Know Your Onion

You peel and peel and peel and then what?


Global warming continues to rob us of transition seasons and November 4th leaves most tri-state dwellers with nothing but frozen finger tips to show for their arctic discontent. This means two things. Importantly, that donating warm weather wears to displaced refugees is particularly critical right now. Marginally, layering season is back in swing and therefore, so is the meat that this blog once promised to nourish you with.

If you give that some considerable thought though, swinging meat does not seem very enticing at all. Vegetarians unite.

Now I give you: Lesson in Layering, A Growing Onion.

Step 1: Pointy hair, sockless feet. Big jeans, small tank. Quiet limbs, empty ones. I feel like the less authentic version of myself. Who am I? Where am I going? That is a very long crotch stitch for such a short vagina. Ksubi jeans, Club Monaco tank.


Step 2: And thus I shall mask it. Other things I will mask: frozen fingertips. But not for long. This is a cotton blend. The balance of big shirt and big jeans make this easier to look at but we’re still so far from fundamental achievement. Club Monaco man shirt.

Step 3: Now it’s a lesson in layering and mixing prints. Pair small over big to maintain the subtle curves indigenous to your gender. Sleeve peeks are hip. So are hearts that can see. Commes des Garons long sleeve tee.

Step 4: A solution to stub-leg syndrome. Exist on tippy toes to detract from stubby nature of legs in big jeans. Feel free to seek comfort in your God given heels should your toes start to crunch. Black cashmere short sleeve sweater from Aritzia.

Step 5: Or wear ones that are not God given but still pretty neat. I’ve learned in recent months that cat ears and pumps medicate most situations. Posing does not but it is fun and that is a drug in its own right. Eugenia Kim hat, Isabel Marant heels.

My face needs something. Feel free to insert whatever comical remedy you may think it needs here before I come up with my own solution.

Eureka! Red lipstick. YSL lipstain times Bobbi Brown red. Here is the final step in which an over-sized motorcycle jacket silhouette slung over my shoulders will keep me vaguely warm while an under shirt, plaid shirt, striped shirt and cashmere tee do most of the arm work, pun intended. Consider how many outfits you can pull from this iteration, note the sausage making, bask in it and stroke your left eyebrow with your right index finger for good luck.

The end.

Also though, maybe keep your lips closed. This is my other brand of constipation face and I don’t wish it on my worst enemy. Thu Thu jacket.

Photos by Naomi Shon

On an unrelated note, if you’re still struggling to figure out how you can help relieve those e/a/ffected by the events of last week’s hurricane from a remote location, consider this “I Still Love NY” t-shirt from Grey Area. You don’t have to be a New Yorker to love New York and 100% proceeds are donated to relief efforts. Nothing is more engaging than a t-shirt so smart, blue dip dye can eloquently and successfully say it all. $40.

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  • Alice

    I actually really like both the before and the after! And your kitten hat is super cute 🙂


  • Sketch42

    What level of douche-y is it to wear a hat inside? Like at dinner? Cause I did that the other night, and felt like I was wearing sunglasses at night. But you know: Freezing + hat hair.

    • Audrey

      It’s quite appropriate for women to wear hats inside. But it’s in bad form for a man to wear a hat indoors.

      • Sketch42

        ha thanks 😉

  • Elisa

    Wow you’re the queen of layering. The kitty hat is just too cool, and I’m increasingly convinced with the combination layer/checks.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds

  • Nice post! Great idea to show us all the layers, and I love the final outfit!

  • Maike

    haha… cool photoshoot! great idea!

  • Betsy

    im obsessed! i love red lipstick too! please do some more give aways soon(possibly the commes the fuck down shirt???)!

  • lavieenliz

    look at you being all awesome and layer-like!

  • Craving for Barneys

    You are the best at layering!

    Miami in

  • kcomekarolina

    omg! it looks awesome!

    xoxo from rome


  • Lace and Chiffon

    Love this jeans!
    You look great!

  • seaandswank

    This is so gloriously ’90s Jordan Catalano.

    Sea and Swank

  • B.

