Cut to Confidence

Short Hair vs. Long Hair: Part III



At the risk of sounding like a flocculent broken record player, I am re-opening the topic of hair. My hair. Your hair. Our hair. The deduction this time will be different, I pinky swear.

I first cut my locks in early December. What transpired was the result of a rather defeated glance at my boring reflection so one Saturday morning, just after a shower, I thought changing my hair could assuage the boredom. I went to the bathroom with scissors that I had been warned should be used exclusively to cut paper and ambitious packaging. I pulled all my hair to the front of my shoulder blades and in two succinct snips, chopped approximately two inches from the length, directly into my toilet.

It felt awesome.

Three hours later, high (from the previous cut, not drugs–drugs are for idiots) and dry (shower pun), I wanted to feel awesome again. I went back to the bathroom with my scissors and in the same two gestures, cut another inch and a half. For a moment, I was almost sure I had finally reached my destination: French hair was mine. As such, I began trying on my most patriotic clothes (see: overalls, lace turtlenecks,) before I finally surrendered to one more inch.

By the end of the three part haircut, my previously shoulder length hair clocked in at a pretty novel neck length. It was a cut I promised I would never bequeath myself again after one stint in 1993 in which I took to Super Cuts based on far too extensive a cue from Jessica Alba ca. The Secret World of Alex Mack. This time around though, I sprayed a mess of product in my hair and found myself quite pleased with the outcome. I wasn’t expecting too detailed a response to the cut but what I learned was rather surprising.

Over dinner with a friend about two weeks later (she had cut her hair to look rather similar to Leonardo DiCaprio’s ca. Titanic before my predilection for DIY-ing had sprouted), I explained how liberating the shorter hair made me feel. I knew it wasn’t sexy–American Culture had historically taught that babes have long hair–but I felt very attractive. I wasn’t sure why and assumed it had to do with abandoning my comfort zone and pleasantly finding that I’d landed in a considerably more thrilling arena that when push came to shove, still rendered rather comfortable.

My friend responded with an interesting observation, noting that since she had cut her hair, she’d been garnering more male attention than in all the time her hair was long. I stopped to think for a second and realized that I’d experienced a similar response since my own chop, (in spite of my wedding band, and ironically with the exception of my own husband). I could have bet that this was likely the result of my now perennially shutdown man-scout-radar. That’s always the trick, isn’t it? Looking like you’re not looking.

But my friend corrected that supposition. “It’s a fuck-you-I-don’t-care thing that I think men find really sexy,” she reported, which brings me back to the Man Repeller ethos.

Everything is always about confidence, isn’t it? If you feel good, you will look good, and if you look good, because you feel good, you will rule the fucking world. There really is something to stepping away from your comfort zone and recognizing that wherever you settle feels somehow…better than where you’d previously kicked up your feet. Now, in one final effort to galvanize your leap of faith, come on, do something crazy! And please, share the journey.

Photography by Naomi Shon. I’m wearing a Margiela x H&M bodysuit (with nothing on my lower half, really,) until the final shots where you will notice that the outfit behind the hair is wholly inspired by another outfit, not my own, shot on Bowery by Tommy Ton over last Fashion Week. My jeans are Citizens of Humanity (I cut the knee myself), hers must be something awesome, like UK vintage. And though I really like my Givenchy tri-tone calf length booties, I wholly regret having not purchased those light blue patent leather Jil Sander pumps. One comparison remains and it’s in the hair.

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  • Holly-Bella

    Your hair looks awesome, I can’t believe you did that yourself! I cut my own fringe but that’s as far as I dare go…haha. Nice top, too xx

  • Sarah W

    This is so true! I had very long hair and chopped it off to a pixie after Emma Watson. I got SO MUCH male attention it was insane.. Way more than my 21 years with long hair. Plus i felt secoer than i ever had before. I do think it is because short hair signals confidence and independence. Rebelling against the predictable route of sexiness. Plus, men always want what they think they can have, right?

  • those Jil Sanders would’ve been killa! Now come over and cut my hair

  • ml

    “not drugs–drugs are for idiots”, epic.

  • Heather Patton

    You’ve got some balls, lady…and I like it. 🙂 I’m debating going shorter with my own hair, after already chopping 10 inches off just before Thanksgiving. I can’t bring myself to cut my own…but you’re making it sound VERY tempting!

  • natalie

    love how you got high from cutting your hair! hhahah
    my hair used to be not to far off my ass and i cut it just a lil past shoulder length- it felt so good.

  • nataluya85

    i looooooooove it!


