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They just won’t give up.


From left: set of three ear cuffs by Asos, Annelise Michelson spiked ear cuff, turquoise and green question mark, Dana Rebecca short bar earring, House of Waris dangling skull, Givenchy tusk.

Things I never thought I’d say: bracelets fucking suck. Other things I never thought I’d say: load up my ear with metal shit, please. Both of which things, I am currently saying.

I’ve never really been one to pay much attention to ear adornment. I have side burns and drawing attention to them isn’t necessarily in my best interest. More technically though, no matter how hard I try, dangling earrings always seem to look wildly over-accessorized, larger studs are too reminiscent of pearls–that is not my story, and additional piercings remind me all too well of my fear of pain by needle. It’s become increasingly difficult to ignore the vast, innovative offerings on display though, and I’m not that shameful in matters of the sideburns. Indeed, I’ve got hairier fish to fry.

Separately, I took off my bracelets last week and reached for an overhead cabinet in my kitchen. (Document storage.) It was unusually easy. I had forgotten that making subtle hand movements don’t have to feel like (baby) weights being lifted. What’s more? I’m tired of garnering red rashes in favor of heavy brass cuffed to my arms. What once seemed like the most appropriate outfitting accoutrement has become a detrimental testament to my life.

I suppose this means that fashion is just another evolving circumstance that celebrates so many extremes, it’s hard to believe that the inevitable post-liminary rejections to the previous extremes could arrive as quickly as they do.

In honor of new-found appreciation for ear decoration and the temporary termination of the ubiquitous arm party (re-emerging celebration to the previous rejections come almost as quickly as the reversed do,) enjoy a subjective selection of bomb-ass ear pieces for your auditory pleasure.

I think part of the key to doing this right is mixing and matching. No one likes a vanilla set of earrings. That shit is sticky. Why don’t you try a banana and skull? An ear-cuff layered over an ear bar? Two of the same earrings in one lobe?

From top left: A. Chip and spike ear chain from Topshop.

B. Boo Boo earrings by House of Waris (so are the colorful skulls at center.)

C. Rainbow pastel earcuff that include cascading rhinestones from Asos (and very reminiscent might I add, of a certain vintage Christian LaCroix earring I once saw at a vintage shop in Europe.)

D. Pave half crown studs by Rebecca Minkoff.

E. Moon and star studs by Social Anarchy.

F. Chrome Dannijo chandelearrings.

G. Ileana Makri multi-colored snakes.

H. Love Me Not ear-cuff from Topshop.

I. Bananas by Nicka.

J. Silver Sally Leaf ear cuff (and only $12!)

K. Wing ear hanger by Topshop

L. 14k gold and diamond bar studs by Dana Rebecca. These particular ones have been in my right ear since early October.

Subtle M: Should you find your appetite craving a frivolous splurge, these two Delfina Delettrez pieces, an eye adorned earring and lip, insect, other ambiguous object adorned ear cuff have been on my desktop for weeks. Both available at Opening Ceremony. Okay, bye!

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  • isabelle cayla

    I don’t know if I can wear thoses but I like it, and I like the idea.

    Thank your for your refreshing blog.


  • Amy

    But I want to see how you weeeaaaaar it! I look like a granny in any jewellery whatever, it’s gutting, things on wrists can be ok but neck and ears=matriarch time (not my time yet).

    • Amy

      No wait, that’s a lie, I’m a committed Big Hoop wearer, I just don’t think about it any more. Time for a shake up then ey.

  • Alice

    I on the other hand quite like rings. I dislike wearing earrings because my hair is usually down and you can never even see them. Rings are my thing. 🙂


  • They look amazingly fun!!! I need to get my ears pieced and wear these so ppl don’t keep on mistaking me for a 12 year old

  • TheStyleNative

    no more arm party??? WTF??!!! those of us however who have desk jobs, are rejoicing at the extra 10 minutes of getting ready time in the morning!

  • Thais

    This is one kick-ass selection of earrings! All-over ear adornement has really taken off, I almost prefer it bracelet overload… my wrists need a break! Love all of them, I too couldnt face the pain of more ear pearcings plus I find these earrings which sit over the whole ear more elegant anyway…. Such gorgeous pieces Im drooling….


