Leap of Faith

What are you dying to do? Let’s deliberate and then let’s do it.


If I had a dime for every time I cut my hair and no one noticed, I’d have a lot of dimes, which I would probably trade in for quarters to give to my mom for parking meters.

Full disclosure though, my perman-friend did hide my scissors last week in an effort to quit my relentless chopping. Not very well though–after a mere fifty seconds of looking, I found them in a drawer (directly next to their usual home). There was a Post-It attached that read in capital, somewhat illegible letters STOP CUTTING YOUR HAIR. (Without digressing too much, based on my 27-year-old-husband’s rather embryonic handwriting, I fear for the penmanship of future generations.) At first, I found the gesture and note endearing. He noticed! He really noticed! But in the subsequent fifty seconds, I also realized the only reason he could notice was due to the extensive snippets of thick locks sprinkled around our clogged toilet, which was also the fault of my dislodged hair. No cigar, more dimes. It’s fine, really.

But there’s a reason I’m going there and it’s not another nod to narcissism, oh no. This is far more presidential, and in the event you so much as opened a web browser yesterday, you should likely know that Michelle Obama got bangs, yo. You know what else? She looks, well, banging.

After evaluating the only photo that has surfaced, I got to thinking about bravery. Bravery? Bravery! You see, hair is…difficult for us women. We choose to let our hair define us and as such, have all at some point wondered how getting bangs would make us feel . Some of us have tried (I was a senior in high school and my rabbi asked me why I would do that to myself, which was discouraging but “I am not devalued,”) and some of us have inertly continued to ponder the results.

Though I got bangs out of my system, I have been talking about getting another ear piercing since, like, June. Emily scans my ear almost every time we are together to appraise the proper location for my third piercing and every time I say I’m finally going to do it, I don’t. And why? Because I’m a coward, a weakling, a limp chicken who can’t commit to crossing the damn road.

If M’Obama, though, a woman whose appearance has become so emblematic of the victories and failures of subjection to press, could take a leap of hair-fostered faith, why shouldn’t I just run the shit out of my sneakers over to New York Adorned and pierce my damn ear?

You know what, I’m going to run the shit out of my sneakers over to New York Adorned and pierce my damn ear.

…But what are you dying to do? Get a tattoo? A piercing also? Bangs like M’O? Is it social security number related? Let’s just do it, guys. As Incubus (and separately, the Jewish nation) once said, If Not Now, When? Talk to me.

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  • Felicity

    I’m planning on getting two new tattoos and a new ear piercing – probably tragus – this year. Also deliberating whether to put my lip stud back in but I think maybe I’ll leave that one in the past! Fringes don’t work on me because my hair’s so uncooperative (sad face), so I’m obsessed with growing my hair as long as possible, like freakin’ Rapunzel. x

  • haha I won’t do it. Stop it.

  • Martha

    I have been so tempted to cut bangs again, but I think I said to my husband several years ago “Don’t EVER LET ME CUT BANGS” after looking at my childhood photos. So when I said to him this week, what do you think of this haircut, he said “YOu ALWAYS think about cutting bangs when your hair gets long.” Totally busted. I just crave change, I guess.

  • I really want to cute my nautral hair into a no fuss hair style like this, but i’m terrified that i wouldn’t be able to pull it off. When I have my hair chemically straight I cut my hair a lot…but something about the tiny wire like curls in my hair is telling me not to. I guess the big deal is finding someone who won’t fuck this up for me, but I’ve been focusing on growing my hair out and it’s not growing past a certain length maybe I should just chop it off.

  • alcessa

    I actually want my ears pierced again, too – for the fourth time. Simply because my collection of beloved ear studs has grown to a proportion where I’d love to combine them even more.

    Oh: and I have verrrry short hair now so I can show them off.

    It is so short I wore ear cuffs on my 40th – a dragon crawling into my ear in its full splendour. It was all your doing. Right after having seen on your blog these things existed I HAD to buy at least one or two. So I ended with 2 🙂 and love them both.

  • hawa254

    Does quit my job to start a fashion line sound radical enough? downside is that I’ll have my mum locked up in a mental inst. thus beating the purpose….

    Sweet perman friend.

  • I got bangs last year and they were horrible. I’ve always wanted long hair and now that my hair is like, to my waist, i keep wanting to cut it short.

  • AV

    second hole right above the first one, right ear only. just did it last week. great 4 wearing a pair of earrings in one ear and leaving other ear naked & neglected.

