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Enjoy the last licks of Fashion Month


It does not pain me to officially say, “that’s a wrap” in conjunction with fashion month but before we return to regular programming, one last look (a closer one that has nothing to do with estranged mobile phones and France-inflicted personal style conundrums) at Paris awaits. And here’s the thing about Paris Fashion Week: it sets the it-trend bra. Indeed, the trickle affect starts here, well, there.

Unfortunately though, little vaginal inspiration was recorded.

Now, no matter how lovely a runway show could have been–no matter how immaculate the clothes, interesting the makeup, clean (or messy) the hair, nothing is quite as lovely as a strong detail shot. This, I believe, can be added to the roster of things I’ve learned from Instagram. Allowing viewers the liberty to mentally mock up an image giving them fundamental blocks: e.g. a dash of gold, hint of denim, is far more lucrative and thought provoking than displaying a full look.

Take the above bits from Louis Vuitton for example. The show’s production was breathtaking–in the Carrousel du Louvre a stadium of excited show goers waited to see what the requisite escalator in mid-room would hold. Some (me) may have anticipated an acrobatic performance above the moving stairs but when the lights dimmed and 3D polka dots infiltrated the space, it was models walking down to what their clothes would suggest to be a very elegant English garden party two-by-two. It’s true that Marc Jacobs tends to give us not what we think we want but what we don’t know we want yet and there’s something in the details that gives the sentiment more authenticity.

At Chanel which was–believe you me–the most extensive show of Paris Fashion Week, it wasn’t so much the beautiful bright colors (and they were beautiful) and some indications of a resurgence of trends Lagerfeld loves (see: his collections for Chloe ca. 1990 and the embroidery on closing looks,) that ultimately rendered a collective (three thousand people!) gasp. It was the kinks and quirks that strung everything together.

Enormous brimmed hats made of plexi, bright mindaudieres that look like lego, strappy flatforms and fingerless gloves adorned by lonesome pearls. The biggest a-ha moment though? Karl Lagerfeld’s finale walk. In a tender moment after a very long stoic march, he looked to Anna Wintour and she looked back. They smiled at each other, waved, and for just a moment seemed as human as the rest of us.

As mentioned in Tuesday’s post, Valentino was a fairy tale that I saw through my eyes not my camera lens but I think more notable than the clothing were the accessories. Season of the Valentino it-purse is near and this time, it’s not as much a handbag as it is a minaudiere. Selections ranged: lucite, pastel green plastic, white leather and the tortoise above. Per the shoes, ah, the shoes. Cinderella’s glass slipper has been located, adapted and reinterpreted into the most interesting rockstud thus far.

I didn’t notice these red striped pants while at the Chloe show last week perhaps thus proving my detail-oriented (hehe) hypothesis correct. Deep interest on my part in some simple strappy pumps and sandals seem like a diversion worth mentioning. I think the platform is really dead this time. Even Miu Miu suggests it.

Here are a couple of looks from the show. Boxy, short, long, dichotomous. One of the loveliest things about fashion is that you can have it all.

As for the biggest WTF of Fashion Week: Celine‘s fur Bikenstocks. Not even the highest octane case of Blinded by The Label could satisfy me though I am excited to note that in a story about comfort I wrote last week, I jokingly suggested–are Birkenstocks next? Fur sandals for spring. It seems to me like this is Phoebe’s world, people. We just live in it.

Redeeming qualities at Celine: three-pouch leather clutches that will effectively function as large purses, that look like luxe paper lunch bags. Chanel did something very similar last season and Jil Sander is doing it right now quite literally. More on that in a flash. But we conclude this round-up with a larger scale look at Miu Miu.

A few important trends to note: 1. Miu Miu, always the purveyor and poster child of a good chunky heel takes it down to the ground this season with elegant pumps and flat sandals. 2. Birth control glasses reign again. 3. That is the most important Canadian Tuxedo at left. 4. The model at right looks a bit like Tavi Gevinson, 5. On a larger scale: bare midriffs are going nowhere. 6. Can the Tavi look allude to anything more extensive about bondage?

