Hedi Hats

That also actually very head-y.


When Hedi Slimane showed for Saint Laurent (look, I understand the fundamental value in re-branding but Saint Laurent just doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue with the same French panache it’s predeceasing Yves did,) last month, there were plenty of things that important people expected from the Dior Homme vet and those expectations were more or less appeased. There was a lot of black, a lot of white, serious suiting, Western influence and an uncanny hint of androgyny percolating through most of the collection.

I for one, was drawn toward the hats and if I didn’t know how quickly crickets would ensue, I’d make a terrible joke about all hats being…heady, not just Hedi, in conjunction with the post title. I know better than that though, so let’s talk nipples. Mine are pink.

Kidding, guys. I’m totally kidding. Not about the coloration but nipples is not where this is going. That was a test to gauge your attention to detail and I think you passed though I can’t be sure. What you actually see here is likely a very familiar hat. Large, wildly Instagram active, reminiscent of the Slimane versions above. I had it made over the summer at a hat factory that Gigi Burris introduced to me. Somehow, my head craved a fedora crown and very wide brim even before the plague of Fashion Weeks and subsequent victim behavior could skew my 20/20 (15/10) vision.

Meanwhile, below my profile, some clothes that include a Zimmermann blazer (great for formal affairs, trust me,) NSF tee (I forced my perman-friend to buy this and then never let him wear it,) MiH jeans (I want to believe that the future of denim rests in a cropped flare leg,) and Stella McCartney heels (they’re cheaper on far-fetch is all I’m saying.)

Moral of the story? Wear a big hat because why not.

Photos by Naomi Shon.

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  • kcomekarolina

    wow! i love it!

    xoxo from rome

  • Elisa

    Big hats rock! What doesn’t rock however is this whole YSL rebranding thing, and the pretentiousness of the man, waste of time/money in my opinion.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds


  • Craving for Barneys

    Need one!!! Love it!

    Miami in http://cravingforbarneys.com

  • patriciabrand
  • mariposa fashion blog

    xoxo from germany

  • I really like hats. Looks great. Perfect choice. Have a nice day.


  • AshleyOlivia

    I love the big hat trend! As a follower of the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion, I think this giant, mix-mash of fedora and 10-gallon is an example of British fashion with a kick of American pizzazz. Plus, if you get one in brown, you can be Indiana Jones for Halloween next year…

  • Marián
  • Natali

    Wow!! I like that hat very much!


  • bebz

    Far fetch is awesome, some of their shoes are cheaper!

  • ecats

    Love the hat and blazer- not so much the pants:-/

  • Camille

    This trend just reminds me of Beetlejuice http://xb3.xanga.com/33bf973669130279420304/m222586258.png

  • lavieenliz

    love what you’re wearing! that hat is awesome…how awesome you ask? As awesome as Barney Stinson.


  • vittoria gallacci

    Love the black version!



  • the (un?)social butterfly

    My hat — the kind that belongs to my head — is the cloche hat. A thing that began with the immense participation it has in The Unbearable Lightness of Being: no other kind of hat is sexy enough after you have read Milan Kundera.


  • dk

    Oh! You got those jeans?! I love those jeans! Ever since I laid my eyes on them in the MiH lookbook.. Such cool mom-jeans =)

  • i’ve been collecting hats and wear one almost everyday…and just discovered those jeans the other day and was wondering how they actually looked on…i’m digging it!

  • monkeyshines

    inspiring trend!


  • valerie

    i have to have one of these hats. AMAZING.



  • Felicity

    Yay big hats! Nay rebranding. Not happy with the name change; will carry on leaving the Yves at the beginning like a pedantic old woman. I do like those hats, mostly because I don’t like my head, so they’re quite useful. And I’m sorry, are nipples supposed to be pink?…If so then I think I have a problem; mine are green, possibly from lack of use. Sadface. Felicity x


  • Madalina Tita

    OMG! those hats look amazing! love the one you wear…



  • Carola Disiot

    wooow! love this hat!!!!!


  • XeanaFashion
  • QT

    You’re a slim person with skinny legs, but those jeans make your thighs look thick. But everything else I like :))

  • Stacy
  • maryse

    j’adore ! magnifique chapeau =)

  • Those pants are AWESOME. So 70s.

  • Donna

    Totes agree with YSL losing the Yves, it just doesn’t feel or sound right! Speaking of hats, I think I need a specially made one, I can’t find a single style that works. Beanie, no. Sunhat, no. Baseball cap, no. At some point I will just have to admit it doesnt work. WAH!


  • Jennifer
  • pilar

    youre hilarious. loved the heady and the nipples joke

  • Love it! After the hats at Saint Laurent and Victoria Beckham, I got up the nerve to work one into my wardrobe… just not on windy days…my cat-like reflexes aren’t what they used to be…


  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Love the hat and jeans!!

