Waxing Diaries – DIY Bikini Wax

Can you measure your bravery? Kate can.


Half naked and freezing in a pottery studio in Northern New Mexico, I stoke the fire below a double boiler of drugstore wax. Once again, I’m preparing for the task I’ve vowed to never repeat: the DIY Brazilian.

I agree with everyone else on this topic — like electrical wiring and blonde highlights, brazilian waxes are best left to the professionals. But I’ve just moved from the West Village to a farm in the boonies (it’s amazing what love and rent increases will do to a girl), so it’s up to me to maintain the bikini line to which I’m accustomed. The full spectrum of torment from self-wax includes more than just pain and patchiness. Similar to killing a chicken for dinner in lieu of picking up rotisserie, at-home wax leads to all manner of questioning… Do I really want to look pre-pubescent? Is that an extra row of lips? Could I craft a star-shaped landing strip? Wait, why am I doing this?

For me, the last one’s easy. Sure, my boyfriend will appreciate it, but more importantly, with so much change afoot I need to feel like I’m taking care of myself, and right now that includes a bit of vanity.

As always, the inaugural strip goes well. Marveling at the efficiency of hard wax and my deftness with a tongue depressor, I realize that Mom was right, I definitely should have gone to beauty school.

But soon enough I’m frozen in crisis. The phrase ‘my lips are sealed’ takes on new meaning after an ambitiously large swath of wax shifts offsides. I can either rip off each crumbly, over-hardened bit of wax (along with a tuft of hair, if I’m lucky), or submit to a life in which my see-you-next-Tuesday is forever sealed shut. Mulling over my options, I hobble to the kitchen for a glass of wine.

Half a bottle later, I’m largely wax-free and warming up to lowering my expectations. Hubris’ homely partner, cognitive dissonance, sets in–I don’t really need to do a full Brazilian, I can just trim the rest, right? Within the hour I throw in the towel, left with a bikini line that looks less Brazilian and more mange-ridden.

To be fair, these circumstances are highly unfavorable; I maintain that the DIY wax is possible. If you’re just looking to tidy up before the beach, or if you–like me–think underarm shaving is a nuisance, at-home waxing is totally viable. Regardless of one’s yoga practice, though, a Brazilian is tricky. My singular successful Brazilian required reinforcements and flexible sense of propriety. (Were I to write that essay, it would be titled ‘Waxing Diaries, Pt. II: Why my sister sucks, my boyfriend’s amazing, and I’m a terrible partner.’)

For those brave souls eager to be hairless, or at least less hairy, I’ve listed some tips below so that you may avoid the pitfalls of my experience. If you have suggestions of your own, please share those too. Barring a miracle in the form of free laser hair removal, I expect I’ll be down this path again.

1. Use a good, hard wax. I like Nad’s Brazilian & Bikini.
2. Don’t be a hero–this is going to hurt more than the salon, and even those with high pain tolerance can benefit from an Alleve or two.
3. Trimming makes everything easier; you don’t want to catch an errant hair
4. Leave a little extra wax to grip at the end you’re going to pull; longer nails help to get the first bit of wax up, too.
5. Don’t get over-zealous; work in small areas to avoid pain, uneven wax cooling, and accidentally sealing your hoohoo shut.
6. Be realistic; you’re not likely to emerge with a professional grade wax, and unless you have someone to help, the back’s going to be a motherfucker.
7. And lastly, if you’re looking for a ½ inch margin to confidently don swimwear, consider the tweezers. Trust me. It’s quicker, more reliable, and less demoralizing. Get a good pair of tweezers (not the 20-year old pair your mom keeps around) and remember that unlike waxing, you pull in the direction of the hair growth.

With that, I wish you all courage, good luck and Godspeed.

Illustration drawn by Charlotte Fassler

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  • Elisa

    Now it may be cos I’m French, but I would NEVER do this to myself. Nor would I let anyone do this to me! A bit of shaving and general maintenance seems enough, no?

    Elisa – Wandering Minds

    • agreed. no need to go full-bush 70s style (although wouldn’t that be a very man repeller thing to do?) but I don’t think theres anything wrong with some well maintained pubic hair on a vagina. as long as it’s clean, right?

    • the (un?)social butterfly

      I actually don´t get the hatred towards pubic hair. I do think full bush is rather innapropriate for the beach and also might be a little less comfortable for your partner´s performance of certain activities, but the absence of pubic hair is a bit too infantile a look in my opinion.


