Yellow Eyeballs

In which a photo really is worth 1k words.


I found this photo swimming in a photo folder called “Chow n’ Pow” which primarily chronicled my junior year of high school (I wore a lot of oatmeal colored outerwear) and a small bit of my youngest brother loitering around my childhood bedroom in 3-D glasses. I’m not quite sure how or why the above photographed got into Chow n’ Pow but I’m glad I found it because it’s rather magical and begs an important question in compliance with the age old aphorism, “pictures are worth a thousand words.” Which words would you allocate toward this picture?

I’m leaning toward “yellow eyeballs” 500 times or some combination of “rubber bunny ears vs. PETA: is that shit faux?” but I’m also an ass-brain, so, please, impart your hilarity.

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