How ’bout a Suit?

A pink one, no less.


Holiday parties just got serious.

In matters of the jolly, I like to think that December is the most magical month of the year because of my life’s initial inception, (I’m not above sweeping egomania,) but it’s quite obvious that there is a force far more powerful than I procuring dreams, smiles, happiness and eggnog.

Though I’m Jewish, I’m also not above feeding into tales of Santa’s realness. Maybe he and the Macabbis, preserving the light of Hanukkah, are old pals that date back before Christ/common era. Maybe they’re grabbing ginger beer and quipping in disgust as they look down at the bevy of consumerists searching aimlessly for holiday happiness by way of material cure. But isn’t there more to the holidays than just the gift of tangibility? Happiness can’t be bought, nu-uh.

It can be styled, though. So what about crafting the perfect holiday party outfit? It’s time someone tackles this. What is it with the holidays and sequins? Maybe we don’t want to look like human disco balls or the culmination point of everything New Years Eve was, is, and will ever be. How can one wish for a white Christmas and in the same breath vow to wear a dress so skimpy, even Kim K is concerned. In honor of the inevitable holiday parties waiting for you in the coming ten days, here’s another suggestion.

Why don’t you wear a bright pink pant suit?

6WVMoY on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

It’s loud for other reasons and still carries the festivity a disco ball would. You will not be cold lest you opt for open toe shoes and this particular dance move also comes included which, I don’t know, should be a deal sealer.

Calvin Klein pant suit, Club Monaco plaid blouse layered under suit, Kain white t-shirt, Maria Francesca Pepe safety pin velvet choker, Ferragamo heels (which, by the way, are very timely: a gold lace and burgundy velvet combination chalks me up to nothing less than Santa’s potential new wife.) Photos by Naomi Shon and, guys, the aliens are coming.

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  • arleendee

    hahah I love your writing! and that pink suit looks amazing, but I fear only the likes of you (big fashion icons) can actually pull it off 🙂

  • You are hilarious! I love that suit – the shoes and Club Monaco blouse really takes the Barbie out of it – yet it is still festive!

  • Martina

    I am your fan! Keep up the good work

  • Weirdo

    I very much like your point of view when you pointed out that ‘the bevy of consumerists search aimlessly for happiness by way of material cure,’ because it’s totally obvious that the majority of this world’s population has indeed lost their minds splurging over items for Christmas that won’t even last long. Isn’t it Christmas supposed to be about giving? It’s better to give than to receive, but why “give” under compulsion especially on the said December holidays? Can it be done on any day instead? Christmas is time for happiness but instead people are arguing due to financial instability due to spending on X’mas. T______T Anyway. MOVING ON. Leandra!! The CK pant suit is wicked cooool and it’s genius to match it with a pair of Ferragamo heels. Chic.

    • Weirdo

      Gee, I just noticed my grammatical error on the 7th and 8th line. kind of redundant. Buh!

  • Macarena

    Love it, not sure about the sandals though

  • lsdaniels

    Not sure what scares me more, the aliens or your little ADHD dance.
    I’m wondering though, will the aliens wear suits too?

  • Weirdo

    The sandals is cooool, no doubt about that!! 😛

  • Maike
  • TeuntjeVDW

    Haha you’re so funny! and I looove your dancemoves! xx.

  • rhodawong

    this suit is seriously popping!

  • Reptilia



  • Love the suit.

  • momcounsel

    the shoes the shoes – you always have the most amazing shoes!

  • Eva Sørensen

    Love it! 🙂

  • Shula

    I absolutely agree, sequin dresses should be reserved for the Rockettes’ Radio City spectacular

  • Sí al sí quiero

    That suit its amazing! We love the colour!!

  • How fun!!! Your ideas are always so original! And those shoes are ridiculously wonderful. I love this look!

  • Camille

    I recall a not so distant time when the Man Repeller was quite happy to endorse the disco ball look. Mais oui. Still, hot pink tailoring gets the job done.


  • Jennifer

    Haha love the gif

    xo Jennifer

  • sidewalkcatwalks

    Every time I see one of your GIFs, I have the huge urge to propose to you. I’m not a lesbian and you’re already married, but WHO CAN RESIST such amazing MOVING imagery.

  • ecats

    The gif is hilarious <3

  • I really like it and I wore it too. That color is so nice and your dance is “O) Have a nice day.

  • son of a dingbat, those pants are sold out

  • Styleclouds

    I love this suit! You look fabulous! xo, Christina

  • Ashley B.