  • Jennifer

    I am not brave with my hair and I don’t think I can plan on being so soon haha

    xo Jennifer


  • Into the gloss had a great article on piercings today! I got bangs sometime in middle school, and let me tell you, curly bangs are only cute on children and Rachel Weiss in The Mummy. And you should take the plunge! If you don’t like it, just take the earring and let it close. Sometimes it’s better to do something rather than thinking about it the whole time.

  • I am dying to get another tattoo but fearful that one day Ill be know as the old and wrinkly lady with too much ink all over her body.

    • Hann

      But there are so many young women covered in tattoos now that some day there will also be so many OLD women covered in tattoos. The norms are changing, and by the time the Millennial are ancient, it’ll be normal for seniors to be inked. I can’t wait, ha! 🙂

      • Hanna

        I have a feeling that soon, No Tattoos will be the new Tattoos.

        • This is why I don’t mind my aversion to getting one. I’ll be the only old dame with ink-free skin.

      • Amen to that.

    • Don’t be fearful. I am covered in tattoo’s (literally) and I love every bit of them. Times are changing! And if for some reason you’re concerned about how they might look in the future, that too is changing! There’s different techniques now, inks and types of machines that make for a long lasting, permanently beautiful tattoo. I say go for it. Even if you are the lady with too much ink all over your body, at least you’ll have a story to tell!


    • But when you’re old, how much will you really care?

      • Sib

        more than you can ever imagine ….vanity is curbed only by death

  • Colby at NY Adorned is the absolute best. Seriously.

  • Jessica Fields

    This post was so perfect right now. I’ve been saying I was going to get another tattoo for like 6 years, this however is less about cowardness and more about me being lazy and cheap. On Tuesday I decided that this will be the week that I get inked. Well it’s Friday and my forarms are still tattoo-less. At least its a 3 day weekend so I still kinda have time right?!? Thanks Leandra for pushing me get inked! (again)

  • Bangs are something that become appealing about 2 weeks after growing out the previous bang. Same with tattoos, after the pain, the peeling, and the pain of having to explain why you chose R2D2 to accompany you for life, you forget about any change related anguish and start to crave again.

    • ha, exactly why i’m getting a couple of mine removed. Poorly done and the rest of it is because I have to constantly explain why this tattoo on my arm looks like an alien and not two doves with angel halos. o_o

  • I used to be all about long hair, but since I don’t have a lot of it I could never really style it myself, so about 5 years ago I got it cut into a long bob á la Ashley Olsen (at the time), I have been braver with my hair ever since, I got it cut above my shoulders quite a few times(although my mum constantly tells me she liked my hair better when it was long I always say it’s just hair, it will grow back) and ombred it, too…I want bangs now, really bad.

    xo Kitti

  • Naina

    No offence to M’Obama, but bangs are bangs. This will be akin to the baby boom, call it ‘bang boom’ if you will. I love her and all but if she jumped off a bridge, would we all? Bangs, tats and various piercings included?


  • Solara Jean

    i love having short hair and think more women should try it, at least once. it’s empowering. for me giving up my bangs was also a big moment of bravery. i’m now growing my hair out to copy tony hawk, but with my dark ringlets it will be very flapper a la coco chanel, a mix of long in front but very cropped short in back. and i wish more women with curls would embrace them, the “blow out bars” offend me! stop destroying your hair and let it be free!

    • goldwaffle

      curls are the best!

  • Living vicariously through Pinterests’ Kelly Osbourne photos of lavender/silver/blonde hair has me itching to take the plunge of (at the very least) going blonde. Knowing I’d probably become the butt of many jokes and the cost of upkeep has kept me away from hitting the bottle, not to mention the perception of looking “ghetto” if the work is poorly done.

  • Mine’s the tattoo. I want a second but this time it’s going to be big and colourful – all or nothing. 😀

  • When I was around 8 I wanted a bang so badly that I convinced my mom and my hairdresser to do it even though they said it wouldn’t look good. And well, it really didn’t. Lucky me I was so little I couldn’t even give a fuck.
    I want a tattoo but I have to grow older before my parents let me do it. whenever I do, BANG (not actually bang, but tattoo. onomatopoeia, in fact) – I’m getting inked. Well, that’s it. Not now, but with a definite when.

