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The January Glossybox is ready for you, but are you ready for it? (Hint: the answer is yes)


In partnership with Glossybox.

Consumption by way of subscription, we meet again. I met my first Glossybox last September when I played a wildcard and ordered whatever the magicians behind the subscription box would give me. I was pleasantly surprised to find Marvis branded toothpaste (who knew these was a Rolls Royce equivalent of the dental hygiene world?) and an Ole Henriksen branded serum. What was serum? I still don’t really know, but that shit made my facial pores feel virginal.

In preparation for the month of January, I sorted through and reacquainted myself with some of the more superior beauty products I’ve come upon in my tender days to presently (note the overwhelming pun) give you: Glossybox x Man Repeller, Winter Survival edition. The way I see it, if my beauty mantra hums “Don’t wear it if it means you have to wash your hair at night, do wear it if you can rub it off with your fingers,” at very least some of you must share a similar relationship with your beauty routine, right? In my box you’ll find the lowest maintenance, highest performance items I could have scrambled together.

For your face: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara. It’s thick and chunky without leaving stye-inciting clumps under your lids.

Tarte red lipstick or Vincent LongoΒ red lipstain. The great thing about a bold red lip is that it changes everything and requires few corresponding accoutrements. No makeup? No problem. Dab on some red and let your Frida flag fly.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Serum. Ask me again what serum is and I will curve my back into a human question mark, ask me what it does and I will tell you that your pores will be so happy they won’t know whether to expand in excitement or shrink as a testament to the serum’s functionality. Live everyday like spa day. And then there’s the Le Metier de Beaute replenishing daily solution cream. Crema! I don’t know about you but I imbibe a lot and as such allow my skin to dehydrate far too regularly. I also have a hard time putting sunblock on so this is a good way to digest that (SPF 30, people).

For your hair: Prime Style Extender by Living Proof. Here’s a primer you can dab through your hair in hopes it will eliminate the prospect of having to wash your hair as frequently, instead allowing you to sleep on that hair, get it real French, and deal with the perils of cleanliness later. Sebastian Potion 9 cream works appropriately for the sake of styling your hair into oblivion and if you, like me, have newly chopped locks–it works famously as a pseudo-wax, manipulating hair tips.

So that even though you won’t shower, you will smell good: Narciso Rodriguez For Her eau de toilette. Naturally, I smell like stale chicken. Unnaturally and yet still so perfectly acceptable, I spray this eau de toilette on my wrists and in my hair et voila: orange blossom.

For your nails: I may be one of the few American females who abide by a strict no manicure policy (if not because I am far too lazy to remove nail polish once it starts chipping than certainly because I am also far too active to suspend hand movement for a full thirty minutes to let it dry) but because I know nail art is important and we are, after all, in the Americas, I’ve added an OPI liquid sand polish in a color called Can’t Let Go. The finish is matte and the color features glittering particles in its dried state. You know how I love glitter, right?

And super sweet bonus: two of these boxes come contained with a $1000 Shopbop giftcard. It’s kind of like the Willy Wonka golden ticket only no one turns violet unless you buy this.

So, that’s that. Tell me what you think, order a box, or we can also talk about what happened to my white suede pump last night. Is being cloaked in dog shit good luck?

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  • Elisa

    I love that your beauty choices match your personality. I totally agree on serum, the stuff is magical. And about the nail polish thing, whenever I go to the US I feel like I don’t deserve to live because my nails are not painted. Part of me loves the look of nail polish, but the other part can’t help thinking it’s really quite silly.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds

  • Cue in the feelings of anger and disappointment for not living in the US of A and thus not being able to order this gem.
    As far as your beauty regime goes? I’m with you. Why put stuff on your face that will only mean more work when you go to bed?

  • agnes szucs

    i don’t really buy cosmetics any more but back then i would buy them for what they looked like… in this selection i would totally fall in love with the Tarte lipstick in its wood or bamboo container… delectable.


  • Yates

    When I click the “order a box” link it takes me to the Styling Blinkers post. Help!

  • Richa

    Gutted that I’m in the UK. I’m just proving lulus predictions right there< . Going to have to try that mascara, I'm dealing with the ultimate clumper as of now!

  • Anne

    Gah I wish I was *not* French. I’d rather get that piece of hotness in my mailbox instead. The packaging looks all kinds of sexy.

  • Sophie

    I am utterly devestated by the loss of your manolo’s. but knowing you, should I be expecting some sort of dog shit diy to save them? I hate to see them go to waste.