    I wouldn’t copy your way of layering haha
    but the individual pieces are really cool. Especially the shoes and coat
    new outfit post

  • Natali

    Nobody does the layering like you do! You’re the master 😀 Love the jacket and jeans 🙂

  • wonderful – I do so love the lessons in layering posts – such a smart onion you are

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • Yvonne

    Ah those marant pumps! they are sexy in a man-repelling way!

  • Styleclouds

    Fabulous layering!!! I love this! xo, Christina

  • Labériane Ponton

    You are perfect Leandra <3

  • hannahcodense

    Love it! Though wondering if there is possibly room for some more accessories??? Although I do love the hat x

  • Gine

    I have the same pumps…

  • nataluya85

    love the first look, so simple and chic!!!


  • Christie Bradley

    Anyone else living in Florida and feeling jealous because we will never ever get to do this?

  • Sophie

    Adore the mix of plaid and stripes! This is missing some Dannijo, no? Wish I could wear something like this but I would be way to warm in all those layers! xo

  • Baille Younkman

    this is quite possibly one of my favorite outfits you’ve ever done! Love the kitty ears.

  • Those Marant pumps! I am drooling. Sheesh.

  • MonMannequin

    I Leandra!

    i write a post about you.. Have a look!

    I hope It like you!

    Sorry for my english

  • Such a great look. I am sufficiently repelled 😉 amaz-balls

  • Mmmm for transitional weather I would add colorful socks but if I would do this i will repell men, women and children too. Love this hat!

  • This is genius – you know I’m gonna reproduce this layering, I love how it will look stylish and still keep you warm!

  • Sharon

    Love your layering!


  • athousandhappythoughts
  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. I want this beautifull marant right nowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeahhhh for layering like crazy! your such an inspiration 🙂


  • wmwstyle

    wahhhhh haaa 😀 love it!

  • Kassi

    Ha, hilarious! Love the fashion inspiration, but especially love the dry, self-deprecating humor. Just so great.


  • looks sooo warrmmm!!! <3 can't wait until it gets colder down here in the south…

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic layering!



  • Martina

    Ahh I love this outfit! But I also love the very first photo – you look great. 🙂 x

  • Jenaly Enns

    you look amazing, as always

  • Brooke Allen

    oh i love it and i’d have to agree…cat ears and pumps can pretty much remedy any situation!
    brooke @ what2wear

  • Julie

    beautiful, just beautiful

  • It’s so funny that you start with such a simple, natural and chic outfit, with not shoes. Ha, chic with no shoes! And you end up with a probably greater outfit, and with shoes! Just, magnificent.

  • kslka

    oh god,i can’t describe how happy I am cause you’ve started with layering lessons again :))

  • E

    in a number of these photos (especially #2) you appear to be growing a building out of your head. Intentional?

  • Dear M.R., your style is so singular that you look unrecognizable in the first picture with your bare feet and arms, lack of accessories, etc. That’s kind of wild and amazing. Your layering lessons are always such fun, as are your “unique” poses. You are a hoot. I love how much fun you have with fashion. And life, it would appear.

  • Winksdr

    Good lesson, I’m sweating just looking at you

  • PinkCheetahVintage

    This is amazing layering.

  • The slow pace

    Great layering lessons! But here in Germany we would need a layering in our feet too! Like socks, legwarmers and boots!

  • when we wander

    Apparently I haven’t been around here long enough to know that this is a regular thing, but I’m in love with the layering lesson. Your outfits are always so well done with your mixing and matching of pieces so it’s great to see how it all comes together from start to finish!

  • The jacket is my favourite piece in the mix –
    Also – I read a BKS Iyengar quote about how when we properly align all of the layers of our being (our onion layers), that’s when our light can shine out to the world the brightest…

    So what happens when the clothing onion is perfected?


  • Great advice, especially for all those living in San Francisco where layering is a year round necessity. And I think we’re the only store that still has those Isabel Marant shoes available

  • Eva

    You are so good at this and the photos are so funny! Love the cat hat! With all these layers you are ready for winter 😉 xx

  • Audrey

    I love the look, except for the shoes. As much as they are cute and match the hat, I would go for something a little more chunky or less formal. Good post overall!

  • Bri Wang

    I absolutely love the Isabel Marant pumps.



  • Perry

    This outfit would have been well executed if the jeans had been cuffed. Cuffed man!

  • LeahS.