  • Stylish Housewife

    LOL…i am dying to get my tattoos removed. only problem…it’s more painful and expensive than it was to get them. although i would like to get my son’s name tattooed (sp?) on me. hmmmm, wonder if i can cover the ugly celtic sun on my back that i got in the early 90’s (before the tramp stamp was cool….mine is in the middle of my back from when wearing super baggy jeans cinched up high with a wide belt was cool). or maybe i can cover the flowers & butterflies on my ankle? i’d rather do any of those than cut my bangs again. i think.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  • LEANDRA! I do guest spots out of New York Adorned. Used to be a full time piercer there. I would LOVE to pierce your ear for you! Let’s get in touch and make some magic!


    • Leandra Medine

      Going tomorrow!

  • I did the pixie thing, after a long hemming and hawing and should I or shouldn’t I, and I love it so much more than I’ve ever loved my long hair. I have just as long been hemming and hawing over the second ear piercing, which I fear might not be conservative enough for legal practice, but I would like to give a rest to my overworked from birth first ear piercings (yes, I am one of those Latina babies, and I have no problem with it and wish gringos would shut up about how cruel it is because of all the shits I don’t give, except that now I’m scared of the pain to get the second one, having no recollection of the pain of the first).

    • I am one of those Latina babies with pierced ears from birth and I got a second hole in each ear a couple years ago while I was still in college. I went to some random place in a local mall on impulse. I was pierced with one of those dandy little guns and I was amazed at how much it did not hurt. It was quick, and I was surprised when it was over.

      So in summation, get it girl. I think you’ll love it and you’ll be fine. I don’t always earring them up anyway (partly because of work also) but you could always keep it classy with a tiny hoop or stud and I doubt anyone will think it’s too scandalous for work.

  • Penelope

    I am tired of all the mermaid hair out there! Cut!

  • Sweet Perdition
  • lib

    I am the same! The limp chicken kind. I have been swearing I’ll get a 3rd piercing for years. I have already sketched out my first tattoo. I actually just have to DO IT… but it’s quite possible that I never will. Maybe I just like the idea of wanting these things, like it gives me an internal edgy side or something..

  • alisa kharikyan

    I’ve been wanting a tattoo for years now, but the thought of needles scare me. Hopefully, one day I’ll have the courage to go through with it.


  • Luciana Constantinescu

    for me it was the bleach blond, Edie Sedgwick style. And one day after having saved millions of photos on my computer I went ahead and did it. And the colour is all wrong! ALL wrong! that’s why you somethimes don’t do it :))
    I’m at my third dye already and it’s still all wrong. I’ll keep trying though. After a few recovery treatments.

  • I’ve been wanting a second tattoo for several years and few days ago I finally decided to get it! On the other hand, I gave up the idea of getting brackets that I’ve been pursuing for a couple of years…because hell, sometimes you’re just too old for some stuff :)) So Yay for the tattoo and NAY for the brackets ;))

  • really want to get a tattoo!


  • After living in constant melancholy with my plain ultra long hair I took the plunge 4 months ago. Bob with bangs. No going back. I don’t know if I’ll keep the bangs for that long, or what I’ll do next, but whatever it is a helluva lot better than being in constant loathe with a hair cut that I only had for the ease of topknots.

  • Suburban Style Challenge

    Funny… in 2011 I got a triple forward helix ear piercing. My first since my lobes, which I got at 5. It was scary, but I thought, “well if I don’t like it I can take it out”. I almost did, but not because I didn’t like it, but because I was frustrated that it wasn’t looking exactly how I wanted it right away. I had to keep reminding myself that there was a healing period.

    Last year I got bangs. Randomly. In my best friend’s kitchen about 1/2 way through a bottle of wine (shared, mind you–I’m not that big of a lush!). I’d had them before, and my husband hated them, but I decided “screw it, my hair will grow back, or I’ll just cut it short again”. I love them (and so did he, actually).

    Now I’m looking at getting a tattoo. And second holes in both of my earlobes. I’ve chosen my tattoo parlor and know what I want, where I want it–I’ve wanted ink since I was 16, but have struggled with the what and where since then. I just have to save up for it (which I’m hoping to do by the end of March).

    I’ve decided that my body is MINE, and thus it’s MY choice to do whatever to it. MY hair to cut/color, MY ears (or anywhere else really) to poke holes in, and MY skin to permanently inject with dye. My decisions are MINE, and if someone wants to judge me for them, then, well, maybe that’s not someone I want to spend much time around…

  • I have been really thinking about ombreing my hair and I think I am going to go short in the spring/summer time…. but I don’t know if I will ever go through with it!

