Got The Power?

I for one, do not.


ConEd says most of lower Manhattan will be getting its power back tomorrow night and I’ve never been so grateful for Thomas Edison. An endpoint in near sight confirms how easy the very lucky selection of powerless nomads successfully seeking refuge uptown have had it. Notwithstanding sympathetic consideration for the uncomfortably large number of people who lost their homes and will continue on without power for far longer than lower Manhattan residents have, here is a question I posed on Twitter last night in direct relation to the uptown downtown disconnect and subsequent converging melting pot.

What would happen if the current situation were reversed and uptown lost power while downtown maintained its cool (pun intended,) and continued on normally?

Also, how many people are hating Snap! right now?

Boastful, boastful, boastful.

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  • Joanna F.

    I feel for you! My parents are also without power in Jersey, but us politickin’ folk in D.C. pretty much avoided most of the craziness of the storm. Good luck 🙂

  • Jordan

    Heart goes out to you & everyone else enduring the wrath of Sandy. I hope your layering is coming into serious effect to stay warm. Lumberjack socks w/some Chanel booties maybe? A girl can dream.

  • I hope your power comes back even sooner than expected. I know it’s incredibly difficult to go even the shortest period of time without it. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see your sense of humor is still intact. I’m sending good electricity vibes your way from CA. xo

  • Oh no! Once I have Snap in my head, it won’t be long before the C&C Music Factory starts…nooooooooo! Thanks bunches Leandra…

  • Linda

    haha great way to start my morning! thanks for the Snap video. now i want to go bust out the dance moves somwhere =]
    a little clip to cheer you up!

  • eli1223

    “What would happen if the current situation were reversed and uptown lost power while downtown maintained its cool (pun intended,) and continued on normally?”
    If uptown had lost its power I don’t think the response would have been as immediate. I live in Harlem and I was talking about that just yesterday with one of my neighbors–what would have happened had what happened in downtown happened here. The answer is mayhem and anarchy. I feel like the rest of New York, and specifically Manhattan, tends to forget that we’re up here sometimes.

  • So funny. Hoping you get power back soon but in the meantime I really appreciate your sense of humor… along with Snap!’s square afro.

  • lavieenliz

    omg the snap video! I’ll try to send some power from LA!

  • Gloria Quiroga

    Jersey City and Hoboken are still pitch black. I’m thankful that the worst thing that happen to me during this hurricane was to be power-less. However, being with no electricity for a long period of time proved to me more difficult than I thought. The candle dinner is romantic only once. I’m glad my office is not located on the new neighborhood of SoPo (south of power).

  • Any fashion bloggers based in the NYC/Long Island area that want to get together and help gather clothing and such for people who lost everything during Hurricane Sandy, please contact me. I’d love to get together and help!

  • Reptilia

    Really cool post and very interesting thought.


  • Aww I feel for you all new yorkers!!

  • Craving for Barneys

    You can visit me in Miami!

  • Tomorrow (or even maybe tonight) I shall dance to the Snap power song via the power in our apartment. As we put an end to carrying buckets of water up 11 floors, eating at refugee camps, and taking communal showers with cockroaches.
    Good post Man Repeller!
    Fabwick Girl

  • I’m so sick of everyone saying uptown gets better treatment cause it has $$$$. Do your research people, the apartments in Chelsea, TriBeca, and SoHo go for much more than the apartments uptown… the old money is uptown, but the big new money is downtown.

    • aussie

      you new yorkers need to stop worrying about bloody shoes or $$$$, uptown vs midtown vs downtown, while the are hundreds of people who have lost their home and currently have no food or electricity. so ashamed of you. im an aussie, and the first thing we do is to collect funds in our workplace or through facebook to help victims of disaster.

      • New Yorkers are doing that in spades! People are volunteering to help in droves, so what if we have a conversation about different neighborhoods while we help. So ashamed of you, what type of person reads The Man Repeller and complains about the talk of shoes?? If you don’t like the topic of the blog, go read another blog.

  • knockingonfashionsdoor

    Wow!! Amazing video !!

  • Jen

    Someone told me earlier this week, as I sat in darkness, that days without power are like dog years. That pretty much sums it up. The novelty wears off after about 24 hours, and right now things get pretty chilly on top of everything else. I just keep trying to think about the folks who have it way worse. Hang in there!

  • Estefanía

    Come to Argentina Leandra! It’s not that much better, but at least we don’t have any weather alert… yet.

    Please visit this Street Culture Blog from Argentina

    The best for you and yours.

  • KaliH

    Sounds like an episode for The Twilight Zone. But, I assume they’d just get their drivers or drivers or very dear friends to get them to family compounds out of state. I cant imagine uptowners hitting up even a close family member for a bedroll in the East Village.

  • Alexa

    I could have KILLED myself without power for 3 days. NYC is in an awful position right now- my sister lost her job because of the storm. Devastating.


  • Dorothy

    i go to nyu and i’m stranded uptown in my brother’s apartment until the wash sq park area regains power 🙁 hopefully by tomorrow, though! i hope you’re doing ok 🙂 and btw when i saw that one instagram of yours’ of you in the park i fRRReaked out, ah if i ever see you on the streets i might faint and/or spontaneously fall to my knees and kiss your impeccably stylish feet, just a fair warning

  • Becca

    Hey, thanks for the earworm…

    Totally get the uptown/downtown divide. Lived in during 9/11 (downtown), and now uptown and feeling very grateful

  • Jess

    I live right by red hook, going to volunteer today!

  • Sophie Lewis

    I’m stuck on Long Island with no power-so frustrating! But it’s a great time to clean my closet…

  • Jules

    I hope all is going back to normal as soon as possible!!

  • Norbyah Nolasco

    hope you get it soon. my sister has no power or gas in the west village. but luckily my other sister has it in brooklyn. thinking of all you new yorkers…..xo

  • Kelly

    Great question…they would probably all flock to their homes in the hamptons 😉 (although equally affected)

  • Raquel Andrade

    Leave Manhattan and come here to Brazil!

  • Masa

    Nikola Tesla discovered electricity not Thomas Edison!

  • Milica

    Nikola Tesla invented it, not Edison….

  • peaceloveandpurple

    Nikola Tesla 😀 !!! :))

  • s

    great post!! i just got power back yesterday morning and couldnt be happier. electricity is a great thing..