Leave Bieber Alone

I’m offended, really.


(As whined to the tune of Leave Britney Alone.) In hindsight, I really regret not turning this into a video.

Does this look like the face of a happy person? I enjoy a Justin Bieber parody just as much as the next YouTube enthusiast, and my heart near dropped directly into my left ovary the first time I saw a mop-head laden Jimmy Fallon emulate Bieber’s electric slide on an SNL christmas special. But following the atrocious events of earlier this week, I have to wonder: what is so wrong with overalls?

For those of you who wonder the same question, context: Justin Bieber wore overalls to receive an accolade (the Diamond Jubilee Medal, which forces me to ask if the medal in question is actually just Rihanna popping out of a cake, serenading the Biebs, while topless?) from the prime minister of Canada. As a result, the internet went into severe digital cardiac arrest. Profound literary heavyweights such as Us Weekly raced to deliver the most accurate coverage of what can promise to go down in future textbooks as the most impotent debate in the history of communication: should Bieber have worn overalls in the presence of such notable authority or not?

But does it really matter? I revert back to my initial question–what’s so wrong with overalls?

Historically, they’ve been recognized as protective gear in the work place. And while a tete-a-tete with a Prime Minister may not render “work” for us mere mortals, such is certainly the case for the Biebs, his pout and that now ubiquitous thumb planted firmly up.

Currently, using the bathroom will inevitably present some marginal problems but we are a generation of thoughtful denim aficionados, carrying the indigo torches of our ancestors. In recognizing that, what’s a little urine on the crevice of a pant crotch? Warm, is all.

Getting dressed seems profoundly easier when you can anticipate that a large patch of denim will cover your chest. Near your trunk, the queries about the state of your ass–does it look big? does it look small?–conclusively dissipate. See, when you’re in overalls, there is no ass. This should have nothing to do with informality–the shoes photographed above are satin female tuxedo shoes. Lesson learned: clothes are only as casual (or consequently formal) as the accoutrements (or vocal chords) you pair them with.

Finally, overalls provide something that no sex change, passport, or unlimited access to Rosetta Stone could and that is: conceivable French kid swag. That’s better than magic.

So please, join me in sympathizing with Bieber’s sartorially apt decision to wear his overalls, the guy is Canadian, after all and that flag is practically made of denim.

Separately, here is my hip ear cuff, which slightly resembles a question mark and wholly functions as a fantastically glorified hearing aid, only I can’t hear any better through it. The baby cockroach in my lobe is Ileana Makri and that spot on the side of my face is a souvenir the sun bequeathed me against my will.

Rebecca Taylor sweater, Genetic Denim overalls, (or try these,) Zanotti heels for Anthony Vaccarello.

Photos by Naomi Shon and slideshows are up! What does thee think?

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  • Love love love the new ear cuff. I just ordered my first set during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness, can’t wait for them to arrive. 🙂

  • Found your blog via Twitter & this must be my lucky day. Most i have laughed at work in weeks!

  • kcomekarolina

    that looks fab!

    xoxo from rome



  • Jhirae

    Love this post. I hate when people get so caught up in what’s hot and what’s not…wear what you wear as long a s you feel confident a beautiful that’s all that matters. I love this outfit BTW super cute!


  • Styleclouds

    Oh I love the earcuff!!! xo, Christina


  • lavieenliz

    love this post!! such a great look!!


  • Natali
  • Amalie Espeland

    that is a freakin awesome cuff. and i don’t care about the biebz. soz x

  • Great post, we should all wear what we want! Love your earpiece!


  • www.lefreakcestchic.cl

    I think fashion and self expression have always been related, but in these case, the self expression was took more as “i don’t care if i’m in a palace or in a shelter” for Biebs….and you have to be very careful of what statement are you making by the clothes you wear, because you are always making one, either you want it or not; despite what’s fashionable or not…

  • Marly

    I love the way you write, it’s just so funny. Good outfit, as always.. And I love your ear cuff, better than those ugly ones for 2 dollars!

  • This reminded me of my beloved, treasured, cfda/vogue award inducing pair of fleece lined overalls from gap.That’s right, I said fleece lined. And I wore the shit out of them well into high school. I’d wear them proudly now but apparently the rest of the world doesn’t feel the same. I could only find this pair of babygap ones and even I can’t wear baby clothes ironically (they don’t fit, I’ve tried). And these could only be found on a site called ‘diaperswapper’. The horror.

    So you go girl. Rock out with your cock out. It’s all hawt.


  • Kailey Kramer

    two thumbs up for the slideshows — love to seeing how far your site’s interface has developed from the early days. all good stuff.

    KK xx

  • Lisa Simone Daniels

    Quite fascinated by the fact that biebs in overalls even made the news, it sure didn’t in the Netherlands. I mean, it’s not like he was scandalously infiltrating those Anthony Vaccarello for Zanotti heels as well. (Although I would worship that even more.) He was just feeling Man Repelling that day, don’t we all sometimes?

  • Inspirareland

    I’m starting to become fond of overalls.