    • Leandra Medine

      You know, I’ve already cleaned them and even in the first moment of recognition that my foot was in fact covered in dog shit, I thought how curiously serendipitous it was that my brand new white suede shoes would retrieve the fecal treatment. If not because it’s a good lesson in the transience of material things than DEFINITELY because my book just found a new kicker.

  • So cool you’ve got your own box! Congratulations!

  • Totally sucks about your pumps πŸ™ These products sound awesome, even more awesome that it minimizes my shower days.


    OH my… I’m obsessed with the Narciso Rodriguez scent “For Her”! Have been wearing it since last summer and am already half way through my second bottle. If I could, I would drink it – that’s how much i LOVE it! Yum!

  • Lisa

    I have resisted glossy box for years but when I saw you partnered with them… well you broke me. I signed up even before this post and as usual you didn’t disappoint. I’m going to be checking my mailbox nonstop till it shows up. πŸ™‚

  • SB

    Are the shoes completely lost? Maybe you can do a post one day on cleaning/fixing/taking care of expensive clothes and shoes! I’m never sure if I can just take that kind of stuff to my regular shoe/dry cleaner??

  • Catherine

    I finally did it! I’ve been trying to decide whether I should order a box. Now that I know what’s in it, I just couldn’t resist. Hooray!

  • Kae

    Leandra, what’s a favorite Marvin’s Toothpaste? It’s a great product

  • “…but that shit made my facial pores feel virginal.” Best line ever.

  • Cass

    Can’t wait to hear the dog shit story. It looked like a dog literally shit ON your foot. That’s so unfortunate. PS. I was totally channeling you this am when I decided my “suit” needed a plaid button down tied around my waist. Thanks for the idea!

  • rux

    There s no international shipping??? ohh what the heckk

    what if I live in Milan and I wanna get it? :'(


  • elizabeth

    this is the shit.

  • Oh your poor shoes. I was so sad for them when I saw your instagram last night.

    I’ve been subscribed to birchbox for a while and I love it. After reading this post I immediately went to their website and signed up. I’m super excited to get your collabo box.
    When does it ship? I want it now #totesstoked

  • This is all kinds of genius. Narcisco Rodriguez is also the phreshest scent around. Love!

    Lela –

  • Jenny

    Aw I want want want πŸ™ xx

  • can’t wait to recieve and open my box of magic!

  • gabriela

    Proud to say I just ordered the glossybox! Super excited to repel around town with the lovely gifts! Hopefully I get lucky too πŸ˜‰

  • guesty

    Is the Tarte lipstick full size? I need a new one…

    • Leandra Medine

      sho’is! (that means sure is)

  • Melissa

    love glossy box! x

  • Demelza Duder

    I was so excited to order this box of wonderfulness and then realised that, to my dismay, you have to live in the USA. I need some man repeller action down here in New Zealand and can’t get it! πŸ™

    P.S: Love your work, you are my favorite person basically ever (slight exagerration but, you know what I mean xxx)

  • B.

    I’d love to try all of these products, too bad you can’t order it in Europe.
    Super curious to try that sand polish

  • Nico

    I don’t like the glossy box but I like read review!

  • which items are full sized? also, is the nail polish only in the blue? The reason I ask is because since I was so excited it was a curated box, I ordered 2! I just worry that I’ll get a ton of duplicates! either way, Im so excited for this month! best box ever!

    • Kate Barnett

      Hey Lexi – The Tart and VL lipsticks, as well as the OPI nail polish are full size, the Fresh face serum and Estee mascara are deluxe samples, the Living Proof and Sebastian hair products are travel-size and Le Metier and Narciso are sample-size. There are variations in the hair and lipstick products, but the boxes will all have the same ‘Can’t Let Got’ OPI Liquid Sand shade.

      Hope that helps!

      • Thanks! I hope I get a tarte lippie! Also, does that mean that there are different colors for the lippies?

        • Kate Barnett

          Hey lexi – there are a couple shades of the Tarte lip, but they’re allllllll red!

          • Jessica

            I didn’t end up getting a lipstick at all and instead got an unadvertised cheek stain. Disappointed!

          • Leandra Medine

            Oh shit–I’m really sorry! That’s on Glossybox, we’re going to investigate.

          • Jessica

            I appreciate your response. It’s a fine cheek stain, I was just disappointed because the red lipstick seemed to be an essential part of the box and I was looking forward to trying it out! It’s something I never get for myself.

          • leeann

            I hate when stuff gets swapped like that. It is bait and switch as far as I am concerned ;(

          • Jessica

            Any word on what they’re saying re: no lipstick for some people? Thanks again for your responsiveness. I can’t get in touch with anyone in their CS dept.

          • Leandra Medine

            Apparently, they sent the cheek stain to subscribers who had already received a red lipstick. Why don’t you email me?!

