Catty Feet

What’s a girl to do?


Is anyone else profoundly a(e)ffected by these shoes? I am not above sweeping trivialities and though I know cats are among the best thing to happen to the internet (see: their meteoric rise to substantial fame by way of Instagram,) since Man Repeller (lol, jk,) I never really imagined they could become “the best thing” to happen to my feet, too. Historically, I am a dog person. Give me a puppy and I will make a decent man of him. Give me a cat, however, and I will (unintentionally, I swear,) expedite the course of his/her ostensible nine lives.

Our tumultuous relationship predates the internet though–to one of my very first friendships circa 1993. My best friend had a cat named Milky and that broad was mean. I was instructed never to acknowledge her existence, much less wave hello. She was a beautiful little thing though. Enchanted by her white ass skin and bright green eyes, I found it near impossible to believe the tales (and subsequent proof, many pillows in my friends home and even a pair of my shoes went ravaged through the course of Milky’s life) that outlined her vulgarity. “Like a tiger,” my friend would assure. “Beautiful on the outside, angry on the inside.”

On one play-date though, she looked particularly sweet and I simply couldn’t help myself. Her skin so soft and eyes so pure, I had effectively no choice but to reveal my index finger, maniacally flexing in a brief, insouciant nod to her existence. It said nothing short of, “look, I am scared of you, but I also think I love you.” In response, I received teeth through my finger–sneaky little hooker could jump real high–and that was the end of my relationship with cats.

The fundamental difference, I have learned, between dog people and cat people rests in an appreciation for honesty–dogs will never surprise you like that. What you see is what you get and what you get is friendship.

At last though, here I am. Somewhat smitten, a bit perplexed. Those babies are high heeled. And what’s manifesting up in my bean looks as follows:

Jay-Z t-shirt, blue velvet pant suit, red velvet cats. End scene. Light wash peg leg ripped skinny jeans, over-sized white mens blouse, black sweater, black velvet cats. End scene.

It doesn’t happen very often that my entire wardrobe feels inadequate because of something as marginal as one meager pair of shoes, but when it does happen, I really have to wonder: shall I or shan’t I? Then again though, is it cheap, inauthentic, downright fake for me to take a dip into my savings, dish out a full $695 in order to achieve what can be described only as exclusive respect for inanimate cats,? This is a deep moral dilemma that needs the crutch of your practicality. Better yet, just answer me this: have I officially lost it?

Charlotte Olympia cat pumps, $695. (Cat images via Google, Cats of Instagram)

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  • Kamola

    Hahah love the story (and sorry you got bit by a cat… I’ve never heard of that happening!) but I think I would pass on the shoes… if you are going to dish out that much money, go for something that won’t be over before you know it!



    These are up there with the ones by Marc Jacobs. Finally cats that I’m not allergic to.

  • I really like the flats like this! I love cats. My instagram is filled to the brim with my cat pictures…no idea why i have followers.

  • Kelli

    Yes, but have you seen Karl’s kitten, Choupette?

  • JennyNov

    You are not insane, I have an addiction to the Marc mice flats and have always wished he’d make one with a heel. Ive been saving up for the Charlotte it do it do it!!!

  • alex

    Looove your texts, they always make my day! 🙂

  • Francesca

    my best friend bought the flat ones for me for christmas! I love them!

  • Pearl D`souza

    Them Charlotte Olympia cat shoes are what dreams are made of. But I’d never pay $775 for them. Also PS I made this DIY-ed it & it looks exactly the same!

  • Paula

    Well, I think, if you are not sure about something, then you definitely shouldn’t..Something better will always come!

  • Maraleth Herrera

    Given your history with cats, you should wait for the dog version to come out lol.

  • Hmmm, I don’t know Leandra. As adorable as they are, I suspect the lust for them will come and go rather shortly. Perhaps not, but like anything in this era, it’s all about “now, now,NOW.” I compare it to my purchase of some “flatform” shoes a while back. What seemed to be eternal love then, is progressing into a tiredness with their over-saturation now. On this tumblr there, that Instagram over there. I suspect such will happen with the purchase of anything cat-related. Soon Charlotte will be making shoes with chinchilla faces in the sense any animal is fair game to become an instant hit via social media, just as,say, ,macaroons or Jeffrey Campbell heels have. So, while they are velvet and cute, so are a lot of things. Maybe there’ll be become timeless but I think a billion blog posts on how to DIY them, Filtered Instagram photos of them, and all the rest will put them in the grave faster than they deserve.

  • Just noting, after a quick Google search, that the platform wedge version is particularly heinous.

  • Reptilia

    awww kittens!! LOVE these slippers!


  • These heels are super cute!