  • I’ve never dyed my hair and used to alternate between long and short, nothing too special. But getting bangs was a hair revolution. I was scared to do it for fear of looking like a chubby baby or a Deschanel doppelganger, but they turned out great. I’ve had them for two years and I’m certain I’ll have them for at least a decade or two.

  • Elizabeth

    you and emily have such nice faces. no wonder the shorter hair is drawing more male attention! { your friend does=Emily, no? 😉 }

    • Leandra Medine

      Haha, yes!

  • i know this time is about hair, but I just want to comment on your oh so so hot Givenchy boots that indeed match your cool haircut

  • PradaStole

    If it feels good, do it! 🙂

    • keely

      terrible mantra (though I do like her cut)

  • GiuliaG

    Two weeks ago I decide to cut my bangs. I was looking with a couple of friends at old pictures and everybody was swooning about how I used to look better with bangs so I said, yeah, I’m going to cut them off again. A couple of days passed till I took courage but I finally did it. I cut it. I was going for Brigitte Bardot kind of bangs but I just looked like the dog who gets a trim in Edward Scissorhands. Unfortunately I couldn’t cut further because I managed to set part of the afore mentioned fringe on fire with the hairdryer and I was so scared I didn’t touch my hair for three days. This is what you get for cutting your hair I thought. Then thanks God my mother helped me and the bangs started looking more Caroline de Maigret-esque. I was quiet happy, but it took me just one shampoo to realize why I didn’t get bangs anymore: because I can’t handle them. Sometimes you feel like you need a little bit change and when putting on some nail polish is not enough and getting a tattoo is way too much, cutting your hair seems just the right thing to do. Last year I tried out the undershave “sponsored” by Emily from ITG and it didn’t work out well, but guess what? Even marines-like trimmed hair grows back!

  • Reptilia

    Love how you look!
    I´m so scary bout cutting my hair..


  • Charlotte

    After having long hair my entire life I’ve decided to chop it off too (well, my trustworthy hair dresser did) and go for a super short bob (not Jessica Alba, but Katie Holmes in better times). And yes, exactly as you stated above, it was a confidence booster! I have tried many variations since, but the short hair cut stays! (It looks stunning on you by the way)

  • Jenny

    What a beautiful length of hair! And your outfit is just to die for.

  • PrettyFritz

    I LOVE having short hair! It’s like the best…

    I have had long hair as long as i can remember, but last summer i cut my hair (no, actually it was my hairdresser, but you know…) In a really nice pageboy and since then, my hair has just been shorter and shorter (i’m know a Emma Watson-pixi kind of girl!)
    And you’re right, it’s an epic feeling every time i cut another inch!

    I simply love your style. You’re like, my style-icon above them all!
    You’re perfect in a perfect non-perfect way!

  • Allie

    Love the volume of your hair with your bone structure and bold brows. I’ve found the perfect length for me is right at the collar bones– short enough that I don’t have to brush it but long enough that I can top knot it if I’m too lazy to wash my hair before work.

  • Elsa.S

    You make me laugh, and think, and dream. I’m french, and I have finished my journalism Master last september. Right after that, the day I realised french economy is bad, and that everybody want to be a journalist, I just thought, whatever, gonna cut my hair maybe it’ll change my mood. It has, I have pretty much the same haircut as yours (and I’m french, right girl 😉 ), and I feel free.
    Your blog is merveilleux!

  • mercergirl

    It is the confidence, completely, totally, that makes the difference. Cutting our “tresses” liberates us which in turn gives us confidence. Freedom from anything; boundaries, captivity, rules, conventions etc, is GOOD for the human soul and thusly inspires a little spring in your step or confidence, if you will. That bounce, that verve, even if subtle, calls to the others in our species. Ergo, hair cutting, in and of itself, is NOT repelling. Oh the irony!

  • FormerTomBoy

    love your hair. but you could also pull off something shorter like Kristen on this season’s Top Chef… so jealous of people who can pull off short hair.

  • maria

    SO TRUE.

  • Lateybirdy

    it had been a while since I read your posts. Not knowing why, I just stopped (it might have something to do with the new theme -the monitor is too small to see your pics in the whole screen and to be honest I am hating it). Anyhow, as I am in deliberations regarding my hair (during which my “long hair” and “short hair” angels are currently discussing like hell) this time I decided to actually read this post. I am really glad I did. It is seriously good. But to be honest it did not help my indecisiveness. Yesterday I was sure I was letting it grow (am I using the correct word here?) but today I’m like go short hair!

    I am seriously fucked up about it!

