Get Puffy

Hey, it’s a new year! Why not?


Alternative titles: Puffy, The Manpire Slayer; Errybody in Da Club Gettin’ Puffy.

Wearing: American Apparel vest, Zara blazer, Club Monaco mens plaid, Dries van Noten t-shirt, Marc Jacobs pants, Charlotte Olympia heels on heels on wheels. Photos by Naybag Shon.

Happy 2013! How does it feel to know that while the majority of your fondest memories still live in deceased years, you will never again live in them, with them, too? Lol, jk.

Today in trends worth trying: puffer vests. And why? Because it’s cold and we are human and sometimes, sometimes, practicality deserves to prevail. While I can’t offer much historical fashion context other than a recent photo of Garance Dore from Fashion Week, my having seen Cynthia Rowley sport a really great pseudo-garbage bag in the flesh while walking through the West Village last month, and the Comme Des Garcons ethos at large, there is something rather telling to be said on the meteoric shift from form-flattering, well-suited outerwear, to that of the over-sized, quite literally fit-for-a-man variety, and then to the eventual arrival at, don’t hate me, urban swag, yes, swag, by way of what’s puffy. Twitter suggests that most, if not all of you, want to see “swag” die in 2013 but I can bet real tax dollars that it ain’t going nowhere. As a matter of fact, I predict it may usurp chic’s throne–and you know what? I don’t hate it.

I lied about the history bit, there is context. This is it: the wedge sneaker of 2011 lent itself to fall deeper into the urban trap that would inevitably leave us (me) wearing the truer spirit of athletic wear, see: them Nike Blazers. And with the sneakers came the complimentary paraphernalia. An awkward moment it is when you find yourself walking through Nolita, wearing a flat brim Billionaire Boys Club cap and a puffer vest you fished out of the American Apparel outlet store. A man looks at you while he rides his skateboard–obligatory boom box over shoulder, paying homage to Biggie–and offers you the wink of recognition, familiarity, and approval. You want to requite the wink but all you can offer in return is simply that you are a well suited poser, finding shelter for your head in that hat, and warmth in that vest. But isn’t that effectively what fashion is? Tangible escapism.

Five years ago, I wanted to be Audrey Hepburn. With my maniacal burping tendencies and reluctance to forfeit cursing, the only way I could achieve that was in pearls. Two years ago, I started my journey to worship at the French altar. While my accent will always be lamentably American and my collar bones will never be quite boney enough to compliment the blunt neck cut I’ve already impetuously indulged in, the inexplicable money I spend on overalls and Isabel Marant is enough to satisfy what once felt like impenetrable hunger. And now, I just want to look like a little boy who grew up next door to Kanye West. I know light green palazzo pants won’t get me there any quicker but bare in mind that it was just five years ago when I wanted to be on the opposite end of this self-procured spectrum. And isn’t that what style is about? Converging the past you with the present you in hopes that you might come upon a far greater, future you, question mark? Sometimes writing out punctuation is the best way to end a thought.

Here are some vests for your clicking pleasure:

From top left: Army green Gant vest, Comme des Garcons cascading garbage bag, Lucky Brand red vest, Moncler teal vest (equipped with fur stole et al), Lacoste Kids two tone Miike Snow vest (I’m calling it that because it’s Black and Blue and once again, my jokes are cheesier than Roquefort). Forever 21 purple vest, red and black plaid Timberland vest, Green and orange Polo Kids vest and finally the one that ties it all together: Theory’s Courchevel vest–obviously made for the French Alps and people like us. Cut to fin.

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  • Style Sandbox

    Finally I can wear my vest again and make friends in tha hood

  • Domonique

    I think you may just be right, or at least I hope so. Otherwise how else can I explain my fashions from yesteryear? Ha!

    p.s I still can’t get my head around the puffy vest….

    Happy New Year lovely!


  • I like this selection of vesy though and of course the one I love the most is probably worth my arm…and maybe my thumb which is really important to me. Anyway! Love it, and i feel my DIY senses tingling.

