Packy, wacky.


I’m going to be honest, I only ever do this to organize my own thoughts but what with the nature of the current time of year and the incessantly long lines I’ve endured in six airports in the past 72 hours (humble brag: I’ve been in six airports this week,) it seems tout le monde (another humble brag: my French is decent) is traveling. And though it’s wishful to assume that all airport loiterers are beach bound, wishful thinking often triumphs accurate thinking and so even if you’re not hot weather, sun-ray bound now, there’s no wrong time to think about sandals. And a plus: you’re likely not going to contract skin cancer so here, here to that.

From top left: Lisa Marie Fernandez striped bikini which I don’t intend to wear to the beach, but rather as a top (and perhaps underwear depending on my commitment to yeast infections) with that turquoise sarong (further at right) and maybe, just maybe that pale blue linen Zimmermann blazer just below it, too.

A white Incredible Hulk t-shirt (via Liberty) can also quite well compliment that sarong with those baboushka-centric Charlotte Olympia wooden stack heels.

Some K.Jacques flat sandals assuming walking will be done and a palm tree print parrot blouse (Stella Jean) paired with palm tree print shorts because thematic dressing is still very much alive.

The denim cut-offs at lower center feature an eyeball across the thigh and as such will look fantastic with a. the blazer, b. the incredible hulk and c. the parrot blouse. Why? Why not.

As for the accoutrements, a turquoise and gunmental Maria Francesa Pepe wrap bracelet, Karen Walker tortoise shell sunglasses, beige Superga sneakers (these ones are of the crochet variety,) and an Edie Parker minaudiere because you don’t need to carry much other than your funk, which is pretty lightweight (heavy on da’fun,) isn’t it?

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  • monkeyshines

    wonderful pieces!


  • lavieenliz

    love the eye shorts!

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  • holler for sunglass twinsies, love the shorts.

  • kerrin
  • Kaci

    Do you own all these pieces? If you do can you take pictures or do a video showing all the outfit combinations you can make, please?

  • The endless possibilities!

  • cool list. thanks for the inspiration. going to hawaii for the first time and have no idea what to pack!

  • Nico
  • Great choice and at least the basics of what you need. I’m soon packing for nyc after spending half a year with Mexican maritime temperatures. This is going to be a packing odyssey because I’ll surely end up frozen in tanktop and flip flops over there. Enjoy!

  • Alison Truax

    Have we reached the point where cliche tropical themed vaycay garb has been so over-done that its making a comeback as chic? Hope so. Have a great trip.

    • leandra

      it all circles back to irony

  • Sophie Lewis

    I think I will go buy those Superga’s now. Your blog posts never fail to further dimish my bank account. xx

  • Breakfast at Cindi’s

    Loving every piece, especially that t-shirt !



    Breakfast at

  • Sharon

    awesome picks… i love those shorts and heels

  • Hilary

    Initially I was super interested in the idea of ‘Man Repelling’ but turned off from your blog because all you wear is clothing that is highly unattainable for a college student such as myself but after a semester in a Women in Art class I have a great respect for what you’re doing. You’ve essentially paved your own way through the fashion universe. For lack of better phrasing, you take clothes straight off the runway and implement them into everyday life creating a unique style then in jest you call yourself the ‘Man Repeller’ because uniqueness is less and less acceptable these days. I’m impressed that you’re only 23 and proud that you are married. Success is hard to come by and so is marriage so congratulations on the statment you’ve made to the world.

    • alisa


      • Chloe KANOUI

        Beautifully well said, however, I must disagree with your statement “uniqueness is less and less acceptable these days”. I believe this blog is a perfect example of how now a days, one can dress in such ways that uniqueness is beyond question.

        • agreed with your take on unique being more acceptable these days. anything goes in fashion, and it’s so refreshing to see this gal bringing that to the mainstream’s attention, and maybe paving the way for girls and women to let out their inner-funky-chick with abandon!

