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Well, how timely would this have been had it surfaced yesterday. From Stockholm Streetstyle, taken last week in Paris just before the Kenzo show. I remember the oil glazing out of my hair. I’d been in Paris four days but had yet to wash it, (this is precisely why I take grooming products for my mane so seriously.) The only salvation point on a road to looking somewhat presentable were little clips at the front of my hair, some (un)grooming cream.

Ultimately, I looked twelve years old. In some cultures that is not man-repelling at all.

Per the outfit, see my Nike Blazers, dry legs. The skirt is from Ba&sh (one of the diminishing few French boutiques still indigenous to Europe; in some capacities globalization sucks rhino-ass.)

The long sleeve t-shirt is Comme des Garcons Play and though I know $155 is a shitload for cotton, there is something to be said about the high volume of wears most expensive-inexpensive-looking garb warrants. Investing in clothes you’ll wear almost daily is never irresponsible. Paper bags on the other hand, another story.

The blazer is Zimmermann, the clutch is still Flavia Carvalho Pinto, the sunglasses are Shipley and Halmos (mens) and just below you, right there, that’s Manstagram.

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