  • This made me laugh so so much, pulling each crumbly bit off with a tuft of hair or forever your lips will be sealed – I’ve done this a few times and it has ended like this every time – Why do I do it again? Never, ever again. This time, for real, I promise! 😉

  • I love how you don’t have any boundries while writing.

    This post might not be that related to me, but I just enjoy your writing so much, no matter which topic you’re writing about!


  • Susana

    Are you serious? Wax is so XX century! Go for laser woman!

  • You are crazy for giving yourself a Brazilian! I was learning how to give these and had to watch a few. After I promised myself I would never ever go down that road. The awkward positions and the torture are just too much for me to handle. Thanks for this post and starting my Tuesday off with a laugh!

  • I’ve tried this twice. And twice I have somehow ended up glued to the floor,
    rationalizing to myself that an ass wax will do just as well. Kudos to you for
    keeping everything (mostly) in place. I’m thinking electrolysis now…because
    what can be better than brutally tearing your hairs from their follicle homes?
    Nothing, except maybe brutally sizzling them to death with a laser. I think it’s
    an obvious choice.

  • Jill

    I don’t envy you trying the Brazilian at home! I’ve been waxing at home for a decade, but it’s always just enough to make sure I’m within my bikini line. I use the Bliss wax and actually find it less painful overall than when I got salon waxes. You do have to be a bit of a contortionist though. 🙂

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself-“And for the record, as far as I am currently concerned, the 70s are back in a majorway.”-too funny! I was a diligent bikini waxer up till about 10 years ago, when a Brazilian went awfully wrong, at the hands of a ‘extreme professional’. Along with whatever was meant to go away, so did many of my childhood memories with each strip yanked, my mind and body was hit with what I can only describe as pain I have never experienced before (and I have had children!) I have continued with making sure everything is well-manicured down there without ever attempting to go South American again but I don’t think I would ever have the balls to DIY it, kudos to Kate for giving it the old college try!!

  • Ash

    The tweezers really do work. It can take forever (if you’re as closely related to the beast as I am), but it’s worth it in comparison to the agony of a bikini wax.

    • Kate Barnett

      i cannot tell you how validating this comment is.

  • talknerdy

    I do my own Brazilians all the time (although I’m not terribly concerned with “the back” as you put it). Pre-waxed strips are awesome for this – only put the strip down about half an inch, wax that bit, then move on. You can then use the little face strips for maintenance.

    And as someone who’s been waxed professionally as well, I find that it’s MUCH less painful to do it myself!

  • Ohmygod This gave me the chills. I was a tried-and-true shaver for YEARS until a friend – horrified that I’d never had a wax – dragged me to a salon for my birthday where they ply you with champagne & “numbing” cream.

    More than two years later I’m a slave to this practice. Every four weeks I undergo the pain & emotional abuse of a Brazilian wax. Luckily through trial and error I’ve found a salon next door to my office w/ a sweet girl who not only remembers me, talks to me the whole time, makes me laugh, AND only takes 5-7 minutes in total. That’s pretty much as good as it gets on this front. Now I just need to find a way for it to cost less than $100…

  • G


  • Overmycloset

    Hmmm ok, now I feel like I belong in another dimension. Wax is a friend that we the portuguese-speakers are introduced at the age of 14 or so. At our twenties, after 10 years of regular bikini wax, we think about laser. Two years later, we do it. Now that ( laser) puts bikini-wax in the cuddle category.
    For me the inexistence of bikini-wax creates the vision of world as an unbearable place, so do bare some pain from time to time, no regreats. 🙂
    Or do try the indian tecnhique of threading in your eyebrows or mustache area and then write a review on it .. 🙂


  • OrpickanameBea

    Hahhahaha! I liked this post very much. But I am just curious to know why you do not get laser hair removal? In Spain it has been extremely popular for the past years and in many places it is totally affordable if you pay single sessions instead of a complete package for legs, bikini and armpits. I sometimes think it might be a cultural thing, as Spanish women are traditionally know for being dark haired and hairy.
    How common is laser hair removal in the US or other countries? Is it super expensive? Im living abroad and it would be great if I could finish removing mine, but so far I haven’t found any places.

    • Casey Williams

      Ohhh that explains why our high school Spanish Exchange student (who lived with us for a year) was the first to introduce me to the concept of laser hair removal. I was fascinated.

  • Sally Tomato

    To the right of this vaginal post are the ads to “PEEK INSIDE THE BOX.” The irony is not lost on me.

