because it became hyper trendy at hyper speed and the thought of investing more money into such an ephemeral trend seems, I don’t know, “victim-y.” As women, however, we don’t want to let go of those easy, gracious, and pain-free three inches. In an effort to debunk the age old, “easy come, easy go,” what do we do? We buy Nike Air Maxes. (And probably wear them more ironically than we do irony.)

I know those air bubbles (are those air bubbles?) are back there at the shoe’s caboose for another, more practical reason (like jumping or more efficient running) but as far as female humanity is concerned, it’s just another inch. I’ll say it again, taking trends to their sources feels exponentially better than surrendering to premier designer iterations.

And because there’s a Simpson on that guy’s leg, for the sake of viscidity, here is another famous cartoon character, in deuces.

And in sweatsuit formation! Wow. Shamwow!

Finally, just because it’s beautiful to look at and in my humblest opinion offers genial fashion week dressing inspiration in lieu of cold weather and in light of tactful layers:

Here is an Isabel Marant western down jacket, a chunky ivory sweater, and a dark denim shirt. Naturally, it ain’t a party without a martini, so, that’s covered too.

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  • Love these shots – I’m totally inspired & ready to start packing for NYFW now! 🙂

  • gwyn

    if that chick wanted my embroidered winter jacket from the fifth grade, she should’ve just asked. would’ve saved her a least a couple hundo bucks and a trip to isi marant. funny how fashion can appear so devastatingly a social construct.

    • LOL i was thinking, I just saw like two of those while thrifting and they were like 5 bucks at Goodwill lol.

      • Dani Martinez

        I love thrift shopping! I find so many chic and one-of-a-kind pieces for a few bucks each!

      • gwyn

        ha ha, good will is an absolute treasure trove. i love that they were just five bucks. just goes to show…

    • =^..^=

      HA! My mom still wears silly embroidered crap like that.
      If that cheesy pink jacket is Marant, then the wearer was robbed (or myopic) ….

      • gwyn

        ha ha, i’m no embroider-ista but i just can’t help thinking it looks a bit kiddish. almost awkwardly so. in these instances, i wonder if people purchase for the brand name or for the garment itself…

  • a.n.a.l.u

    I loooove it. So much inspiration. I love the prints over prints and all those gorgeous and interesting details.


  • Sofia Coelho


    • laetitia

      think so

  • Allison

    I feel like this is Elementary, Watson. totally brings me back to my young fashionista years. if only i had held onto my T-I-double G-errrrrrrr sweatshirt. id be so hip

  • Nico
  • Celia Ventura

    Kalaf Angelo!!!

  • monkeyshines

    fun brilliant details!


  • Nat

    So much swag 😛
    Awesome photos!

  • Em

    I freaking love the street style in the European shows. That is SWAG, fo’ sho….they could wear a potato sack and it’d still be chic.

    xoxo, Em

  • Malibu PR Gal

    OMG – I am smack in the middle of how uninspiring the latest couture collections have been – especially in the form of DIY re-design. Thank you for reminding me how “devastatingly fresh” the veiled beanie is – even three years later! LOVE it!

  • Jules Fashion Week
  • lavieenliz

    such awesome street style!! I love all these looks!!

  • vittoria gallacci

    Love almost all the looks!

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • Melissa

    a couple years back nike air max (one) was such a big trend, and don’t we even forget the 90s, my god! BUT loved them back then will love them forever. nice trend report etc..

  • Street style has become almost more important than the runways nowadays. People have made whole careers off just getting their photos taken at shows for street style blogs. The only problem with this is is the style authentic or fabricated for the lens?? Many people wear the craziest things they can find just so they have their photo taken, but it’s not a genuine statement of style or anything for that matter. Street style is possibly both the future and death of fashion…..

  • Amalie Espeland

    sneakers in my <3

  • Love all of the pictures 😀

  • Heather Patton

    I like street style for the mere fact that we get to see how people REALLY wear clothes in the REAL world. It’s especially endearing to see that, when it’s freezing-ass cold outisde, even the most fashionable people in the world have to do a little bit of deep-closet digging to find something that works, but also WORKS. As I sit here waiting for my hot cocoa to be ready, I’m glad to see I’m not the only person having to make life more fashionable while also staying safe and warm. 🙂

    • nini

      i like the fact that you refer to these people as real. when did isabel marant down jacket and prada cocktail clutch become the epitome of real? real is how rich people wear expensive clothing?