  • lavieenliz

    these are soo cool!

  • knockingonfashionsdoor

    Well…it´s could be a curious mix!!

  • Gina

    So cute!! I looove those bar earrings!

  • Pam Miranda

    Loving the Dana Rebecca bar earring and the skull!!! The bar is different, simple and elegant!!

  • Cassandra Lopez

    I did a whole post on unique ear jewelry/body jewelry! I’m a professional body piercer in NY. let’s get together and make your ears all fancy!

  • I really hate earrings but I’m drawn to the ones that cuff the ear. I don’t know. I may have to break down and get a pair…

  • Reptilia

    LOVE all this jewelry!!


  • monkeyshines

    stunning pieces!



  • Craving for Barneys

    Love all these jewelry!

    MIAMI in

  • Viktoria

    I hate dangling arm cuffs as well, since I never find suitable size foe my rather small and petite frame. They just fall off… I wear watches and bracelets with elastic. So, I was thinking of the same: ear cuffs and ear thingies …i like the feathering desings. Very futuristic. Thanx for furthering my idea, not a bad selection, indeed!

  • Lora

    I have no sideburns at all, and I feel like I can’t wear earrings because it will draw attention to the fact that I am totally bald where other people have adorable hair patches. That said, I love these and maybe I should get over my life-long sideburn issue and buy some. I do have many holes in each lobe, after all.

    • Leandra Medine

      Someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side!

  • Nico

    There is something very nice and something so bad :D:D

    New post–>

  • Eva

    The leave ear cuff is so beautiful!! xx

  • Chelsea

    wait…. that bar earring is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!

  • love the house of waris ones!

  • s

    love the accessories!!! so cute and fashion forward


  • benedetta
  • They’re all great options! I love going crazy with ears accessories, it’s fun!

  • Linda

    Givenchy tusk ftw!!

    is it going to be an ear party soon??



  • Pamela Zedan Haua

    We’re totally on the same page! Just posted about Sandy relief Dannijo earrings last week 🙂


  • Caitlin

    Adore the Dana Rebecca bar earrings! So cute!!

  • Sharon

    great post!! because of you I’m now gonna run out and at least try on ear cuffs (and maybe even buy one if it suits me)

  • athousandhappythoughts

    I personally dont favor ear cuffs. its not my style. although i LOVE earrings, especially bulky ones.

  • The Urban Promeneur

    The green questionmark is so statementing. Love it!!!

  • Ear embellishments are a fun way to express some whimsy, perfect for a bit, BIT, of humor. Or if punk is your game, show some edge with some heavy hardware. Love this trend!! Don’t think it will last long though……

  • They looks interesting, It is not my style, but I like orriginal things. Have a nice day.

  • vittoria gallacci
  • obsessed with the Dannijo and Rebecca Minkoff pieces! I have to say though, I still love a good arm party more than most things. xo

  • Hemingway and Handbags

    Have those asos cuffs and probably wear them in my sleep. Agreed bracelets are laaaaaaaaaaame. (For now :))

  • Inspirareland

    Really like the Waris ear cuffs.

  • Gabrielle Pedriani

    Way to single-handedly birth and murder a trend.

  • Cluny Grey

    The multi-coloured snakes are gorgeous! Love them

  • Maike

    seen now a couple of times the snake-earrings. a bit curious about them… but they remind me always of my school time (long long time ago!) where I had a cheap version of it. And now I am a bit afraid, they are always looking cheap…. But anyhow: great collection, Leandra!

  • Yvonne

    the dangling skull one stole my heart.

  • Mia

    you took off your arm party? 🙁 I don’t know who you are anymore…

  • lou lou
  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Amalie Espeland

    dude, like everything here just automatically hopped on the top of my wishlist. shit. xx

  • I’m such a terrible accessorizer, can’t deal with anything but necklaces or chains.
    Not that I don’t want to, I’m just too clumsy and forgetful and having the dangly baby weights on my wrists or wearing rings is no bueno. Earrings however, I see so many kitschy colorful earrings that I would gladly wear but… I’m allergic to most of them. So Imma stickin’ with necklaces for now, sadface.

