Lol, Nevermind

Just be who you are, are who you be.


Man Repeller tells such a cohesive story this week! Jokes.

I am really excellent at contradicting myself. Forget what I inferred about a comment on dressing like a woman to become a stronger, more powerful one yesterday. Instead, take a cue from a. Charlie Chaplin (and an up-do cloaked by any hat, mine is red), b. Woody Allen (I don’t know why, short jeans? Have you seen his piece on Hypochondria? I think I’m an alarmist,) c. Mr. Peanut (umbrella cum cane) and then tie it all together with a. layers (I don’t know if you can see this but I am totally wearing two blazers. One is wool and one is silk–I am pretty sure that does not make the combination sha’atnez but you probably also don’t know what that means so I’m going to cancel this comment), and b. a pair of killer heels. When I say killer, though, I don’t mean, “damn, girl, those shoes are killer,” I mean more like, “damn girl, if you fall you will die, which makes your shoes quite literal killers.”

Or, you know, just be who you are.

Once you start clicking through the slideshow, you will see that yes, I have sideburns. They are the consequence of harboring the flocculent spirit of my mother’s Persian heritage and the downside too of bearing the light-wash (it’s just like denim, really) skin of my Turkish father’s forebears. Rich heritage is tricky when you’re expected to be a bald ass American, but I for one, like my bewhiskering heirlooms as they are. (Which is to say, growing from even the most unexpected follicles in my fingertips; fine, full disclosure, that is an ambitious dramatization).

The point is this gif. Below is what I’m wearing. Optimized links, et al.

Rag & Bone hat, 3.1. Phillip Lim striped blazer/blouse, Acne tuxedo jacket, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Stella McCartney heels, Calvin Klein white clutch and Delfina Delettrez earring which, I know, looks like a belly ring.

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  • Marina Casapu

    Love those Stella McCartney heels.

  • Michelle

    You look amazingingly beautiful and tres chic.

  • Irene Laura
  • Martina

    Dear Leandra, you really made me lough when i read your post. Thanks to my Croatian heritage, i wear my sideburns too. And yes, why not dedicate a post to them?
    I think your blog is unique and variable like a chameleon. Always enjoy reading it. Thank you for your wonderful work. Keep it up sister!

  • Andrea Weigmann

    these pics (and the text) are great…keep going Charlie…eh I mean Leandra 🙂

  • call me debbie

    Only gifs from now on, no text no nothing. This gif is darn epic! Well done!

    tsiou, from  In Whirl of Inspiration

  • KatWalkSF

    Love the look, love the facial hair!

  • ….I dont feel like reading…i’m so depressed because those shoes….i’ve been coveting them since i saw a picture of them….they don’t have my size ;( *cries hysterically while running off*

  • Natali

    Fantastic hat and shoes! Love this outfit!

  • Defensive Midifield

    I think sideburns make you look natural and one day it will be a trend to have them! I always hated my heavy eyebrows and now its kinda trendy to wear them like that.

    Anyways, who cares if we dress like man? i know very few men who can pull off showing their bras in such a fabulous way!

  • alex

    Love it! Especially the red hat!
    And your blurbs always make me laugh 😉

  • Sarah

    I thought the point of your last post is that you don’t have to dress like a woman to be one. This doesn’t mean you can’t if you want. This post emphasizes that. So I can’t see your contradiction… 🙂 Point taken. Understood. Etc.

  • Weido

    Charlie Chaplin trap in a woman’s body. Soooo Charlie Chaplin Chic with a Calvin Klein slash Stella McCartney twist. Whoooooot.

  • Don’t worry, I also have sideburns, thanks to my Hispanic and Haitian heritage!

  • Carola Disiot

    ahahah beautiful capture ! cool outfit! i want this hat !!! 🙂


    New Post on Purses in the Kitchen!

  • Maraleth Herrera

    I have the same hairy-tage issue, but I’ve really come to appreciate it, if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have the bushy eyebrows that I love! As for your way of dressing I don’t know how but you always find a way to surprise me: Two Blazers!

  • Alexia Mickens

    Your style + personality are equally FUN!

    xx, sweet bird <

  • Claudia

    I don’t know how you make everything look good! Side burns and all! haha I love reading your blog, it makes me laugh literally every time. Love you MR!

  • Sylvia ETC

    Great look! really like the striped blazer and croc heels.

    your sentence about the killer heels is way too funny, contagious!!!!

  • debbywarner

    Damn, I have to get me a Rag & Bone hat. Everywhere I turn — there they are looking all chic and shit.

  • monkeyshines

    brilliant styling!


  • Felicity

    That hat is such a gorgeous colour! x

  • lavieenliz

    love this!! such a cool look!! amazing style!

    check out my fashion blog!

  • Eva

    Perfect outfit and the GIF is so funny again 😉 xx

  • Seriously, though, that close up is one of the most gorgeous faces I’ve ever seen. Also I am loving this outfit!

    • Samantha Crawford

      Totally agree! She looks stunning. My first thought was Mary Poppins.

  • Malibu P.R. Gal

    SUPA chic… especially the sideburns!