    Love these layers, and thanks for linking up another way to help out. I am looking for a place to donate warm clothes to for Hurricane victims. Any ideas?

  • Jennifer

    I always love your lessons in layering posts!

    xo Jennifer

  • Michelle

    What!? You’re coming to Vancouver!? And I’m out of town. Unbelievable. I hope you enjoy our rainy city but I’ll be seriously sad to not meet you. Do you know your itinerary yet?

  • Michelle

    By the way I’m totes dressed like you today. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Chelsie | Chelsie, Darling

    I’m getting hott just thinking of all those layers! Love it though!

    chelsie |

  • Mouthful of Style

    Layering at its best and you make it look so easy to do! Props.

    London has also reached the inevitable chills of winter and today I also posted a warm weather look on

    Hope you enjoy my post as much as I did yours!

  • Lucie

    I’m very happy about this new layering lesson. I love the association of stripes and tartan. I also like your jacket. Could you tell me which size you are wearing?

  • Great post! Love this little tutorial in layering!
    Crazy about your jeans!


  • Brooke

    I LOVE everything about this, especially (but certainly not only),

  • rux

    You are the only onion that doesn’t make me cry. Oh wait, I think I just shed because you’re so awesome ..

    – L

  • Love this simple lesson in layering, makes it so anyone can do it!

    We did something similar where we showed how 1 shirt can make 3 different outfits for 3 different occasions-

  • You look great ans I love the comfy!!

  • Linda

    awesome layering lesson. *thumbs up* i love layering but i can’t stand how having so many layers on makes me super uncomfortable. I guess I’m not used to it yet 😀 LA needs colder weather

  • that hat is just a star of the look

  • Nico

    Great layering lesson but I think that I’ll get only the theory 😀 😀

    New post—>

  • The Urban Promeneur

    Oh, this is the best lesson ever. Great layerin!

  • Great lesson in layering 🙂

  • Marina Casapu

    love the result!


  • Amalie Espeland

    yes, yes, yes!!!!! layergasm!! reason uno why i love this seasono. xx

  • I <3 all things mini

    This is such an amazing idea! Thank you for bringing back layering, I feel like people in my town are ignoring the whole concept. I can’t wait to try this! 🙂

  • rhodawong

    i love your jeans! looks like a great staple!

  • What size men’s shirt did you buy?

  • Yuri

    how do you not feel like a snowman..

  • Sydney

    Lovelovelove it! fun to see how you layer your clothing!!

  • Kara

    How did you get that bed head hairstyle? Great tips on layering!

  • You look so comfortable and chic in your super-brilliant combination of items that many of us already have in our wardrobes (except for the shoes and that stunning cat-hat). Topping everything off with the camel bomber and that gorgeous turquoise lining and linking everything to the “Help Hurricane Sandy Victims” were the icing on the cake for me. Love it all. Now, I’m off to get my sis-in-law and I two of those Ts 🙂

  • cristine

    cool outfit! 🙂

  • Jasmine Alvarez

    love the cat ears!!!!

  • jackie

    Where’s the bag?

  • sophie

    i miss your personal style posts!!

  • Dirty Little Notions

    your layering lessons are the best end to my horribly cold day. i always find issues with trying to fit TOO small of a shirt over a larger one. i end up with dreadfully strange body shapes and awkward tri-boobs.

  • Chrissy

    OMG!!! Love the shoes!!!

  • Brijetblog

    I wish I lived in a hemisphere that encouraged, ne, allowed the wearing of multiple shirts. So instead I will layer sunscreen. Also- there seems to be something definitively ‘Leandra’ missing from this outfit- necklaces? Where dey at gurl?

  • I’m in a quandary with layering. Living in San Francisco for the past 5 years has taught me that layering is gospel. But…it’s a strategy, I think, that flatters the skinny best — the size 00s, 0s, 2s, 4s, and 6s. Layering creates bulk (sometimes/most times). And if you’re, say, a size 2 layering a sweater on top of a long-sleeve tee on top of a long-sleeve collared shirt on top of a tank you pass for — what? — a size 4 now maybe? Someone like me, though, with an athletic build that tries to layer? Yeeeah, I end up looking like I’m trying to conceal artillery under my clothes.