  • Cravingforbarneys

    I prefer to wear fur vest 🙂

    Here is my fav

  • Nadia

    In love with those pants!!

  • Brooke Allen

    and this is why i love you!
    brooke @ what2wear,

  • lifeonthesquares

    Love your Céline trapeze 🙂


  • I don’t think I will ever like these kind of jackets. Not even if I’d get a chanel one for free :p

  • The RRL store in the Hamptons had a puffer vest with a pseudo-western/urban vibe that I purchased a few years ago. To this day I have yet to find one that exudes the same response from me. What’s difficult is perusing the delicate balance of maturity without losing street cred

  • Eva

    I like vests but strangly enough I only wear them when I go horse riding 😉 xx

  • I very much enjoy the garbage bag vest. I’m not even deterred by the name!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve always wanted a puffy vest!

    xo Jennifer

  • Céline

    people wear those a lot in Switzerland actually.. great combination !

  • Felicity

    I like it, it looks warm. Think the CDG one looks groovy (I’m bringing groovy back for 2013.). x
    Happy new year! x

  • monkeyshines

    sporty picks!


  • Cassandra

    YES! I recently ventured into Winners (an outlet department store north of the border, eh) and found a beautiful royal blue Marmot vest in the Men’s department. The ultimate in utility with its 800 fill down count, my man-friend has, for once, adopted one of my pieces as his own (a luxury afforded given n-teenth months of nabbing his man shirts).

    Je suis most excited to bring back denim jackets et puffy vest combinations à la Marty McFly! Thanks for the post,


  • Jessica

    Your always have outfits that confuse and entice me. Well done!

    Stay fab,

  • Lace and Chiffon Fashion blog
  • Addison

    I love the puffy vest!! It literally looks put together and cozy over any garment. My go to piece for sure. I only wish I could wear them in the summer time without sweating balls off.

    Addie at

  • Marta
  • The Provoker

    I like your whole charlotte heels on heels on wheels detail, cute. Somehow you’ve really managed to make the whole vest work, obvi with your signature layering, but for me, I just can’t seem to make puffy vests work, perhaps I’d opt for long long puffy vests at bests (possible new blog title?!), but for now, I need ma sleeves, but who knows, maybe I’d find just the right one. I’ve just did a “tutorial” post on the three main ways to work the shoulder bag strap + outerwear style, tell what you think 😉

  • Marie

    Ah, tu peux me répondre en français!

  • Nico

    Love your pants and the green and orange vest!

  • Sophie Lewis

    The juxtaposition of Marc Jacobs resort pants and an american apparel puffer vest is fabulous. Wish I could pull that off!

  • Iben Bergstrøm

    Those pants are so awesome, but gee expensive!

    Love Despite Color

  • Xiomara Rosa-Tedla

    Love the post! I literally laughed out loud. Great puffer picks and style shots. Keep doin’ your thang girl!

  • Great post! The pants are amazing. I would actually wear them!


  • Emily L

    I loooove my puffy vest from J Crew! It’s so hard not to wear it every day with different tops. That counts as a different outfit, right?


  • =^..^=

    “NAYBAG Shon” ??!???!!!!!!!!

    Sis, You’d best be nice to your BFF: you’d be lost w/o Naomi snappin’ your repelling-ness for all of us to behold !

    • Leandra Medine

      THAT’S HER NICKNAME FOR HEAVENS SAKE~!@#$%^&*())(&^%$#@!~!@#$%^&*(*&^%$#@!

  • forever in love with Moncler puffy anything! now if i can manage to afford one without going broke…. =]

    btw. i like puffy, the manpire slayer haha

  • Oliver Lips

    Lovely pictures. I guess I would have chosen the alternative title: Errybody in Da Club Gettin’ Puffy – just sayin’ 😉

    Happy New Year to you,

  • I absolutely love puffy vests. In fact, I’ve been looking for the perfect one lately. Very timely post. 🙂

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  • Puffy, The Manpire Slayer. I’m dead. xo

  • Jess Erin

    Those pants! Perfect cut, colour and flare. Gassssp.