          • Dunberberberlee

            Weird…I’m a subscriber and never received a red lipstick from them in any of my previous boxes. I re-subscribed because of your box.I’m really annoyed that it’s a cheek stain not one of the red lipsticks as promised :/

          • BriAnne

            I also am a current subscriber, Never received a red lipstick from them and got the cheek tint. Also disappointed as I was expecting (and was looking forward to) a red lipstick.

          • Gina

            Same here. Was looking forward to the lipstick πŸ™ also the shipping was late. I received my glossy box today.

        • gypsiemagic

          Tarte has Fierce, a “bold red” and Wild, a cool red. Iam assuming those will be the two colors sent out πŸ™‚ The rest are pinks and corals πŸ™‚

  • I am waiting for mine as well! Can’t wait. The OPI nail polish is my fave πŸ˜‰

  • Yay!!! I just ordered mine! can’t wait

  • Just ordered! So excited πŸ™‚ And we don’t have to discuss the dog crap on your manolos

  • Nathy

    Loved it! Congrats!
    Nathy –

  • Sounds awesome, will definitely get this magic box!


  • Will Code For Clothes

    MR, I like how even if your posts are sponsored, you still seem like you’re out for the good of your readers. πŸ™‚ Thanks for staying loyal and never selling out. I will forever be a fan.
    Keep doing as you do.

  • I’m ready for it, but Glossybox is not ready for me since I don’t live in any of the 48 states. And I had my card ready. Boo.

  • Tori Johnson

    Are we getting either a hair product or a lip product or both? I read somewhere that it was one or the other, but now I’m not sure?

    • Kate Barnett

      You’ll get a hair product AND a lip product!

  • JJ Cowan

    Okay, that’s a great box of goodies and hopefully one day I’ll be able to pimp and equally plush box of my very own goodies but until then I must spam your blog ;D

    Follow me on twitter twitter/SFYGF bc…. well, I have a tendency to love clothes more than humans but never more than my cat, Edward. He’s really cute – peace sign

  • Zainab

    I’m probably not going to use any of this, but heck I’m sold anyway! I can’t wait to see what this mysterious serum does to my skin! xx

  • Sharon

    :O Need to get myself one of these! Then I can brag that I’ve got a Man Repeller Glossybox!

    Seriously though, all these products sound great and I would love to purchase one

  • Lauren

    I am trying so hard to become polishless, too! Such a catharsis!!!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Theunknownsisters
  • bflems

    You can’t order a box unless you live in the states and it saddens me once again that I’m stuck in the true north strong and free. Please make it available to us Canadians, Leandra!

  • Amalie Espeland

    i was sceptical when the ad started popping up each time i went on your blog. but, it looks amazing x

  • chris tian
  • Nuala Gorham
  • Mine is on the way and I am so excited! Thanks for making such fun picks for us!

  • lavieenliz

    love all the packaging!! If that’s what man repelling looks like…call me a repeller!

  • I need this, why can’t us poor old CANADIAN gals order it!?!?! Very upsetting :*(

  • Andrea

    this is really great!


  • Kelly Koehler

    This describes 9 products but the GlossyBox site says you get 5. What gives?

    • Kate Barnett

      Hi Kelly,
      For the MR January box, you’ll get 7 products: Tarte or Vincent Longo lipstick, Fresh Umbrian Clay Serum, Estee Lauder Mascara, OPI nail polish, Living Proof or Sebastian hair product, Narciso fragrance and Le Metier de Beaute Daily Replenishing solution. We wanted to pack in as much awesomeness as possible.

  • ahhhhhhh,, I adore you’re blog! thank you!!

  • Stylish Housewife

    woot woot! i can’t wait to get mine so i can be flossy flossy. well, and glossy. =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  • The Urban Promeneur

    Looking like a brilliant and precious glossy box. I am so in love with the idea of this whole thing. Unfortunately Glossy Box Germany is not providing this bunch of individual products…but still. The surprise is always in charge.

  • I might have to break my “no buying new products until i use all my old products” ban for this! Great selections.

  • Kahoane

    No shipping to HI, boo!

  • Dots & Roses

    This is awesome! I’ll subscribe accordingly!

  • I can not wait until my box arrives!=D

  • great packaging for the stuff! love that red lipstick color!

  • Vanessa

    Hej Leandra,
    Shame they don’t ship your box to Germany!

  • Christina S

    I am subscribed and feel all tingly thinking of all the goods coming my way. Thanks MR!

