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Buy now, wear forever. 4-Eva.


Does anyone else in this chatroom suffer from that illness in which you fall so deeply in love with something, you almost have no choice but to over-saturate, stimulate, expose, and exhaust it so wholly that within an approximate two week period, you hate said something all the same? My friend calls this Peanut Butter Syndrome, which is that thing (said to the tone of Bill Haider’s voice as Stefan on Weekend Update,) when you get home everyday, eager to do nothing but lift a soup spoon from your cutlery drawer, twist open that extra crunchy Jif (or, you know, 365 a la Whole Foods), dip the spoon into the peanut butter jar and play airplane with yourself while a large chunk of chunky flies through the air, facing little to no turbulence, and finally lands in your mouth. The gooey, dry, crunchy consistency satiates your hunger and you retire to your couch almost immediately, hoping to catch at least the last 30 minutes of an SVU episode. It’s idyllic, really, but you do this with the same enthusiasm and panache for how long? Five days? Ten days? The appeasement factor is rather fleeting. Before you can count, you can’t even look at peanut butter anymore. Am I right?


I think you mean yes.

And see, I’m doing that with my clothes. It’s actually been a record-breaking four months since I’ve last wanted to wear anything but ripped and slouchy jeans, pumps, and some variation of a button down shirt, unbuttoned and tied around my waist–which, I think, if we’re talking in terms of style and mirrors and reflection and such, could conceivably mean I’m rather happy with the current character I’ve created (not inherited). The downside, however, is that my fashion content probably seems capital B-Boring. With that in mind though, I fully intend to ride this wave for as much longer as I can. Why don’t you, too, give a try prosaic pants and pumps. My favorite part of this collage is that almost everything clocks in on sale. Credits below.

Pictured: Illesteva striped sunglasses, $260. Yellow Lanvin clutch, $793. Jil Sander burgundy pumps, $202. Acne pale blue angora sweater, $191. River Island jeans, $80. Club Monaco plaid shirt, $60. And this is a men’s coat by Unity which in effect also means that it is practically a Margiela women’s coat. $835.

Also, if you come upon a pair of light blue suede pumps (An upward of 4 inch heel encouraged but not mandatory,) would you holler at your girl? I am looking to monochrome using the meat of the above as a buffed canvas. The rest is in your hands.

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