Velvet to Vagabond

A journey of self discovery.


At last, we meet again and this time in slideshow formation! While I am freezing the dark, round mole off my right butt cheek in a less spontaneously cold-weather stricken Scotland, I know what you’re going through on the east coast and all I want to do is recycle a Katy Perry fostered joke about being hot and then cold (and then hot, again.) Layering tutorials have never seemed as pertinent as they do in light of the characteristically ambiguous nature of our climate temperament. But what has happened to it and are the polar bears okay?

While you mull that over, let’s peek through these photos.

Step 1 includes a black velvet slip dress (from The Reformation) reminiscent of what? Hint: it’s Clueless related.

Step 2 starts the layering and subsequent man-repelling process incorporating a Charles Henry white lace t-shirt. Fabric blocking won’t get old.

Step 3 unleashes an inner 90s child, incorporating an orange and grey Thakoon sweater around my waist, made readily available to lift over my shoulder should I get colder. But then Step 4 eliminates the cold and includes a Charlotte Ronson green utility blouse.

Lightweight for the sake of Step 5, which, ta da: contains an embellished Isabel Marant jean jacket ostensibly made for summer night but durable for winter days.

My toes get cold while I count to Step 6, enter the black and grey striped calf-length socks and beige Sigerson Morrison taupe boots. Why wear black when you can wear beige, am-I-right? And finally, the Maison Michel little baby hat (7), made to sit on the crown of my head, only through static air.

Okay, your turn. Photos by Naomi Shon

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  • Jody

    simply wacko.

  • Nkurdy

    Everything but the sweater around the waist.

  • Breakfast at Cindi’s

    Love it all, you are the master of layering !

    I must say love the Parisian haircut : )



    Breakfast at

  • XeanaFashion

    Oh! Great idea of outfit!


  • RobinH

    agree w Nkurdy. Red is a great touch but not the bulky waist dragger of a sweater. Red scarf or opaque tights would be better.

  • Guest


  • Maria Medik

    Hi! I really love your style and today featured your look on my blog.

    ♥ ZARA is the new black

  • ‘calvin klein’

    This lace on lace situation is pretty unexpected and all around amazing. The sweater around the waist reminds me of Tai…’my buns, they don’t feel nothing like steel’. Clueless will never stop being relevant and you combined 2 amazing scenes into one wild ensemb. Well done.

  • Love it! We posted velvet this weekend as well!

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • It’s a layering affair! your lessons in layering are such good inspo for life. LOVE YOU MR!!

  • Eva

    You rock when it comes to layering, love it! xx

  • vraiment?! are you really in Scotland? Is it for the fashionable thing on Tuesday I’m not invited to?

    ♥ Thankfifi

    p.s. I also did some layering in Scotland today outside though, not inside

  • Bri Wang

    You are a layering goddess.



  • Sylvia ETC

    Was missing some layering tutorials, very cool!
    love the jumper around the waist + lace detailings, catching;)

  • Nico
  • Cherylann Pasha

    Holla from Scotland!

  • Well, I never. This would not have occurred to me, but it looks perfectly rad on you. Rock on, MR. Rock on. And, in case you get stuck somewhere truly cold, you have some extra options for warmth. Perhaps you could wear your sweater on your legs?

  • Kayla T

    cher would never wear this. but now I want to show my socks off…

    you are terrible for the budget, ms. Medine


  • Jennifer

    The final product is a bit too much layering for me but I also love your posts when you show each individual layer 🙂

    xo Jennifer

  • fashmongers
  • I really love this whole look. It seems effortless yet somehow very thought out and meticulous. The lace top and denim jacket are my favorite! I love when you do layering posts never stop! xx

    ps love your new hair so much! Very french of you.

  • Denisa

    You look so nice in that dress. And all pics are great. Have a nice day.

  • Hehe the red sweater really is too much. but the items seperately are all very cool
    new outfit post

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • monkeyshines
  • Wonderful post and pictures!!!

  • when we wander

    I think I like the sweater as an individual piece, but it just adds width to the waist and that just hasn’t been my thing since the ’90s.

  • Guest

    Love! Here is my velvet layered up.

  • Love! Here is my velvet layered up.