    Whulaaaaa whoooohooooo You look awesome on the big face Pic!!!

    Thats what makes your blog, your beautiful face and your crazyness 😉 love it


  • l’oliphant

    Love those jeans! love you blog too!

  • Wow chick – you look sooo pretty (no offense intended if I sound totally taken aback)

    I love everything about this outfit but I think it’s your innate Leandraness that makes it.

  • Jenaly Enns

    love this outfit! I want those Stella McCartney heels!

  • You look amazing like always and what a great look. Very inspiring!

  • Jennifer

    Love these silly photos!

    xo Jennifer

  • Genie

    Doubling the blazers is genius! Love the red hat, it’s the perfect companion to your ‘killer’ heels.



  • I love this with my whole heart. I love how you just go for it in every way. And these photos are stunning!

  • Solara Jean

    you are fab! i loved the man/women dressing post, and thought it so funny that so many panties/boxers got in a bunch…

    i like to dress like a boy sometimes, a girly girl sometimes and often a combo of the two. ballerina punk is also a theme. i’m all for being yourself and dressing for fun and function!

  • Maria

    the shoes are indeed pure awesomeness but damn they’re pricey on farfetch! found them on this french site for 240€!

  • how about the bra?? i see it peeking out and its super cute! 😛

  • Théa Unknown

    You’re so fun!


  • Donna

    great outfit and photos!


  • checkr

    the shot of just face is so pretty! yr sideburns are delicate and perfectly catch the light 🙂

  • Oliver Lips

    The shoes are ravishing! Lovely outfit.

  • Nico

    Love the explanation about what “killer heels” mean! 😀 I like this look, mannish inspiring but a real woman wear that clothes!

  • ml

    cheers for us the facial hair peeps! and sorry for the indiscreat question but… where is your bra from? i’m loving this manrepelling touch of wearing just-lace bras and that of yours seems to adjuts very well. (personally i’m loving the cosabella’s ones, but that’s just personally)

  • love you in these stella heels

  • I love this look!

  • You always imply that you are somehow funny looking, but I think you’re super gorgeous. And frizz or no frizz, I wish I had your hair.

  • rhodawong
  • i have sideburns too, barely

    love this look, that hat is amazing

  • Margarita

    A picture speaks louder than words, right? Here is my comment on today’s and yesterday’s post! xx

  • Cynthia

    I love the hat and the way you can pull off your outfits. I have always dressed to suit myself, not to attract a man. I have been married almost 35 years, and when I met my husband to be, I was not dressed to attract anybody!

  • Alexandra

    Gorgeous Leandra! Love the whole outfit! You are so effortless when it comes to style!

  • Lena Lerey

    Everything looks great ! I love it.

  • María Belén López Chamba

    I just scrolled down to see the comments you have commented on. Incredibly sad life I carry on with. Oufit amazing as always, I belive the gif is broken.. or maybe my computer is. We will never know.

  • Yuka
  • Dahlia Jacob

    Love your writing and creative pics! Keep it up as im sure you will!:)

  • Lauren

    You are eccentrically gorgeous and I love love love you, as does the rest of Bloggyland!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Lotus Blossom

    Love the gangsta heels and your natural beauty!

  • Elise Chapamge

    You have beautiful sweet eyes and you look great in this outfit , great energy !

  • Lelet ny

    So up on your Halacha

  • cute outlook! good matching

  • Fantastic look!! xo, Christina

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Christina Ooi

    This post reminds me of the dance number from singing in the rain!

  • ReCreandome

    So genttleman, so pretty!!! I love your hat and your shoes!!!

  • Em

    See, I feel that the previous post made me have the same guttural reaction as I did with the post on swag. If you have CONFIDENCE and just don’t give a fuck, you can pull off anything! And you my dear, certainly don’t give no fucks.

    This outfit looks great, and the sheer smile on your face makes it all the mo’ betta!

  • Caroline Paris

    love it -

  • alcessa

    A Little Red Writing Hat, hmmm? 🙂

  • Damaris Chamorro

    You are so funny and original! A great person to be with.


  • MGF

    My Godness…
    This gif is une merveille

  • Faye-Fashion Hound

    Hot diggity dig it

  • JackieGLoves

    You look gorgeous!

  • Odelia

    Aside from the can’t-argue-with-it perfection of mixed styles, I adore you because you are playful, you mentioned sha’atnez in a fashion article and somehow today I feel being hirsute is cool. Must call my equally hirsute younger sis to discuss.
    Thank you!!! :o)
    – O

  • Jane

    Apparently you have more sideburn showing, stella mccartney clamoring followers than halacha jews! Just to point out, shatnez is a mix of linen and wool……

  • Oblivion

    Love everything on your style!!

  • Anna

    you look wonderful, don’t apologize for your sideburns we’re not all meant to look like angelina jolie and have same hollywood faces, they are what makes you unique and different

  • My mother is Persian as well! I have always suspected that you are of Persian heritage. Confirmed.

  • Thomas

    Great style ! you can get some awesome shoes and clothe on