  • when we wander

    I love all those pieces! I’ve been looking for an ear cuff for a while (I would love something along the lines of a mini serpent to curl around my lobe).

  • well i love anything evil eye…. so i love the bottom cuff!

    i though you’d appreciate my shout out of you in blog haha i feel like you would be all about a fur vest over a dress at a wedding… especially since you wore that leather jacket over your own wedding dress! thought, though??

  • Kalie

    Danijio had better start making mad earrings then.

  • Lace and Chiffon
  • Bee

    Where are the pieces from the first photo from? I want all of them!

  • i have a sunglass brand and clothing brand. how do i send you some goodies?

  • TWill

    what about featuring products from claire’s at the mall?? where all the funky young people go. where you can not only buy 173 earrings in one pack but where you can get infectious piercings as well.

  • i’m all about the ear party! i’ve been known to wear 6 different earrings at once, plus the ear piercings i don’t change 🙂 i like to do themes sometimes, like all bears or all skulls or all ocean stuff

  • moldub

    can i have all the arm party patrons you no longer want? thankssss

  • Alejandro Chahin

    can we discuss this fashion video?

  • Brooke

    These are so cute! Great pics 🙂

  • I am probably one of the few people I know of who does not have a single piercing. That said, I resorted to ear cuffs I had bought in a pow wow years ago. I had stopped wearing them but looking at this lovely selection, I may just have to purchase an item or two. Quite lovely!

  • The Garage Starlets

    Great pieces!


  • Loved your post and the accessories! I used to get weird linear blue-black bruises from my chunky bracelets too whenever they clunked together and my skin got caught. Hehe I’m new here and look forward to reading more of your posts! Have a great weekend xoxo

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Martina

    Really cool but… I’m more into the arm party posts, I gotta admit!

  • Madalina Tita

    cute accessories! love the green-blue things from the first photo…


  • I like the Givenchy tusk. I generally wear the Regine Enamel Hoop but I need to give these a try!

  • Sketch42

    Did I not tell you that no-party was the new arm-party? I totally did.

    Next, I fucking love every single thing. I want to cuff up my ear. And also, I like earrings a lot. Especially when they are huge and costume and vintage and awesome. GO EAR POWER.

  • Greer Clarke

    I can’t think of a word for what this post makes me feel…. lost? confused?… betrayed even?

    Bare wrists used to be my forte, until I fell in love with you and began championing the arm party. And just I have gathered enough of a guest list to make my arm celebrations a hoot… Leandra ain’t wearin bracelets no more?!

    But by the end of the post, I felt more comforted and had begun breathing again once I understood the underlying moral. The entire point of your blog is to adorn yourself with whatever clothing makes you happy, letting “your freak flag fly”. I’m not going to stress the fuck out and go buy a shitload of sick earrings, I’m just going to let my accessorising become more instinct-based.

    So thank, Leandra. I needed this. Change is good, but repelling is better.

  • MouthfulofStyle

    These are great! I also love NYC designer Made Her Think earrings. Very much this type of style.

    Style insights and luxury fashion business learnings:

  • lui

    got in the trend and got an infection …. 🙁

  • Allie

    I like the banana’s..

  • carol

    see this brazilian designer, you will love it!!! it’s the same concept


    thanks for being such an inspiration !
    xx from Paris

  • bibi

    My ears are too small for throwing a party on them… ehhh

  • M

    The skull earrings are the perfect a mix of goofy & morose. I must save my pennies for those.

  • We always find turqoise is a popular choice for ladies jewellery. However my favourites are slightly simpler than the above (although they are impressive) and stud earrings

  • sharon silfen

    I for one was glad to see a new trend, not that I didnt enjoy selling the arm candy you made so famous, but time to move on folks, its fashion!!! Featuring Blackthorn ear candy and cuffs from London and many more…

  • sadee says

    I for one was glad to see a new trend, not that I didnt enjoy selling the arm candy you made so famous, but time to move on folks, its fashion!!! Featuring Blackthorn ear candy and cuffs from London and many more…