      • Heather Patton

        I’m just saying that it’s nice to see people out in the cold wearing coats, scarves, hats, and sneakers for a change. I get kind of annoyed watching people trotting around NYC in zero-degree weather wearing 8-inch heels and miniskirts like it’s spring break. I have to dig my car out of the snow when it’s that cold…and I certainly can’t do it in heels…no matter HOW much they cost. And rich people are people too…you don’t have to make it a classist thing. I just wanted to appreciate seeing something I don’t usually see on fashion blogs…regardless of how much they spent to look that way. Bring on more sneakers!!!!!

  • Wind-up bird

    I think my heart skipped a beat when I got to the woman in the blue plaid suit. New mission: find and acquire a plaid (aka sex-bomb) suit, and hopefully shoes of equal or greater sex-bombiness.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • its funny because despite it being couture season, the outfits I’m seeing are pretty casual and really colorful! I love it

  • A.

    Haha! Great idea. I think I might have to get my guy friend the “awesome” hat, because he’s such a hat fanatic.
    Interesting about your view on Nikes. I’ve always kinda thought that they’ve been the trademark shoes of the boy’s club– at least they are at my school.
    As a cross country runner, I’ve never seen Nikes worn by elite athletes (except those with sponsors)…
    Great post though, I love the idea that even though we’re not in Paris we can pretend we are!

  • Miss Kutsu

    The photos are amazing, great choice!

  • Carola Disiot
  • andrea

    The guy wearing the edward casual blue shirt on the club monaco website looks like the result of a love sandwich between jake gyllenhaal and javier bardem. sweet babe.

  • sarah

    Would sell my soul for that ‘awesome’ hat! Anybody know where to find it? Love this post. xo

  • Dani Martinez

    I love “the street style” because it is really what people wear and not what they would like to imagine they’d wear. I’ve made so many mistakes buying clothes that are absolutely adorable and fabulous but completely unwearable unless for the most specialized of events.

    As for the pictures, I love that Awesome snapback flatbrim and the reflective mirror shades! Very hip. Also, the lace on the beanie was just the perfect touch of romance. Love. I hold a special place in my heart for cartoon characters on clothing. It just seems so chic, fun, and retro. I have two mickey mouse watches that I bought recently and a winnie the pooh shirt. 🙂

    Great post!

    Check out my upcoming Blog for everything cute and clever!

  • My first read. Fashionista was right! Tis the fashblog to watch out for! *now subscribing*.
    Plaid … let’s do this. finally!

  • really interested in that veiled beanie look. might have to try it out one time! i should look up a tutorial on youtube of something 😛 and where the heck is that minnie and mickey mouse sweater from?? so adorable~ love it!


    love your sense of style

  • The Little Hustle
  • Malena
  • laetitia

    Does anyone know where the ‘awesome’ cap comes from? Thanks

  • Lauren Dimesky

    Remember when the only street style was worn by celebrities and printed in glossy magazines? It is great to see that the paparazzi is just as excited to capture the “average” everyday fashion geek!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • lizachloe

    The guy with the ‘awesome’ cap is the very sweet Jean Paul, fashion director at WAD magazine

  • rach xo

    i love that hat. it is literally awesome. i think the shades sold me.

  • Olga Zgonnik

    love the last one with the martinin clutch, so gorgeous

  • Melissa Ulloa

    just what i need it lol!

  • asiegel

    I absolutely love street style for many reasons. Street style is actually what people where not just what designers want people to wear. It is what people can afford and choose to spend their money on. A very wise professor once told me that fashion is not top down but that it is cyclical. The people show designers what they like and then the designers reproduce and regurgitate those things. Once those items are shown then it is back in the customer’s hands… To buy or not to buy? Street style is the people’s expression of this and what we choose to buy. Street style is what i consider to be true fashion.

    Andrea Siegel

    Tulane Freeman School Student