  • Naina Kamath

    First time I did this, I died. I can barely handle a paper cut. Cut to me, on the floor on the bathroom, sobbing like a baby and praying for Cerberus to come gobble me up in one swift waxy bite. Razors for me, please and thank you.


  • Poppys Style

    $35 every 4 weeks for the lovely Larissa to do my Brazillian – surely easier and more comfortable, and maybe even cheaper than doing it myself!? I still put it off for as long as I can but I swear it gets easier and less painful each time…

  • lavieenliz

    I could never do it to myself…I would be too scared to do the actual waxing part so I’d probably have strips all over me! I’d rather have someone do it nice and quick!

    check out my fashion blog!


  • Fatty

    Haha so happy I am not the only who has thought about doing a star shaped landing strip!


  • I like Moom more than Nad’s

  • drue

    this is hilarious, but so true. thank you for the laughs.

  • I’ve actually started waxing myself on the regular lately, and have gotten pretty adept at it. But I would steer clear of Nads and go for a kit like this:

    2. Do NOT forgo the numbing spray: http://www.amazon.com/Gigi-Anesthetic-Numbing-Spray-3-Pack/dp/B004KTHK9Q/ref=sr_1_3?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1358268287&sr=1-3&keywords=gigi+numbing+spray

    Best of luck!

    • Kate Barnett

      wish i could say i didn’t click that link immediately…but i did. the idea of numbing spray kind of terrifies me, but if I had to guess, i’m trying this wax next time around.

  • Will CodeFor Clothes

    Yowzers!! I would do this to avoid awkwardness at the salon, but it hurts like a motherfucker… For what? So your vag can be smoothe? Get that shit layered once and for all.

  • Felicity

    Nope. No. Nope. I bought some Nads and then freaked out just as I was about to apply it. I don’t want to be THAT person who ends up in A&E with her vagina accidentally waxed shut (and I would be that person, I’m metaphorically always that person)! I may make a few appointments in the summer months for a tidy, ahem, landing strip, but there is absolutely no way in hell that “all that” is coming off because I’m a twenty five year old woman, not an eight year old girl. x


  • Meghann

    Love the blog and the addition of illustrations! If you ever need an illustrator I do a lot of product illustrations for magazines and my own blog.




  • Jennifer

    I am way too scared to try waxing! lol

    xo Jennifer


  • c.c

    I have been waxing myself for years. Maybe because of my boyfriend, or because my thought of: “love yourself, take care of you”. Also because I live in an island and everything here means beach. Finally, I decided to make the laser there. Everything is going allright, and I feel less pain than before!

  • This has to be the best thing I’ve ever read hahaha.

  • Nico

    Great tips and great post, love the way you write! I hate this kind of wax! I tried only once and I don’t wanna to it no more!


  • Autumn

    This is your best entry yet. I have used that Nad’s wax kit, half of bottle of wine helped me too.

  • KatWalkSF

    Too good! I prefer good old fashion nair in times of hair panic!

  • love the post and the comments!
    I`m Brazillian, and I have tried the DIY waxing only once, and it really hurts! Even for me, because i wax since I was 12!
    anyway, i wax in a salon once every 4 or 5 weeks, and the price is very low (about $23, half a leg + armpits + Bikini + eyebrows + fluff (i don`t know if that`s the right word… i guess) and it doesn`t hurt and i really don`t have any problems about the whole process… here that`s something very natural and common… and it`s almost unacceptable not to do wax…

  • Chelsea Mac

    Wow, totally my hero! This is the long and short of my ongoing love-hate relationship with waxing. You had me laughing at my desk!

    Haute Child in the City

  • trustKARO

    Oh dear… I have been just reminded I need to do one. Thanks gurl 🙂 Lots of luv

  • lasered all that stubborn hair off of me. spa jolie in the west village. my gal? margaret. she is ahhhh-mazin’. and one of theeee cheapest nyc hair laser removal joints. relax, ladies. i left some hair. 😉

  • Fashion Defensive Midfield

    I find waxing so medieval but at the same time soo necessary, I saw girls wearing dresses while having hairy legs and, believe me, I wasnt watching the dress.

    I wouldnt even imagine someone going to the beach with no bikini wax done, yikes!
    I know, I know, the feminist movement must hate me but i can deal with that 🙂



    • Amber

      shaving is enough, don’t you think?:)

  • SS

    This is the best piece I’ve read in ages! All so true. Not sure about the brand in the US, but my saviour in the UK is Veets “rinsable” formula. So if the wax escapes and you do seal your hoohaa shut, just jump in the shower and wish it off. Marvellous.

