You + Me, Thursday

Let’s hang out and do good things.



Last week, Sigerson Morrison and I planned to host a small boutique Halloween party in which costumes of the Kahlo variety would be very strongly suggested the same way that adhering to traffic laws are. (We had violation tickets made up and everything.) The merciless wind quite literally rained on our parade though, leaving many in far more grave positions than just without unibrow.

In light of such and in light of a new, profound appreciation for light, we’ve moved the event to take place this Thursday, one and half days from now, at the Sigerson Morrison boutique in Nolita on Prince Street just off Mott Street. A portion of sales from the night will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief and we encourage you to bring any donations in the form of: winter outdoor gear, hand warmers, blankets, sleeping bags, hats, gloves, sock puppets and so forth to be contributed to various relief effort groups. 

6 to 8PM, this Thursday.

Since no one responded when I suggested I do so in my previous election post, maybe I can buy you a drink afterward?

There may or may not be temporary tattoos on site. I’m just saying.

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