  • Lady, you are a great writer. just felt like sharing that. Love,

  • LauraK

    Have Colby Smith at Adorned do it. He’s quite literally the best.

  • Cass

    I once cut 6 inches off of my hair in my work bathroom. With office scissors. My stylist was none too pleased, but I thought it was exactly what i needed that day. No Regrets!

    • Veronica

      This. Is awesome.

  • Hannah

    I had been wanting to get my nose pierced for a while, not out of rebellion, simply because I’ve always liked them. I finally did it about a month ago, with my parents permission of course! It honestly was one of the greatest sixty dollars I ever spent in my 16 years of being alive. Like you were saying in a post from earlier in the week (or maybe it was last week?) about the ways we personalize our style, getting my nose pierced definitely further defined my aesthetic. To some degree it’s ironic considering I’m neither goth nor emo, which is something a lot of people associate facial piercings with, including one of my teachers who asked me if I was going down “that path”. I think when chosen well, piercings, tattoos, hair chops, what have you, can either complement or contrast (like mine) your personal style really well. If, for some reason, I don’t like it anymore or need to take it out for a job (I don’t plan on having a job that judges sartorially though!) I can always let the hole close up and it will be like it was never there in the first place. Anyways, adults always say that I will do stuff as a teenager that I will regret when I’m older, yet this leap of faith is CERTAINLY not one of those things.



  • Last year I finally made the decision to chop off my hair. It was something I’d always wanted to do, and in July I said to myself, “Stop being such a chicken,” and just did it. I’m so glad I did.

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  • Nathan Niche

    Ooo!!! GO FOR IT! LEANDRA FTW! Btw, you should check out my Céline parody photoshoot, it’s minimalist with
    Juergen Teller reference, do tell me what you think, even if it only
    provokes you a little! 😉

    xx The Provoker

  • Jen Latch

    Holy shit. You nailed the trend of the year…. Bravery.

    Fashion. Style. Relationships. Friendships. Finance. The State of the Nation and World. I think we all need to Braven up.

  • Micaela

    well, i have 4 ear piercings in just one ear, so i say, go get that second ear piercing 🙂

  • Faye-FashionHound

    I’m about to bang the shit out of myself in an attempt to replicate my muse Miss B.Bardot – a very brave move and might I add murky if not #totes impermeable waters – but fuck it! Let’s do this shit!

  • My motto is pretty much if you want to do it, fucking do it. It took me approximately 2 hours to decide to get my nipple adorned a few years back, even the slight infection which followed soon after (too much information and gross, yes) wouldn’t stop me from doing it again. Pierce the shit out of that ear.

    PS As a bang toting gentle-lady for roughly the entirety of my life (a massive 24 and 3/4 years at that,) I would highly recommend you do the chop. Plus, it would be TOTALLY French.

  • ml

    i’ve cut my bangles twice: once when i graduated from high school and once when i graduated from college, and to be honest: i regret both (i have a rounded shape face and it made me look fat)… should i let this make my fear of getting a tattoo grow? will i regret? am i a regretter? i don’t know but i should try, right?

  • Ai-Ch’ng

    Get that piercing, Leandra! You can always remove the earring and let it be/close up if you dislike it. I was 23 when I went from two earring holes (one in each ear) to eight (four in each year) in one session… While I wouldn’t do so many at one time (six more) ever again, because of the swelling and subsequent discomfort (not being able to sleep on either side for quite a while and just lying on my back like an insomniac mummy), I’m glad I did it then. Now, I only use four to six of the eight earring holes at any one time (two in one ear, four in the other – or three and three). Because I like to change frequently what I wear in my earring holes, it’s nice to have a choice of aural orifices to adorn 🙂 As for the bangs – get them – but longer and uneven. You’ll never know if you don’t, and when you get old like me, you’ll me wondering, “what if”? Hair grows, we grow – it’s all part of the fun.

  • I have had bangs multiple times. I like the look but it’s to much work. It means having to do something to your hair almost everyday. Def not an effortless look.

  • Elise

    Frankie Sandford, a member of a UK band The Saturdays, has this very unique hairstyle. She cut all her hair off except for side swept bangs..it’s so different but I love it! I don’t have the guts to cut all my hair off yet….lol. 🙂

  • Amber

    Is it just me or isn’t it the coolest thing ever when the people from your favourite blogs hang out? If only I were cool enough to join you.