  • SS

    I mean “wash” it off in my earlier post! No wishing required!

  • Therese

    I could maybe convince myself do do a self bikini.. but a self brazilian? Not so much. I fear permanently sealing myself closed and becoming the ultimate man repeller.


  • Despite the pain, NOTHING is better than having a freshly waxed vag!


  • Lauren

    dying. this is hilarious (and so true). while i do go to the salon to have this done, i dont think i would EVER be that brave to try it on myself unless, like the writer, i was at LEAST 1/2 of a wine bottle deep….

  • younamedit

    wait, boyfriend? thought he was your husband?!

  • Kay

    I have a girlfriend who does it all the time, but says that the shot of tequila beforehand is essential!

  • Millie Cotton

    Certainly not for the faint hearted. This is the most well-written blog I’ve read in ages. It had me grinning the whole way through, thanks.

    It’s a LDN Thing

  • Will Code For Clothes

    Lazered*** omg how embarrassing heee



  • K

    What’s all the fuss about! It’s so easy – have been doing it since the first hair ever emerged. Come on girls!

  • Claudia

    Omg this was great. I don’t know if I’d ever have the courage to do this to myself! But I must say this was really entertaining to read lol I’ll keep the tips in mind if I ever am down half a bottle wine and decide to do something crazy 😉


  • MINA


    • Truthiness

      This. Despite their Kanye-inspired typography, if you’re going to hire interns to fill your blog with more content, please have it be relevant. I understand you’re trying to build your brand (Glossy Box & Bumble & Bumble) but don’t do it at the cost of the heart of your blog.

      • elizabeth

        well this was weird.

      • Ashley Hughes

        I thought it was hilarious. Everyone needs to chill the F out.

    • Leandra Medine

      I appreciate this input–thank you for your honesty!

    • Sophie

      haha, that’s the reason why i like leandra’s blog so much – leandra has a vison! and dares to play it out. a whole different kind of inspiration: to actually have goals bigger than tomorrow! i like the way that blog is changing a bit – i like to read and i like to think, it’s more of a magazine, perusing her archive is quite like flipping through a magazine. i love it!

    • Malou Miedema

      But you didn’t have to cut us off
      Write articles about waxes
      I thought this was a fashion blog
      And I don’t even need your posts
      Most certainly I don’t need a glossy box
      No, I don’t want french hair
      I’ll just shave the fuck out of it
      where are your hairy armpits
      covered succesfully in a getter to repeller


      A blogger, I used to love

      Where are the getter to repellers, Leandra?

      But, by the way, I do like your new Carrie Bradshaw-esque musings.


    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, “my lips are sealed got a whole new meaning just killed me!!!:)))

    I have been doing DIY brazilians for years now! Ever since I realized that paying $50-$60 for someone to cause me horrible pain was plain stupid!It is no nuclear science, after 2-3 times you will be a pro!

    1. I do not do it because it is a trend or my man wants it, simply because the area is much more sensitive and exposed during “sexy time”…:)
    2. In order to avoid looking like a prepubescent girl-leave a landing strip shaped and sized according to your personality and taste!:)
    3. Yes it hurts like a b*tch, but you do smaller strips and you need a good big mirror and it hurts wayyyyyy less than it does at the salon…They do not care about your jay-jay, but you do!
    4. It hurts more if you do it just before your period, you are apparently more sensitive to pain around that time of the month
    5. Sometimes I split the work between 2 or 3 days, do a little bit at the time… Almost like a painter!;)
    Easy peasy!:)))


  • gabby

    hey bro, northern New Mexico is fuckin beautiful. and about the waxing bit, i’ll pass. in the realms of both real estate and naughty parts, i prefer to keep it all natural 😉

    • Kate Barnett

      Cheers to that — one of many reasons I’m now ‘commuting’ to new york every few months.

  • I can’t even wax my own top lip! Are you kidding me?!!

  • Lauren at adorn la femme

    Utterly hilarious!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme


  • Taryn

    I agree with Elisa. I have been subject to watching my sister receive a bikini wax and let me tell you, the moves and un-lady-like positions she was moved into and forced to endour will haunt me for a lot longer than it took my sisters parts to heal after the entire ordeal. I too shall keep to my razer (let me once again thank the heavens I was not born with shaggy dog heritage) The shaving process is quick, easy and pain and sticky free!