    Thanks though



  • Zoe

    short hair is so parisian i might die

  • Elle

    I always want to chop off my hair when I’m feeling weighed down. It seems so freeing. I think hair must be made of fat and depression…

  • Love this! xx Synderela

  • a fuck you I don’t care thing!! — had to come back & get that out!!! Lit my fire just like a good song does!!! (xx)

  • Fashion Defensive Midfield

    i’ve seen a tutorial in a local magazine and I’m doing it tonight! -cutting my hair- wish me luck!

  • I love short hair. Confidence is sexy.

  • Malibu PR Gal

    I agree, I conquer, you are right on! I have had short most of my entire life – with the exception of a year long affair with hair extensions because I had to “find” myself after a recent divorce. I found myself alright – right back to short hair! GREAT POST!!! Confidence wins!

  • Wind-up bird

    I’ve had some kind of pixie cut since I was 16 (I’m 23) and now have a very short bob with bluntish bangs. Getting my hair to the length needed for this was the frightening thing for me, but long hair is what really freaks me out…thr last time that happened I was 14 and I’m fairly certain I looked like Lord Elrond from Lord of the Rings.

  • I’ve done so many changes to my hair over my short 24 years, including having my hairdresser shave (yes, I said shave) some of my hairline closest to my forehead to add more space to my forehead. (I was 11 and extremely self-conscious.) I’ve got like a three head and that’s fine. I embrace it! I have spent the last 4 years regrowing out my hair because of a botched haircut from a girl who razor cut my curly hair. It was uneven and kind of looked like I took the scissors to it myself. Now that my hair is longer and the front is finally growing out from bangs and the aforementioned shaving incident, I prefer it. I did some ombré color and I am glad it’s longer now. I think I’ll cut it short again in a year or two when I’m tired of sweating every time I try to get ready and do my hair. I do enjoy your new haircut though as you’re making me at least consider short hair again. That and dying my hair the same color as Beyoncé. Bangs, on the other hand, never again.

  • Interesting observations, MR! And I’m fascinated to hear your thoughts on confidence, because yours is an inspiration. Personally, hair cutting is not my road to confidence, as, whenever I change mine, I loathe it until it’s back to its former self. But doing what you feel like and not caring about what others (read: men) think, is a path to both happiness and radness. I love your hair cut!!

  • Nico

    Agree with you “If you feel good, you will look good, and if you look good, because you feel good, you will rule the fucking world”…yeah!!

  • lama

    I had butt long hair for years and years, and once decided to cut it into a bob style cut and it felt so great! Compliments left right and centre aha, so bollocks to men liking long hair! Its true what you say, your own confidence really does shine through…you look gorgeous with that length hair and I really love it 🙂

  • alcessa

    Oh, so you are getting, there, looks good! But it might be better not to do the pixie by yourself :-)))

  • Gretchen von Düsterwald

    The bob fits you perfectly! Now I have long hair now but also wonder if I should cut it. But (unfortunately) my hair is very, very sleek so I can’t style like you- so fluffy and edgy. I have also a blog, but I am too shy to show my readers my face. What do you think? Should I make pictures of my outfits with my head or not? It would be very nice if you would help me!

  • SophieLewis

    I am so in love with your bodysuit there are no words. Unfortunately, my hair is way way way to thick to be able to be cut so short. It would just try poofy and give my head somewhat of a triangle shape. I really wish I could cut it that short though, you look so cool. xx

  • aimee

    I loooooove it. I too recently parted with my mid-back length naturally curly/ frizzy locks, which I rocked both curly and straight, at the tender age of 32. It feels…..amazing. I originally didi it (with MAJOR trepidation) to even it all out and to make it healthier overall after all those years of “just 1/2 an inch!!!”. Then once I did it, I realized, I had needed the CHANGE. I felt so new and fresh and bold and daring that I then chopped off a couple more inches. I still go back and forth between straight and curly, and I want to add in some more layers so that I can rock a sort of big round fro’y thing when au naturel. LOVE. Get it gurl. And I want those jeans. And totally…..Confidence is what it’s all about. And, in closing, I love talking about hair.

  • dahlia jacob
  • Jennifer

    I love your shorter hair! I would totally have shorter hair if my hair was a bit thinner. It’s too thick and would require too much maintenance that length and I’m lazy lol

    xo Jennifer

  • daniela corno

    I recently cut my hair to a bit below my shoulders and loved it! I assumed I would just grow my hair out again but now I want to keep it short and maybe even try cutting it a bit shorter. It definitely made me feel more attractive and confident when I cut it and I can see what you mean about the fuck-you-I-don’t-care thing. I just wish I had the guts to cut my hair myself! I always thought mine was too thick for that kind of fun but it’s pretty similar to yours so maybe I’ll try it.

  • brooklynbridge

    I saw you out and about the other day and your hair looked slammin’. So whatever you did…well done.