  • I just went pixie on monday, from long hair well below my shoulder blades. it takes some time getting used to it. but it’s a great experience. funny to see how people react to it and you, too…

  • AmyKane

    My mother’s grandmother had a tattoo of a butterfly on her wrist. She got it when she was 18. Tallying back through the generations, this must have made it about 1910 when she got it done. I never met her, but 40-odd years after her death mum is still proud of having such a wild gran. In conclusion, wrinkly tattoos are no bad thing!

  • Olive

    Seeing your self cuts inspired me to also cut my long hair – I took in a photo of you and said make it look like I did it myself – boyfriend was not happy but i love it so mission accomplished! You’re an inspiration and a hoot! Must google ms O’B now

  • E

    I have “If Not Now, When?” tattooed on my wrist… just sayin’.

  • Jenny

    I wish I was brave enough to cut my own hair

  • Michelle

    My husband just let me go to town on his hair and it turned out pretty good. I think I’ll keep cutting it. I’m not so brave with my own hair. http://www.elasticpantcity.com

  • I’ve wanted to get my rook pierced for ages. I’m terrified of pain, and my ears are distant relations to dumbo (distant, but distinct) though, so I keep putting it off. Here’s to living in a brave new world!

  • Lauren Dimesky

    The last tattooing I did was two tiny cursive 3-letter names of my parents~one on each of my wrists. I’m so delighted because, now, my parents will be with me figuratively forever! And I will never have to explain some weird kind of image that I once thought was cool!!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme


  • FredAstaire24

    I would rather like a Del Pietro Fornasetti plate design (to scale), from an etching in the Archives in the Firenze factory where they are made. Its a face obscured with a Kendo/fencing mask (I fence). I would like this on my left side rib cage… Oh and a diamond in that nobbly bit of the middle of the “other side” of my ear… do you dare me… do you double dare me??

  • sbo

    Constantly deliberating when and where to wear my light-rose-basically-white jbrand pantalons! I’m a dark denim/ forest green/ purple pant wearing gal, but I bought them ( on super sale) anyway, triumphant, thinking they would make friends with an oversized vintage grey cowl-neck, or a black/floral silk blouse. But eeeevery time I put them on I take them off as I’m too afraid to get bike grease or other schmutz on them. IF NOT NOW, WHEN, GUH.

  • arabella

    go for the piercing! if you dont like it you can always let it close up again!

  • thatssofrench

    I’m dying o get a tattoo of the Eiffel Tower… Cliche, I know.

  • Ashley

    I was bored a few weeks ago and shaved the back of my head with my husbands clippers. It was a mess but I was happy. After a small patch filled in some, I went and got the sides shaved and I now have an undercut with my afro. It’s just hair and I don’t worry too much about it. Two years I went natural and I am so happy even with most of my family making fun of my hair.

  • I got bangs quite by accident a few years ago (my stylist apparently didn’t understand the instructions I was giving), and although there were initially too short, an extra centimeter of growth turned into a full fledged love affair. Pretty sure I will never be bang-less again, especially since the pixie cut I currently sport looks quite odd without them.

    As for what I am dying to do – well, I recently acquired my first tattoo, and although the only piercings I have are the solitary ones in each ear, I am quite content with them, and I have a lovely social security number.

    I suppose mine is less physical and more existential, depending upon its context. I want to finish something. Anything. Something of worth, at least. I want to see it through, accomplish its value and tick off the checkbox of completion. I want to make progress, because the truth is, I have a hard time pushing myself, even though I know I’m capable of so much more. Maybe now’s the time to turn the social network off and get to working on whatever it is that needs an end…

  • Maartje

    you referenced Incubus. and here I thought I couldn’t love you any more than I already did. <3

    brb, getting my septum pierced.

  • Em

    I went through a phase where if I was feeling antsy about my appearance, a tattoo or a piercing was always at the end of my deliberation. It was a way to permanently change my appearance and to seem…different?

    Nowadays I seem to talk myself out of things really easily. Is it that I’m getting boring or that I need a new outlet? I don’t know.

  • Hilary Hall

    Pierce your damn ear LEANDRA. And stop cutting your own hair. If you don’t like the piercing, you can take it out and no one will notice. But continuing to chop your own hair? Dude, your husband called you out. That’s when you know you have a problem.

    • Leandra Medine

      I LIKE my short hair though! A lot!

  • LeahS.

    Do it! Piercings are fun when you are still young. I feel like now is the time to continue doing unrationalized things without needing an explanation.