    Style insights and luxury fashion business learnings:

  • Cassie Goodwin

    Most of the outfit isn’t my style, but that hat is brilliant. So funky!

  • Valentina

    oh my god, i have a dark round mole on my left butt cheek. SISTERS

  • Girlie Blogger

    The slideshow is such a unique idea. Great fashion too.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  • Selena

    nope. it all works, those Sigersons are a great alternative the the Isabel Marant booties. your style is sick..

  • Balck velvet slip dress forthright rocking the layers. It has such a dignified character. Layering lessons are the best, but in times of global warming I recommend tights against icing over.

  • Love the lace tee underneath! Of course fabric blocking can never go old! You always manage to make us laugh.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  • awesome layering once again! i love that new haircut of yours. great tousled bob. i think you are most definitely acquiring the casual french style! :))

  • rhodawong

    the layering just gets better and better!

  • Enterloop

    As usual you take simple pieces and make them interesting!

  • theunknownsisters

    Incredible!!!Different clothes….and the result is a perfect look!!Only for U

  • Xenia

    IMHO, the result is just too much, I would probably stop on the middle…

  • Charlotte Ronson is a genius and so are you.

  • You are the layering master. Love it.

    Isn’t That Charming.

  • deanna

    that sweater around your waist is basically functioning as a belt, and it’s dumb in a bunch of different ways. Grab an orange-y scarf and tie that there instead!

  • cortne.

    your humor is so much like mine, its just perfect in all its dysfunction BEIGE IS PERFECT. But i prefer a greige, you know? Because its hard to give up black.
    xoxo an avid reader

  • AsjiaGarner

    I love your quirkiness, but I do have to say, the orange scarf is a little bit too chunky to accentuate the waist/hips. I say grab an orange scarf and tie it slightly off center in a messy. bunch so then you still get your quirky sense of style! 🙂 P.S. I love the socks with the boots! That is my winter and fall fashion trademark! 🙂

  • yvonne
  • nicole

    this is extremely unflattering!

    • Nadine

      Hence the term man repeller..

      • Naina

        You tell ’em, sistah.

  • Styleclouds

    I love the variety of looks! xo, Christina

  • Laura

    cute !

    New post up on my blog, check it out :

  • Beckerman Girls

    Just lovin’ your layers and that bowler hat is MAJOOORRRR!!! Totally obsessed! And we gotta teach you our “hot and cold” song dance moves—it’s pretty funny! Have the best time in Scotland and stay warm babe! xoxo

  • Abigail Sterling

    This is great – layering is key this time of year!

  • Samantha Crawford

    I normally love your layering posts but not such a fan of this one. I hope you enjoy Scotland as I’m from there and I want to see how you incorporate tartan into your looks. <3

  • Rosa

    Sooooo sorry for the dark, round mole of your right butt cheek that you are freezing off … Poor thing …. No wonder it is only covered by the gorge slip dress…)))
    Too much clothes for the North pole and too less for the South to my taste 🙂
    Layering is perfect as always (bowing)
    PS. love the new haircut btw!

  • Madame Ostrich

    I’m a fan of the sweater around the waist. It adds a nice touch of color, and breaks up the outfit in a way that keeps it from looking like a tent. I’m also a fan of how each piece (with the exception of the boots) has a neo-grunge feel, without going over the top and looking costume-y.

  • Lina O.

    Love it !!!!

  • style-squared by z&m


  • lapetitemortxo

    Cher, what is that?
    A dress.
    Says who?
    Calvin Klein.
    It looks like underwear! Go upstairs and put something over it!
    Well, duh. I was just going to.

  • alice

    the outcome is a hot mess… That means a big ol’ thumbs up to you

  • This is funny!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Jules Fashion Week

    Very nice slide show !!

  • checheche

    Your shoes makes all the difference. That’s IT.

  • Alison Truax

    All great pieces! A friend and I were out the other night, and when she jokingly tied her jacket around her waist I decided to do the same with my fur coat. How can you top that hands-free convenience? We got a few wierd looks there for a minute. haha!
    x Alison

  • Pretty
    Love the looks!


  • jade aka hyefive

    i love this so much!

  • so many jackets . . .but no pants!

  • Hollierose

    I love the flash of colour the sweater brings