  • Caroline Paris

    I prefer using an epilator, easier to switch off and go back to it once the tenderness has calmed down – http://carolinestyling.blogspot.com/

  • The Provoker

    This is beyond hilar, LOL I’ve just uploaded my most Céline like post featuring similar
    photography style in their ads, it’s sort of a parody of the whole
    minimalism theme. If you like Céline, you’d love the post, tell me what
    you think 😉

    xx The Provoker


  • SuzyQ

    I would NEVER allow a stranger near my lady-parts !!! I even do my legs and under-arms myself. Sally Hansen Brazilian is very good, and I find doing it myself much less painful (not to mention cheaper). In all honesty though, I only wax the extremities of the V – my trustworthy shaver does the rest. And if you ever consider getting lasered – warning – it is a BITCH. I got my arms done, and the last 4 sessions (they increase intensity gradually) were hell.

  • passant

    well, you people make it such a big deal,and it’s not! at all.. i’m from Egypt and i do wax since forever, I’ve never shaved in my life! it’s not good for your skin or the upcoming hair, some times i go to pro salon but just to wax bikini area but i can deal with a whole body by myself, it’s just a matter of what you used to do.. if you do wax forever you’ll not get that much pain that you’re taking about…

  • Misses Robinson

    I find the sight of a stripped vagina highly disturbing. There is a reason we have hair down there. This is the only place I refuse to follow trend, and my husband lves it. My son will also not find it weird should he encounter a girl with pubes someday. I’m hoping when he sees his first playboy or porn he doesn’t get confused!

  • zavvi

    haha. I do it all the time, but yes it is messy and takes far longer than a quick session at the salon. Ingrown hairs are a bummer too..

  • Belen

    Oh, wow! You blog changed so much in the last months… This is more writing, and writing… Less visual and more boring… It was one of my top blogs…

  • ni ni

    I use topical anesthesia, and it doesn’t hurt AT ALL. (I pretend I’m so tough and dealing with the pain so well whilst on the leather death bench with thighs wide apart)
    I’d rather eat bowls of rice for a week and get it waxed than attempt a painful suicide mission that won’t even kill me, but leave me only with physical suffering.
    I think you should get some topical anesthesia from a good doctor friend. It is a true blessing.

  • Juliana

    I don`t know why its called “The Brazilian”. We don`t go thru this much pain just to get hair outta our way. Only a few people go bare down here. Way less then in the US. Actually it should be called “The American”.

    • Lígia Timóteo

      É bem engraçado ver que uma coisa que parece “natural” pra nós brasileiras é tão horripilante pras estrangeiras hahaha

  • Lígia Timóteo

    I’m brazilian and believe when I say that in the legs hurts much more LOL
    I’ve never made it by myself, so I always go to a professional ’cause they know some techniques to hurt less.

  • Veva

    3 words: laser hair removal.

    A day of suffering, months without a hair.

    I can not believe you haven´t done!


  • Natashia

    I’ve been doing to the at-home-Brazillian for years.. it’s fairly painful, and I dread it every 3 weeks, but I refused to pay someone the expensive 15 minute job when I can do it myself..

  • María Fernanda

    What?! Are you for real? $60 bucks for a brazilian? i live in México, and i pay the equivalent of $9 american dollars for a full bikini wax, and no, it’s not a dirty, ugly salon, like a lot of people will automatically asume, im talking about an actuall Fancy Schmancy place, man, 60 bucks?! And Leandra, bravo for the huge balls, i would NEVER have the bulls to it myself, i would have to leave with the tream down there for ever, haha, so yes, it hurts, but i prefer the pro doing it and then i have a pretty lovely looking vajajay for a long time. Oh boy i just wrote 7 solid lines about pubic hair removal, well, there you go Leandra. Amo tu blog, by the way.

  • Genie

    I couldn’t stop laughing/cringing at the same time. Wax is a scary, but helpful tool whether it be on the face, or down below.

  • Alex

    What a good post. HAHAHA
    I’ve never done the brazilian… for two reasons: 1.I don’t like the idea of another person looking and manipulating everything down there, and much less with me being in a compromising position D: … and 2. Even if I do it myself, It’s scary. Yeah. But now I know that I CAN do it myself… so I’ll give it a try sometime soon and remember those tips 😉

  • me

    you really have a way with words. this gave me a good laugh. i maybe will try this some day, but for now, its a 70’s growler down there coz i hate shaving
    if i may say, i love the diversity in your topic areas. thats what keeps me coming back coz i never know what to expect. keep it that way.

