The Margiela for H&M Ads Are Here



In conjunction with the theme of retroactivity, it appears that the highly anticipated Margiela H&M collaboration has given us a look into the archives.  Rather than reinterpreting current pieces and distributing them to the mass market, this collaboration feels more like an overview of the classic Margiela aesthetic that takes into account both the informed shopper who will spot the prior reference pieces and the new shopper who will see this collection as an introduction to the brand.  It’s like they’re saying “Hey, here’s a collection of our signature pieces that shows everyone what we’re about.”

Even the ad campaign shot in these isolated areas of Paris feels in line with the integrity of the brand.  They appear to be giving us what we crave: a genuine collaboration and a resurrection of  staples from Margiela’s past but at an H&M price point. I’m glad to see the box coat silhouette as winter approaches but I’m still wondering, did box shoes make the cut?

So now you guys tell me,  what are your thoughts?

Written by Charlotte Fassler

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  • Elisa

    I agree that this looks like a genuine collaboration. Some of these H&M projects have been more or less successful, sometimes a little disappointing, but this one looks like a strong one, reminding us what collaborations are indeed all about.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds

  • I am so. Fucking. Excited.

    The metallics and snakeskin are dead on, am I right?

  • UGHHH saw these a few days ago!!! Usual MMM awesomeness. I want to see more though.

  • quality

    yeah, it’s beautiful in pictures, but in reality it’s sooooo cheap and ugly. i really do not get how these amazing designers/creators can stoop so efing low?

  • lavieenliz

    so excited!! can’t wait!


  • Eve

    yeah, it’s beautiful in pictures, but in reality it is soooooooo efing cheap and ugly. why why do these amazing designers stoop so low?

  • completely agree with the resurrection of the archives, a trickled down MMM is such a modern approach that it can only get a ‘bravo’.

  • monkeyshines

    stunning styling!


  • I’ll be interesting to see what these pieces actually look like in the stores. Often I am disappointed with the overall product. But H&M is known for their beautiful ads,so I my interest is peaked! I love that guy doin’ his little jig. sexy.

  • Very M3 which is cool but if the fabrics are cheap those are going to be the ugliest, itchiest, and worst clothes of the H&M lines

  • linda_famularcano

    Love it and hate it personally… These pieces look great in edited photos but in reality, I don’t think these are pieces we crave for the high street (although I know some would LOVE those snakeskin trousers) xx

    P.S. Started following on Bloglovin 😉

  • danielle

    gotta see this thing in person. h&m tends to make much lower quality stuff (say in comparison to zara or even forever 21). i haven’t been too impressed with their stuff in years so i probably won’t be purchasing any of these. but maybe i’ll at least do a walk through to scope them out.

  • Asia Carter

    I just can’t get with the H&M high street hype every time I walk in that store I feel like the clothes look cheaply made

  • Eeeek ! Can’t wait ! obsessed with those shiny pants and amazing coats !
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  • I don’t even know anymore. While I’m all for the boxy coats, some of the pieces basically look straight from the Margiela archive and recreated with cheaper fabrics. But then again, I should wait for the full high-res lookbook to be out before judging the pieces.

  • holy shit. one of everything wont be enough.

  • Slois

    Don’t give a rat’s ass. It’s only shit for resellers to lure in the pathetic on eeebaye. Next!

  • Catherine and Greer

    another wonderful post! how you make me chuckle leandra how you make me chuckle…..
    *said in a motherly tone yet concerned* 😉 guilty link but hey a gal gotta do what a gal gotta do!

  • rhodawong
  • The ads look gorgeous, and so keeping with the MMM look, but I have this wretched feeling in my gut that I’m going to be super disappointed by the fabric quality and construction. Ugh.

  • FanaticCindy

    The only high quality collection was the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration with H&M from several years ago. I bought every piece in that collection when I was still living in Europe!

  • I cannot wait! I love that whole outfit in the first photo.

  • Maddalina

    the glitter pants look great on the picture but I wonder how they look without photoshop! Will you buy something?

