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N’ Blanket N’ Scarf

Gif on gif on gif, you’ll see.


collaboration with Calvin Klein.

That was sung to the tune of And Party and Bullshit. I really enjoy Biggie, much more when he allows Miley Cyrus to defile what’s left of his legend with lyrics like “nodding my head like, yeah. Movin’ my hips like, yeah.”

And you’re just like, what? Last night I vowed to speak exclusively in YouTube links on twitter but realized how difficult it may render on the account of my overwhelming interest in words that don’t really exist.

But on the topic of things that do exist: enormous blankets. To steal a sentence structure popularized in Mending Wall by Robert Frost, good blankets make good scarves.

This particular blanket was a housewarming gift delivered with the intention of decorating a new ox blood (not burgundy, there’s a difference,) leather chair. I had far more adventurous plans for it though. The blanket deserved more than a destiny of sitting, slung across a lifeless chair waiting and hoping that maybe, just maybe, today would be the day someone would sit not on it, but with it.

On me, the blanket would get stained by lots of red lip stick (eventually, blood too) fly through Minneapolis, into Vancouver and over many a women’s bathroom stall. This was living, I thought. And what’s more? Infinite warmth. Using the blanket as a scarf taught me quite quickly that winter coats are only as functional are the scarves they can harbor.

In light of it all, below enjoy a slow motion gif chronicling the grace and beauty of putting on a blanket, pretending it’s a scarf and in effect paralyzing movement in your neck.

28OM5F on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

You’d think it were easier, right? The good things in life tend to be hard.

GunJLS on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Because I really enjoyed making the first gif, here are some personal struggles outlined in matters of mastering The Wink. (Not to be confused with the wink.)

UX3N0s on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

And, well, here’s me dancing! This is how I used to reel in the mans.

But those days are long gone, now I just bop for fun and exercise. So, what does thee say? Will you try the blanket as scarf and give your lightweight blazers and leather jackets a longer shelf life this winter season? I say you do it.

Calvin Klein scarf, t-shirt, Maje jeans, Mina & Olya trench coat, Celine heels. All photos by Aram Bedrossian, who is a fucking magician behind the camera.

Part of a collaboration with Calvin Klein.

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  • Laura Alksne

    n` cozy, n` amazing!

  • I will like to try the blanket thing since Europe is oddly warm for winter this year!

  • Natash

    I can never decide if my hair should stay tucked in under the blankarf or over.

  • Hahahah you look adorable in that outfit, that’s the coolest part

  • you shoes are so fab, love the gif.


  • rhodawong

    nice scarf wrapping! looks way too comfy to bear!

  • Denisa

    Really perfect post and amazing pics. I love scarfs. Have a nice day.

  • Natali

    Fabulous shoes and trench!!

  • Champdesreves

    Yes, Aram is quite the extraordinary…..and ummm by the way those Céline heels are ACE !!

  • Gabrielle Pedriani

    This is pretty much a horror film in a blog post.

    Well done.

  • singlegirldin

    I’ve been a big wearer of blankets-as-scarves for years. 4 ft. x 6 ft. is the perfect dimension for blanket, scarf, or wrap! Love, Adorned in Nolita has these fabulous vintage denim blankets from West Africa that are great during early spring.

  • The moving blog images are way rad. Love love. Not sure I could pull off a blanket as a scarf, as most of mine would swallow me whole. Maybe your heels help pull off this look as you look supermodel tall!

  • savannahjual

    You’re just too cool.

    That is all.


  • maria barrajon

    I can never decide if my hair should stay tucked in under the blankarf or over too!! You look amazing! As usual…..

    New outfit in

  • lynnsay

    I wish you were my friend!

  • Nico

    I really love your trench!!!

  • Carmen M.N.

    I love big scarfs!!!

    And greats gifs!!

  • Beautiful and terrifying all at once, I’ve been stealing blankets for scarves for years but you’ve outdone me x

  • Style-Squared by Z&M

    You weirdo…..!!!;))) adore the outfit though!!;)

  • Oh god! Those heels. And hell yes, I’m going to rock the blanket on my next international flight.