  • Wag the Dog

    Why this obsession with grown women trying to look like 10 year old girls? Do you think real men want little girls? I hate the bald look, nothing like a big bush to get the juices running. Woman are suppose to have hair down there, its what makes them a women. Most men like hairy women, the ones that dont obviously dont like women. Hate the landing strip even more…look absolutely pathetic. Let it grow girls…be proud of being a woman! Next thing is you say you pluck your nipple hairs….Oh Nooooo!!!! The Bush is best, Hair today-hair to stay!

  • Joce

    I don’t agree with anyone saying “your blog has changed, I liked it better before” I LOVE your blog, you are hilarious, intelligent, unique and awesome. And this post came at the right time as I have just moved away from home and my waxing lady, and I have to decide: to find a Brazilian waxer in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language…or DIY?

  • Alice

    I am 24 and have never had a blade come near my skin. Never shaved, grew up waxing at home, taught by my mother, and am forever thankful.

    I get my wax from Sally’s: Gigi wax. use old bed sheets as wax strips. Toss after use.

    Protocol: don’t wax right before or during your period. Only after.

    Lower legs: always seem to hurt the most, depending what area.

    Thighs: less painful

    Underarms: Easy. Clean loooking with no nasty black pore looking pits due to shaving.

    Arms: tickle, easiest to wax.

    Vag: Smaller, new strips help. Toss after first pull.

  • Romantaque

    Well articulated blog post. Pain flavored with laugh.

    Better and wiser strategy, when one can not do anything else when the pain seems to be eternal. Is it so ? Time to check the accepted reality as a fact.

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    Happy hair riddance.

  • kathrina

    You are one very very brave creature to try strip waxing yourself! It takes loads of courage and acrobatics to do it. Cold wax works wonders for me. It’s like taffy and pulls out much smaller patches. Quite a comfort actually (except for the lips —- no amount of analgesia works down there), like the feeling of getting inked. I don’t do it for men though, they couldn’t care less if there’s hair or not. Hair’s such a pain during long bike rides. 🙂
    You write hilarious and inspirational shit! I love your blog!

  • Shira Rosenbluth

    This is why g-d invented laser. and groupons. I LOVE YOU G-D!

  • Sarah Ochocki

    I cannot wrap my head around the whole waxing thing ever since a good friend of mine got a Brazilian at a salon and said they drew blood. Shaving4Lyfe

  • Elizabeth

    I’m a cheap ass and I give myself waxes through the winter, since it doesn’t have to be perfect and I’m not wearing swimsuits. I have to say the best advice I can give about self-wax is practice. I didn’t get it down the first time and now it’s very quick and easy for me. It also helps to prop your leg up high lol (I do a balancing act with my leg up on the bathroom counter). I don’t do a full Brazilian, but I do a deep bikini. I also would recommend using finipil (sold at Exhale spa in NYC – my fave) and the wipes they sell at Bliss for ingrown hairs. Finipil is an amazing product to put on daily, whether you wax or shave. It also has a cooling sensation that makes you feel… how do I put it? “Fresh.”

  • Laure

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  • Sorry dude but don’t you wear leather and/or fur and eat meat? You are a murder. Not hating really, but it is a fact.

  • Masha Nova

    honestly I prefer sugaring it is so much more painless. anyways I would never have the courage to do what you did myself, brave girl 🙂

  • henry

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    really pretty cool place I like it because it has everything I want more on
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    Best Electric Shaver

  • KT41

    To reinforce the importance of tip 5, work in small areas: I tried waxing at home when I was in high school with a Sally Hansen kit I bought at CVS. I ignored the “test a small patch” instructions and slapped the wax on my entire bikini area only to discover afterward I could not get it off. It didn’t rip off in one clean strip and I ended up chiseling off as much as I could and had a raw, bumpy red bikini line with patches of wax and hair. So painful and ugly. Never again.

  • Jamie Leland

    I have attempted this just twice and the more successful round left me with most of my bush still intact. I too get a little too ambitious with the wax and try to do larger-than-realistic areas. I seem to recall sweating a lot and feeling really sleepy after. Have not attempted again.

    Honestly, I like having a lot of hair down there and I prefer cleaning up the bikini line with a razor to anything. Perhaps when I start pulling in more dispensable income, I’ll give the laser a try.

  • TishRap

    Have you ever tried Rica wax? It’s the absolute best. I doubt it’s available over the counter, though.