The (a) Denim Jacket

Denim for a change? Novel, really.


Am I wearing a turtleneck right now? Yes. Do you care? Probably not. Today in things that have nothing to do with my turtleneck, a denim jacket among other articles of clothing you’ve likely already seen, that stand the test of time and enjoy heat and sunlight.

Supposing we are graced with another opportunity to indulge in end-of-summer weather which I do believe we will be, above and below are two denim jacket driven looks that helped me run free through September and into Friday when it was still 80 degrees despite yesterday’s 50. Does no one else worry hell will either freeze over or heaven might become excruciating hot thus leaving us all dead and with effectively nowhere to go?

Regardless and decompartmentalized, most if not all of the outfitting items shown can transcend seamlessly into fall. And why? Because rules about climate appropriate fabrics are stupid as shit and there is no outfitting conundrum a little layering can’t solve.

In figures A and B: an Etoile Isabel Marant jacket though I do wish the embellishments were removable, sometimes plain denim is greater than glitzy denim. A Theyskens Theory dress that makes walking really interesting. Adidas sneakers (for Opening Ceremony) with a hidden wedge so hidden it took a week for me recognize the bounce in my step was actually not a bounce at all.

Here also, a trailer sitting on Waverly. It’s been there since May. I have to wonder if someone calls it home.

And subsequently sing and dance, dance and sing.

Here in figure C: the same Etoile Isabel Marant jacket and a Opening Ceremony blouse which I bought on sale from the mens shop (try this, it works, its cheaper, fits well,) some rag & bone jeans, Casadei pumps, Ralph Lauren sunglasses and my hair looks like a nest harboring many, many secrets. The end.

Photos by Naomi Shon

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