  • Ash

    I love that you pair girly, sexy heels with casual pieces. Super cool and unexpected.

  • I really hope youre not going to basel, switzerland! It is snowing hard over there!

    • Beauty for Ashes


  • Craving for barneys

    Enjoy Miami!


  • rhodawong

    wishing i have all of those pieces!

  • those Eye or Horus Shorts are badass…more so because i have that tattooed on the back of my neck.

  • Jennifer

    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

    xo Jennifer

  • Namrata Kedar

    I leave for a trip to Australia soon and just wrote a post about it all the essentials I need to carry along. It helps serve as a reminder and basically helped to organize my own thoughts, just like you said!


  • style-squared by z&m

    nice!!!!!glasses, clutch and the heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Anna-Nathalie

    Love the egyptian shorts! X)

  • Franca

    Jeez, I live in Australia; it’s hot, it’s midnight, I’m drunk. It’s always the right time to think about sandals.

  • theunknownsisters

    Lovely clothes!!! Baltasar…..:)

  • ashley garner

    That is such a hilarious outfit pack for Miami, in the cliche sense that is. I love it, I live in Miami and have been glorifying in all that is Basel this past week and to see you pack tropical prints, shorts, and summer wear in December, well I don’t think I’ve seen anyone really point out the fact that it’s 70 degrees in December quite like that yet. Hope to see you!

  • Styleclouds

    Can you send me your suitcase?! I love all the pieces! xo, Christina

  • Jules Fashion Week

    I love the cute clutch !!

  • Tanja Trutschnig

    have fun in Mimai and you should really check out Juvia, it’s and rooftop open air restaurant with an amazing view, drinks and food! I was there last summer πŸ˜‰

  • Bag is TOP

  • yvonne β˜…

    Six airports, now that’s impressive!

    I hardly think of the skin-showing clothing during winter time, instead, I think of layering dotted shirts and weird cardigans and (leather)jackes and blanket-scarfes to help me get through the cold… Yeah, just the way you, man repeller inspired me during your crazy layering sessions!

  • nj,hbjhbjhb

    when did basel become a goddamn fashion show

  • Martina

    So jealous you get to go, I would love to go there & Frieze as well. Have fun! x

  • Love that bag! Adding to my xmas wish list pronto. Xmas wish list:

    Style insights and luxury fashion business learnings:

  • basel? SWITZERLAND? SHORTS? ok then. have fun…

    • Beauty for Ashes

      Art Basel! Miami!

  • Those Charlotte Olympia shoes were made for Miami. Wear them well. xo

  • I really envy you! Here is very, very cold!


  • Lace and Chiffon
  • serendipitous meeting you at The Webster (ref. mom + daughter 2nd floor) perfectly blending in Miami Beach under Basel attack groove!

  • Lauren Dimesky

    I am totally cooing over the shoes and hope Basel is not experiencing a storm so you can wear something like them!! You rock, lady!!! Have a fab trip!!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Felicity

    Urgh you lucky beast, I need some sun! Major appreciation for the Hulk t shirt! And man alive do I love Charlotte Olympia. I want to make her my friend so that she will force me into having free shoes. And I’ll be all like, “More shoes, Charlotte? Oh, Charlotte! If you insist!”. x

  • Brooke

    I really love all of your selections (Per usual). Can’t wait to see pics!

  • Weirdo

    Funny and Fun to the max. Kechang. >__<

  • welovefur

    I like this Zimmermann blazer

  • dany

    i love the blue sarong skirt, all are super great looks for art basel!

    xxo, dany

  • My mother and I own the coolest/hottest fashion consignment boutique in SOFL (South Florida) called reView in Boca Raton! Would LOVE to take you there. We price to sell not to store and we are only concerned with fashion. PLEASE let me know!

  • littlebirdofpassage


  • Ursula

    how do you make your collages?? I need help please!

    • Leandra Medine

      I use Pages but I think the easiest way to do without saving too many files on your desktop is via Polyvore!