  • Ela B

    I just turned 20 and as a final adios to my adolescence, I chopped ten inches off of my waist length mane and donated it to the Little Princess Trust (

  • lavieenliz

    omg your hair looks so amazing!!! I love it!!

  • confidence is the sexiest thing in the world – long hair, short hair, it don’t mattah. which explains why your new ‘do is not, in fact, repelling men (oops).

    beyond cutting my own hair in the fall, which is a leap of faith in itself for a long-locked girl like me, how’s this for crazy? i quit my job – peace out “marcomm professional”, and hello there “short haired advertising intern/entrepreneur/blogger/dreamer”… i like you. a lot.
    and damn, does it feel good.
    cut and quit to confidence.

  • I had short hair once and wasn’t confident enough to pull it off…having since embraced my body (100% lacking in any curve whatsoever but with annoying THO requiring some sort of training bra) I have been contemplating. One thing I like abt losing the hair is it brings attention to the face. Play up the eyes, the lips, hell, rock a nose ring if that’s your thing. Hair is a dime a dozen but a face is one in a mill. Or 12 bill if we’re getting technical.

    You look fab and carefree and obviously if you were holding a pistachio macaroon I’d say bonjour without hesitation, and isn’t that all we really want out of life?

  • susieq

    man repeller, i did it! pre and post pic attached. feels g-d fantastic.

  • Girl, I totally understand you. I cut my own hair since I was 14 (now 23) and the felling it’s really good. You are riight. Two years ago, I had a long hair, all sexy brunette hair, but one night in a hotel room in Washington I took a blind scissor to the room and cutted short. It does feel good, here in Brazil, the majority of the girls wants to have long hair because it’s considered sexier and more powerful, Short hair has not space at all. Felt good because I gave the “bitch please” attitude. Agree, if it feels good, it feels good. No regrets.

  • debbywarner

    Dude, I was completely bald for almost a year (chemo). Talk about walking around with confidence…I refused to wig it. I now let my hairstylist do whatever he wants to do (color and cut). He’s a wizard. My hair happens to be a long bob like yours and with a wave. Looking good, girl!

    • Leandra Medine

      You are awesome.

    • A.

      You’re the coolest person I know.

    • ladybee

      And awesome you really are. I am slowly starting to accept my hair after chemo, but hardly. Gained weight + short hair =not such a great combination on me. I respect, and I do mean respect, every woman wearing short hair! You go girl!:)

    • martine

      Wow, and mine is a longer bob, and I want a pixie cut, but am too chicken…

  • s

    ahh… love when you say “you will rule the fucking world” it’s true, confidence is a snowball effect.


  • Awesome post, I’m a black women that refuses to wear weave I rock my short do everyday when it’s long enough for a pony tail I like to do the ballerina slick look. While I’m not that fond of my hair men always compliments me on it. Like you said it must be refreshing to meet a girl that does not care to conform.

  • Michaella W.

    I was bored last spring so I told my mom to chop my hair into a pixie cut. I was in eighth grade and everyone was so shocked when I came to school the next day. I think it’s definitely liberating though. It feels great to see all these girls with hair that looks exactly the same and then I have a pixie cut. Of course, my brother and his friends accused me of looking like a boy but I liked the cut so I didn’t care what anyone else thought. It made me a lot more confident too.

  • Kelley Mullarkey

    I just moved to Europe from Chicago and cut 7 inches off of my hair. I truly admire your words and observations. Coming from America to a European society I can say that I’ve never felt better. I can only imagine that when Edie Sedgwick cut off all her hair and dyed it bleach blonde she felt the same way.

  • Mathé Kamsutchom

    Totally went “natural” this past summer and have been keeping my teeny weeny fro ever since! I love it! Absolutely liberating.

    • lemkam

      Hands down, the fro is the best hairstyle in the history of hairstyles. Sigh…I will never be able to achieve this with my thick, straight hair, but you WILL find me staring in envy at a woman with a fro.

  • A.

    Great post!
    Kinda of similar story over here.
    A couple of years ago, I was trying to improve my self confidence. I began training harder for my sport (cross country), and I decided to cut my hair by 4 inches.
    Every other girl at my school had a mane of long, blond, shining hair, that matched their Forever 21 short-shorts and there I was: the brunette with short, German-Jewish (think thick) hair, wearing a tweed skirt…

  • Bonnie Clyde

    Love this post!!