  • Beki

    Listen my friend, both you and Emily from intothegloss have me itching to give my self a hair cut. Last time I let anyone besides a professional touch my hair, I ended up with my sister’s interpretation of a micro bob. So yeah, good. times. But yes I really want to do it, I also love the length and shape of yours and I want to know how you went about cutting yours because frankly yours came out fucking fabulous and I would love some tips, advice, youtube tutorials? Mmmm yes DEFINITELY youtube tutorials.

  • Taleesa Warrior

    I often have the urge to cut all my hair off and be done with it. But I know I’d probably break down in the middle of the salon and I wouldn’t have any bangs left to cover my tear sodden eyes. You’re pretty brave for cutting your own hair though, and if you can accomplish it with even an ounce of skill then why the hell not!

  • Sarah W.

    There is something liberating about a drastic change in appearance or a “new you” I’m pretty sure a couple of my worst break ups have resulted in some interesting highlights, a pixie cut or a shocking change from a life of being brunette to completely blonde. It just reassures me that we can choose to be the way that we want to be!

  • Kasia
  • Mrs. Obama’s new hair is ridiculous. So ridiculous it seems like something only an adolescent African woman would attempt.

    That she managed to tame her hair into submission is proof of her tenacity, but why would anyone choose a cut so unsuited to their hair quality?

    Imagine Jill Biden with braids? What if she was dying to do it?

    It does look great – as great as an ad for a new wig brand would look – but it’s not her.

  • Nicole Greentree

    We shouldn’t be so attached to hair, it’s just dead stuff that comes out of our head! I shaved mine completely to raise money for cancer and it’s growing back now and I don’t feel any more beautiful now it’s at a “more feminine” length. Take the plunge people! Hair will always grow out, and if it really sucks? hats

  • Emily

    hmm, well i’m always thinking about cutting my hair. it gets annoying long..a lot of maintence. i’ve recently opted for a shorter version of long hair and no longer look like repunzle. I don’t think id ever get bangs, even though i have an enormous for head i feel it would just make my hamster cheeks look even bigger. however the hair i always think about styling is a megga chop, the first time was a bowl cut ages ten, which i’m surprisingly incredibly proud of the pictures. and second time a bit of a pixie cut. the only thing with short hair is that although convenient it can be limiting. unless you are incredibly beautiful like TAMU from ‘all the pretty birds’ you’ve kinda gotta watch how you dress. Also the growing out period if u want it long again totally sucks. ahh well, my new cutesy mini pony tail that’s kinda an 80’s throw back with its perkyness will do me fine for now. it was done at a salon and despite them never getting it quite the way I want it id never do anything drastic without professional help although I don’t suppose ill ever stop using scissors altogether, a snip here and there is exciting and lets face it, for sumat so small as a fringe, no matter the outcome on your face, who can be arsed with the salon? no me. <3 TMR ur awsome x

  • Ari Mai

    I’ve had long hair for almost all my life. Now… I have short hair just like you. Used to be so afraid of change, but not anymore.

  • 2 Chicken

    I m dying to get a tattoo! Butt they r expensive and last time I tried, I chickened out at not the last minute, simply one of the minutes that occurred while looking at various tattoo designs. The craving, however, is stirring again. Deeply. In my stomach. And no, it is not just the second batch of custard I ate after lunch. I am wanting to try again. Butt…will I chicken out? Bagok!

  • Noelle L

    Back in December, I impulsively cut bangs. Albeit very cute ones, I was over them uber fast. They’re growing out pretty quick, but I cant fecking wait til these grow out to a somewhat workable length. I vow never cut bangs again. I do however want a new tat. My last one is a back piece done in 3″ Olde English lettering across my back from shoulder to shoulder that says LIVE FREE. My next one will be a half sleeve, maybe even a quarter sleeve black and grey day of the dead theme. I can live with ink and holes but haircuts?!?! Not so much.

  • Georgia Scully

    Delayed reading of this piece, but you just made me feel very happy for finally getting another ear piercing (besides the standard earlobey ones…)! I feel like your blog will help me navigate through the perils of Uni life and all its fashion problems. So pierce that damn ear! (If you haven’t already, I am 2 months behind apparently…)

  • Bella

    As I reach 30 I am getting to the point where the inner me wants to break through. It is rather difficult when everyone around you including hair stylists and your wallet is deathly afraid of change. I want a drastic change. I told my husband that when he gets deployed I am going to chop my hair completely off and bleach it white blond and get tattoos.I am a petite Latin long haired brunette girl next door type right now and my inner personality says otherwise,