  • The Urban Promeneur

    I am in love with the Stella McCartneys and the super duper croco recurrence on your hat and shoes.


  • Love the hat and your hair and makeup (or lack there of) in these pics! Missing a little jewelry in my opinion but I understand that your arms and neck need a break! xo


  • It’s not a good look. It looks like little kids wearing adult clothes…. pass

  • Sketch42

    You make these things look cool, but for those not getting paid or photographed in a floppy hat, its just too, well, bloggery.

  • isabelle
  • Emilia

    I was hoping this post would include tips on how the hell you avoid dreaded hat-hair?? (it served as a deterrent to purchasing an amazing die brimmed hat I fell in love with just this morning!)

  • CJ

    Love the hat and the blazer and the pants and the shoes and just everything. Once again, just looking beautiful in front of some street art.


  • ana

    This is a really awful look! Sorry, I usually like the stuff you wear, but these jeans are horrendous, seriously dude, what was going through your head when you decided to buy these. These don’t even make it look like you have a camel toe, its something much-much worse. Honestly, I’m going to have nightmares of this….for a very long time! I wouldn’t normally criticise the stuff you wear (I love most of it), but this is really bad. Even without the jeans this look is just too ‘fashion’ (in a really bad way), it makes it look like you are trying way too hard. Dude honestly burn those jeans!

  • Guest

    Sorry, not my fav look!

  • Catherine and Greer

    your blog is a portal to my happiness… creepy? or simply complimentary…. creepy? ok cool brush itt off catheriine brush it off!
    guilty self promotion- http://girl-hunting.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/honey-im-home.html

  • Catherine and Greer

    your blog is a portal to my happiness… creepy? or simply complimentary…. creepy? ok cool brush itt off catheriine brush it off!
    guilty self promotion- http://girl-hunting.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/honey-im-home.html 😉

  • Sylvie

    Yikes, those pants are even woman-repelling!

  • The uglier the hat, the better.


  • style-squared by z&m

    the hats are super cool, and love your outfit!and i love you L but those pants are fuckin hideous !!!! if they even make YOU out of all people look fatter-than what chances do the rest of us mortals have!!!just…. no!:)



  • Lauren

    I love your arms Leandra. They look like mine.

  • TeuntjeVDW

    You look awesome! xx.

  • Lace and Chiffon
  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Yvonne

    I love the fact that those cropped pants do not flatter the legs at all, very very man-repelling.


  • Kate

    really love the hat, jeans not so much:) but why yves saint laurent is now saint laurent is really beyond me..

    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  • Rachel

    This look is late 70’s sitcom with a Carly Simon hat but I love it! The power heels with it are so wrong/right. Super cute, the haters have no sense of humor in their style.

  • Um Blog Fashion

    I love this type of hats! You look very cool and stylish with the hat!

    Liliana from Um Blog Fashion

  • I love hats in all sizes and that one is amazing!!! Bloggery or not, I love the look of a large floppy hat. You look great in those pants (tall and thin) but they aren’t for everyone. And btw I felt in love so much with YSL Spring collection..that I recreated one of the looks with my humbling own stuff, I even came up with a Halloween outfit days later…lol.
    Check them out here:

    And Halloween outfit here:

  • mimi

    your va-ginee looks a bit funny in those pants #nohating

  • victoria armendariz

    I have to admit that I really like this look, even do the pants look like hippie mom pants, they look good with the high heels <3 thumbs up!


  • I think you’re one of the few human beings able to pull off such a jean. I can’t even imagine how incredibly awkward those would be on 90% of the people I know. But that is one fierce hat, sulky goth cowboy worthy.


  • Allie

    I don’t know if I love the hats, but lit ooks good on you! http://secretsofagoodgirl.com

  • Fad Killer

    Modern 70’s chic. I’m inspired.

  • i love it! sure i’ll look dwarfed by the huge hat and my guy friends will make fun of me forever but it look so cute! maybe i should start off slowly with big brimmed straw hats 🙂 even those scare my buddies away lol


  • MiKu

    great pants………..love the whole outfit

  • PZH

    I’m loving the big hat for fall look!


  • Gabi

    I feel as though i should be severely repelled by those pants…. yet i am not. quite intrigued, actually.

  • rodney

    Definitely looks like you have a Jon Hamm sized bulge in those pants. Nothing about them is flattering in any way. Terrifying.


  • am

    This is the only blog I actually READ , and by that I do not mean stare at your pics!

  • Jenny Reid

    nothing beats a floppy hat!

  • Martine

    I love the jeans. This has to be my favorite outfit on here. Its adorable. I like high waisted jeans. They actually don’t repel people much at all.

  • Shesnokitten

    Love the Hat, pants gotta go! Did you put something , like a sock maybe, in the crotch,

  • rehan

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