And finally, my last note. This, I predict–the ankle length jacket with mini dress, shorts, skirt underneath is the most important trend to watch. Nothing will be more relevant than a pseudo-lab coat with bonafide hooker intimate just beneath. And believe you me, it will make for a brand new flavor of man-repelling that we will have butt-loads of fun with.

Never end a sentence with a preposition. That’s a wrap.

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  • Maike

    the sandals are digusting. Rest top!

  • lavieenliz

    the chanel clutch. the celine clutches and shoes. and the long jacket with mini dress. love all.

  • Marina Daniel

    Really cool pictures, I love your blog Leandra, you are just perfect to me I always have fun reading it!

    Kisses from Me, My fashion and I

    I also invite you to see my latest posts!
    Anna dello Russo at for H&M
    Nostalgie Second Hand Market

  • AlexsFashion

    The Chanel hat is awesome 😀 It would be kind of akward if you were wearing it in a public bus though 😀
    xoxo Alex

  • i love how you write and i loved this post!

  • monkeyshines

    gorgeous details!


  • Doni Brown

    Paris fashion week literally has me swooning right now!

  • debbywarner

    Your blog is always entertaining and at times, so fucking funny that it makes me laugh right out loud.

  • Rachelle

    lusting over the Valentino shoes and that last look with the long jacket is so chic.

  • Amalie Espeland

    ahh i just love your posts!!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    I love the Celine bags!!!

  • Madeline

    Those bags are to die for! Lunch bag chic .. yes please!!!

  • Corey

    I want that lego clutch by Chanel!!

  • zesiku



  • Daisy Nguyen

    I LOVE all the bags & coats from the Chanel show! FABULOUS! And the shoes – I’m DYING! So lucky you got to go to the show!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS
    fashion blog:

  • lemkam

    With such high rates of obesity in the US, I really hope this bare midriff look doesn’t take off. Nothing would disgust me more than seeing fat women flaunt their cellulite in the name of a fashion trend.

  • the (un?)social butterfly

    I´m just so glad wedges are over I don´t even mind the bizarro birkenstocks. Just kidding, of course I do, but I am trying to get the best sentiments from your post, and those are conveyed by the lovely news concerning wedges, accompanied by those lovely Valentino heels.

  • Cassandra

    I always remember one of my middle school English teachers going over and over about how you cannot end a sentence with a preposition. Every time I do it, I just think back to that. And often do it anyway. Rebel rebel.

  • hahahaha the birkentstocks…only Celine.

  • Jenaly Enns

    so many amazing things. I love the details of Chanel and Valentino a lot.

  • modelovers
  • fashionisserious

    Luis Vuitton: English party two-by-two…. I defined paired horses style! But it’s one of the brand which I love more.

  • Breakfast at Cindi’s

    Very sad its over ! but we have your blog to look forward to for fashion inspiration : )



    Breakfast at

  • Beautiful pics!! I am in love with the Celine bags! xo, Christina


    AWESOME hat and I LOVE that little green and white bag..!!

  • Alexandra

    I agree, the shoes at Celine were head-scratchers. And I normally would buy just about anything made by Phoebe Philo. Personally, I found the furry pumps even more disconcerting than the furry Birkenstocks. Truly unwearable. Who wants red hairy feet when the rest of your look is so pared down and fabulous?

    Anyway, your coverage of Fashion Month was fab, and I personally was saddened by your phone situation, because your behind-the-scenes photos are my have.

    Get some rest!!

  • Ana Carolina

    Hey Leandra,I saw you on Valentino Fashion Show,you was sooo man repeller and so beautiful!Im your fan!
    I took a picture of you,check it out

    Bisous de Paris

  • Love it! Great recap 🙂

  • Cristián Pavez Díaz

    I love those lunch paper bags!! Want them!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    Twitter: @cristianpavezd

  • olivia sui

    birkenstocks birkenstocks birkenstocks!! yes! can someone do a cool rendition of clogs next?

