Pre-Fall 2013

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Look, I’m going to be frank. Franker than Frank Sinatra. I had every intention of grazing over Pre-Fall coverage this season. Why? I’m not wholly sure. I think I was either busy hypothesizing a story on the perils of bikini waxing (you just wait), or picking my eyebrows (which, by the way, I’ve almost completely stopped doing–small scale, short term resolutions for the win, people).

It’s rather rude, though. I have often conjectured that Pre-Fall and Resort collections are similar to myself in that they act out, over-promise, and underwhelm. But I’m not sure why I’ve tried to bring the perfectly suitable collections down with me–it is almost always Pre-Fall and Resort (which hit stores about two months before their more extensive siblings, Fall and Spring do), that turn out under-promised and overwhelmingly, well, awesome. Pre-Fall in particular, which hits sales floors in May, typically nests the right dose of transitional-enough-to-wear-now and auspicious-enough-to-wear-later, which is, in effect what we’re always looking for. Isn’t it?

In the first glimpse of fashion camp re-commencement, yesterday called for a most suitable gram-a-garment opp with the bevy of high brow presentations (see: Celine, Givenchy, Lanvin) brushing up the fashion lexicon in anticipation for the shows next month. (See: O-M-G hemlines, hats, fifty shades of insert fabric here).

At Acne: over-the-knee boots and navy blue igloo–perhaps not ideally transitional but an enormous snow (leopard) suit takes care of that. At Celine: should I get the ball rolling on the conversation about these platforms or do you want to? Is anyone else particularly keen on the straw hat, making a most perfect nod to Pre-Fall in justification of a leather coat the size of Southeast Asia, and that fantastically over-sized, cropped jacket suit. At Chloe: women are still women and I guess that’s alright but how can we expand upon the ruffle protruding from model #3’s wrist? Finally at Givenchy: the monochromatic cape, layered skirt and tailored pants are lovely, the color peeking out is even better, but my real attention sways toward the maxi-skirt suit and brogues–if Kanye West and Cole Porter had a child, is this what it would wear? Imagine that music, people.

If we’re playing the common denominator game (which I do believe we always are,) I think what’s most important is that we rejoice in a. the extensive range of flat footwear (first touched upon last season ca. Celine Birkenstock–abandoned this season in favor of those phenomenal platforms–then further exploited ca. Chanel in Scotland), b. the apparent lack of bright color (it was only a matter of time), and c. the androgynous flavor of boxy jackets, pants, and holy hats. If we’re also playing favorites (which I do believe we never are), Celine. Hash tag Celine.

Now tell me what you loved, and please, the platforms, discuss.

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  • Mercergirl

    Love the Acne side breasted coat and cropped grey trousers and those shoes give it the perfect edge. All very Seattle……..

  • I was going to say Celine too! Love Acne aswell!

  • the pre-fall collections are always a bit off that’s why i love them i guess! x

  • nataliechristina

    I have to be honest. The only of these collections that i actuallt like is the chloe. The others look really stupid to me… I mean come on who would wear the white dotted suit. It looks like a baloon haha 😉
    But i really DO like the platforms, i’d almost buy them 😉

  • April

    Well those creepers are ugly, but we like ugly, so we like the creepers. I guess that’s what fashion is all about?!..

  • Reptilia

    hahahaha love what your wrote! Totally agree!



    Another name for I WANT TO SELL, lol

  • Ivana Džidić

    I like your style of writing

  • Rosie Burke

    the metallic platforms are all time, i would wear them any day!

  • Sara Nettesheim

    I love the black dress and pants from Chloe. The dress has an interesting shape while still having that minimalistic feel by being black. And the pants look comfy enough to wear every day!

  • Rachieeee

    don’t you think pre-fall (and pre-spring) give designers a chance to experiment and test the waters with stuff they’re mulling over for the real mccoy? the big kahuna? the big burger on the runway? sort of like how political machines float names to gauge public perception and then react accordingly. like “ohhh chuck schumer for mayor of NY…JUST KIDDING!” = “people will wear the fuck out of straw hats come september…NOPE NOT JUST A RUMOR MOVE ALONG.