  • I’ve done everything possible with my locks over the years. It’s been waist length to stubble short & dyed a myriad of colors. For the past 5 years or so, I’ve been wearing it super short, in a style called a Chelsea. (Shaved except for blunt, short bangs & long ‘sideburns’) I LOVE this cut! It’s very easy to maintain & gives me oodles of confidence. Not everyone can get away with such a dramatic cut, but with my pixie-ish features, it works well for me. My partner thinks women with short hair are ultra-sexy. Lucky for both of us, because I don’t intend to grow it out any time soon….quite possibly NEVER! Oh! And another plus? It doesn’t get messed up under the helmet I wear to play Roller Derby! Hoorah!!

  • Caroline

    This post literally makes my entire life. A recent heartbreak pushed me to cut my waist length hair to just above my shoulders. While I’ll admit this sounds like possible recipe for complete disaster, I haven’t looked back once. I love that my new hair is so much edgier and unique, not to mention a great ‘fuck you’ to the jerk who broke my heart in the first place. I’ve found that the whole short hair thing seems to attract a different breed of men, ones much less focused on “hot” and more on “classy” 😉

  • Maira

    dear leandra, I’m from Brazil and here people think like there, that the sexiest woman has a loooonng hair! But I’d cut my hair, some weeks before you.. And now I’m feeling like you, that I’m receiving more male attention! And people follow thinking the same…. what sexiest girls have a loong hairrZzzzZZZzz, always the same! Grow up, dear world!

  • Leigh

    I want your hair and I think I can get it, too. Just one thing: would you be so kind as to model your cut with eyeglasses?

    … I feel like I just typed something kinky.

  • You have NO idea how much I’m struggling with this. Despite the thumbnail pic my hair now falls down my back stopping just below my shoulder blades. It hasn’t been this long since, well never. Despite having stuck out several periods of ugly growth I am now wanting desperately to chop it all off into some cute pixie cut. Of course the hubby detests this idea, and friends and family concur that they like the long hair. When I had short hair (and I have many times at varying lengths) I felt rebellious, liberated and well…damned cute. But my biggest fear is that I’ll chop it off and then miss the flexiblity that length provides. It’s a constant struggle.

  • Sarah

    Great post Leandra. I too cut my hair recently (11 inches) and gave it away to a cancer patient. I hope it’s having fun elsewhere (dear friends referred to it as my Kate Middleton hair). I grew it out about 9 years ago to make a wig for my mother with terminal cancer. It didn’t get long enough to make her a wig in time and I found myself wondering why it had taken me so long to give it away to someone else. It was a deep fear that men would no longer find me attractive, and they were crappy men. I’m certain my exes would find some fault with my short hair. Happily, I’m now in a relationship with a wonderful man who responded to my haircut: “I liked it long, and now I like it short; you’re adorable and I love you.” And he MEANT it! Of course it’s really fun to get a lot of attention from other men too. Shorter hair (and the man-repelling attitude in general) and the confidence it radiates doesn’t attract all men, just the good ones! Thanks for being you Leandra, much love.

    • Leandra Medine

      This warmed my heart, Sarah.

      • Ivana Džidić

        that is such a nice thing to do

  • =^..^=

    NYT recently did a story on this “chop” bob cut …. Check it.

  • Romy schick

    I love this article! I really would start calling your blog posts articles now! I love reading what you have to say because in between your witt and cuteness you always have some food for thought that you wish to plant inside our heads. I’m thinking about what you are saying and I admire that fuck-u-i-don’t-care thing! I have scoliosis and have been growing my hair to cover my crooked back. Recently i cut my hair 6 inches. Not too short that I would feel exposed… but short enough that I stepped into the beginning stage of so-what-my-back-isn’t-straight thing! It’s a step in the shoulder length direction that i so badly want to go!

  • I’m still boggled that I married the ONE man on earth that wants my hair long. I’m growing it to donate it (and to prove that I look like the scary chick from the Ring when it’s long.) Hopefully, that’ll knocks some sense into him.

    In the meantime, enjoy this Vogue write-up from the 80’s about short hair and its awesomeness…and then try really hard to stay away from scissors:


  • My mom dragged me to the hair salon to get a manicure and pedicure, instead I walked out with my nails as bare as ever and french hair (chopped about 20cm off of the bottom, and now its just past my collarbones). I took the leap and decided to do it on the spot, turned a crappy day into an awesome man.

  • It really suits you. I’ve just cut my hair into a similar style. Feels liberating after years of long hair!

  • em@thedustystiletto

    This is great! I cut my extremely long lengths off last week to a lob, and I’ve never felt better. My spirit has risen exponentially! Before I felt weighed down, and ‘lost’, for want of a better word. Now, Ima woman who’s gonna take on the world! You’re a legend, and kudos for doing that yourself….girl, you got balls!