  • Its interesting that they revisited the classics. I was in love with their collaboration with opening ceremony. Let’s just have realistic expectations with an H&M collaboration. The comme des garcons one was beautiful.

  • Pauline T

    I agree with everything you said and I just hope the pieces look great in real life (because sometimes H&M clothes look way better in picture than for real). And most of all, I hope it won’t go sold out before I even get the chance to buy something 😉

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Carelia

    I would have to see the quality…which I rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrealy hope is good. I can see myself wearing a little metallic this fall.

  • absolutely obsessed with the collection. so agree with you that it’s MMM in its purest form. i think i in love with that literal blanket coat.

  • I can tell this post isn’t written by you (Leandra), it lacks a certain wit 🙂

  • Eliska Haskovcova

    i’ve always been one for the classics, so i’m in. the only question is how i’m going to get my hands on any of this from my remote little FrenchVille.


    • Andrea


  • Sharon

    I love the black boxy coat from this collection!
    Can’t wait to see the whole collection!

  • The Provoker

    Mmmm… I think I must see the clothes up close to have a definite opinion on whether it’s a Yay or Nay for me… I’ve posted up a new giveaway competition to use Instagram to win a new Fisheye Camera!

    xx The Provoker


  • the garage starlets

    Can’t wait to see it in stores!


  • B.

    It’s funny to read a text this serious on
    I agree the campaign really suits the brand. curious to see the whole collection
    new outfit post

  • Jessica

    yes yes yes, a million times, yes!

  • Mgv

    Even if I wanted them, I will not wait in line for them so they will sell out the same day. That alone makes me hate these collaborations. Still make clothing out of reach. I’ll pay full price for something I love or wait for NM or SFA or Barney’s sale.

    • angie

      I agree – the lines and the hype are too much…..

  • fashionisserious

    Beautiful news! Margiela…mio amore! I love the “cheaper philosophy” matched with the idea to buy pieces more expensive and timeless.

  • Not So Gentle Reader

    The photography is excellent. The clothes will, I’m sure, be another matter altogether. Cheap crap that will not be worth the time people spend standing in line for it. I’ll save my time (and money) and buy that One Great Thing when I find it.

  • A Couple’s Gallery

    Hmmm… at least the quality looks good on the pictures. We will soon see what it is like in reality. But I think, if it is similar to the h&m “Trend” collection, it would be absolutely ok. People expect designer clothes for little money- so how should h&m hold up the same quality as Maison Martin Margiela itself?

    I absolutely agree, that the ad looks wonderful and soo Margiela like. The pictures are just great.

    We love it!

  • zesiku



  • Lilian

    the photos and formats are beautiful (great job photographers), but i mean, who is gonna wear any of that?(Sry designers!!)

  • mfashionfreak

    it’s really nice, i like it a lot.
    post/while eating tangerines♥blog

  • Eva
  • Although, I do love the box coat. I just don’t know if I can wait in line for hours on end with my mind racing the whole time wondering if anything good will be left in my size. I need civility.

  • Dev

    Pictures with some of the mens collection wa shown in GQ last month and looked okay, and this coat was featured. I hav previously purchased clothes from some of the other collections and it looked cheap and stayed away from the stuff that looked cheap or was overpriced, but i think that due to the nature of the designer these will be of better quality than some of the others… i hope. I homestly dont think that the queue will be as long as the others as MMM is not that well known or desired by the regular fashion conscious person, i remeber the Marni queue was the smallest i had ever seen.

  • I’ll have to see them in person to make up my mind.

  • Felicity

    Likey like x

  • StyleNonsense

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPP, So Excited! I Also LOVE The Paris Backdrop!

  • The Urban Promeneur

    For every ‘normal’ H&M customer benefiting from the basic things it will be surely a little all over the place. But still, a great collection and a fantastic collaboration. And there is us, who will buy the hell out of it.

  • The first photo is amazing, great bird catch and the clothes!
    handmade jewelry

  • Jennifer

    I can’t wait to see these pieces in person!

    xo Jennifer

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Nesrin Bozlak

    I can’t wait for it! I’m very curious about the coats!

