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Infomercials just aren’t what they used to be.


A Man Repeller x Bumble and bumble collaborative series.

Video by Aram Bedrossian and that Loser tee is from Topshop.

Bumble & Bumble Semisumo$27.

Hair is tricky: too short, too long, too frizzy, too flat, simply not French enough. Yes, the last two years have found me trying to achieve the perfect french-do interminably. It seems so simple (the perfect dose of messy combined with stringy and yet still shiny) but very often do I fail. I’d initially tried not to wash it for several days but that defeated the shine aspect. I laid down in bed for hours on end hoping it might pick up that post-intercourse glow to no avail. I used texture products but none were particularly good at accomplishing the stringiness. And isn’t that, after all, the leading characteristic a perfect French bed head is founded upon?

But then I met Semisumo, an easy to use high shine, low hold pomade and while I’d never been particularly good at using wax hair-products, (they seemed far more male-targeted and as a result, hard to use on my hair) it’s been as simple as a finger scoop, ten second hand-rub and the subsequent distribution of the pomade to the tips of my hair, rubbing the strands through my hands until rug burn becomes a very real thing again. Sometimes, I run my fingers through my scalp too, et voila…I’m practically inhaling croissants at the hand of the Eiffel Tower.

Meanwhile, in fun additional facts: Roz, the Bb hairstyling wizard (aren’t all good hairdressers effectively superheroes? Find one in your area) wearing reflective goggles and a makeshift cape is a. she who did my hair for my nuptials, b. wearing my security blanket as a badge of honor.

Also, my gift set is up. More on that soon.

Part I of a Man Repeller x Bumble and bumble collaborative series.

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  • kcomekarolina

    this is so fab!

    xoxo from rome


  • instantphoebe

    L, what’s your normal hair texture like?

  • the (un?)social butterfly

    Paris did that to me, too — but then, I really do believe they basically don’t wash their hairs, nor comb them, and that’s it for their grooming routine. I gotta say it worked for me, but then again, I was young and all things were possible at those times.

    Anyways, your hair is more on the dry side and frizzy, right? I still haven’t found moisturizing cream (or any type of treatment, really) that works for oily hair, and sometimes the frizz also bothers me, so it would be nice to find something that won’t make my hair look greasy in half an hour. I mean, I dye it MONTHLY and still have to wash it all the time and have to take it slow on the conditioner. If you have any good tips, let me know.

    Great video 🙂

    • Leandra Medine

      Can I suggest Bb Straight Lotion or the Coco Creme mask?

  • You are the best Leandra! Couldn’t stop laughing at the beginning of the video. And by the way, that product is amazing! Too bad I’ll probably can’t get it here in Argentina!

  • maryse

    very funy !! I love !! j’adore =)

  • Francine

    Too funny!

    Give Aveda brilliant anti-humectant pomade a try. I’ve been using it for 10+yrs, and have tired numerous highend products in between, but Aveda always finds its way back to my beauty cabinet!

  • Huyen

    okay, i love you, seriously.

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Demzy Gueits

    Very funny and entertaining! Much more keen to the reality of women waking up with a bad hair day than a modern-day commercial would portray!

    J’adore La Dolce Vita

  • Deanna

    Hahaha love it!

  • Sasha

    Your willingness to allow yourself to be entirely un-sexy and un-fabulous is exactly what makes you so sexy and fabulous. You inspire me to be myself. Thank you championing the goofball in all of us.

  • Amalie Espeland

    DID U LIKE READ MY MIND?? i needed this

  • You are too much! I love your videos, and this is no different. Rock on, MR. You never cease to bring a smile to my face.

  • monkeyshines
  • Maria Onorio

    u are the best !

  • Nico
  • Try quitting shampoo and conditioner and all products all together and see what happens. I’ve been ‘poo free for over 6 months and my hair has never been more gorgeous. I wash it a couple of times a week with two rinses: first, a quart jar with two tablespoons of baking soda (I have a lot of long, thick hair- you have to experiment to find the right ratios for your hair), filled with the warm shower water and worked through my hair and rinsed thoroughly. second, a different quart jar with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, same process. seriously, my hair’s natural health has been restored and it’s the perfect texture. I highly recommend it!!

  • this is golden.