    • zillard

      Who gives a shit how large you look

  • lateybirdy

    ok this is the first time I have actually been THIS jealous! that hat!!!!! ok seriously I will never pay 250$ for a hat but that does not mean I am not jealous out of my mind! it looks great on you… sort of.. 🙂

  • Love you with ears and a red lippie! xx

  • Marián
  • Fab Fashion by Bianca

    Those shoes and the jacket!! Awesome!!
    You are the QUEEN of layering!!!


  • StyleNonsense

    LOOOOOOVE That Last Jacket! Also Love The Term “Fall Onion!” HAAAAHAA.

  • Omy Deb

    cool layering!! I’ll try that!!!


    And that is why you are the style genius that you are x

  • so happy to have your layering posts back! it’s making these arctic temperatures almost worth it!


  • knockingonfashionsdoor

    Clap,clap, clap…You are a genious!!!. Watching you I´ve remembered what a very funny friend of mine used to say about thet hree most unsolved important questions for Humanity : Where do we come from?…Where do we go to? What are we gonna wear today? (obviously, it´s a joke)

  • when we wander

    Brilliant post! Layering is the key to power outages for sure.

  • Well, these look so comfy! But I have a feeling a lot of those people who are without their homes or power aren’t vegetarians and I know if I were in that situation I wouldn’t want veggies! I’d want a big juicy steak! I have a feelin a lot of those people are screamin’ for meat! If I could, I’d give them all a steak dinner! Unfortunately, I can’t even afford to buy my own.

  • Cassandra Lopez

    I feel a potential DIY project coming with those heels! Layering good, lady!

  • Joanna F.

    i sooooooo want cat ears! …and a plaid shirt that reminds of JTT — maybe tied around my hips, maybe not.


    As an upcoming blogger, I can truly say you were my inspiration! Thank you so much


    Here’s my blog I’m your number one fan from Venezuela

  • mimi

    ML layerings….. now this is my type of studying

  • vittoria gallacci
  • Love the onion look!!!& the shoesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

    xx from Spain

  • ektasheoran

    I am a fan of your layering lessons..You are just amazing!
    Love from India


    your outfits are the best! X from amsterdam

  • benedetta
  • MGF

    Right, we missed the layering lessons.
    Thank you Ma’am

  • viktoria

    simply love it !!!

  • x

    so hilarious. loved the lesson


  • city

    thanks for sharing.

  • arent your feet freezing?i can never wear shoes without socks in cold weather meaning i am stuck with ankle boots this time around…am i the only one?

  • Anik

    Another genius layering. 🙂

  • marika

    great style!!

  • melina

    you are truly the shit woman! j’adore!

  • love the step by step to accomplish this look!
    ox, C.

  • Yet further proof that you are the queen of layering, and of unexpectedly brilliant clothing combinations. P.S. That adorable cat hat + red lips is so darling!

    Briony xx

  • Allie

    That outfit seems like it may be to warm for Canada even!

  • Kelli

    any idea about the size/fit of the Commes Des Garcon top? They only have “S” on the website. Thanks!

  • LauraAndStyle
  • priscilla

    thanks for the helpful lesson from a dyed in the wool so cal girl.

  • budandpatsy


  • Hi, everyone! Hey, man repeller, thanks to you for layers inspiration! I usually use 2-3 layers, dress+t-shirt or vest or coat or sweater. You made me think about something more complicated)

    I think my the most manrepellers look was a look with Three Skirts together. I will be happy if somebody watch it and comment aboit that layering. Is it good? Anyway, thanks! Hope you’ll like it, dudes:

  • This has been so incredibly helpful for me the past few days. I’m from Pittsburgh and we have been having very bipolar weather (it was 30 degrees yesterday and 68 today). Needless to say, I definitely needed to brush up on my layering skills. As always, you have perfect fashion advice. Thank you!

  • solarajean

    i’m from san francisco and layering is a necessity here. it’s great to see your process and love love love the look! it’s all about proportions, thanks tim gunn for helping us see this, and with layers that is important to avoid a bulky look. check out hel-looks for layering genius.

  • Sunny

    I love layering and this is some great tips but maybe for atum where I live. Do you have any tips when it`s ten minus degreas going twenty(celcius)?