  • yvonne ★

    thank you man repeller, for you always manage to make me laugh!

  • Hannah

    Omg this post kills me and has officially brightened up my Tuesday. I love blankarf.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  • linda_famularcano

    What an awesome post!
    Sadly I doubt I could pull off the blanket as scarf look…

    Love your winking GIF!
    “The Wink. (Not to be confused with the wink.)”
    – Your writing is so entertaining! xx

    P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin 😉

  • Heather

    I use the free blanket I got from Norwegian Rail Company as a scarf on a constant basis. Practical.

  • Cat

    Never could find a scarf quite big enough. Guess I was doing it wrong – off to Home Goods.

  • Love it ! I’m always looking for the biggest scarf that is socially acceptable to carry around, I was just not looking in the right department !

    My Blog – A Pretty Nest

  • monkeyshines

    wonderful layering!


  • Julie Wilson

    Love, love, love those shoes!! Great post!

  • lavieenliz

    omg so good!!!! I agree with Gabrielle! amazing post!

  • Leandra, you have no idea how hard I been laughing at this post. Only you can come up with some of these random thoughts and things to say. LOL. Anyway, what a great idea and what a great post, thanks for sharing. Now I need to pull all unused blankets from my textile closet and see with what I can come up with. LOL.

  • Christina

    I now see how you snagged yourself a husband.. nice skillz girl ;D

  • Blanket as scarf? Genius. Especially since I am currently sitting in my office freezing. I can only imagine the warmth…

    P.S nice dance moves + wink face! Your perman-friend is one lucky fellow.

  • fashionlessons

    love love love love your posts ALWAYS

  • These GIFs made my life worth living.

  • Jennifer

    And this is why you are fucking amazing.

    xo Jennifer

  • Ray

    Hilarious as always.

  • your gifs are the shit (as if you don’t know that already). your dancing synchronized perfectly to a song I’m just playing.

  • I’m feeling a major trend coming on:) Cute post! xx

  • Heyli

    I definitely don’t mind the look of neck wrinkles; as long as they are made by the scarf instead of my own skin. Then I know I’m not aging too fast!

    Love the post Leandra!

  • nataliechristina

    haha i love it!

    Great detail with your eye on the last gif. fliiirting ;-.)

  • hahha great idea. maybe i’ll try it if I get gifted a blanket that I find irresistible.

  • Eva

    Haha, so cool and those GIF’s. Funny and scary at the same time! xx

  • Bri Wang

    That is one hell of a sexy wink.



  • seems quite sensible to me

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • First of all the first gif…I somehow translated that as what my kid might look like when i’m giving birth hahaha, peering out and winking like “i’m here…where the fucking milk” . Is that wierd…or TMI? Anyway. I love those shoes! I can’t lie I come on here everyday waiting for a style post! 🙂

  • Viv

    I really dig this post as it could as well come directly from my warm heart, shrouded in a cosy blanket aka scarf. You know, Switerland is cold too! … and somehow my boyfriend never understood this trick, but I guess this is the point, right?

  • loveeeeeeee ittttttt

  • awesome, totally love. these gif shots are kind of creepy and super rad at the same time. you rock.

  • Marina Casapu

    love the color palette of the outfit.

  • You are hilarious! I love this and never thought of blankets in such a way but why not?! Here I am wrapped in my favorite Chanel … blanket. Wow, that was different to say and I like it!

  • lol! “Calvin Klein scarf”

  • isabelle
  • vittoria gallacci

    Ah, great idea 🙂

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • Lace and Chiffon
  • Hemingway and Handbags

    Love dem heels! Blankets as scarves…who knew?



  • victoria

    Your Amazing, thats all I have to say.

    y’all check out my blog: (not nearly as cool as The Man Repeller though.)

  • I love the vibe the pictures are transporting. Great job. And lovely scarf.