  • olivia sui

    birkenstocks birkenstocks!! yes! can someone do a cool rendition of crocs next?

  • Sóley

    The celine clutches are beautiful but they are so uncomfortably similar to Marie Turnor’s ‘pic nic’ bag. If I was MT’s designer I’d be furious.

    we are purple

  • Guest

    you are so much fun to read when one is drunk. x

  • The Provoker

    It’s not that I’m not keen on having furry feet (since I already possess furry legs), but the supposedly non-important question of functionality will seep in here. Sweaty feet in fur, how long do you think those shoes would last. Even the ones that cover the top of the feet, it looks very.. errr… dumb looking even though I’m sure it’s comfy. This reminds me of how Prada did fur stoles for Spring in 2011, but that was a whole other awesomeness because of it’s color blocks, fox fur, hand held extravaganza accompanied by flatforms, too much magic to say no.. but celine doing fur for spring on the feet might just have missed the “break the rules” mark by a strand of fur…. opps.

    xx The Provoker

  • Here for Celine clutches, and hooker dresses under chic lab coats. I love them both. Not here for fur Bikenstocks.

  • Jessica Wilson

    I agree, detail pics are where it’s at.
    I kind of dig the birkenstocks DON’T JUDGE ME.

    The Lovelorn

  • Sharon

    I agree with you that detail shots are amazing!
    I really enjoyed the transparent sun hats at Chanel and those shoes at Valentino are such a dream.
    Love this post!

  • StyleNonsense

    I Love Seeing Details As Well As The Whole Image.

  • dollcake

    chanel does look very interesting. thanks for sharing!

  • Lab coats for Summer are weird, but those furry sandals…were there any more muppet inspired items in that collection? It’s just so random, if there were no pictures I’d say it had to be a collective hallucination.

  • maria

    awesome new banner! love it

  • vain319

    Thank you for this post! I love the detail shots of the collections!

  • Marina de Sabrit

    “The smartest or silliest…”luved it!.
    Regards from Brazil.

  • NatSeesStyle

    I always love looking at the detail shots from runway shows- I’m so glad the The Cut has started featuring those in conjunction with the full looks from the runway show. And Chanel looked like a dream; every pearl-y, tweed-y detail.


  • Stephanie

    Not being a fashionista I nevertheless found some things I enjoyed looking at. Was so very happy that those hideous two-story wedge heels are hearing their death knell after so many years of torturing women’s feet. They didn’t make women’s feet look sexy just terribly chunky and ruined many a lovely dress. Miu Miu’s offerings above were almost dowdy in some cases and the models…how can I say this….perhaps it was the clothes that caused the models to look so depressed, and downright unattractive. I guess this will not be a popular post.

  • Sharon

    Love the Chanel collection!

    Will you please
    vote for me in the Esprit Style Battle?

    See my blog
    for the link.

  • Beautiful and weird details

  • I want that leather clutch!!

  • felicity

    You’re right about Marc Jacobs – I flipping loved his collection for LV. The Celine Birkenstocks are interesting!! x

  • totally agree with you that it’s all in the details. i mean isn’t that the sentiment that tommy ton’s made a career out of? love all of the above details, can’t wait to make like that cake song in the short skirt long jacket look and i’m loving that flats are in!



    fabulously flamboyant fashion… totally true to the man-repelling notion.

  • Love Chanel’s Lego clutch ! and of course Valentino’s elegance

  • vittoria gallacci

    I want my hair like the LV’s runway!

  • Christie Bradley

    The Valentino tortoiseshell bag is gorgeous and so unexpected! I want it 😀 As to the fur shoes…I have a horrible feeling that they are not going to smell very good after a few wears! And of course they look frightful.

  • Carla

    Did you just use the expression, “vaginal inspiration” ? Ha. I could never get away with that ! I have to say I am not too keen on those leather Chloe paper lunch bag style handbags at all !