  • lanestrainsandautomobiles

    I think the problem is that his his take on the look was not presented NEARLY as stylish or presentable as yours. If he doesnt respect the Prime Minister, or appreciate the Queens Jubilee, than he shouldn’t have accepted. Simple. It is work, I agree. If he’s all about swag this would have been a good time to bring some. Can you tell…I’m Canadian LOL.

    • lanestrainsandautomobiles

      …and I’m actually a Bieber fan. This makes me so sad.

  • monkeyshines

    amazing styling!


  • I’m not a Bieber fan but I honestly don’t see what the whole big deal was with him wearing overalls.


  • AlexsFashion

    overalls ftw!!!! 😀 THe first one had, I got from a work supply store, so it was real like a painter’s one and all white…but then I died it green so it was even more awesome XD
    xoxo Alex

  • Can we get over the whole awards thing and just talk about the overalls in question? They were incredible. I haven’t seen such good conductor stripes since I wanted to steal my older brother’s Osh Kosh B’Gosh when we were little.

  • Kelli

    what I can’t wrap my head around…why didn’t he wear an awesome suit (he can surely afford Ford, non?) and knock it stylishly out of the park? He looks great in “grown up” clothes and here…he just looked … embarrassingly douchey. Which does nothing for his rep. Sartorial non try and perceived disrespect does in fact earn oneself (more) haters. PLUS he could have taken the opportunity to showcase a Canadian designer. Fool.

  • Jennifer

    In his defense, he had literally come from a rehearsal and meet and greet before his show and did not have time to change. That room was set up in the arena he was performing in later that night. Just a little tidbit lol

    xo Jennifer


  • The Urban Promeneur

    HA! ‘But does it really matter?’ I suppose it does not. Great text and fantastic photos.


  • Why are people defending him? Call me an old fogie at age 33, but when I went to Ottawa (capital of Canada) at age 14 (part of a school trip to learn about Canadian government) the entire class was told that they could not wear denim during the day when we were meeting politicians (which included the prime minister) and touring Parliament. After all, we were meeting “important people,” even if one was a cranky older lady from a separatist party in Quebec. One has to dress the part to show respect. This is no different from the some members of a lacrosse team who wore flip flops to meet George W. Bush a few years back (or was it President Obama?). It’s not the proper place.

  • that is some serious ear party =]


  • KendraGough

    It wasn’t that he was just wearing overalls. I have no problem with overalls. It’s that he was wearing them to a prestigious event with important dignitaries. I don’t think it would have killed him to put on a collared shirt, or at the very least take the hat off.

  • Well, the first thing that came into my mind when I saw Bieber’s picture was Lady Gaga’s suit when meeting the queen. Of course I prefer the overall, but lets be honest! Doesn’t he have someone to tell him ‘Hey Kid! You shouldn’t wear that overall to meet the prime minister, people may think you’re being rude!’? It’s so simple! Just one person, only one!


  • SarahStrong

    I just read that the Prime Minister tweeted later: “In fairness to @justinbieber, I told him I would be wearing my overalls too.” haha even he thinks you all should give him a break! He’s an artist, was in the middle of preparing for his performances, and I’ve seen dozens of fashion designers and artists dress in similar denim no matter where they go, I just think it’s not as accepted because he’s so young

  • frenchfries

    I’m absolutely with you, Biebs, and the overall!

  • Sharon

    well said!! i love myself a good pair of overalls 🙂


  • Nico
  • Listen Lady, you are going to have to change your handle, you are GORGEOUS! AND my husband is annoyed that my writing isn’t as funny as yours and that my hair isn’t as low maintenance. Love the ear cuff, I’ll take two.

  • Overalls are not the look. Just no.

  • This look is so fabuous I absolutely love it! Although I consider your outfit appropriate for any formal occsassion, the one Bieber wore seemed less so, maybe because of the one shoulder aspect. In any case, I love overalls and I love this post! xx


  • Hannah

    The different ways you style overalls are impeccable. Also I used to live in the building to your right I think! (If I am correct there is an awesome taco place behind you I’m not sure if it’s still there…) Anyways, I own a pair of overalls and I think I would be at a complete loss as to what to wear them with if it weren’t for you, so thank you for always being an inspiration.



  • Guest

    The ear cuff looks great! I also love the overalls!
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  • I know that overalls can spark quite a debate but I honestly love them!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    Love ur earcuff. I have one from Asos too. Are special.


  • Felicity

    I really really really really really want some black velvet dungarees, but I can’t find any anywhere and it’s dreadfully upsetting! Love the ear cuff! x

  • Belén Cavas Hernández


  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • AshleyOlivia

    I was very hostile towards rompers when they first became trendy. But, they slowly won me over… I now am the proud owner of a light blue sleeveless romper that works so well in the summer heat–I almost feel naked and love it. I don’t even mind that I have to pull the whole thing off and hold it suspended above the floor around my ankles when I visit the lady’s room. Currently the same pattern is repeating itself with jumpsuits. I was anti-jumpsuit from the get-go. Then Gwyneth Paltrow wore a black one on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar… a few months later and she is sporting a breath-taking aubergine one on her In Style cover. And, be still my beating heart, Kristen Stewart wore that black lace Zuhair Murad number to one of the Breaking Dawn premieres. No wonder RPatz took her back.