  • Alisson

    you are simply the awesomest person on this earth

  • Rachel

    Craziest (in a good way) and amusing post, who knew blankets could be so versatile I am going to try it thanks

  • Sara

    Love your blog! The gifs are great. My husband actually made a really nice iPhone app (Giffer!) that creates gifs and stuff. I’ll have him send you a code in case you want to try it. 🙂

  • Catherine and Greer – murder on the dance floor
    the backtrack to this particular once again amazing post!
    also i cant find a good store for base jackets help a poor innocent irish boy!

    fooled ya im of female origin however sometimes I even trick myself but still HELP THE LESS FORTUNATE!!!

  • Carolina Torres

    Omg, your way too cool!!

    • debbywarner

      you are – God, I can’t stand that

  • How about a suggestion on how to wear socks or tights with open toe wedges? Can it be done? I would love to extend the shoe season but nude toes don’t work in Chicago in Dec. Rats. Love the blanket as scarf. You kill it!

  • Emily

    Ha – your gifs are priceless. I don’t think I’d sport a blanket as a scarf, but you certainly pull it off well!

    Isn’t That Charming.

  • Alexandria Gaines
  • Absinthe

    Ugh, you have no idea what the refresh rate in my hotel room did to that

  • Dusty Petals

    Haha! You make me laugh! I love your posts so much! You add so much fun to fashion. xoxoxo

  • Nina

    i can recommend the acne “canada” scarf. it’s huuuuge and could easily be a blanket as well, in fact i use mine both around my neck and over my body when i cuddle up on the couch at home. it’s a must have!

    • Christina

      Just checked it out – is it really big enough? (HATE small scarves!) It measures 70cm/2.2′ in width…

    • Naina

      Why Acne? Why not ‘hey found this random blanket in my closet, didn’t know it existed but now it does and it’s part of my life that’s here to stay’? 😉

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • LMFAO ! Love the gif and the scarf. It gives you a medieval look that I appreciate.

  • Jules
  • Carola

    ARAM <3

  • Superblondeep

    you are soooo funny and natural always….I love it!

  • Felicity

    Blanket scarves, yes! I did this last year but I was terribly judged. Judged, but warm! Normal scarves aren’t wide enough for my liking, I want fabric all up by my ears. TOP winkage, by the way. x

  • Dámaris
  • Haha, I have a super super furry blanket. I’m horrified that it’s too big and thick, plus our over 15lb head, I will tip over with my little chopstick body..but I will try! haha

  • PZH

    THis made my day. Also, I love massive scarves/blankets. They’re the best. The bigger the scarf the better.


  • Alicia

    Aaaaah! This is amazing, I’ll defenately try it (with my hair tucked in, obviously)
    Thank you,
    Your Spanish female 15-year-old follower who loves you.

  • lapetitemortxo

    Oxblood IS NOT burgundy! THANK YOU!

  • Blanket as scarf + MMM/H&M duvet as coat = toasty.

    tea cozy as hat? pillow cases as gloves?
    when does the line get crossed?


  • Amanda

    ahahahhaa the dancing gif

  • curtincall

    Oh me oh my! Months ago, while it was winter here in Australia, I was working as a buyer of home wears for a furniture company. Anyway, we got in some beautiful Merino wool blankets and my first reaction was “how amazing would this be as a scarf? Look I’m so warm and cozy, and this can double as a poncho. Talk about winner winner…” Crickets… That’s was what I got from my collegues. Everyone, literally everyone, thought I’d lost a marble or two, yet they kindly humoured me by saying I was the only person they knew who could pull it off.
    Thank you so much, Leandra, for validating this new winter accessory. Now, I just need to wait for winter to come again, or deal with heat exhaustion.
    Charlotte x

  • Bree Taylor

    you are a genius. and far out man funny as fark. bless ya for making me laugh on a Monday. 😀

  • Saakshi Kaushik


  • Elisa

    Great !!! I love big scarf, and i love Frantz Barons scarf !

  • bp

    Yes and yes! Done.

  • Margot Noel

    Haha amazing, I do that every year since I saw Lenny Kravitz wearing a scarf so big you couldn’t see it’s Lenny Kravitz. I thought… Can I actually do that? YES, PLEASE.