  • Anna

    This is lovely, I’ll be adding it to my subscriptions, it’ll be my 4th beauty one πŸ˜‰ I have a jewelry subscription box, please check it out, the more surprise boxes at your door the better πŸ˜‰

  • Guest

    Im so exciten a out this box! I wonder if i should get two…
    Oh, and i totally have a girl crush with you Ms. Medine <3

  • Jessica B

    I finally broke down and bought one! Can’t wait to get the box. It’s like Christmas all over again! Love your blog!

  • Im so excited about this box! I wonder if i should get two…
    Oh, and i totally have a girl crush with you Ms. Medine <3

  • Little Red Book

    Fun fun fun, will sign up right now!

  • Ukkers

    God damnit!
    What about us foreigners?
    I went in and was going to subscribe my ass off – but noooo – no shipping to Norway.

    Heart = broken.

  • Manon

    Woooww I want this booox !!

    Unfortunately I’am in paris … but love it !

  • You are a repeller after my own heart – no manicures, procrastinating on washing my hair, and using red lipstick to make me look like I put more effort into looking good than I actually did. It sounds like a good box!

  • Felicity

    So gutted that I can’t get my mitts on this – I especially like the look of the Prime Style Extender. I’m lazy when it comes to nails! x

  • Kim Lane

    I am in line to get this box, Thank God!!! I want the La Metier, The Hair Primer by living proof and The Golden ticket to Shopbop. Whatevers of the rest of the goods is perfectly perfection!

  • Kim Lane

    Kate, when you say sample sizes. Such as The La Metier and Nars, are we talking foil packets. I can deal with the perfume sample size but was hoping for a bigger sample size for the La Metier.

    • Kate Barnett

      Hey Kim – All of the products with the exception of Le Metier and Narciso are large samples or full size, but with an independent, super luxe brand like Le Metier (whose product retails for $225) we were fortunate to get a sample-size in the box. If we could send everyone a huge tub of the product, we would!

  • Samah

    After reading this I immediately subscribed

  • Is this box different from the subscription I currently have with Glossybox? Also, Glossybox is available for subscription in most countries in Europe.

    • …and I think the boxes in Europe are much better than ours. They get more full size samples than we get.

    • Kate Barnett

      If you’re currently subscribed to Glossybox then you’ll receive the Man Repeller Winter Survival Kit for January!

  • Jess


  • This is going to be my first box and I am SO excited. This sounds like a fantastic selection.

  • Neesie

    Hope I get mine!


  • lucia

    I ordered the box on 1/9/13. When will it be shipped?

    • Minie ❀

      If you look at the FAQ on the Glossy Box site, it explains how most things work for them. As far as shipping is concerned, the boxes should ship the third week of the month, and arrive shortly thereafter.

  • just ordered one!! can’t wait!

  • Christina Honan

    How did I not know about this shiz? I’m in! Hope mine comes with a little extra lovin’ from Shopbop. BIG FAN.

  • emma

    so sad you don’t deliver to the Uk! gutted!x

  • Danielle M

    I won this box from physique 57s december giveaways..I now cant wait for it, and if I like it am subscribing to a year πŸ™‚ I am a SAHM so this sort of box can make me feel super excited.. Who doesnt love beauty products!

  • Avice

    Check out my new blog πŸ™‚ and please comment on my first post! πŸ™‚ thank you so much

  • Nti

    Just ordered !! I hope I get the tarte lipstick – fingers crossed!

  • Bernadette

    I was so excited that I got this box, shipping was late, but that was fine! I was bummed though, no red lipstick! I thought that was a trademark, like an either or, and I have never tried a red before. I did get a Tarte blush, but I sooo wanted to try a red lipstick πŸ™ . I do love all the other products though and am getting ready to OPI my nails! Love ‘ya and keep on repelling!

  • I got the random cheekstain too. Sooo bummed. I waited and waited with such excitement because I thought I would get a fabulous lipstain. And, I read the comments down below, and I never got any previous red lipstick in any other boxes, so I don’t think that the reason. I’m seriously considering not ordering any more from Glossybox. I don’t think it’s cool to say that something is in the box, and then it’s not. Bummed.

  • badstella

    Not happy too! I got a blush & not a lipstick witch I was soo looking forward to,! I really was happy before about all the products and quality . Not so now! Maybe they are too big to handle their orders!,,,,

  • leeann

    I didn’t get the Umbrian Clay Serum. WTH is going on with Glossybox. Not only did my box just arrive today, but it is missing a product. This is really not cool at all. I paid for a product and didn’t get it or even something else in exchange. I would think very hard before doing a collaboration with this company again. It looks bad on you as well as them πŸ™


    I love this Narciso Rodrigues edt! I love to use it – especially after 3:00 p.m. πŸ˜‰