    But I draw the line at overalls. No, no, no!

    I wonder how long until a pair ends up in my closet? 😉

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • rhodawong

    haha i love your earring thingy so much! and great pair with the overalls!


  • Yuka
  • Perry

    His overalls would have been welcomed had he put a crisp shirt underneath or over. Over.


  • Cassie Goodwin

    I normally hate overalls, but you have the attitude to pull it off!


  • Vivian

    you are rocking those overalls awesomely!


  • Marina Casapu

    i’m crazy about the sweater!!!!

  • Hannah

    Why should we ever ever discount overalls? They’re very Whitman-esque, tapping into our inner child playing in the sandbox, or a farmer living off the land. Here, dear friends, overalls are not only key Manrepelling tools, but socially enlightening swaths of denim.


  • Jules Fashion Week
  • lauren

    You could not have picked a better pair of designer shoes to mingle with these overalls! And I agree that the Biebs should wear whatever the Biebs wants and all of us Plebians (Pliebs) should do so as well!!! Thank you for your precious gems of writing nuggets which I need on a daily basis, now and forever!!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


  • Samyukta

    Warm is all???? ROFL… omg you are killing me… hahahhaahhahahhaha…

  • vittoria gallacci

    LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE the earcuff!!! Amazing amazing amazing!!

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORINING

  • Denisa

    You look great and I like that jeans. So nice pics and have a nice Friday.


  • Misses Robinson

    Sweater hell yeah, ear cuff? Not so much, which means, and I’m thrilled to say it, you are back to your repelling roots. Thought you lost them based on the sexxxy you have been favoring for months.

  • I love that ear cuff and OVERALLS holy shit. About to do a post on overalls for sure. LOVE YOU MR.

  • Kerry

    I guess you’ll be wearing overalls when you meet our president…yeah right.

  • David Carney | oki-ni Store

    Aja! Overalls are masterpieces. It all boils down on how you wear it. Great post! I wonder what Bieber Fever fans would have to say about the negative vibes. Everything is not about designer menswear or womenswear. Imagination is limitless when it comes to fashion. I say leave Bieber alone!

  • SKetch42

    He just looked like such a ridiculous piss-ant hipster kid. It was kind of a gross choice.

  • In Canada one capitalizes “Prime Minister”- most often whilst one is sporting trousers of the overall variety.

  • Théa Unknown

    Love your earring!

    Théa Unknown

  • You have to consider who that person is and what he does. Wouldn’t it be weird if a farmer who never wore a suit one day in his life has to put on a suit because he’s meeting a prime minister? He’s an entertainer, if he stands behind the values that are reflected by what he wears, then he should rock it anywhere he goes if he wants to.

  • Jay

    Literally 5 seconds before I went to your site, I was scrolling through my instagram and wondering what all of this nonsense is about how ‘disrespectful’ it was for the Biebs to be wearing overalls to meet the prime minister of Canada. So I couldn’t believe my luck when you had a whole post about this oh-so-disastrous situation. For starters, I couldn’t agree with you more. After taking the liberty of watching three (okay seven) youtube videos about how unbelievable said disastrous situation was, many a question popped into my mind. Firstly, call me American, but is the Canadian prime minister REALLY such a big deal? I have a few Canadian friends, and most of them don’t even know their prime minister’s name. And secondly, since when are overalls so unseemly?! I mean, it’s not like he wore a black lacy thong and nothing else. Now that would have been downright inappropriate. But overalls?! They’re very snius, I don’t see the problem. Props for the pic. You definitely rock the overalls (almost) as swaggily as JB did.

    P.S. I go to ramaz and linda mallamy still has the post you wrote eons ago deeming long skirts fashionable scotch-taped to her desk. She shoves it in my face each and every time I get skirted.

  • Tanja Trutschnig

    If I wouldn’t know it better I would say
    we two got separated at birth!

    Your twin from the other side of the world…. Austria!


  • Romina C

    Overall rocks, so easy to wear (though not easy to go to the toilet with) I love it. I liked how you paired it with th Rebecca Taylor sweater. x Romi

  • Malinda Frances Knowles

    LOL at this post. overalls do have a sticky placing. done incorrectly you can look like bobbie from the midwest

  • Sheena

    A musician causing controversy and garnering more media attention from their choice of attire? People still find things like this shocking which is what I find more shocking…

  • Karolinau.blogg.se

    I love your trousers!!!

  • Nikoline

    AMEN TO THAT! Justin came directly from a Meet And Greet, and didn’t have time to change.. It’s ridiculous that people freak out about it! 🙂

  • stylesays

    I love the mix overalls and stiletto ! look awesome !

  • He was going onto perform straight after and that was his outfit for the show so he just wore it to meet the PM. Really so much talk about something so inconsequential.

  • Nay

    Bieber wore those overalls because he was performing at that arena that the prime minister was at! He said it himself and told his fans and the world that he didn’t bring a suit because he didn’t know he would be meeting him and accepting the award.

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