  • Carrie_Pichel

    This post had me “LOL’ing” in my office this morning. I too had a similar experience
    with a girlfriend’s cat – Mikah, a beautiful Persian cat with piercing blue
    eyes. That thing refused to come out from under a sofa in the
    “adults-only-sitting-room” which we weren’t supposed to be playing
    in, much less with the Satan cat. We ended up having to smoke him out from
    underneath it. Now, please, nobody call PETA on me – we used incense (because
    at 13yrs old that’s all we could think of to get the job done). I now have two
    dogs and try to avoid visiting friends’ homes where felines reside.

  • SarasaurusRex

    I despise cats. But I must own these shoes….They are truly irresistible.

  • Grace

    …But the only way I can tolerate cats is if they’re inanimate! Obsessed. I would love the black pair.
    G xo

  • Cats rule. Dogs drool. Get the shoes.

  • anna lili

    Love you Leandra, this shoes are cute but too ugly for that price.

  • Here’s the cheaper Marc by Marc Jacob’s version. Better yet, they have a dog version! . And Here’s their cat:

  • jenny

    I’ve loved these shoes ever since I saw Alexa Chung in them!
    come check out my blog 🙂

  • Sylvia ETC

    I think these velvet sleepers are really amazing, and could lift any simple outfit.

    I am talking about the black ones, as the burgundies are (to my taste) a little too Xmasey…

    If you can afford them, go girl!

  • interesting…i actually own leopard cat flats (differnt brand tho) but i have never seen cat HEELS. I think i would skip it 😛 but it would still be very interesting to see you get them and figure out a way to make them look awesome.

  • I think you need these!

  • s

    they should just make an entire animal collection

    come enter my giveaway for a must have winter item!!


  • Jennifer

    I wouldn’t wear them but some people can totally pull them off

    xo Jennifer

  • Sophie Lewis

    The wedges are incredible. I wouldn’t invest unless I got the highest heel possible to stay high off the ground away from real cats…

  • Eva

    Me and cats aren’t a great combination, but me and these flats…yes please! xx

  • PatriciaBrand

    I’m crazy about the kitty of Charlotte Olympia, I wrote a lot of post about it, but are “too Expensive”!!!! do you think it is possible to find it on EBAY?

  • Amommy

    I was going to call that cat a bitch but then realized the irony.
    You have not lost it! You shall! If corporate culture was not such a cold and dead place, I would buy. They are hilarious and charming. (please buy the wedges)

  • Lauren

    Hello Leandra,
    I think the universe would thank you if you bought the Tessa wedges in Black.
    But whatever happened to your newsletter? I loved that shizz!
    Please bring it back if you can!
    Love from Lauren xx

  • nataliechristina

    haha, i love it, you truly are a genious! cool, cats really are musterious creatures.

  • Felicity

    Haha, I have been having exactly the same internal struggle! I absolutely hate cats (LOVE dogs) but there are some super cute cat themed shoes around at the moment and I’m just so confused! The black wedges are lovely x

  • Does anyone else remember those Marc Jacobs mouse flats? No one really likes mice, but damn they were cute.

  • liam

    ive gazed at these on net a porter for quite some time. not having enough money to buy
    socks let alone my size 13 (in men’s) feet is enough hindrance to keep me from buying them. but think of the whimsy they would add to any outfit! cats acompying you where ever you go, guiding your each and every step with that bitchy cat wisdom. im remionded of the sex and the city episode where miranda’s cat stull her babies ambilacle cord, cats see what they want and the take it so let these shoes be your proverbial ambilical cord (gross) and grab them with full force. ( also i think that there like 1000 bucks on net a porter so you can justify it by saying its a good deal)

  • Lucy Korn

    THE KITTY FLAT IS QUITE LITERALLY MY DREAM SHOE. Sorry for the all caps, I get a bit excited at the prospect of actually owning a pair.

  • One of those trends that I wish I got – but just don’t.

    My devotion to dogs is much too strong.
    Though I can’t imagine wearing those on my feet either.

    Naturally, in a week I’ll just have to have them. Naturally.

  • rhodawong
  • ericaparkenglund

    Similar to the “Should I buy this vintage band tee because of the awesome graphic, but don’t really give a shit about the band?” argument.

  • Tia

    I am probably more of a pup person than anyone I know, but the awesomeness of this new kitty trend is undeniable (ridiculously stupid price aside). Cats have a mysterious allure, which appears to be even stronger when they are outlined on shoes….

    Don’t even get me started on the little baby cat ears.


  • Dandy,

    shoes can’t attack you, cats can.

  • Nathan Moy

    I don’t think you’ve lost it, yet I do understand the undying need to transform my feet into cats having people giggle or even snicker at my choice of fancy footwear, if you’ve got the funds for these Leandra which I hope you do, then I’d say “what are they doing there in your shoe closet already?” xx

  • Tory!