    • em@thedustystiletto

      and the funny thing is, I shoved your picture in my hairdresser’s face for what I wanted…

  • rhodawong

    love the photos, especially the last one with the full look

  • Cate Hannum

    Your hair looks fantastic. This has totally inspired me to want to cut mine, which currently falls right above my elbows.

  • I love your hair. And your top!! And you, duh!

  • Sabrina

    (I know i never reply something cause i’m really shy and I love your blog) 2 years ago,I cut like 6 inches of my hair cause I was anorexic and it just kept falling in big amounts.But when I was recovering,I cut it again really short,to prove myself I was changing.Now I’m finally letting it grow to prove myself I can be normal again. You’re such an inspiring person

  • Deanna G

    “Everything is always about confidence, isn’t it? If you feel good, you
    will look good, and if you look good, because you feel good, you will
    rule the fucking world.” –fucking love this!!

  • Malena
  • MaryRose

    I had never had that american long and sexy until about a year ago and I was lovin’ it, we were really getting along great, my sexy hair and I. I swore i would never cut my hard won length for anything, we were in love.

    Then we broke up, I had been in love with the easy, not short, not long length a few years back and when it crept into world again via lots of french movies and a desire to be lazy again I couldn’t say no. So with a few snips 8 inchs of sexy and i were bbf’s no more but the reunion with that oh so easy length that my stylist tell’s me is neither here nor there felt both freeing, rinse and repeat would be a thing of the past, and comfortable like a plaid shirt.

    I like the new stuff you’ve been posting, it is refreshing to read about different topics that you are well versed on, keep it up!

  • Amber

    I know the feeling well, and in all honesty I think it may be addiction. The adrenaline of chopping more than half of my butt-grazing mane at 2am one sleepless night is what started it all, and I haven’t visited a hairdresser since. I think I may have finally learnt my lesson however- a few months ago it all went wrong when I attempted to add a few choppy layers to my hair. Now every morning I wake up with nothing less than a lions mane which takes at least an hour to tame, and a lot of heat and product. I’m currently in the process of growing out my hair so I can take my first trip to the hairdresser in years.

  • Laura Ashton Barry

    I totally agree! I had mid back length hair just under my shoulder blades and have since chopped it into a bob with bangs. It’s gone from a light brown to challenging black. I love it. It made me feel all shiny and new and brave! A little different,

  • I cut my brunette/black hair from long to shoulder length to a severe bob. Picture Jane from Daria.. Bleached it white blond and then dyed it turquoise like a mermaid. Getting the itch to change it up so who knows how it will end up.

  • Love the new hair! I shaved my head back in October for ”Shave-to-Save”. 30 inches off! The weirdest thing is that men loved it! Moreover, I decided not to die my hair and let it grow gray (i’m 38 with a baby face). Men love it even MORE! O.o Our whole life we are fed these misconceptions about what’s sexy, it’s kinda pathetic.

  • Irene Glez

    you’re the coolest blogger ever! I pinky swear!

    as always great post!! 🙂

  • your hair style is good! <3

  • Sarah W. Kinninger

    I have to say that I’m doing the opposite – I have curly/wavy hair but have always kept my hair short (various lengths of short) because I just didn’t think my hair would ever look good so why try. I hated my hair for roughly 18 years (it was really, really bad – I had no hair-dresser, no help whatsoever to help me understand my hair). Currently, after charging through all the moments when I did want to just hack it all off, I finally have hair that I absolutely love. It’s kind of long but just beyond “medium.” That probably correlates with how happy I am in life right now, how carefree I feel, but I am really happy with my hair. Some day I let it be curly/wavy/kinky/etc and then other days I do whip out the product and heat styling. I don’t care what other people think of my mane, I’m happy with it. It’s all in my mind.

  • ScienceLady

    I’m always feel a little let down when I see beautiful women in amazing clothes with the same long, lank, straight “fashionable” hair. It’s unflattering on the majority and completely uninspired. Kate Middleton? Most of my middle school drill team had hair just like hers back in the late 70s. No woman’s shoes should be consistently more interesting than her hair. Good job, you!

  • p.

    it looks like you have a lot of hair, how do you manage having it short?

  • I cut off 9 inches yesterday on a whim! Love it, it’s the shortest my hair has ever been. I feel very French… So funny my chop coincided with this post

  • MGF

    You are perfectly right, speaking about the “comfort-zone”-thing.

    “Arena” is the perfect word too;

    who runs the world ?

    • Leandra Medine


  • Oblivion

    I made a post dedicated to you!!!Love your style!!! :))

  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    This top looks totally diferent on you. Fantastic!!!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • britt

    super true stuff. I’m Black and there is all this political stuff surrounding hair–to straighten chemically or not, to wear extensions or not, to let my hair do what it does.
    I cut all of my hair off not too long after my 28th birthday and now am wearing it naturally.
    It is extremely liberating.