  • I’m never a huge believer in the H&M collabs. I like the pieces enough but just find the hype that surrounds them to be a bit crazy. It’s an interesting way of bringing designer goods to the masses and helping connect the mainstream with fashion goods as it offers a price point even off shoot brands can’t(MM6). It has editorial power but of course the quality will not be that of designer goods, thats why it’s price point is drastically lowered and sold at H&M. Interesting concept, looking forward to seeing the results in store.

  • Looking forward to the collection! Love that they bring the typical Margiela style at reasonable prieces.

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  • Denisa

    So nice campaign. I like the white coat.

  • Tales on Trends

    I absolutely love it!! The shapes, the power of the coats.. and moreover… it doesn’t seem like you’re going to be cold by wearing that! 🙂

  • I love the white coat. xo, Christina

  • renovation

    nice too see such a fashion designer in HM, good for this financial crisis moment

  • Vanessa

    These new H&M ads look great! I always look forward to H&M’s new collabs! These would look great for fall in my CLEAN collection at Socialbliss!

    Much Love,

  • It’s interesting to me how many people feel the h&m collaborations are of low quality. Most of the pieces are of the exact same material and produced the same exact way as the original full priced garments. They are of a much higher quality than other inexpensive collabs, ex. Target, etc. That is why they are so limited in quantity, and the hysteria is so intense during the launch. I have worked on almost all the launches, it is actually a lot of fun, the energy is more exciting than bothersome. Yes the pieces are hit or miss, but so is any shopping experience.

  • xixi

    i think you should have a collaboration with project runway!! help them to style their final runway shows!!!

  • Kesly

    Love the photos! But I’m definitely in love with the first look…

  • V @ thefashionfridge

    I love Margiela. I really do. And I’m also hoping that this collection will be better than past collaborations, but for some reason, I just have have an inkling that H&M will fail to impress again. I live in China so it’s so great to see that this collaboration will more publicized than previous recent ones like Marni and Versace, but the Marni and Versace pieces were disappointing anyways, from what I’ve seen through the interwebs. Furthermore, 1000+ RMB is waaaay too expensive for anything at H&M! They need to evaluate their consumer demographic.

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • moiminnie

    CAN’T WAIT. That pretty much sums up my thoughts about it. xx

  • i think this is the only collab i’m considering waiting in line for. his pieces are so simple and timeless the design will show through, it’s not just some tacky print that everyone will have in a month.

  • I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  • jennsara

    I just got in line now

  • Z B

    hells yessss!!!look at that white down coat-daaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!!margiela can do no wrong in my eyes!!!

  • sarah

    i think the way H&M handles the sales for these collaborations is bullshit! they should put a limit on the items you can buy for the first two weeks. 3 or 4 pieces per person. the ebay hounds pile up their loot and then sell it for triple what they paid for it.
    H&M doesn’t get a cut of this so why do they let it happen. it’s completely unfair and ridiculous.

  • Johnnybell

    I don’t usually anticipate a collection like this one. I’m really excited!

  • If box shoes made the cut im might melt… btw.. is the man on the bottom left of the last picture Banksy?

  • dollcake

    this is beautiful..doesn’t look like H&M at all! when will it be in stores?

  • csaba Fikker

    I do like the Mens SS13 shown at paris Fashion week back in July better than this collection –

  • Gine

    I am not so very excitet about this Margiela H&M thing…

  • HerMajestyS

    The pictures and the products look lovely – but jeez there’s just something so counter intuitive about dropping $379 on a coat from H&M. I mean, that kind of money can go a long way at a sample sale or an outlet. Plus you get “real” stuff and no one is stomping all over your feet or yanking stuff out of your hands to get it.

  • Jordan Lane

    w/H&M you know your not gonna get top quality, but you might get the flavor of some high fashion trends (via these collaborations) at a thrifty cost. I have taken several pieces to my tailor for alternation and they look hella cool now. And even after alterations, i didn’t break the bank. That’s one consumer’s POV. On the other end, If the designer wants to be more democratic/accessible, i’d bet they’ve thought about the risks.

  • chloe

    Ugliest clothing line I have seen in a while.