    • Best comment ever …

      • Leandra Medine

        Co sign

    • erica wright
    • lol, Just Wikipedia-ed Pre Fall Fashion Week: “These collections are usually more commercial than the main season collections and help shorten the customer’s wait for new season clothes”. True? Consumerism go figure.

  • lavieenliz

    Hey, I don’t care the season or pre-season….I just like clothes

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic looks!


  • While I get my humor and fashion fix from your blog, I get mainly only the fashion part from Fashiontoast which is where I first saw the obsession with Celine platforms on Rumi. She basically wore them in all posts last spring and I loved them. (Insert pigeon-toed picture here) Ever since my young adolescence where flip flop platforms with rhinestones were my #1 go-to, platforms have always held a special place in my heart. I love them, they are the comfortable version of heels in my opinion- just don’t fall off, but I have rubber ankles so all is right in the world.

    In relation to the pre-fall. I totally agree with you Leandra…I think it’s almost always underwhelming and although many designs may be different, that does not mean they are brilliant and inspiring to me. I think they almost always fall flat.

  • I’m still wrapping my head around the platforms (and I haven’t fully come around to last season’s furry shoes), but I believe Phoebe Philo can do (basically) no wrong, and that she’s at least one, if not a dozen, steps ahead of mere mortals anyway.

  • Cass

    LOVE the black Chloe dress. Love the straw hat… I predict the Amish are going to totally have a moment this (pre) fall. Its going to be chic.

    • Leandra Medine

      And pilgrims!

  • Celine. Definitely Celine! and the white boots from Acne that quickly won my heart like very few people have ever done

  • jenny
  • Labellaluxe Boutique

    Love the selection of shoes!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Is there any way you could fix the picture organization thing? Having the gallery at the top all in one box is convenient sometimes, but having to constantly scroll up and figure out which image you’re referencing can be a bit inconvenient. Also, it seems to resize according to whatever picture is currently loaded into it, so when the images are different sizes the gallery layout is constantly jumping up and down. I don’t know, that’s just my inane reader complaint, all of your actual content is awesome, it’s just that this new layout is throwing me off.

    • MyWhiteList

      Yeah, I’ve got to agree with Hannah. The gallery on top is a nice touch but the image sizes are variable and its a tad ‘irritating (and I use that word lightly), to keep scrolling back up and down to click on the next one.

  • Wind-up bird

    I think a double-breasted vest with a straw hat and platform brogues might be my Rumschpringe outfit of choice.

  • So far the pre-fall highlights for me were Lanvin and Givenchy, both worthy without the ‘pre’ as well. Were you at the Lanvin show yesterday, didn’t see you there??? You have to look at it, amazing!!

  • Givenchy, yes. I like you.

  • Love the grey suit with cape and the black suit with long flowing skirt … so sophisticated. Probably not for everyday … yet beautiful.

  • rhodawong

    i love chloe’s collection!

  • roula

    Great collections!

    Selling brand new amazing Alaia boots on my blog in great price!!!

  • the smoky obsession
  • dany

    alot of volume for pre-fall, maybe an ode to the teen mom craze? xxo, dany

  • v

    i love you L, your courageous.

    check out my blog; you won’t regret it.

  • Em

    I am all about the Pre-Fall, simply for the fact that I can wear it now while Spring warms up and then rock it again come Fall. And nobody [really] hates you for it!

    Personally Carven Pre-Fall is rocking my fuckin’ world right now.

  • Lara Naomi

    the drop waist is going to be STELLAR

  • Hattie Broom

    Still infatuated with the skirt-over-trouser look. I presume you, being a man repeller an’ all, will major in this area. I love how it gives us laydeez the chance to have our hands in both trendy ass skirt and trouser pies. All those layers kinda act as a sort of chastity belt. Perhaps this look could be 2013’s new approach to contraception. Fashion, ftw.

  • I live in texas.. so “pre-fall” comes right around the time the sun starts torching at my back (May).. so I usually dont get to layer until late October..

  • Leather. Lots of leathers, jeez. And buckles. They have a knack for buckles, belts, and creepers. What’s a creeper anyway? The name’s creepy.