  • mariapia

    Hey! Saying hi from Costa Rica! I actually have the same story! I had theee log red hair and from one day to the next I decided to chop it off radically, the girls were like “how could you do that to yourself!!! (deep down I could recognize the tone with some envy printed on it jeje) but on the other hand I second your friend because in deed I received more attention from boys, and exuded a confidence that I lacked.

  • I love this. I just love it. Thank you.

  • Jenaly Enns

    and you look amazing!!!!

  • Abby

    This post is so timely for me! I just cut off all of my hair and was feeling similarly world ruling but I didn’t articulate the why as eloquently as you. Thank you for providing the words that I couldn’t to the feeling I’m sharing.

  • Behind the Mirror

    I also very very much long for ‘French Hair’ and as a result I am noticing that our hair is starting to look very similar… I think the key to getting truly french hair is just not to give a fuck about it… concentrate on amazing clothes and food… that is my new approach to achieving ‘French Hair’. I will let you know how it goes!

  • You inspired me. I cut my hair the same evening as I read this post. Great experience, would not know how to word it better than you, but is liberating to realise, hair is just a hair, it is your property, who cares? why should you look good for men? all that went through my mind, and I just cut it off.
    Thank you for your blog.

  • Abby R.

    So one day at work I was feeling all empowered and whatnot- though, I realize now the feeling was in fact boredom. Regardless, I left all responsibility and inhibition at the register, armed with my iPad and the YouTube school of cosmetology I walked into the bathroom ready to wage war on my blah boob length hair. I grabbed and cut and cut some more. Needless to say I was empowered. The toilet was full of hair. I was full of power. I spent all day ignoring my customers and playing with my new bangs/ hair changes. I was in love for five days. Then I realized my hair was a boring blonde-ish brown and not living up to its color potential. Then I got that shit colored and cut, the right way, with scissors not made for an elementary school kid.

  • looking good, lady!

  • Gabi Quique

    Hi there! I chopped my hair once. Gotta admit it felt awesome too.

  • I had long locks for about a decade, and was sort of convinced that my identity was wrapped up in it. If I cut my hair short would I still be me? (Retarded, I know, but I’m trying to be honest here). Well I did, about a year ago, and honestly I couldn’t be happier! I DO feel more confident, and more beautiful, I feel more fun and energetic and all kinds of other things that you wouldn’t think a haircut could give you. But it can, and it does. It helps that my hairdresser totally gets me and gives me amazing cut after amazing cut like this:

    But I think in general there’s just something so liberating about it!

  • Kristin Dee

    This is brilliant, and funny timing because I recently went on a ‘cutting hair’ tangent of my own. I have super long blond hair, and I love it. But I think I love it so much because it is a great way to hide something that I don’t love all that much, my skin. Next month I am going on accutane and the excitement over having perfect skin opened the door to the idea of cutting my hair.

    Needless to say, Emma Watson has been on my list of ‘most stalked’ celebrities recently.

    Cheers to the Man Repeller ethos. Nothing is more true

  • erica

    i cut my hair your length after a break up and it felt awesome! very “fuck-you-i-dont-care” however now it is growing…slow…. and I can’t seem to diversify my look with such short hair…which has left me longing for longer locks! I need some creative hair updo / downdo ideas!

  • JLTS

    For me, this year, it was getting my ears pierced. I’m almost 35. I grew up in a super conservative church (Christian) that didn’t allow girls and women to wear jewelry, so for me it was definitely going outside my comfort zone since that had been drilled into me all my growing up years. But I love them! I went to a tattoo and piercing shop. I got little gold balls. They should be healed by the end of Feb…OMG, it takes SO LONG to heal (9 weeks). I can’t wait!

  • clara

    I totally agree, I cut my hair to bob after I realized that I’m not going to change or decide my look based on what men are going to think. I’ve found that by doing what I like, my guy friends have more respect for me, and because I where my hair with confidence, even people who don’t like short hair say they think I can pull it off. It’s just not worth it to not do what you would like because other people might not like you.

  • Dani

    I donated 16 inches of hair in June!!! I had awesome layers and it was sassy and cool. (Not to brag but I do have great hair.) Didn’t have to do anything and it always looked good. But I was just bored to death with my long locks that I kept for over a decade almost waist length. I told myself even if I like it less than long I still can’t stand my long hair anymore so I will be happier no matter what.