    My dream shoes right now. But can’t allow me to spend that much on CAT shoes hahahh but completely amazing. Just fabulous. And I not very fond of cats either

  • Lauren Dimesky

    I did not have the slightest fondness for cats until my parents rescued a feral cat! Took some getting used to: her independence and no need for affection! But then after about one year, she actually started to purr, curl up next to the family dog, and jump up on my lap for some some human touch! It took all that time, but i did fall in love!

    I’m a little over the Marc Jacobs mouse slippers, so the cat flats aren’t doin it for me–but the cat wedges are a whole different story!! Love ’em! Go cats!!!


    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Shawnee Rajala

    oh, get them please! every girl needs a pair of cat flats. smoking slippers. loafers. whatever, they’re awesome.

  • I love the flats but I don’r like the heels and wedges! xo, Christina

  • Carola Disiot

    love this shoes!


    New Post on Purses in the Kitchen!

  • Performance and Cocktails

    I don’t do twee, so “no”.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Well, if we’re talking about wearing cats, how about we step it up and wear psychedelic cats as well? I love this:

  • Inspirareland

    Meow, I think they’re the cutest.

  • Chael

    I really love cats, but this style is a little bit to eccentric for me … and a little to expensive

  • kellyoxford

    The kids gave these too me (black flat) for Mother’s Day last year. I’m going to wear them with torn jeans, a white shirt and a black sweater tomorrow. xo

  • Dahlia Jacob

    Check out!

  • Dahlia Jacob
  • Jordan

    In the long run owning a pair of cats shoes will be cheaper than owning a cat. Between cat food, kitty litter, mouse toys, vet bills, & their drug addiction to cat nip, I say go for the shoes. And this is coming from a cat person.

  • theunknownsisters
  • Well it is almost Christmas…present to yourself? The the defense of cats, you haven’t met the right ones. My kitten is an angel.

  • ladyindo

    Meeeow! I think it’s cute, but for that price, I would want something I can wear on an every-day basis and sadly, that little kitty isn’t quite it.

  • The Charlotte Olympia cat flats are perhaps the only time I’ve found myself enjoying the company of a feline of any sort…I’d say that I would prefer a dog pair…but just can’t imagine the graphic working as well…
    Fingers are crossed though!


  • Snark vs Boojum

    Come on… imagine wearing a ‘kitten heel’ with an actual kitten on it! It’s a great play on words without actually saying anything! Buy! Buy! Buy!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Dahlia Jacob
  • Manuela Claudia L

    Well, I’m not a cat person. Anyway, i would not wear such shoes on the streets, they look like slippers to me! 🙂

  • Leandra, has a cheaper (and METALLIC – score!) version….might be a good idea given that these will be a fad sooner or later:

  • Catherine and Greer

    does anyone else have to have an online dictionary up when they read Leandra’s posts?

    No? Yeah me neither…. 😉

  • yvonne
  • jenny
  • Check out the cute dog versions by Marc by Marc Jacobs! Oh, and I found the pink kitty flats at Jeffreys on sale. Whoop whoop!

  • Jajabinks


  • fabiana

    Meoooow, Leandra!

    Try to change your mind, pleaaaaase – cats are sooooo cute…

    XoXo from Buenos Aires,

  • Fkxoxo

    Gotta have them!

  • K O

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! This whole cat-craze has garnered a lot of negative attention within my school. Upon brandishing a cat themed dress, shoes, or sweater I am mocked by my peers. I thought I was the only girl in the world who loved this trend! Truly mistaken, apparently!

  • Ah yes, I had this same internal dilemma last winter, and eventually succumbed to a pair of the Kitties in the black velvet high heeled variety (seen here: ) and haven’t looked back. I’ve worn them with silk Valentino party dresses and ripped jeans and man-shirts, and love that they look like adorable little pets (minus the cat breath).

    Briony xx

  • Genevieve

    Perhaps $695 is a touch on the excessive side; however, the copious amounts of footwear already existing in ones wardrobe are undoubtedly lacking eyes and whiskers which, I suppose, could possibly justify your indulgent purchase??

  • You can get a pair of knock offs of the flats on they’re only $60-70

    • thanks for tip. found them but not as pretty.

  • i’m a cat person. love love love the shoes. but heels are much too high for a 5’8″ gal like me.

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  • These are very cute (i would love the dog one though, i think it will be cuter) but they are pretty pricey, Ouch! Nonetheless theyre cute and so are the tiny ears on top hehe 🙂

  • lindsey
  • Ellie

    Cats or dogs, animal-inspired shoes profoundly effect people because they make the otherwise inanimate shoes so relatable and so alive!