Panda Suits

Every woman should own one.


I retract one previous statement. If people take–not glitter–but pandas more seriously, the necessity for Prozac will, as we know it, cease to exist.

I don’t want to tell you how to live your life but I think you should suppose a Panda suit. I can theoretically blame the recent Chinese-bear fixation on the extensive hoopla that has gyrated around the Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo collaboration in not one but two events this week. Two events that were very tactfully spaced out geographically (still indigenous to New York) and through the course of the last five days.

There is, in fact, a very cute paper panda hat compliments of the aforementioned partnership sitting above my refrigerator right now and every time I look at it, I can’t help apologize: it seems Pete is last year’s spirit animal.

That’s all fine and well though, I don’t remember seeing any three-piece suit of the pink bird variety.

He just wants some bamboo.

The longer I mull it over the more clear it becomes that all (most) good things happen in Paris. Had I not been there last month, for example, I’d have never been turned on to Au Jour le Jour: the most interesting, kitschy and ironic clothing label broadcasting its genius out of the European Union. Garments not photographed include a short sleeved button up blouse in the same panda print equipped with a full sequined collar and some shiny pandas fortuitously sprinkled across the shirt. There is a penguin print too but penguins remind me of Morgan Freeman and inexplicably, his voice makes me cry.

Other interesting garments to note:

This dress.

There are few things in life I dislike more than a peplum (garlic powder, Hitler) and yet: Katy Perry-fostered fireworks erupt for this number. Maybe the stampede of friendly elephants has opened my gates, or maybe the subtle nuances: an estimated two inch of peplum instead of the conventional four, bleeding bra corners, the color purple have reinterpreted the overexposed, over-saturated characteristics that have lead me to compare the peplum to garlic powder.

Finally, an off the shoulder mini dress that features more elephants, this time micro-sized and resembling the little baby crests my heart has fondly grown to harbor. Is it formal? Can you sleep in it? Buy groceries? Do karate? Bow hunt? Indeed. And therein lies the beauty.

I’d tell you to shop the collection but it’s not available for purchase yet (previous ones, however, are.) It will be in just a matter of fleeting months so you can clock in at Five Story NY when that happens. Until then, vive le Panda.

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