Collage vs. Shop

Sneaks on pearls on velv(et.)


Lower Manhattan is still in rare form and as a direct result so is upper Manhattan. Yesterday I walked passed a fairly renowned coffee shop on Madison Avenue that I had condemned years ago when an innocent pasta stole my entire week’s allowance. How was I to know? I peeked through the shop’s window on my way back to my parents apartment. A myriad of misplaced bed heads and beards stood scratching their heads, slack jawed.

“Eleven dollars? For tea?” I imagine the conversation had gone.

Across the street, several upscale shopping boutiques were open for business and bustling. Do the laws of retail therapy apply in the aftermath of disaster? With life on hold and our city in a surreal state of stupor, have we likened our credit cards to Monopoly money? It seems so. The fact of the matter is though, credit cards do not equal monopoly dollars and in my experience collaging has been far more cost effective–kind of the same way shopping cart syndrome is–than brick and mortar shopping. So mull this over.

From left: Acne sweater, Theyskens Theory high waist flare leg jeans.

A Spike Jonze (I mean Lee–I was thinking about Rashida Jones when I typed this and then realized her relation is to…Quincy, carry on) tee from Etsy, J. Crew embellished peg leg jeans. This will look hip with studded booties or sneakers, you can layer that sweater to its left over or look to your right, where:

A Comme des Garcons white blouse, Topshop burgundy velvet shorts and a Topshop pearl choker hang out. Necklaces that fall beneath collar bone’s length feel a bit dated. This one will look great with a plunging button down, those shorts and the matching burgundy sneakers. So many disconnects.

Continuing accoutrements include: Golden Goose yellow suede sneakers, Stella McCartney velvet platform pumps, Linda Farrow sunglasses, Isabel Marant black booties, and call me crazy, but all I want from life right now are a pair of retro New Balance burgundy sneakers.

See? Doesn’t this feel great? Oh, you want to kill me? Fair enough.

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