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Puffy, The Manpire Slayer. I just died. xo

  • Jenny

    These are what started the trend

  • tiffanywendelstyling

    I’m a big fan of the Moncler men’s puffy size S for women in brights :)!

  • tiffanywendelstyling

    I’m a big fan of the Moncler Men’s puffy vest for women – LOVE!

  • Allix

    As an inspiring young women looking to pursue a career in writing, seeing your hilarious and BRILLIANT writing style is so refreshing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your talent with us and sharing your gift of funny and effortlessly witty writing with inspiring writers like me.

  • Phyllisa

    Or it could be “keep my trapeze-us warm!” 😉

  • Shannon

    Been in love with puffy vests since a little girl. This is exactly what beats faux fur jackets when I choose to wear something on top of my shirt. Lovely post & happy new year.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Monika

    i hate pufferssssssssssssss. but whatevs its not all about me is it? ok it is. bye!

  • No way did you ever want to be Audrey Hepburn….


  • Jehan Yasmin

    Awesome puffer coat selection! This will go great in my Winter Wonderland Collection on Socialbliss. Check it out:

  • faceless
  • Knee A Tea
  • Kristina Fe

    I’m going to be in New York for Fashion week in February.. and honestly… looking at your post is making me want to buy a puffy coat!

    I heard February is the coldest month so I need to start preparing..

    looks like you are prepared, LIKE ALWAYS 🙂

    I am in love with your pants. They scream different and unique which is what I am always attracted too.. and of course your CELINE BAG AHHH!

    IF ONLY….

    As always you never seize to amaze me!

    Instagram: kmfe

  • I used to love puffy vests back in 2000 and come to think of it should still have one from back then running around…hmmmm time to dig through my closet –

  • ml

    i have a recurring question on each one of your ‘looks’… how come you don’t freeze in those kind of pants?! c’mon, share the secret!

  • I was recently drawn to a puffy vest, my first urge since 2003 and a bright red DKNY, zip on sleeves optional number, and found myself leaving a store with a Penfield mens vest tucked happily in my bag. Nice to hear there is some source of fashion validation behind my choice and that others are onto something as cozy as the puffy vest.

  • jenny
    I like a little puffy-ness

  • AvaMiss

    Love the post! I got one this year, first time since high school times.. It’s just practical and looks good too, got mine in Uniqlo and love it. All the best.x

  • Lisa

    Did Jay Z copy your look for New Year’s???? I’m just sayin….

  • Saori

    Love vest but that’s the lost awful outfit I’ve ever seen on the blog

  • I always feel cold in winter (and sometimes even in summer) and I really appreciate practical clothes, but a vest is far away from being practical. Normally your arms get cold first, so I think you should cover them carefully ….


  • Angi from glamsquadmuc

    Gosh, u make me wanna HipHop!

  • yvonne ★

    As much as I love love your style, this outfit lacks of the “swag” normally people know about. Because swag doesn’t equal puffed vests or jackets… But hey! Nice exotic romantic wide-legged pants man repeller!

  • those pants <3

  • Love your style and your hair!!!
    So gorgeous!!

    Have a wonderfull week!! 🙂

  • jussy cruthird

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  • Silvia Cristescu

    I haven’t worn a puffy vest since I was 14, but these photos make me want to try them on again!

  • rach xo

    i love the vest…but dang i love the pants more!!!!

  • Scarlett Tran

    I love the uniqlo down jackets, a sizes, they’re great, they work perfectly as liners of other coats ( and it counts for layering right right?) chek out the one they did in collaboration with CDC, I wear it ALL the time:

  • Claudana

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  • sofiastr

    perfect as usual

  • Netspeed

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  • danish

    Good stuff, I like it, I already bought my stuff from an online shopping store. Nice experience. 🙂