    I didn’t have the courage to cut it pixie in June but I went for a pretty short cut, ala Shannyn Sossamon. Later in November I finally took the final leap into the pixie (ala Anne Hathaway) and I’m LOVING it!!! I surprised my husband (he was on a trip out of the country) and he saw it on FB. I had about 80 posts of people raving about the cut. It felt great! I have to put product in it (which I didn’t need to do when it was long) but I’m having fun with it. Plus it changes all the time as it grows and you can have more fun trying slightly different do’s everytime you trim it.
    So I’d say: if in doubt: DO IT!
    It’s so fun and liberating to get such a radical change in your
    appearance. All you need is a lot of guts and a good stylist!!! 😉
    (or if you are Leandra, just DIY with a pair of dangerous looking scissors!)

  • Women should definitely try to look/be interesting above anything else, or maybe improve or work on their personality, their own character, that’s the real fountain of youth in my opinion. Cheers to you and to timeless charming, smart and confident girls. xx

  • Laura

    I’m 28 and I’ve recently been diagnosed with female pattern baldness. WHAT!!! I about lost my shizzle when I heard that. So my hair is thinning, it will eventually fall out and everyone is going to assume I’m ill. But I’m not ill. And I plan on buying wigs in every color. Hair doesn’t make the girl, the girl makes the girl.

  • StephanieGielarowski

    just cut my hair and I have to say I feel the same way. 12 inches donated, confidence, and change…can’t complain about that one…ps your awesome

  • Carri

    Yeah I woke up one day put my hair in a ponytail and cut oh about 10 inches off. Then went for the extremely short choppy bangs. It was a mental moment but its felt great. I also had the french school girl look in mind. I did it. I liked it for a moment in time but I am happy to say my long hair is back. I am going to enjoy my raven locks as long as I can cause when I hit 55 or 60, that’s it no more.

  • Nina

    It’s funny to read about the bob-trend. I had short hair/a bob all my life until I decided to grow it long in high school. It took ages (my own fault – couldn’t resist 1) a perm and then 2) some bleaching…) but now thanks to my amazing stylist I’ve finally got the length I want. So for me short hair is “boring” and long hair is super exciting. I love taking care of it, love the look of it and I will NEVER cut my hair short again. It feels so liberating not to be the girl with short hair any more, as if I’m going against my mom’s saying by proving that I can rock the long hair look too, ha ha. My biggest moment was when she admitted my long hair looked beautiful, true! Must say that the so called French bob looks absolutely stunning on you, Leandra.

  • Every 18 months I go go bold and chop requisite bob to ear length and men respond. Maybe they sense confidence. I dare you to look at my face, she says! Meanwhile, hubby doesn’t notice

  • Betty

    I cut of a good 20cm before Christmas, went pixie & have to say that I’m totally
    loving it! I’ve also received alot more male attention, contradictory to the notion that men only find women with long hair attractive. Short hair is extremely liberating, it gives you an edge and sets you apart! I’m just wondering why I hadn’t done it sooner!

  • Jennifer latch

    This is an awesome post. I am growing my hair long now so I can chop it off and donate it. I can’t go short right now because I lost so much of it after the third baby. Thanks for writing about your hair adventures.

  • Just got a pixie. Yes!!!

  • blondie

    you look much better with shorter hair (y), being you is more important than sexyness (i think)

  • Like your new haircut. You look amazing!

  • Grace Lopez

    I am completely in love with this idea! The DIY yourself take on it sounds awesome. I automatically think of this as a feminist way of doing hair. Applause to you for finding another way to be an individual!

  • Sarah

    I just did it. I cut off my hair from below-the-boob length to Man Repeller length, and I love it. Thanks for giving me the confidence to shed that boring length. You’re the bomb diggity.

  • MsMegPie

    I did it ! I cut it all off ! Its true ive received more attention from guys then before with my long hair! Its a huge confidence bust! Truly shows how much of ME was hiding behind my hair!

  • Clara the french

    So inspiring posts… makes me feel AND look good!
    You rule girls!!!

  • Celia

    you’re amazing!

  • Audrey

    Hi Leandra, you’ve inspired me to finally get a short hair cut (it used to be as long as my bum!) it’ll take some time to get used to, but thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • J Beam

    I am a little scared…see i had a pixie cut before i married my husband and now after being a mom, home schooling, working part time, i feel like my long hair drags me down. I want to cut it back to a pixie but man i am so afraid that i wont be found attractive any more…I am stupid to feel this way?

  • carla blixt

    I’ve been thinking a lot about cutting my hair short… not boy-short, but kinda the same as you. I’m not even scared to do it. The only reason I’m not doing it, is because everyone is telling me not to…

    My hair is kinda my “thing”. long, blond, curly and thick. And it has been like that for several years. But everyone has long hair. And I’m tired of it. I want something chic.

    I might do it.

    It’s me on the photos. with my long hair.