  • Heather

    Haha you are such a freak. But really.. that hair. Amazing. Is this product widely available or new?

  • Just loooooooooooved the video, and got totaly amazed by this product, and curious as well! A big LOL on Monday, thank you! xoxo

  • HYSTERICAL. Absolutely adore this video. So funny, so well done!

  • Naomi

    I couldn’t adore you more!! Never stop being so fabulous, fun, and adorable!!!!

  • You made me laugh so much with this video, def considering this product as i’m always on the lookout for amazing hair products!

  • Carola Disiot

    ahahah! so funny this video!

    new post!Le divorce de Balenciaga!

  • Kat

    Hahahah I loved the video!
    I hate using hair products (because I’m lazy), but my semi-wavy hair seems to need product for taming purposes.

  • Enchanted

    You’re kind of a queen of brand partnerships. They always seem organic.

    • Infomercials

      I think this is a little less organic then the other ones- especially considering that just a few weeks ago Leandra wrote another entire post devoted to another hair product.

  • Donna – So You Agree..

    You are hilarious!! I use a similar product but if its taming that mane of yours so easily then I must try ASAP!

  • Inspirareland

    You have gorgeous hair!

  • Donna

    I used to combine B & B defrizz serum with grooming cream (again, a man’s product but my (male) hair dresser suggested it. Since he was the guitar player from Orgy I figured he had to be a great hairdressing sage. Otherwise why continue that trade when he obviously didn’t need to? I’d forgotten about that, but perhaps I’ll try it again or the Semisumo wax. Always looking for good hair products.

  • s

    amazing video! so fun. the product looks worth a shot


  • I adore this video! I have thick, practically untameable hair and I am definitely going to try this product! You look grogeous and I love your first t-shirt! Thanks for being able to make fun of yourself.

  • Allie
  • Natasha Janelle

    ya… almost peed myself when the fist-shaking started.
    & yes, i truly wanna get my hands on some’a that ishh!

  • Love seeing the hair transformation. You are one hi-larious lady.

  • Marissa

    gurl, why you so fly? I be jealy. TOTES jealy.

    • Marissa

      also, I was on the fence about buying this stuff but now I’m absolutely going to for sure because you endorse it. Your mission, accomplished. (I’m serious. well, and I’m buying it for the smell.)

  • I’m dying. You’re too funny. More videos in this series–please!

    My hair can be the best of both worlds, but it really depends on the products, without a doubt. Not sure I could try this though. My hair gets really stiff with too heavy of a product. I usually stick to oils.

  • Gaby Ugarte

    This is so cool haha! Love ittt

  • Blair

    We are parisian-loving kindred souls. Bisous to you AND your fabulous coiffeur!

  • Hahaha, just when I thought I was completely immune to product placement posts… Totally smitten. Ready to try it right now. Sold.

    That video was the best.

  • Virginie

    This video just made my day 😉 Looking forward the next Bumble collaborative series!


  • lavieenliz

    hahaah I love you!! you have to do stand up!!!! you’re amazing!

  • lauren

    You had me cracking up over the shaking of your fists in the mirror–I was dying with laughter! Loooove you!!!!

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Styleomad

    Can totally relate to the hair brush stuck in the hair 🙂

  • kirsty

    hahaha! like : )

  • Love Bumble&Bumble, has been a go to since I was really little.

    And- I just wanted to let you know that I used you as an example in my research paper / thesis paper at college. It made my paper VERY interesting, and I would love to send it to you if you have a chance to read it, I think you may appreciate my stance on how “social media is an integral part in the fashion industry today”. Let me know if you would like to send it over! I would be honored if you read it. 🙂

    -Anna from This Trend That Trend (which has taken the back seat since my arrival at college)

    • Leandra Medine

      You’re giving me way more credit than I deserve it sounds, but would love to read it! Send it over.

  • vittoria gallacci

    I love all your video, they’re just so funny! I wish I could achieve too the perfect French-hair, but I’m not too convinced about products that must be applied on dry hair…


  • marta

    you’re simply the best person on earth 😀

  • Brittany Rubin

    I love these videos! Also, for girls with frizzy hair a light pomade is a god send. My favorite is from Alterna, but since it has been sadly discontinued I might have to invest into the Bumble & Bumble soon!

