A Gentle Reminder

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Man Repeller and pop rocket (I consumed eight of these in a mere 30 minutes,) unedited as shot by Into the Gloss’s Emily Weiss.

I will almost always do anything if it means having Emily draw makeup onto my face and so when she called with four important words to convey–rock the lady vote–I had only one thing to say back: HOVAgina! (I held the phone between my ear and shoulder because this sentiment came with a motion that demanded free hands: a gesticulated, cut out diamond planted over my crotch to the tune of any Jay-Z song.)

Thirty minutes later she was at my apartment, American Apparel bag of patriotic paraphernalia in hand, rearranging furniture like it hadn’t taken me hours to strategically place. It was well worth it in the name of sustaining the statistics of our last election though, which confirmed that the majority of U.S. voters in 2008 were women.

See that, we rock at taking our rights seriously. Why break that?

For makeup specific questions, a really hip .gif and more photos of my best effort to emulate a very saucy GQ cover (see: Kate Upton,) head over to Into the Gloss now. And if you haven’t done so already, go vote! Voting is sexy. Maybe I’ll buy you a drink later? (That’s not a bribe.)

What I will definitely not do is teach you how to Dougie.

Etoile Isabel Marant t-shirt, American Apparel bikini top and tube socks, vintage Levi’s shorts, Golden Goose sneakers. Yes, I’m drinking wine with a straw. All photos shot by Emily Weiss at my crib.

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