    Leandra, I met you on Saturday at The Webster in Miami Beach. I must say, I was a fan before meeting you but now I will sing your praises to everyone I come in contact with. You are so humble, down-to-earth, genuine and cool as shit. Keep up the great work and I hope your friend Claire was able to find a dress and show her ex-boyfriend what he’s currently missing out on lol… lots of love and continued success to you.. xoxo

    • the (un?)social butterfly

      …and now ex-boyfriend might know he´s of Claire´s concern… Leandra, does he read your blog? LOL

  • Chelsea

    I love this post more than your usual banter because yours truly just recently pulled a pink silk pantsuit out of her grandmothers closet! Now I have some inspiration on how to wear it. Thanks Leandra 🙂

  • Zeba

    your hair looks completely “french” here btw 🙂

  • AtamAshish Kaur

    I love your blog so much! You are so stylish. I started a blog with my sister and we would love for you to check it out. We are having a $50 gift card giveaway to J.Crew…check it out.

  • Veronica

    That .gif is pure gold, as is your layering in this outfit. Fearless and so on point as always. I am vowing to make bolder layering choices in ’13 thanks to you!

  • Oh my, I totally adore this super pink suit. It just goes fantastic with all the charisma you are expressing. Absolutely brilliant.

  • moldub

    there are only 2 occasions appropriate for sequins, when in vegas and new years eve. disco ball pants will be my nye wear.

    that gif is also amazing!

  • I love the pantsuit! I think I’ll look for a skyblue one!

    And the heels are AbFab darling!

  • Love the hot pink!

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  • monkeyshines

    amazing suit!

  • Jamie

    I’m starting a new job in January and I think this suit says, if nothing else, welcome to the corporate world Mr. Gillingham. No?

    Great look!

  • Stephanie Lam

    Love this! I would totally want to wear a hot pink suit!!! Can’t forget the holiday plaid too !! 🙂


  • Opposite Lipstick
  • fiona

    two words: mick jagger!!!!

    • the (un?)social butterfly

      Definitely!!!!!!!!!! Well, maybe without the plaid shirt… But in this case, plaid means holidays.

  • Sophie Lewis

    Obsessed with these new gifs! Although I preferred when the outfit descriptions were directly below the shots-easier then scrolling back and forth. I am so over holiday sequins and love this look! xx

  • I love the pepto look for the holidays, but the flannel ruins it for me. Keep the suit, ditch the lumberjack

  • Stellar gif! lol

  • Lemon Stripes

    i am obsessed with this one! the color is absolutely stunning

  • great! this is something i had in mind for an upcoming Muse concert!! will be checking out the calvin klein collections now. thanks! =]

  • Felicity

    HAHAHAHAHA the gif, oh lord the gif! I can’t even pretend to believe in Santa anymore. I have a child. I AM Santa. Seriously digging the suit, girlfriend. x

  • eimear oreilly

    i’m a new follower, thought i’d say hi, your blog is lovely x

  • you make flannel shirts look amazing with anything!

  • Pilar Muñoz

    LOVE fuchsia suit, but I’m not sure about plaid blouse.

    Prince Pelayo in Argentina ►



  • Helena

    Can I be you?

  • with your stance in the first picture it looks like the outfit would go really well with a more solid, black boot or bootie

  • I had wrote about the same topic: suiting up for the holidays, two months ago for a magazine in Egypt. Your blog post has given me such a boost feeling that I’m doing something right 🙂

  • cassie dzienny

    Brilliant! Very Carrie Bradshaw of you!

  • Yvonne
  • Naz Isik

    I love your style of writing. (I’m sure you haven’t heard that one yet.) 🙂

    Naz Isik

  • Gongy

    wow I love it! and you always make me laugh!

  • Gongy

    wow I love it! and you always make me laugh!

  • Asjia Garner

    Not only am I in love with your suit, but I love the background and whole seen in general…”aliens are coming” ….too great! where did you find this place? so creative and artsy! love!

  • Ebony Worsley

    The combination of the fuschia suit and the plaid is inspired. Gotta love a bit of juxtaposition! xox

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • lavieenliz

    I just spent 30 seconds looking at the gif and listening to music…very amusing!! love the suit! must find one!

  • Zuzankita

    haha funnz gif 🙂 I am looking for a similar suit but I cant find it 🙁


  • stylentonic Constantinos

    super color, super suit !!! Love it with the plaid shirt! xxx

  • her persona

    such a fab outfit, the gif is awesome!!

  • Amalie Espeland

    flippin cool x

  • victoria armendariz

    I love the gif!, I love the suit but pink is not my favorite color :s maybe a navy blue would look nice on me :3

  • Jules Fashion Week
  • Great suit and wonderful gif!

  • Mona Sharaf

    Brilliant! then you can wear them as seperates later….

  • vittoria gallacci

    I say YES for the bright pink suit!! Amazing choice: bright and happy! Go on! 😀

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • I love the unexpected combination of plaid and neon pink! You will definitely make an entrance at any holiday party. Oh, and more GIFs!

  • FWC

    i love suit. It can be an amazing piece combineing classic stylish with a touch of modernity.

    I love this kind of combination!

    even…pink is too much for me… 🙂

    Mayoristas de ropa

  • BrandonFrein

    Pink plaid shirt and a hot pink suit. You are just too good, Leandra. Love it.

  • Oblivion

    Love the combo suit-check shirt!!!