  • Fi

    Roz = amazing

  • Izzy

    Love your blog! It’s giving me hope with my hair hahaha:)

  • Ladame

    Haha so funny. And now go get your croissant!


  • Oana Cilibiu

    so funny ! hahaha !

  • Catherine and Greer

    um hell to the YEAH sign me up and lock me in, actually please don’t lock me in I’m claustrophobic another great video bra to the va!

    guilty self-advertisement:: don’t shoot me mum!

  • Catherine and Greer

    um hell to the YEAH sign me up and lock me in, actually please don’t lock me in I’m claustrophobic another great video bra to the va!

    guilty self-advertisement:: don’t shoot me mum! x

  • Catherine and Greer

    um hell to the YEAH sign me up and lock me in, actually please don’t lock me in I’m claustrophobic another great video bra to the va!

    guilty self-advertisement:: don’t shoot me mum! please give us a chance yo #keepitreal….forthechildren

  • Catherine and Greer

    um hell to the YEAH sign me up and lock me in, actually please don’t lock me in I’m claustrophobic another great video bra to the va!

    guilty self-advertisement:: don’t shoot me mum! please notice us man repeller- big ask but hey a gal gotta do what a gal gotta do! xx

  • skinny.chili

    Haha!! Love the randomness!

  • Catherine and Greer

    Never owned a hair product apart from shampoo and conditioner before in my life… that’s all about to change!!!!

  • blondie

    cant stop laughing!! (Y)

  • Veronika Kostrouchova

    new favorite video :)) so awesome and definitely makes me want to smell it 😀

  • The Lint Roller
  • Cristiano Pio de Almeida

    you are fantastic! fan tas tic ! love from brazil, cris

  • yvonne ★

    I laughed so hard at 0:24, where you were angry-dancing! Your hair turned out to be very “french” though. 😉

  • sylvia
  • i remember you did another post on Bb! must be some good stuff =]

  • Anna

    Semi-sumo smells fantastic too! Loved the vid!



    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  • Sabah A

    Hahahaha. First time commentator – that was amazing!!

  • Ana

    The T-shirt I have… Only thing missing is that product 🙂

  • lauren

    lmfao your facial expressions are priceless!

  • Martina

    Love this so much, you are hilarious! xx

  • Mia

    Awesome! I’m always up to watch a video with you in it, because you always make me smile.
    : ) Super gift that you have. Love, Mia Salituro

  • I’m sold!

  • hahahaha LOVED the video! Cheesy but in a good way! 😀 You’ve made me curious about this product now. 😉

  • Laura Alksne

    hahaha, best hair product comercial ever!

  • elyse

    Thanks for making me hysterical laugh and watching this makes my bad hair days not so bad, and to look forward to a product that can aid me with my shitty lupus hair! You are so real and quite a refreshing inspiration. Thanks! XO

  • Fatty

    Love the video! its absolutely great!

  • mcc

    this video just made my day!

  • Catherine and Greer


  • Bad idea on fine hair, I imagine…? Anyone tried?

  • brownhairweave

    Thanks your share. if you want to change your hair, you can apply 20 inch hair extensions.

  • cuca!

    You are a genious! So funny!

  • Watch this sans sound…epic silent movie!

  • This has to be one of the best beauty product video reviews I have EVER seen. I wish I could give you a hug. And I hope that doesn’t sound creepy.

  • goldwaffle

    we are HAIR TWINS! It is unreal. Use the curly girl method (ie. no shampoo ever) and then wait like three days, frequently wearing toques (ugh, I mean, “beanies”) until my hair is flat!
    Gots to try this stuff.

  • Sasha

    Please help! I can’t watch your video, and I love your videos! It says that I need a password, but my Vimeo password isn’t working.

  • badhairday

    I missed this landmark, ground breaking video.

    I too have been blessed with such an unruly, crazy-making head of hair and am quite interested to learn how it could be tamed with the help of semisumo.

    I can’t seem to get the vid to function even with putting in my pw here. So, maybe it simply is no longer available.

    Woud someone clue me into the method that was used to get the jewfrotastic hair (as some other poster referred to it) into submission ….no doubt all sleek and frenchified!

  • MG

    What is the password for this video? It is asking me to put in a password!